Thursday, July 8, 2010

Reputable Responses

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  1. STEVER!

  2. Apparently learning about homonyms and proper spelling was not part of Alex’s dreams.

  3. loooooooooool

  4. Hey Stever, do you just sit there and stare at this thing all day so that you can be number one? How about getting a job?

  5. Ooop, ‘latter’ was correct. Duh me.

  6. throwingtofu,

    It may be spelled properly but that doesn’t mean it’s used properly. It’s meant for instances where someone is referring to the second of two choices – it doesn’t work for three.

    And now that I’ve met my grammar nazi quota for the month, I have to agree with you on Stever. I imagine a pale, skinny, highly-excitable teenager furiously pressing F5 on his keyboard for hours on end.

  7. Demitri FTW

  8. Yoink is like marmite.

    He’s yeast-based and shouldn’t be on lamebook because he isn’t funny.

  9. Stever, I hope your boss finds out your doing nothing all day but waiting on that update. Or is your boss Frodo, that would explain a lot imo.

    I like pie.

  10. piss off cumtitty!!!! i hav evry rite to be here!!!!!!!!!!!! its copycat assGoblin who anit funny

  11. that’s not yoink. he used a capital letter. and only an american would write assgoblin.

  12. 9 was me


  14. alord ur rite numba 9 anit me an worked out from over post that the imposta is oviusly american

  15. oops sorry about the caps

  16. fucking sab american

  17. Sigh, Why would anyone wanna be yoink?

  18. fake yoink at numba 9 an 11 fuck off go back to fuckin ya blow up doll i no the holes in it are to big for ur tiny cocktayl stick but u can fit it in the hole u use to vlow it up wiv surely cant u u prick

  19. prolly got cucumbas in his bum

  20. i anit gay!!!!

  21. corectin post abov fake yoink at numba 9 an 11 an 15 an vlow is ment to say blow

  22. i can definitely tell which one is the real yoink. however it’s still really gay. sort it out lamebook. or even easier, the douches who are using other people’s names could just stop…

  23. fake yoink 19

  24. Lamebook has one hell of an aggressive case of cancer, and it’s spreading quickly – unless the Lamebook folks can come up with a viable treatment option – pronto, then it’s goodnight Lamebook.

    It’s been nice knowing you.

  25. Well alord can you keep me posted on who is real I am not that good at it yet.

    Come on guys just stop trying to be yoink, I realize that your lives are probably pathetic but grow up.

  26. rite thats fuckin it sorri i cant stay round wen theres all these fuckas abowt seriyusly fuckin me off i came on here to coment cus it was fun but it anit anymore cos this one fucka gota go ruinin fings for me i may come back an check if its been sorted i just cant put up wiv that fuckaroon i cant hav a propa convasation wiv peple if noone belives im relly me an i cant prove im relly me cos fuckin lamebook anit got no fuckin pm servis or anyfink to help me wiv it alord u the dude an kras u the dudet u shuld defo get it on as the dude an dudet of lamebook bye and peece to evryone who liked me an a big fuck u to those who dint

  27. i seryusly guna hav to leeve now. dunt no wat els to do

  28. Krazy Eyez Killa

    Vivek, that isn’t true, I saw some guy posting he was going to see it after a friend of mine status said she had seen it. I suspect he isn’t a fan of Woddy Harrelson and didn’t like Zombieland because of this. Thus I must kill him.

  29. Krazy Eyez Killa

    Woody Harrelson dammit! I surpose killing him is abit far, I zoned out a little, like some war veteran in those darker moments…Or a girl who has had too much to drink at a party and nobody likes.

  30. CommentsAtLarge

    Cancer indeed word, cancer indeed.

  31. ah so numba 26 u cant evan giv me enuff leway to say bye u dun it u got wat u want u fuckin dickcheese now at leest let me say bye to peple wivout stickin ur tiny dick in

  32. geeze yoink, doesn’t it take more effort to try to sound like an uneducated brit than the wannabe that you are? that shit’s annoying.

  33. yoink’s leaving due to people stealing his name and pretending to be him? It’s like the Story of Boz remade, but far, far shitter.

  34. I’m not yoink nor am I trying to be an imposter, you guys are paranoïd.

  35. My comedic relief is slowly slipping down the drain as the comments take the turn they have… Oh wait, nope, that’s just my shit. Easily mistakable in this case though.

  36. yoink where is your father when you need him?

  37. At least your shit flushes.

  38. John_Oates_stache

    I just registered to throw in my two cents. You all realize that you do not have to read comments and/or comment yourselves. No one is chained to this place, I hope!

    That said, I am not attempting to be a dick or a buzz-kill. It just seems strange.

    That is all.

  39. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    I’m glad yoink is gone. Hopefully Dan_Fargis, BritishHobo and stever are next.

  40. Wait, fuck, am I a new troll now? :S Good lord, I missed that memo.

  41. Hobo is good people.

    Yoink and dan, on the other hand…

  42. Username_Login

    Does this mean I can finally start reading Lamebook again? Yoink gives me a headache and makes the site shitty.

