Friday, February 19, 2010

Regretfully Racist

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  1. Wow….just, Wow
    *wanders off in disbelief*

  2. Congrats Jerrika for having a total understanding of your German heritage and of the aryan race. Based on her appearance in this picture (minus the swastika)I wonder if she realizes that she looks NOTHING like an aryan and the SS probably would have carted her off to a concentration camp faster than you can say “Mein Kampf”

  3. Hairitage? She looks about as German as Johnsonville Brats.

  4. *wanders back in just to say…*
    MOM seems very breezy about Jerrika’s tattoo. Her words don’t convey much concern:
    “What’s with the white supremest stuff babe?” and “I don’t agree with it, sorry Babe”
    She should be saying “WTF have you done you stupid girl?”

  5. James, people locked their doors because they know from experience how aggressive those idiots who panhandle for their church at intersections can be. I’ve had those people bang on my windows and yell at me to give them money. You’re damn right I’m locking my doors, and it has nothing to do with your race. It has to do with you being a member of a church that raises money by harassing motorists in a far more aggressive way than any hobo.

  6. errr, so what does a german look like?

  7. Yea, I was thinking the same thing.. She looks nothing like an aryan, and probobly doesnt even know anything about the WW2..

    But wtf is wrong with her mother? I mean.. Shouldnt she be a little more “mom-ish” here and maybe talk to her fucked up offspring face to face about.. I dont know.. a freaking nazi tattoo, instead of a comment on facebook??

    I really wanna slap these people..

  8. Wait, what does being German have to do with being of Persian descent? The modern blatant disregard for the actual meaning of the word “Aryan” is disgusting, as is the fact that the world allowed a deplorable regime to redefine a word that applied to a people group in no way, shape or form associated with that regime. That post, and the mom’s response, is disgusting, too. Why is this on lamebook?

  9. on a side note…am I the only one who thinks Jerrikas tat looks “drawn on”…you know, with a sharpie.

  10. I guess being fat hasn’t worked out for her so she’s trying something new, go get em tiger!

  11. So one daughter has a swastika tattooed on her neck because her and her dark brown hair want to get in touch with their “aryan” heritage, and the other daughter “loves it”. Stacy has completely failed as a parent.

  12. The ultimate Aryan = hair as blonde as Hitler’s, a body as ripped as Goering’s, and a face as dashing as Himmler’s.

  13. @Sensible, maybe they are not actually sisters, maybe she’s just using “sis” the way black people do. Ironic huh

  14. I’m not really sure what you want the mom to do here… She doesnt approve, but loves her daughter… Sounds like a Mom to me… In families you have to be careful not to be too abrasive or you will lose influence

  15. @ els9874 I thought the exact same thing! Doesn’t look real, maybe she’s going for shock value. I can’t believe her friends and family seem ok with it. If that was my kid, she would’ve got a beat down.

    Oh god, I hope the grammar police aren’t out today.

  16. @els9874 I did consider the option that it was drawn on & hope it was done (perhaps by Tressa) as a “joke”. Unfortunately Tressa mistakenly uses a permanent marker which then proves so hard to get off that the subsequent rubbing with a scourer produces a swastika shaped scar which is still visible today, 2 years later, as a lesson to her not to be so bloody stupid.

  17. @slimjayz If the mother has respect already then she wouldn’t have to be careful with what she says.
    If I did something that my mum strongly disapproved of and she gave me what for she wouldn’t lose any influence no matter how much I thought I was in the right, ‘cos I respect her & her opinion.

  18. A swastika on your neck = a target on your back. Fuck I wish I owned a gun.

  19. I would be too afraid of my mother to get any tatoo anywhere… and I’m 29! hehehe

  20. On the other hand, as soon as hostile young black males stop being 100% of carjackers, then perhaps motorists will be a little more laid back when you approach them at stoplights.

  21. I hope she does study her heritage and finds out that her ancestors were jews living in Germany and that the majority of her relatives were among those who suffered in concentration camps. Though if that were the case she will probably divorce her husband for being a jew lover. Not unlike white supremacist Clayton Bigsby.

  22. I agree with els9874, most likely permanent texta at best.
    No way would any reasonable young girl have such an inflammatory symbol on herself for good. As cynical as am I sometimes, I still have some faith left in the younger generation.
    I’m having a little warm and fuzzy moment.
    Done now.

  23. I think Jerrika needs a good history lesson!

  24. I think Jerrika needs a good slapping

  25. Jerrika misspelled ‘airhead’.

  26. Seriously, maybe not now, but someday that girl is going to regret that tattoo. She needs to watch American History X!

