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  1. First!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 Yay it feels soooo great I always wanted to but never dared….. oh-la-la yes good times

  2. Wow…….just……wow……..


  3. You know, you have to go to chick-fil-a during the week, cause they are not open on Sunday.

  4. The first one is pretty funny. The second and third ones don’t really make much sense to me. Anyone care to explain?

    Also, Melski: Thanks for contributing absolutely nothing useful to the discussion.

  5. Russel FTW!

  6. @chowko Chick fil a is run by Bible bangers so extreme that they even ask your religion on the job application. So he feels like he’s already been to church this week.

  7. The last one is a reference to an excellent chapter of the Curious George oeuvre. I love the notion that CG might be confused with the bible.

    I think the second one refers to Church’s being a chicken fast food place. Maybe the kid thought his mom was suggesting chicken. Who knows.

  8. peter swallowed a puzzle piece?? this must have happened right after jesus jumped the grand canyon on a skateboard

  9. Finally, some answers!

    WWJD? Punch a janitor. Everything makes so much more sense now!

  10. God is fake, Jesus never existed. I smell religion debate coming up!

  11. @chowko..Chick-fil-A has a policy of not being open on Sundays due to their founder’s strict religious beliefs. They don’t ask for your religion on the application and there is nothing really overly religious about the place unless you count the mouth watering chicken biscuits as heavenly.

  12. Chick-fil-A may not ask for the religion of their rank and file employees (because they can’t), but there’s a lot more bible thumping there than just being closed on Sundays:

  13. being called jesus in the first, id hit the janitor too!

  14. And you are probably wearing a shirt made by a 4 year old Chinese girl. Who gives a shit? If Jesus had to die to make awesome chicken biscuits, then call me a Southern Baptist.

  15. WTF is a chicken biscuit?!

  16. @ Sensible Madness….I don’t think I could work at a place that was so strict or narrow minded in it’s thinking. One employee was fired because he didn’t participate in the prayer at a retreat! I was in a job fair yesterday and talked to this girl who had applied at the chicken place and she was asked the ” what religion are you” then…”when’s the last time you went to church?” WHAT! Needless to say the girl didn’t get the job. They probably would have shrieked if I told them maybe 4 years ago.. !

  17. I filled out an application and it asked my religion ewgross, so go back under the bridge now.

  18. omg im laughing so hard at apostle peter and the puzzle piece :p

  19. I like turtles.

  20. @Fairy.. it is awesomeness

    @yall.. I did your mom last night and it was ewgross, so back under the bridge now.

  21. @Ewgross
    Lame comeback.

    Come on, nobody wants a religious debate? I can prove all religions wrong in one post… Tempting, isn’t it.

  22. @Beanstalker.. that was the point. Change your name to captain obvious, plskthx.

  23. I think it’s weird how in the first one they blurred the mother’s first name out so they could display her last name… Or is she one of those people who registered with their last name first on FB ?

    And Jesus punching a janitor (again), made me lol.

  24. @ Sensible Madness…thanks for the enlightening article. I’m in Oz and was completely oblivious to the wonders of God-blessed chicken. Don’t think it would take off here seeing as were all damned heretics, although there are halal chicken shops around.

    Other than not getting the god-chicken reference they were mildly amusing, wel done lamebook you are somewhat back on track.

  25. Lulla, Lamebook screens the names before posting to see make sure it’s not an easy name to find. Some people have weird names that nobody on FB has but have a usual last name, so this might be the case.

    Your post was not obviously fake and a pathetic joke, you only say “that was the point” to hide your joke-telling failure.

  26. Jesus is a pretty cool guy, eh punches janitors and doesn’t afraid of suspension.

  27. @Beanstalker: You are right, but it must be a recent policy then.

  28. Did anybody consider that maybe the Janitor had it coming?

  29. For those complaining about not being able to get a job at Chik-Fil-A because they have religious affiliations, no one is making you get a job there. People have their own choices, no need to go bashing other people because they don’t think the same way you do. And no matter what, the chicken sandwiches and biscuits there are the best of any fast food chain.

  30. LOL @ blocking the first name and leaving the last name this time.

    @Beanstalker every now and then the names are so unique that’s it’s not hard finding them. The blurred avatar helps in some cases too.

  31. Oh god, Jesus punching the janitor haha… still chuckling… that was fantastic :)

    I didn’t get the second one at all until I read the discussion afterward and got the gist of what chick-fill-a is… now it’s kinda funny I guess (no chick-fill-as in canada. meh)

    Third one kinda went over my head too.