  43. Dang, BritishHobo, if you’re a troll, then I suppose most people on here are as well, including myself.

    Dukey should maybe revise his list. And honestly, I don’t mind stever, he doesn’t do much. He’s just… there. And I’m okay with that.

  44. Don’t the trolls kind of make the chats what they are? Like Malteaser’s “lol” and Zombiekid’s “I Like Turtles.” Gives it the quirky edge we expect. Then again, Everything has took a dip with major players leaving (slimjayz, mccowles and now wordpervert). I sense the end is nigh.

  45. I enjoy Stever’s determination. Plus him and dan_fargis post like normal commenters every so often. Though dan_fargis’ religion stuff got kinda old, plus Yoink’s spelling is… jesus. But that’d be fine, I could just ignore that, if for some reason Lamebook hadn’t become ‘Quirky’NewTrollsBook and suddenly ALL comments pages were filled with people banging on about dan_fargis and yoink like rabid fangirls all over one of them half-naked blokes off Twilight.

    Add that in with most of the old, awesome commenters having left, or only rarely coming on, plus this shit username-stealing ‘fad’, and the Lamebook comments page has finally caught up with Lamebook itself in terms of being tired, unfunny, unbelievably repetitive and sheer, sheer bollocks.

  46. word’s left? Fuck it, this place is now officially shit.

  47. @ BritishHobo the love/hate of yoink and dan_fargis has got old, people never shut up about them, but it was bearable until this name stealing, it’s just getting petty now. It is ironic that Lamebook has itself become lame. Well word has announced her intention to leave if things don’t improve, may not happen yet.

  48. Word’ll be back, I’m sure.

    Unless yoink returns first…

  49. Ok I didn’t want to leave like this, the time for my leaving was coming soon anyway but with what happened with the name stealing wound me up enough that I really felt I couldn’t go with my plan anyway. So then, time to come clean.

    I am actually a 22 year old girl, I can spell and use correct grammar, in fact I write for a living (nothing major just for a local newspaper) and I have been coming onto lamebook for the past few months and just reading, I always found it funny how people correct people on the smallest spelling mistakes and I just got bored one night and decided to put a short comment with bad spelling to see what reaction I got and found the reactions hilarious, I wasn’t actually expecting to stick around I only did because peoples reactions to “me” were much more extreme and diverse than I had anticipated and I became slightly addicted to commenting with these reactions. If you go back to the first thread I commented on you will probably notice if you look close enough how my spelling got progressively worse.

    The whole thing with “GazzaT” was a fluke, I know some people who had guessed me out as not real thought him and I were the same person but I’m not. I don’t know if he actually did believe me to be this person or if he was just playing along with me and having an input? I would actually like if he could clear this up for me?

    As I said I had sort of become addicted to commenting as “yoink” but I realised I cannot continue to do it yesterday when typed up a report for work and when I proof read it I realised it was full of spelling errors including the word “anit” 3 times, I then got scared that I was becoming yoink and knew my time on here was growing shorter as I couldn’t risk becoming him permanently. I was hoping there would be a better more fitting time to leave than this but hey if I’m going to be forced to leave anyway might as well explain the truth to you guys.

    I’m sorry for any disappointment caused and I actually have enjoyed being yoink the loveable illiterate, and would like to still take some credit for the awesome words that “yoink” made up, although I must say I doubt very much if they would have been paid much attention to if they were put across by me as myself as they did with the yoink character. It was never my intention to be a “troll” and that is such an ugly word which I don’t believe I am, I just thought I’d write one, maybe two comments to see what reaction I got and it sort of developed.

  50. CommentsAtLarge


    She hasn’t left yet(see the “Picture This” comments), merely warned of the possibility.

  51. ^ I concur.

    But… word isn’t like, really gone? Is she? Word? Say it ain’t so!

    As far as yoink is concerned, I really don’t know what to think. At first, he seemed like your typical troll, and then you could tell that he was capable of coherent sentences and randomly funny shit, which is good in my book. But some things have gone too far… In dans case, I just ignore him as much as possible. This name stealing crap is bs though.

  52. Well, I suspected that all along…

  53. Also now suspecting that “yoink” was all of the trolls, including but not limited to his imposter.

  54. @_isglory I was only yoink, none of the others.

  55. Wow, a lot happened while typing that last post. Was referring to Brits #43 post.
    And it looks like the yoink gig is up. Was fun while it lasted.

  56. There ya have it folks! Well ‘yoink’ why not just make another username and just comment along like normal. You obviously have a sense of humour that is needed in these comments.