  27. I’m holding firm to the belief ee that it’s not real, join me!
    That movie sure is something to see though.

  28. If the third one isn’t fake, I give up on the human race.

  29. @ I am not here, well done! :) Your comment made my history geek fibers tingle.

    Can we now pit Jerrika and the Gma photog from yesterday in a weaponless death match with a liger?

  30. Just good ol’ adolescent shock value. When her number of friends drops to zero and she can’t get a job as a panhandler, she’ll consider her arse bitten.

    I lock my car doors whenever I see ANYONE asking for money at an intersection, regardless of their race. Doing otherwise is a great way to become a crime victim. Guess I’m just bigoted against beggars.

  31. @eenerbl: Unfortunately a lot of these pseudo-nazi morons think that movies awesome.

  32. Sadly, I know.

  33. I’m German, and I think that Jerrika is a douche.

  34. @33, I am and do as well.

    American History X promotes racism the same way Requiem for a Dream promotes drugs. As in everything, there are people who find that awesome. Yay for curbstomping, self-destruction, amputation, and learning lessons just a little too late!!

  35. In all likelyhood Jerica’s German ancestors came over before the Nazis took over Germany. Most hit the new world around the mid to late 1800′s and the early 1900′s. Of course, I am assuming that she is in the US and not Canada, Aust. NZ or UK. Also, they probably then went over and fought against Germany in the wars.

    That is not to say her’s were not undetected Nazi 5th columnists or POW’s who did not go home because life in the US is damn great and the girls better looking.

    That said, she should probably have gotten the Prussian eagle or Iron cross instead. Shit head.

  36. Wow, being of german descent I must say Jerrika is a moron.
    I can only imagine what my parents would do to me if they saw the swastika on me… they would definitely not be calling me BABE.

    Pro-Nazis are a disgrace. I bet she doesn’t even know what Nazism consisted of or even learned anyting about the WWII

  37. Jerrica just needs to get knocked up by some Jewish, black dude.

  38. Yes, Jerrica, Germany always has and always will consist entirely of Nazis. Also, you’re the most Aryan person alive.

  39. I’m the one who uploaded Kelley’s post. He’s a 13 year old loser who thinks he’s really cool by acting racist.

  40. I apologize in advance for the nerdiness and length of this post. Thank you.

    To the people talking about the history of the Aryans:

    The Aryans were a group of people that can be traced back at least 4,000 years to southwest Russia (the Caucasus Mountain region, specifically, which is where the term “Caucasian” comes from). They, and other light-skinned (though not the blond, blue-eyed ideal of the Nazis, for sure) groups of people just like them, migrated and settled all over Asia and Europe. You can’t just associate them with Persia, or you’re leaving out multiple, very important civilizations (Greece and Rome being two of the most obvious examples).

    In terms of the racial connections to the Nazis, if you look specifically at Aryan history in India, there’s a strong connection to the idea of light skin > dark skin. When the Aryans settled there a few thousand years ago, they immediately set out to distinguish themselves (lighter skin) from the people indigenous to India (darker skin). The Indian caste system was originally based on race.

    Like I said, the other groups that originated in the same area as the Aryans also spread to Europe, where, of course, most people are *relatively* light skinned.

    That said, to strongly associate them with the Nazis is certainly a mistake, but to say that there is ZERO connection is too.

    That is all.

  41. Oh also, that girl is, indeed, an idiot.

  42. If she went to Germany wouldn’t her neck tattoo get her locked up…? I thought that was illegal there (feel free to correct me). My friend and I were talking about Godwin’s law just last night, I guess this just proves it sometimes happens instantaneously.

    “…marking yourself for life with racist tattoos this is something I was hoping you would never do…”
    As if hoping against it would be enough. Like she was expecting it, but had her fingers crossed and her head in the sand instead of educating her daughter about why it might be a ridiculously bad idea. I just hope that she lives to regret it.

  43. What do you people mean when you say she doesn’t look anything like a German? Do you actually think all Germans have blond hair and blue eyes?

  44. @ ZeusJupiter – I do believe the comments were more directed to the girl’s comments about the “Aryan” stuff. Basic reading comprehension indicates that they were not stating that all Germans have blonde hair and blue eyes, but that the typical idea of perfection in Aryan (or “Nordic”) terms is a person with blonde hair and blue eyes.

    Reading comprehension. Try it out.

  45. bahahhahah German? Does she know most Nazis weren’t even German?
    She’s not an Aryan.
    I think they mean that she’s not german-looking because she doesn’t have schnitzel in her mouth or beer in her hand. DUH.