  32. Religion is for suckers.

  33. wd1029 i hope you see how incredibly hypocritical what you just said is. You say people have their own choices, no need to go bashing other people because they dont think the same way, and yet isn’t that exactly what Chik-Fil-A are doing? Not employing people because they don’t think the same way as them? To summarise you sir, suck.

  34. For the love of god (seemed appropriate for the thread)will somebody tell us poor UK residents what a chicken biscuit (and I’ve also heard the term gravy biscuit) is? What does it consist of? We don’t have them over here and now I feel my life is not complete because I don’t know.

  35. Isn’t it nice to see folks come to the defense of those poor, misunderstood, and very tolerant … christians?

  36. PS: @wd1029 You are right, but what goes for one also goes for the other. No, no one should “go bashing other people” because they have different ideas or different feelings on religion/faith, but it is also true that No Business should deny employment to a person who doesn’t have the same religious faith that the majority of people in the business do. This is why some are complaining, because they’re not being offered equal opportunity.

  37. I smell a one time Main Even pay-per-view special coming up. Jesus v. Janitor, rumble in the Cafeteria.

  38. @ The Doctor A chicken biscuit is just how it sounds..breaded chicken on a biscuit.

    I think they showed the last name because Garcia is clearly Hispanic and really..only Hispanics name their children Jesus. (For those of you who don’t know, it’s pronounced Hay Soos) Maybe they were trying to make it not seem weird that a woman named Mary or Jenny or Michelle name their kid Jesus.

    And equal opportunity is sooo stupid. If someone owns a business they should be allowed to hire whomever they want and turn away anybody for any reason. Yes, including skin color. Because you know what would happen if a business refused to hire blacks or Hispanics? Boycott! And that business would most likely go down in flames

    Obviously not too many people care that they “only hire Christians”(I’m not sure if I buy that either).

  39. Wow thats funny.

    And FYI for people who might not know, “Jesus” is pronounced “He-soos” in the Hispanic culture.

    But yeah, the idea of Jesus punching a janitor is funny.

  40. Russell is probably pretending that his mother is talking about “Church’s Chicken”, a fast food place. Hence, the Chick-fil-A reference.

  41. Robert is amazing. Poor janitor, he must have really wheeled the kid in.

  42. @The Doctor

    I don’t know those things either (being your French neighbour), but here is a picture of a chicken biscuit from the said fast-food:

  43. I’m guessing the boy’s name is Jesus Garcia?

  44. I’m kind of amused at people trying to answer the chicken biscuit question without realizing that biscuits are something completely different in the UK.

    This is a chicken biscuit. For any of you who don’t know about American biscuits, I’ve read that the closest comparison would be a unsweet scone.

  45. Number 23: I believe they took out the first name of the woman in the Jesus post because they wanted you to see that it was a Spanish Nationality last name so the woman who replied was even more LAME then ever! *Giggles*

    and LMAO to the Chick-Fil-A one !! :) )

  46. and number 39’s more like Hey Zeus (like the mythology god) hehe!

  47. ah! the last one about him swallowing the puzzle piece is a direct quote from family guy, who got it from curious george.

    i’m surprised no one’s seen the family guy reference!

  48. Hey Cherylface…Thanks for that link. I’m in Australia and I’ve been wondering for years what a biscuit is! In Aus (and the UK, I’m imaging) A biscuit is what the U.S call a cookie and I’ve always thought it strange that people would eat cookies with chicken/gravy. But it makes sense now….and looks delicious!

  49. lol@Dorian, and now the world is a smaller place.
    punched a janitor AGAIN, that IS a mysterious way to work. Obviously some supervisor potential here.

  50. Jesus Garcia walks among us all fear the 14 year old janitor punching king

  51. did they blur her first name instead of last since there are so many thousands of Garcias in Mexico alone? ole!

  52. @Earthling122: I’m going to assume they did that to show that she’s Hispanic, so we don’t think she named her kid after Jesus Christ.

  53. Maybe I’m tired, but I have no idea what’s going on here…
    Chick fila or whatever, breaded chicken on biscuits..all too hard

  54. I think Gabrielle has it right. I know there would be a bunch of politically incorrect a-holes up in here talking about how a Heather or a Rachael or a Molly or Claire shouldn’t name their child Jesus. I change my answer to Gabrielle’s.

  55. WWJD? .. eat a fucking chicken biscuit that’s what

  56. I’m going to have to agree with Swiper on this. I’m pretty sure Andrew was saying no to Church’s Fried Chicken, which would be in the same category as Chick-Fil-A.

    The joke being that his mother clearly suggests church, the place to worship.