  57. I very much doubt that.

  58. @TheDonMega12 I suspect most wouldn’t want me! Flattered that you suggested it though. :)

  59. I didn’t read that long comment from ‘yoink’. Was it as shit as I expected?

  60. Hmm. Guess we’ll see if it’s true. if the crap-spelling-yoink stops commenting now. I ain’t believing anything till I know it’s not a prank :p

  61. @ yoink your ‘spelling problem’ was the thing that made many dislike you. Though obviously running a fake life for 2-3 weeks may piss off many more lol.

  62. @_isglory you very much doubt what? That I was anyone other than yoink? Well your entitled to believe whatever you like _isglory but I’m quite confident that if you properly looked into it you’d see that it is an impossibility for me to be all these, I work full time, I actually do sleep and have a life outside of lamebook aswell as some of the comments are submitted at exactly the same times. I know I have revealed the truth that I am female but I’m really not THAT good at multi tasking.

  63. My head hurts now.

  64. I had more of a problem with the sandbags that defended yoink’s presence. Not that my opinion really matters, but it clearly disrupted the entire Lamebook universe. And that’s not very cool. Bunch of wet blankets.

  65. Nah, I’m here. Just been having a bit of fun with Hairy Pornstar a few posts back.

    But yes folks, I would’ve taken a Lamebreak if things didn’t settle the fuck down, and voila! It has.

    I hope.

  66. Let’s hope GirlYoink is for real and that Lamebook will go back to pre-shit times.

  67. @TheDonMega12 exactly many will be pissed off with that is the main reason people wouldn’t want me, the other is that although I know people hated yoink for his shit spelling I think it somehow endeared some and made yoink what he was.

  68. Hey word :) Got scared that you’d gone and I was the only one left :P

  69. I meant, ‘doubt very much that you’d ever overcome the history of yoink.’

    I don’t care, either way. It was stupid. It’s over now. I’m not saying anything else on the topic of “yoink.”

    I really hope it’s over.

  70. Welcome back to the fold, wordpervert.

  71. _isglory I see your point and I could see how it was overtaking lamebook, that as well as my work suffering and me becoming yoink was why I knew I couldn’t continue much longer. As I said the scale of the reactions to yoink shocked and amused me. I was expecting to write a couple of comments and for the reactions to give me a bit of a personal giggle then just go back to reading but lamebook (and yoink) really is addictive.

  72. But then again that will also depend on the submissions too. I must confess though that I´ve been looking at the posts more than reading the comments lately. Pre-shit times it was probably the other way around.

  73. So, yoink, are you as good at handling wood as your alter-ego?

    Word, your threat to take a break caused a shift in the universe so dramatic that everyone came in their pants simultaneously when you revealed it to not be true. I would hate to think what would have happened if it were true.

  74. @nuff I actually am rather good at handling wood, whether yoink would agree though is a different matter. I must say, it is actually nice to comment and write proper English!

  75. krasivaya_devushka

    This is gay. I don’t even know who’s who anymore or what the hell is going on.

  76. while were all confessing stuff, i was frodo and fake boz. sorry all.

  77. Awww Kras I’m sorry! You and Alord are the ones I was dreading your reactions to the most, feel free to rain a shower of hatred on me!

  78. yoink, I asked you to give it up to me the other day. Were you tempted?

  79. I try to keep up with the bizarre politics of the comments on Lamebook, but I’m not going to comment on them.

    However, leaving The People vs. Yoink aside for a minute, is nobody else even slightly horrified by Crowley’s remark? Or am I a sucker for being continually surprised by the interblag?

  80. @europe _rocks were you fake me? I’d really like to know who was.

  81. Just be happy krasivaya (I finally looked up what your name meant!) and smile :)

  82. @wordpervert the commen that said you know I can spell and to show you? I was actually! Very nearly did just put a normal spelling post just to be done with it, writing like that can get a bit tedius and the worrying thing was I was getting more and more used to it.

  83. So yoink … you’re circumcised then?

  84. europe_rocks – you drove Boz away? *sniff*

  85. i was the imposter

  86. yoink honey, I always had your measure, and it all good, ok. It’s a bit like dan_fargis – I know he want to bang my brains out.

  87. Jesus Christ, we’re in a soap opera.

  88. What an aptly titled Lamebook entry we have here.

  89. @ FredNordie: There´s a Lamebook entry?

  90. My other suggestion krasivaya is to just go on an acid trip. That’ll be great fun.

    Yeah hobes, full of sex-crazed, drug addicted, schizo goombas. It’s fucking awesome.

  91. This is like a soap opera

  92. Ahaha, my last comment sounds a bit like yoinkspeak. You rubbed off on me as well. Anyway, so that’s that. Bye yoink.

  93. @mass Sweetie I hate to break it to you but i’m lacking the penis to circumsize in the first place, although with yoink I did put a lot of myself into him and concerning that it was a reference to my actual preference for men to be uncut. Also the fact it was having a dig at dan_fargis was a plus. I also enjoyed the banter I could have with yoink, making up words and being creative with insults was probably the best part of being him.

  94. @yoink the imposter and you are?

  95. @word I will say bye just want to find out who the fake yoink was?