  46. I don’t think that’s a tattoo. Looks more like a Sharpie job.

  47. I agree padme. Bitch hasn’t got the guts to get it done for real. Probably done with an eyebrow pencil or some shit.

  48. Dear gr_on23,

    You are a fucking retard. There was never an Aryan race. There is no such thing as an Aryan, so actually, you all fucking fail. Anybody ever bother to look anything up these days, or do you just assume the propaganda shit Hitler came up with more than 50 years ago is actual fact? That’s fucking sad. What’s even better is that the historical symbolism of the swastika has absolutely nothing to do with the ideals of Nazi Germany. Fuck.

  49. “love you regardless,” my ass. I would disown my child for this kind of hatred and recognize my total failure as a parent.

  50. Everybody knows that Germans aren’t all blue eyed and blond haired, and everyone knows that the swastika has been used by various cultures for various reasons for many hundreds, if not thousands, of years. However, the simple fact of the matter is that Hitler and the horrors he unleashed on the world have permanently changed the meaning of both of those things, whether you like it or not.

    Today, a swastika is a symbol of Nazism, no matter what it stood for before. Similarly, the term “aryan” is pretty much always used to describe Hitler’s ideal of blond hair and blue eyes. Whether you like it or not, these things have these meanings in today’s world. No amount of impotent rage on an Internet message board is going to change that.

  51. @kdalutaslvd:

    Don’t listing to the naysayers. You’re right. I think you should get a swastika tattooed on your forehead to bring awareness to its true meaning. Take that shit back! Don’t let the ignoramuses sully its value due to some silly association with a couple million murders.

  52. @Sensible Madness – By that logic, would you say that the rebel flag ahould be branded as a symbol of racism? I would think so, but I’ve had people argue adamently against that rationale. Any thoughts? And yes, I’m from the South, but please don’t hold that against me.

  53. Rebel Flag and the Swastika are both symbols of racism, no matter how people try to spin it.

  54. JacksSmirkingRevenge

    Yikes. I racked my brain, but there is so much to comment on in this one post, it’s not even worth it.

  55. So a symbol that has stood for something to various cultures over hundreds of years should automatically be changed to being perceived as racist, because racists tried to pervert it 60 years ago? Once again, you fail, therefore, they win.

  56. And it’s ironic that our little racist here got the tattoo for a reason, not realizing its true meaning, much like people getting nonsensical Chinese character tattoos that they think actually mean something.

  57. Once again, rock that shit proud. Being such a staunch believer in the message of the swastika, if you’re not displaying that symbol somewhere prominent, then you are the failure. Unless you’re just spouting random trivia for the thrill of the outrage (Greenland is icy! Iceland is green!).

    If you’re truly the student of history you would like us to believe, then you would realize ideas, symbols, and theories morph over time.

  58. >kdjfkdfj
    When 99% of the living population associates a symbol with a particular ideology, you have to admit that the symbol has mutated, no matter its previous meanings for south american civilizations or buddhist religion.

  59. @eenerbl American History X is a Hollywood movie that portrays the Nazis and skinheads of todays society in a way that people want to see. She need to read a fucking book not watch a fictional movie.

  60. @kdjfkdfj (seriously?): Well, uh, she’s talking about her German heritage, and how she’s Aryan, and that’s why she got tha tattoo, so, uh, I guess we’d all be fuckwits for assuming it’s the German use of the swastika, right?
    Sorry we didn’t acknowledge the entire history of the swastika, but if you want that, maybe you should check out Wikipedia, rather than fucking Lamebook.

    Plus, as everyone else has said, nobody is even remotely stupid for automatically associating it with Nazi Germany, since that was such a modern and prominent use of the thing.

  61. The stupid thing is, she has dark hair.

  62. Oh, we already established that.

  63. I love how persons like this kdj… character behave as if they are just so much wiser than anyone else after they discovered a (widely known) fun fact along the way. “Oh, look at me, I know that the symbol used to represent something entirely different, give me a medal now!”

    Soup has it spot on. Wear it on your forehead to prove that Nazis never subverted its original meaning, kid.

  64. oops just read kdjfkdfj…what an angry nazi

  65. No argument about the meaning of that swastika should even take place since the 45 degree rotated swastika like that is unique to the Nazi movement. If and only if it is not rotated at an angle like that is it associated with the old meanings. It’s seriously the same as saying the stars on various flags mean the same as a pentagram used by occultists.

  66. @Chardrak I promise I wasn’t serious about her being a Hindu. That’s some pretty technical Swastika specs there. But what if the daughter of an Sobibor survivor snatched Jerrika by her neck and twisted that Swastika until it was at 90 degrees? What would that make her?

