Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Respectful Response

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  1. Stever!

  2. Dukey Smoothy Buns


  3. Loser!

  4. I am so sick of reading barely intelligible moron horse shit.

  5. krasivaya_devushka

    Question: Is Darby a guy or a girl?

  6. Why are you laughing at me Dukey?

  7. question: is agnes making her famous chicken pot-pie tonight?

  8. daniel fails for trying to be a smart-ass and not really being that funny and/or literate.

  9. yoink fails for being yoink.

  10. Automatic_Turban

    That’s strange I could have sworn viagra was the sponsor!

  11. Agnes doesn’t cook anymore. Arthritis.

    But she is still serving up some silverfish taco supreme.

  12. It’s actually really hilarious that fake yoink has given up trying to type in yoinkinese and is now just trying to blend in. What a cumspongelicker.

  13. krasivaya_devushka

    @yoink, no one really cares anymore.

  14. krasivaya_devushka

    …about you*

  15. Hi kras

  16. once again

    for the record, i am not the “original yoink” and nor was i this “fake yoink”
    someone, fuckmustard i think, said how to steal someone’s username, so i wanted to see if it worked. it did, but i never changed it back and hadn’t logged in for a few days. so now i am stuck with this name, thanks to some change at wordpress.

    anyway, off to create a new account, i guess.

  17. i’ve heard agnes was a looker in her day.

    i also heard she used to be reserve goaltender for the mighty ducks.

    i’ve heard that silverfish eggs are highly prized (although they are microscopic and tend to get lost in carpet fibres).

  18. well said krasi. anything to add from your end of the grapevine?

  19. Travis ftw…. the others were blah

  20. krasivaya_devushka

    Hi Walter!
    Hi alords! :)

    Who’s Agnes now? Ahh, I feel left out lol.
    I’m getting ready to go on my vacation, and I haven’t had the chance to be on here as much. Did I miss anything important?

  21. Foxtrot Uniform

    Hey Yoink GFY*

  22. Hang on, did William just compare cheating on his girlfriend to Hitler’s genocide? That might be the worst comparison in the history of forever.

  23. india mike november oscar tango golf alpha yankee….

  24. Wait, wait, wait! Daniel is way off base in his rant. Darby clearly said she/he is the FATest texter in the history of forever. Since we can’t see a picture, I would be inclined to just agree and move on from there.

  25. alord I can’t remember anything before this past Sunday so I can neither confirm nor deny those first two statements. But I suspect somebody’s been tellin you lies. Has Agnes been on here? Did she say anything about me?

    And that’s not the type of silverfish I was talking about.

  26. porkchop_sundae

    “Genocided our relationship?”

  27. i need to say that i don’t understand the first part of daniel’s argument. for example, just because we haven’t played football since the dawn of time, it’s not wrong to claim someone’s ‘the best footballer ever.’ if you’re saying that you’re the best ____er ever, you’re implying you’re the best ____er since ____ing began. which makes daniel a casuist and a prick.

    walter – i can’t remember where i heard these things. but i think it was trusty mike who told me – he’s the taxi driver that hangs around at my local strip club to take the dancers home when they’ve had one too many mint juleps. come on though. agnes must be one monumental woman to be married to a titan like yourself.

    krasi – are you going anywhere nice on your holiday? how itsy bitsy is your bikini? (and don’t tell me you’re going on an arctic cruise (unless you promise to wear a bikini!))

  28. She is one fine specimen, and classy too. It’s what’s on the inside that really matters. And I guess what’s *in* the inside too. You know, no claws.

  29. Agnes is calling. Night ladies and gentleman.

    PS Daniel and Cortland are twats.

  30. walter, i opened up earlier, and talked about an episode that was very private, and caused me a lot of pain at the time, and you’re making light of it?

    for shame.

  31. she said she’s the fatest not fastest

  32. @raven: I wondered about that, too. Finally, a typo that could made into something humorous, and the douchey bastard *squandered* the opportunity.

    I am disappointed by his response, and that makes me hate him even more.

  33. Daniel is also wrong because Alexander Graham Bell did not invent the telephone. Antonio Meucci did. Bell stole the plans while working in the patent office and the case was in court when Meucci died.

  34. Ghost_of_George_Steinbrenner


  35. krasivaya_devushka

    @alords, it’s itsy bitsy, alright!
    I’m going back home and other countries; leaving on Thursday :)

    hey, Daniel might be wrong about some things, but he’s right about those “sattilites” :D

  36. Oh neat, I am Lamebook Famous. Well at least somebody in my friend list has a sense of humor.

  37. Alord where do you hang out were the strippers drink a classy drink like mint juleps? Once I’m out of Germany I need to go to this place.

  38. SouthBeachTakeover

    @Ghost_of_George_Steinbrenner go fuck yourself. Youlittle douchebag, that’s so disrespectful. And also I get the feeling you were the fake yoink, which pisses me off even more.

  39. There used to be a way to steal usernames? how was that done? I’m just curious now, as it seems to be fixed and not possible anymore.

  40. @mcowles: I second that. Someone in the know, please enlighten us.

  41. I’m surprised I actually read Toni’s status as Jason wrote it. I suppose that’s just how my mind works.

  42. ok it was done by going into your own information page and changing your first or last name to being whatever you wanted your name to be and then setting that as your username

  43. If that made any sense. Also sorry about the lack of punctuation and capitals.

  44. daniel is a prick

  45. If Daniel’s gonna put that sort of response, he should really check for typos, so he doesn’t type something like “but there was barley and service” when he means “barely any service”. Unless he actually want to mention the addition of barley to the service, in which case I question his understanding of the history of telephones.

  46. homeboy in the second one is a douche.

  47. In my opinion,(which doesn’t go far in here, I know, and I’m sure this will also start a debate.) I believe the name stealing had something to do with the person behind yoink’s name. If you look at the end of yesterdays post. You can see him/her get bored and carry on a conversation with the many yoinks.

    I’m not even going to say who I think is behind yoink’s name. That will start WAY to much shit.

  48. Jason’s other hobby: reading xkcd, apparently.

    Also, Daniel is wrong about the origins of SMS. In the early days of digital mobile telephony, it was devised that small chunks of data could be regularly transmitted as test signals from phones to towers to refresh information. An example of this is the “cell info display” function, which tells you what town or suburb you’re in at any given time. Because these test signals only get fired through when there’s spare capacity in the network, they effectively create no extra demand or bottlenecks.

    It was also realised in the 1990s that there might be a commercial application for this test signal, in the form of text messages between users. There was an engineering limit of 160 characters in the signal, so that became the size of a text message.

  49. Making xkcd references make you unique.
    Just like every other indie-hipster shit on the internet.

  50. PeanutButtercup

    @ #41- I did the same thing, and had to read it twice before it made sense.

    And why the hating on xkcd?

  51. When I read “especailly Asains with thier small hands and lightning fast fingers…” I started to LOL so hard I cried IRL tears. Trying to get through that insane wall of text was worth it for that.

  52. I’m laughing at the fact Darby put ‘fatest’ instead of ‘fastest’, hehehehe.

  53. I think Daniel is Sheldon Cooper in disguise.

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