  96. @yoink the imposter who do you think it was?

  97. Aww, but I like the new you yoink. You should at least become a casual commenter if your capable off pulling something off this epic.

  98. krasivaya_devushka

    What, you looked it up just now? You weren’t tempted to before? Lol :)

    Um, this is fucking stupid. I don’t see why anyone would pretend to be this or that to get some attention. This doesn’t make you any more likeable. How much time do you have on your hands to do something like that? Eto pizdets!!

    I enjoy(ed) this website because of the different people that comment on here, and now it’s just gaaaay.

  99. theartistformerlyknownasyoink

    @yoink I really don’t know? If I had to guess I would say Alord? Only because he was quite good at writing in the same style as yoink. Do tell though?

  100. theartistformerlyknownasyoink

    I should go now before this drags on too far.

  101. theartistformerlyknownasyoink

    @nuff I was under the impression everyone would hate me once revealed, in fact see comment below you.

    @kras aww I am sorry it was just a bit of boredom busting that escalated further than I could’ve imagined. I really meant no offense to anyone and I’m sorry if it upset you but to be honest this is the internet and that is the nature of the internet I’m afraid.

  102. theartistformerlyknownasyoink

    @98 really who are you?

  103. theartistformerlyknownasyoink

    I need to stop selling myself as a decent person and just go.

  104. theartistformerlyknownasyoink

    @101 yes I am going to said that ooh 8 comments back? once I know who the imposter was. I’m curious.

  105. theartistformerlyknownasyoink

    If by “nature of the internet”, you mean “amusing ones own vapid existence by messing with faceless online entities,” then yes. Yes it is.

  106. theartistformerlyknownasyoink

    Fine. If I tell you, do you promise to leave and never return? Under the yoink moniker or any others?

  107. Is it just me who thinks this is a massive mind fuck?

  108. Aww don’t leave real Yoink….I’m sure you will be far more amusing when I can read every word of your posts instead of guessing and getting a headache, lol.

    I’ve noticed the shift in general since I started reading this site to now….it’s gone downhill…but it can be raised back up to it’s former glory!!

  109. Scizophrenia, or the dullest prank ever?

  110. theartistformerlyknownasyoink

    No by nature of the internet I mean anybody can be anybody, it is naive to think otherwise, you can’t take people at facevalue in the real world let alone over the internet.

    I will leave, I will return to read posts/comments although I will not comment anymore I said that already. Though I would also like the answer to if you done it to actually drive yoink away aswell, as I suspect?

  111. theartistformerlyknownasyoink

    I am amused.

  112. I so agree TheDonMega12….it is a giant mind fuck….

  113. krasivaya_devushka

    I get bored, too, but I don’t come on here stealing people’s user names saying shit.

    I don’t care; I’m leaving next week anyways and won’t be back for quite some time! :)

  114. theartistformerlyknownasyoink

    I am leaving icey as I said I planned to within the next couple of days anyway.

  115. Well you suck then =/

    I come on here for a bit every night to read the comments because they amuse me….and I comment periodically if the conversation seems interesting enough.

    Not that I have an epic alter-personality but I can be witty now and then….I think >.>

  116. I did it to make the burden even bigger. To get you to knock it the fuck off, because I knew you were a fraud from the get-go. I tried to out you before, but your damned clones came to your rescue. The hypocritical cloning on my part was a last ditch effort. Whether it worked or not, we’ll see. It was a paper-thin facade.

    A taste of your own medicine? Maybe. I don’t know. You bothered me, and I wanted you to be gone.

  117. And now, you can go. And so can I.

  118. Eh, I’m a pretty light-hearted, easy going guy. Takes a lot to piss me off or even annoy. Forgive and forget. Also, I just preferred remaining ignorant about the entire yoink thing in the beginning and take it all with a grain of salt.

  119. theartistformerlyknownasyoink

    @Kras I haven’t stolen anyones username? All I done was posted comments under a alter ego and had fun with peoples reactions, To some yoink was entertainment and to some he was a minor annoyance which made it more amusing to those who viewed it as entertainment. At the end of the day I entertained you and no one was harmed in it so it’s really not that big a deal, I didn’t kill a kitten or something.

  120. I now officially agree with BritishHobo…..Soap opera

  121. TheDonMega12 … it’s a mind fuck … once you see it, you’ll shit brix

  122. That was like a game of cluedo. I thought it was the butler in the library with the candlestick.

  123. what ? the game of cluedo is over ? mental note to self: try to keep up !

  124. theartistformerlyknownasyoink

    So FredNordie it was you? lol as I said I’m not really annoyed I had planned to go in the next few days anyway, and it’s exactly your reaction that made it so amusing for me, the fact that you were so annoyed and frustrated by the presence of yoink to go to those lengths to get rid is absolutely priceless and the exact reason I done it in the first place to actually see how intolerant people can be. Thankyou :)

    So anyway I’m out people, byeeeeeeeeeeee.