  67. ici on a eu les allemands …ceci n’est pas drole, et d’une ; et de deux çà me renforce dans mes convictions comme quoi les nazis sont encore partout, et surtout en amérique…

    it was the Germans had … this is not funny, and one, two and here I am supported in my beliefs as what the Nazis are still around, and especially in America ..

  68. @ dang it: they don’t have to be.
    I agree with Soup. Take them back! Like “porch monkey” in Clerks 2.
    I once used the term “screaming banshee” and my boss and a co-worker went nuts telling me it was racist. I asked how and they proceeded to tell me how it was a negative and derogatory term for Am/Inds. I couldn’t beleave it. I almost got written up for it. They wouldn’t listen when I tried to explain what a banshee really was. Their minds were set.

    Symbols only have the substance we attribute them.

    Oh, I do think the swastika is a symbol of hate but I don’t think the CSA flag is.

  69. Dear kdjfkdfj,

    I don’t know if you’re being serious or if you’re one of these “troll” people that like to just start arguments (well done if you are, by the way), but if you are serious, you really ought to try looking some things up yourself. What I wrote was the actual history of the Aryans (note I did not say “Aryan race”)… not the propaganda of Hitler. Google “Indo-European” and see what you can find.

    Love, gr_on23

  70. 1) Someone approaching my car in any city but my own little burg gets the door locked on them.
    2) Lacks commentable(?) content, retart.
    3) Good luck with that one. Retarter.

  71. It’s kind of sad that one ten to fifteen year period of a country completely overshadows the rest of its history to most Americans. It’s also sad that whenever most Americans think of Germany, they think of Nazis/Hitler or Schnitzel/pretzels/beer, when Nazism is as hated there as it is in America (if not more) and the Schnitzel/pretzel/beer thing is really only Bavaria, a ‘state’ in southern Germany.

    But my experiences have been that people are generally stupid and you can choose to waste your breath but they don’t listen.

  72. I thought it’s something to do with Hyuuga???

    Or ninjas.

    Or windmills. BAN WINDMILLS!!

  73. so she is definately not aryan…

  74. LMAO at Mr. krabs is a jew!

  75. gr-on23 beat me to it. I’m a huge Indophile. I was actually surprised when I stumbled on the Aryan in India bit when I was studying Indian history. Anyone who knows Indian history would be appalled that Hitler took one of their prominent symbols and turned it into something vile.@ Seabee The Swastika WAS a HINDU symbol before Hitler went on his rampage. .
    @kdjf…whatever: You do know there’s a reason Mr. Brin and his partner created Google,right? I’d like to think they did so to eliminate ignorance for our generation. Look stuff up before you go on a rant.

  76. @minderbinder:

    Don’t be silly. When I think of Germany, I think scheisse porn.

  77. I must confess I do think of Bavaria and Hogan’s Heroes, knochwurst, chocolate, nutcrackers, wienerschnitzel, and chubby beer maids (are there anyother kind?).

  78. @minderbinder – as you put it “people are generally stupid” I hope you classify yourself in this group because I notice that you generalize Americans and yet you get all touchy about Germany. What you’re saying is a fact but it’s not of just Americans. And before you go off on a name calling stupid rant, I’m not American, I’m British and I live in the islands but I love America and Americans and hate people who bash America just because they hate the policies of some stupid American politicians.

  79. @Soup: lol.

    @lamebookpro: I’m American and it’s just my observation. I can’t assume that other nations/cultures think the same because I have not experienced them. I have found that unless Americans (more especially younger ones) have studied German or Germany at all (and even sometimes if they have), they only think of Nazis or Schnitzel when they hear Germany. Of course Americans have stereotypes for other cultures, but I really don’t think any of them are as ingrained into the idea of the country/culture as Nazis and Germany.

    I generally like America. I wasn’t bashing American politics (or even really trying to bash America), I was just making an observation that it’s sad that Germany has such a negative connotation because of a small period of time in its history.

  80. @minderbinder – that’s just how life is. We tend to remember the bad and do away with the good. Tiger Woods is going to be associated with infidelity more than golf. Germany is unfortunate enough to have had a period in their history that was so infamous that it outshadows everything else. unfortunate but true. I wouldn’t call someone “stupid” because of it though

  81. I am ashamed that anyone could support that veiw, to be a supporter of what Hitler did sickens me. My family in Liverpool UK are Judaic Catholic and do not support rasism of any sort, unfortunately my great aunt married Hitler step brother in Liverpool. When I see that tat I just think silly little racist girl. I’m glad I live in a City where being friendly is key. I’m scouse and proud, if you are racist and proud then foolish child – I say child as if you have that tat and think its good then you have no idea of what actually happened.People like you should have to see what my ancestores and people today go through. That tat is wicked – as in the evil sence of the word -yeah you may laugh child

  82. @lamebookpro We’ll have to agree to disagree.