  57. I was raised on the bible too. Fiber does a body good, but after a while the leather covers get just too chewy.

  58. Ralphie May (comedian) has a joke about making Chick-fil-a a religion, and how he frequents the drive thru stoned and yells at the speaker when it’s closed. Anyways, he could be referring to that..if not “the more you know.”

    Also, I know people who work at Chick-fil-a, and it is a privately owned/operated franchise, so while some owners could base hiring on religion, not all do. These same people have also gone to corporate meetings and trainings and they never mentioned anything about praying.

  59. Heh. So now I get the Chick-fil-a joke..I’m dense.

  60. I’m guessing they left the “Garcia” bit to emphasize that they are a Hispanic family, therefore naming your son Jesús is perfectly normal. Then again she spells her son’s name wrong, because it has an accent over the “u” in Spanish.

  61. Being Australian, I don’t know Chick-Fil-A or their hiring policies but it seems that there is some first hand experience out there about them asking about a prospective employee’s religion which might or might not impact upon them getting the job, and then some contributors seem to defend that or at the very least think it is an alright thing to do.

    Let me ask you this, if there was a $3 billion fast food outlet in the States that was even slightly affiliated with Islam and asked in interviews about praying to Mecca how would you feel about that? Would you still protect their rights to freedom of religion and freedom “to hire whomever they want and turn away anybody for any reason”. I doubt it.

  62. Ryan read the bible?
    I’m surprised he isn’t an Atheist.

  63. It’s against the law in the U.S. for an employer to ask any questions about religion or political affiliation on a job application or in an interview, and it is also illegal to fire someone based on such things.

  64. Thank you nickvonawesome, I thought that that might have been the case.

  65. @awful – Actually, yes – but only by the people who really “get” freedom. It seems in these times, people see a selfish form of freedom, “my freedom”.

    Take a burning flag, for example. Anyone who freaks out about that – subscribes to the selfish freedoms, and not true freedom. If you freaked, you didn’t see it for letting someone exhibit freedom of speech or expression (even if it goes against your very core).

    Another example would be that Facebook group that had millions of members – the group was “Petition to Remove ‘Dont Support Our Troops’” or something or other. A great example of millions of people who preach democracy and freedoms, but are actually embracing fascism in trying to get something they don’t agree with destroyed.

    Freedom isn’t easy. All along you’ll run into with “omfg, that’s sooo not right; that’s so wrong!”. That’s where selfish-freedom stops. True freedom carries it further with, “…but, it’s their right to express it, no matter how much I think it sucks.”

    In the end, I think the right answer is staying true to your own freedoms and morals; and letting them “speak” for you, instead of “I disagree with that opinion, therefore I must destroy it – so more people don’t know of an existing choice and fall into my camp.”

  66. ThinkingInPictures

    Or, you know, just quote Evelyn Beatrice Hall who said it much more succinctly “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”

  67. Wow, those chicken ‘biscuits’ are very different.

  68. @ Lulla – Merci beaucoup!

  69. @ThinkingInPictures:
    Thanks. =)

  70. Thank you Zoobert, I had to read your post a couple of times wondering if you got my point, having said that, I agree with what you say, but I do feel it is wrong to consider hiring someone based on their religion or any other personal views.

  71. @SammiDe : zeus is ‘that mythology god’. Sorry, I thought they were all mythological ;)

  72. @awful thank you.

  73. What if “freedome speech” advocates the annhilation of the other’s culture pretending to be the “Legitimate Successor” ???

  74. @SammiDe: Thanks for saying exactly what I was thinking :)

    @44: thanks for clearing that up! I was also pretty grossed out by the thought of a chicken flavoured biscuit- here in SA biscuit and cookie means the same thing… as in ‘crunch crunch’ cookies… in a tin… bleugh…

  75. It is illegal in the United States to ask for religious affiliations because it can lead to discrimination

  76. Haha, Jesus ftw.

  77. I remember reading a few years back that Chick-fil-a only sold franchises to christian-minded people…so I never buy there! Hey it’s my own little protest…

  78. Curches chicken is da bomb!!

  79. Guys, they left the GARCIA part to let you know it was an hispanic mother.

  80. That’s why you don’t name your kid Jesus….

  81. @Trossi: My husband looked into that recently. Chick-Fil-A will not sell a franchise unless the potential buyer is a member of a church and attends regularly. Although, in theory, I would imagine they’d still sell a franchise to a practicing Jew as long as he complied with their corporate regulations.

    One thing’s for sure: they don’t ask for your religious affiliation when they’re taking your money at the drive-through. (And to be fair, I should say I’ve always received excellent service at Chick-Fil-A.)

  82. Yawn.

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