  125. krasivaya_devushka

    Whatever. At least alordslums is real, right?? Lol, fucking weird.

  126. Fred Nordie did it. I thought it’d be dan_fargis, so I lost. Oh and before you doubt my identity, I am in fact the exquisite don mega (a reference to the Ice Cube song Pushin’ Weight).

  127. FredNordie is like Pinocchio poo. His shit just got real.

  128. Last and final twist:

    I am one and all clones. I was both original yoink, imposter yoink, and all yoink-fans and likewise illiterate yoinkees.


    Do you know how many friend requests I got after Lamebook neglected to censor my name in one of their submissions? Do you know how many Fred Nordie’s there are on Facebook? There are 0 now.

    Regardless, I came here to officially tear down Lamebook. The only way to destroy it was to drive a stake through its heart, like a vampyre. Its heart is the comments section.

    Why do you think Lamebook is so obsessed with Twilight?

  129. Hey, I wouldn’t mind if GirlYoink stays. She seems cool. Just so long as PoorSpellingYoink and EverybodyBangingOnABoutYoinkAllTheFuckingTime fuck off and never come back…

  130. Well that’s some pretty impressive revenge if this isn’t all more bullshit. Like some mafia shit. You aren’t the one armed flying wonder are you?

  131. I really hope M. Night Shamalan is registered here and that he’s reading this.

  132. and everyone should be putting on their armadillo helmets right about … now

  133. This just became my favourite Lamebook comments page.

  134. Google Fred Nordie and Lamebook…


  135. Apparently, he really is pissed off.

  136. I just looked him up on Facebook, and he either deleted his account or changed his name.

    No wonder he was always so pissed off!

  137. What worries me is people befriended him because of that lamebook post. Really? That’s got to be the epitome of lame. I say a couple of days and Lamebook is back to it’s usual runnings(though hoefully it’ll bring back the good posts).

    @British It has had me hooked lol.

  138. Also best Soup quote ever.

    Now everyone can shut the fuck up about yoink and Lamebook can go back to normal… if only everyone’d come back.

  139. @TheDonMega12, if you think THAT’S bad, I think you need to hear the story of Lamebook’s one-armed girl…

  140. theartistformerlyknownasyoink

    Well Fred I didn’t actually say I promised to never comment again and you obviously aren’t the original yoink. Also you seem like a dick so I wouldn’t feel guilty about breaking the promise, I won’t be anywhere near as regular as yoink as I really do not have so much to say as myself and am not as witty as yoink. I have actually grown to quite like some lamebook commenters and really didn’t expect the reaction once revealed. Was expecting lots of abuse and the only one that seems offended is kras (incidentally one of the commenters I really did like) But I may comment occasionally.

  141. @British, I was there for it, I didn’t comment much, but I saw the aftermath. If you notice a few comments ago from me I asked Fred if he was the One armed flying wonder.

  142. I feel compelled to mention that this is the only post I have commented on so far today. But I am flattered that an imposter found me worthy of mimicking. I will now masturbate while staring at myself in the mirror to celebrate my growing numbers.

  143. theartistformerlyknownasyoink

    I also still want to know about GazzaT he said he was a regular reader on lamebook so hopefully he has read this and can come forward with his story. I am interested to know if this real life yoink guy he spoke about is real or if he said it purely to play along?

    I realise this is probably of no interest to anyone else. lol It just confused me slightly at the time.

  144. Dancinganimal256

    What the hell is going on here? This is the most messed up shit I’ve read in awhile. And Soup, I think I love you even more.

  145. krasivaya_devushka

    I am offended because I was the one that got into it with people who were rude to you, and for what? Lol geez..
    It’s fine…
    Just remind me again, who is the real you? Too many of you posting on here makes it confusing.

  146. Wow this whole thing has seriously mindfucked me. BritishHobo, you’re real…right?

  147. theartistformerlyknownasyoink

    Kras as I said I meant no offense and you were entertained were you not? The real me is me I changed my displayname to the artist formerly known as yoink at #97, Everything about my identity is in #47.

  148. Don: Ah, sorry, I missed that comment. I was there as well, thought it was entertaining for a bit, but when people started finding her myspace and talking to her, and pasting chat logs where she just sounded miserable, I felt bad for enjoying it…

    Soup: Oh man, that guy called me a troll before, it hurt me deep. Now I can go masturbate while thinking that you don’t hate me.

  149. totalpixie: I’m every commenter on here but you.

  150. Oh, and malteaser, that girl’s real.

  151. And because the only thing I like to stroke more than my cock, is my ego, I’ll just throw this out there:

  152. Hobo; well as long as you aren’t me that’s awesome. I’d feel a bit weird if I wasn’t real. It’d be like that science fiction story my metaphysics professor made me read where the guy didn’t know if he was the cloned version of himself or not.

  153. Swoon.

  154. Oh, shit, now my comment just looks weird.

  155. Sorry to change the subject back to the original posts but I thought there were 3 types of people in the world. Those that could count and those that couldnt.

  156. totalpixie, I once read a sci-fi story where the big twist at the end was, thanks to time-travel (and the early arrival of the end of the story preventing the writer from sufficiently explaining all this sci-fi bollocks), the main character was EVERYONE EVER.

    Compared to that, this yoink shit is like… Spot the Dog. Or a Dan Brown novel.

  157. theartistformerlyknownasyoink

    @soup lol I have to give that one to you was it entertaining or anti-climactic? Also have to say I enjoyed our ‘arguement’ the other day, I wondered if I was being a little mean at one point but I fuigured you could take it and give as good back.

  158. British, your keen eye caught the first one outright. Your defense of my honor made me wet. But the next time around he/she included the link to my prolapsed urethra. My doppelbänger is developing sentience.

  159. @British Yeah the SWMNBN thing really did get out of control. Kind of sad how I remember the nickname lol. It was like a guilty pleasure. At least it died down. I am now comfused by the reappearance of ‘yoink’ claiming not to be FredNordie, this is turning out to be one of those tv shows that out-stays it’s welcome by like 2 seasons.

  160. Hobo: that’s just insane…whoever thought that up needs a medal. Or maybe to be sectioned.

  161. @yoink (I refuse to type that all out!)
    that, like I mentioned in said thread, was one thing I had waited for ever since you showed up on lamebook. I just got a huge boner from that.

    Soup, you the man.

  162. @Yoink

    Kras’ response made it entertaining. FredNordie gets the assist.

    As for our discussion, it seemed to make a few people laugh, so I think we did well. Is there such thing as “too mean” on the internet?

  163. krasivaya_devushka

    Ok, ok I forgive you :)
    And yes, I was entertained by those words you were coming up with. I added a few to my vocabulary! wahaha :)

  164. theartistformerlyknownasyoink

    @nuff now you know I’m not a guy with a massive firehose dick it makes it slightly less gay that you got a boner over it so that can be the straw that softens it for you. lol

    @soup You’re right I don’t think there is.

  165. Soup, anything I can do to help ;)

    Night Lamebook, ya crazy bastard.

  166. theartistformerlyknownasyoink

    YAY thanks kras :) Alord hasn’t said anything yet he may not know yet but he was the other one that faught yoinks corner.

  167. Yo Yoink I have the biggest hard on for your sweet little red head Graceeee….She could suck my head red.

  168. theartistformerlyknownasyoink

    @spanka get with the programme honey.

  169. @ 91.

    You’re very sweet to respond like that … assuming you’re a 22 year old chick…

  170. So is the brouhahaa over? Welcome to the real world tafkay(yoink’s abbreviated name :D )

  171. theartistformerlyknownasyoink

    @mass yes I am a 22 year old but I wouldn’t use the term ‘chick’ I’m a woman hun not a fluffy yellow thing covered in goo.

  172. theartistformerlyknownasyoink

    @TheDonMega12 it’s good to be back although I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t miss yoink slightly.

  173. .. do you live in England?

    Ontario here.

  174. theartistformerlyknownasyoink

    @mass yes I do but not the “norf” like yoink.

  175. krasivaya_devushka

    So I want to know as well; do you actually live in England or was that a part of the story?

  176. krasivaya_devushka

    Oops ignore that; you already replied!

  177. You were a pretty convincing northerner. Though I read everything you said in a mental manc accent

  178. theartistformerlyknownasyoink

    haha yeah my ex was a northerner as well as having family up north, so I have a rough idea of the way they say things, though I’m pretty much a Londoner.

  179. I liked the character, I would have been 100% convinced yoink was real in about 4 days….would you have gone to alord’s gig or where you backing out with yoink’s ‘suspended’ drivers license?

  180. Yeah I’m from Manchester and that’s how a fair few people speak here. Or type.

  181. theartistformerlyknownasyoink

    @mass how could I have gone to alords gig with him expecting yoink? I wouldn’t have been prepared to go as far as to cut my tits off shave my hair and grow an adams apple would have been pretty hard. lol

  182. theartistformerlyknownasyoink

    @totalpixie my ex was Liverpudlian and actually do have family in Hull so just used a bit of that.

  183. I go to uni in Liverpool! Yeah, I’m pretty impressed you kept the whole act up for that long.

  184. theartistformerlyknownasyoink

    @totalpixie I’m surprised I kept it up so long aswell, but really knew it had to stop as soon as I read what I nearly published in the local paper an article about a flower display full of “anit”s wouldn’t have gone down too well I don’t think. lol

  185. … ok, quick .. type something in yoink.

    Hat’s off to you.. especially if you’re hot.

  186. Haha no I don’t think that would’ve been appreciated. Well you should stick around anyway

  187. Holy shit, almost 200 comments all going back and forth at each other? I don’t think it’s just Stever who needs a job…

  188. theartistformerlyknownasyoink

    @mass I think i’m done with typing in yoink and am still wondering if alord will be angry/upset with me? lol And what if I’m hideous?

    @totalpixie I may people on here are entertaining. I got sort of carried away with this drama and just saw the time and I have work early in the morning :( So off to bedski.

  189. this thread is ridiculous.

  190. Chirp?

    ummmmm…anyway ya… brain hurts from this convo…I lost track of who came out of the closet and who just mocked us with a closet then slammed it and said KIDDING!! MWHAHAHA!

    I’m the one and only IceyAngel! GO ME! lol

  191. Walter Sobchak

    The “artist” formerly known as yoink? Get over yourself.

    The only definite thing here is yoink’s creator has SERIOUS psychological defects.

    It’s quite easy for a psychopath to manipulate normal people to get them to believe whatever they want, especially in a forum like this.

  192. yoink, if you’re ugly, we can just put a paper bag over your head when you type… Hmmm, wait, i’m not sure how that will help? I’ll just imagine that you are Gracey.

    alord will just have to settle for some groupie putang is all, I think he will forgive you after a backstage BJ yoink.

    Walter, psychotic or not, like Kevin Garnett, anything is possible!

  193. So, how about some comments on the actual post, huh?

    I’ll get the ball rolling. Does this Crowley person mean to tell us that only “fags” go down? I was under the impression that oral sex between heterosexual couples was fairly common.

  194. okokok.

    i’ve just returned after a six-hour hiatus of krave cereal, red wine, and soccer boss simulation game v2.1 2004 or whatever it is (i have to do this when i need to self-flagellate). this is the life of a rock star.

    reading this thread has been like watching a pinter play.

    i’m flabbergasted. right at the beginning, i thought yoink wasn’t real. but i wanted to believe in him, so i bought into him. so this has all come as a shock to me.

    however, ‘yoink’, the invitation to the gig still stands. :-) i hope you stick around on the boards. reading this post has made me feel like i was on the orient express. like when poirot seems to be outing a murderer, except it wasn’t mr. kruger, it was ACTUALLY lady diane trollope…. who wanted to kill him but was ill…. leaving the door open for professor tibbs…. whose flight was late so that…. etc.

    unless frednordie is actually yoink! :-s

    actually, i think frednordie’s just a simpleton.

    but who impersonated soup!?!?!

    perhaps it was soup, to bolster his lamebook popularity by making everyone think he was being impersonated!!

    krasi, i’m definitely real. i think…

  195. well since we’re all admitting stuff, I was the third person on the grassy knoll…

  196. Oh man, this was the most awesome thing since Sunset Beach. I signed up just to say that. Well… that and I think I love theartistformerlyknownasyoink. I like “SERIOUS psychological defects” in a woman. Gives us something in common.

  197. …. i think i’m a bit in love with ‘yoink’ too. is this a kind of stockholm syndrome??

  198. @ theartistformerlyknownasyoink…fuck you’re a sad bitch! I didn’t read most of the comments, because they were as boring bat shit. But fuck me if I didn’t want to cause you gbh. Yoink pissed me off and so do you! Go back to your cats you ugly mole.

  199. i would laugh so hard if yoink just reappeared tomorrow, having worked himself up into an even bigger frenzy about the hordes of people copying him..

    wishful thinking maybe. i wanted to live to see the decorative windmill… :-/

  200. I don’t know about Stockholm Syndrome, alord. Not having commented before today, nor made a habit of reading the comments, I’ve only been vaguely aware of the whole yoink furore. But holy crap, today’s been awesome. And I kind of like that she pissed everyone off for shits and giggles.

  201. i have to say, if this was truly endgame, it’s probably the sexiest possible outcome.

    i wonder if theartistformerlyknownasyoink has 46 chromosomes…..?

    if so – GAME ON!

  202. CAR!

  203. Walter Sobchak

    alord, if yoink’s creator is a chick, chances are she’s fugly. Think about it, you think there are tons of hot chicks who get their jollies spending all their free time hunched over their keyboards pretending to be lovable losers?

  204. walt – you’re forgetting we live in an age of relativism.

    i’ve not actually left my house in 3 years because my face is so hideous to behold. i used to be a swimming instructor at my local leisure centre, but i got fired because i scared all the kids half to death (i didn’t touch them. i swear i didn’t touch them. nobody can prove it.).

    re: post. i’ve actually just been in my back garden smoking my stokkebye black cherry in my pipe for the first time in months, so puzzling and wondrous has this night been, and so much cause for reflection it’s given me. i have the strangest feeling that the denouement still hasn’t happened….

  205. LOL

  206. Walter Sobchak

    Well I actually still think yoink is gazzat… see the end of post called “screwed.”

    read in there how gazzat enjoys peoples reactions to yoink. He says to alord “you’ve really become of yoink haven’t you?” and to bh “you don’t like yoink bh?”

    it’s like yoink is his little pet.


  207. Walter Sobchak

    Not that any of that would scare you away alord. You’d just hope for another deep throat experience.

  208. Walter Sobchak

    *become fond of yoink

  209. After all that the only thing I’m now sure of is that OJ was guilty

  210. Holy assmonkeys! Yoink is Keyser Soze! Yoink is Keyser Soze!

  211. and I still like smoking the ganja and playing my guitar greenstrings. I can’t remember the last time a thread has gone over 200 comments…

  212. i’m going to bed. i’ve pretty much forgotten about yoink – the watercolours have run, the hues are bleeding, with the thought that walter doesn’t hold me in very high regard at all.


    also lol @ 206!

  213. krasivaya_devushka

    tsk tsk you’re all crazy :)

  214. I will miss yoink, I got the greatest laughs from him, her, you (especially the one about bangin dan’s mom against the crucifix) I could do without the yoink language. So in closing yoink. I want to thank you for the laughs. Bravo!

  215. GazzaT’s emergence lead to about 283 comments.

  216. @210

    and you’re KRASI!

  217. Geez alord, why are you always so sensitive?

    I actually remembered something you said. That’s a really big compliment coming from me.

  218. And anyway, I’m not you’re fuckin grandpa and you don’t need my approval.

  219. PS I called it when yoink first appeared I said he was deaf or fuckin around! yay me!

  220. walter, FUCK YOU!

    (did i do good…?)

  221. p.s. i am really walter (and a schizophrenic).

    night all.


  222. Yes I’m proud of you alord.


    Ps I am really alord.

  223. @212 Walter
    Yeah, I was following that day on my phone, I quit part-way through because I hated having to scroll through so much and read it all on a small screen and loading times and just plain fucking gay. Sooo, I don’t remember that one. C’est la vie.

  224. There are three kinds of people in this world, those who can do math and those who can’t.

    And yoink.

  225. krasivaya_devushka

    There are two kinds of people: those who think there are two kinds of people and those who are smart enough to know better.

  226. There’s only less than 5 types of people if you’re an idiot and you don’t know how to read passed 5.

  227. this shit anit funy i anit a trol and fuck u wankas roonin evvafing wif me frinds here fuck u fuckaroons an ya pendicks

  228. The Dark Knight Returns

  229. And just to say, reading through all this is probably a bit like watching lemonparty backwards in slow-mo. Your shrink says no.

  230. theartistformerlyknownasyoink

    @walter yes that’s really a sign of a psychopath, ooh forget the normal signs of mental illness including going on killing sprees, having a bit of a laugh on the internet is far far more of a giveaway that someone is mentally ill, I should be sectioned straight off. And also yes of course I absolutely must be ugly seeing as how every female that knows how to work a computer, type and go on the internet couldn’t possibly be anything but ‘fugly.’

    @yoink/Fred Nordie @ #224 for one I can’t believe you’re still impersonating yoink. Also some spelling corrections for if you were in fact yoink: *funni *rewanin *evryfink *wiv *frends *pindicks.

  231. I spend ONE night getting stupid drunk and I miss out of “Yoinks” sex change. WTF.

  232. Also, is it now safe to say that Yoink is Frodo and has a pool?

  233. Paranoid Android

    Why is every comment section now running into the hundreds?

    Can anyone give me a quick summary ‘cos I have the attention span of a humming bird on amphetamines.


  234. lubblyjubblies

    Is anyone else concerned that Mrs Crowley could well be a teacher? Don’t know if it’s more disturbing that a teacher would befriend one of her pupils on FB or that a teacher would shoot off acronyms like ‘F.A.G’.

  235. isn’t anyone else a bit concerned that alord hasn’t posted yet? i think he’s taken this really hard…

  236. @lubbly…..dude, Crowley is the son, the other kid is making fun of his mom.

  237. lubblyjubblies

    Ah, thanks for clearing that up, Wookie. I have faith in our educators again.

  238. Sericate-Bezonian

    Reality TV has nothing on Lamebook comments. I don’t think I have ever wanted to read this many comments before. You have all entertained me greatly. Thank you.

  239. This is the craziest shit I’ve ever seen on the internet, or possibly ever. Besides the concert I went to last night but yeah. Holy shit. I liked yoink as yoink, I liked how lb was even though it was annoying. I wonder how we will carry on. I see many questions in the future. I mean, there were so many about Ben…

  240. mymomruinedfacebook

    For those who don’t have @ least a half hour to skim through the comments to see what the hell the hubbub is about, simply go to comment #49 and read that shit. Soak it up. Digest that for a little bit but hold the phone your brain is about to get scrambled…
    Skim through as many comments as you are interested in reading and then go to comment #128 to see new twist. Things get more confusing. Paranoia ensues and suddenly you are living in the Big Brother house.
    Overall it is a challenging comment page to read through and understand. The more you read, the more fucked your mind becomes.

    #127 I immediately made your comment my status update. It made me laugh so hard MY poo almost became real.

  241. Long overdue.

    p.s. I’m Spartacus.

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