  83. I think I’m going to have to agree with minderbinder on this one. Michael Jackson’s memory will always carry the stigma of pedophilia;two sticks of differing lengths placed intersecting perpendicularly (?) to each other alludes to Christianity; the pentagram will make those who don’t know relate it to witchcraft/satanism (two very very different things…); the swastika will evoke thoughts of the Holocaust; September 11th will never be “just another day” in America, etc. I’m not sure about Germany being solely remembered for the Holocaust though. Despite much study of that time period, Germany makes me think of polka. Strange, but true.

    For some reason though, the rebel flag just makes me angry. Of course, I’m used to seeing it on bumper stickers proclaiming “The South Will Rise Again!” Meh…

  84. @Anna I’ve never seen someone describe a Greek/Pagan/Christian cross/Egyptian ankh with such complexity haha (I tried to cover most of the bases so I wouldn’t be caught in a similar argument to the one about the Swastika)

  85. To the girl in the picture: You’re a fucking idiot. Here’s why:

    First of all, the Swastika is not even a German symbol and has nothing to do with being white or anything like that. It’s a middle-eastern/Indian symbol for the sun. Those dumb-ass Nazi cunts just stole it because they needed a power plate to rest their small dicks on. So, when I see that tattoo, I don’t think white supremacy, I think Idiot Redneck Girl with a tattoo of an Mid-East Religious symbol for Sun on her neck.

    However, you say you got the tattoo because you’re proud of your german heritage?? ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME. You embody everything I hate about the human race, you ignorant blind creature that you are. Nobody except for racist neo-nazi redneck twats like yourself think of Anglo-saxon pride when they see that (which is dumb in and of itself). But I’ll tell you what we do think of: 13 million dead. THIRTEEN FUCKING MILLION DEAD. Slaughtered. Tortured. Killed. Burned. Gassed. Exterminated. Inhumanely. Without remorse. My ANCESTORS died, were exiled, were devastated because of motherfuckers like you wearing that symbol. But I find comfort in the fact that now no matter where you go or what you do, you will never be able to conceal the fact that you are nothing more than an uneducated stumbling-through-life fucking-your-cousin inbred redneck cunt discharge. I hope you choke. <3

  86. 42 alproshazam: youre completely right. she would get fined if she shows her tat in public. there is an option to cover it though. (neo-)nazi demonstrations over here always look funny with a lot of bandages and band-aids.

  87. @samuel: So the symbol of the neo-nazis has become bandages and band-aids. That’s funny.

  88. 1) my car magically locks my doors when I put it in drive, so as to avoid those awkward moments at intersections when I am trying to avoid giving money to the random church people collecting it. That’s probably the only thing I like about my ’99 Taurus. (yeah, yeah, I know. At least it’s paid for.)

    2) It’s ironic that Ms. “Aryan” chose the one piece of German history that Germany has made every attempt to erase from their own history books for years…to celebrate her German ancestry.

    3) @kdj…etc.: People’s pointing out the fact that this chick has no idea what Hitler’s propaganda actually consisted of (i.e. she is not an “Aryan”) doesn’t mean that those same people think that the propaganda itself is fact. By the Fuck.

  89. In the Germany that Jerrika loves so much the swastika is so heavily censored you can’t even display it on a poster for an educational film about the Holocaust. What an ignorant fool. She doesn’t know anything about Germany or its culture.

    I don’t think its fair to say that Germany will only ever be associated with the Holocaust. Too much happened before and after. WWI, the movies of the 20′s and early 30′s, the Berlin wall. Even if you don’t include things that most people may not think about often like some of the best composers ever to live, many of the best authors, a lot of our fairy tales, major wars like the Franco-Prussian war, the roots of Protestantism, creation of the printing press etc. But the swastika (in that shape and angle) will always be associated with hate and evil.

  90. “I’m a total Aryan.”
    …She does realize that the Aryan race consists blonde-haired, blue-eyed Germans ONLY, right?

  91. I think Jerikka is a pretty cool guy … she has swastika tattoo and doesn’t afraid of anything.

  92. PosterformerlyknownasTristan

    @ Tinderbox

    Guess you haven’t been carjacked by a Mexican then, have you?

    @ Jerrika

    If you wanted to place a swastika on you, should have put it on your breast so it could be closer to your heart, plus can be hidden when you catch your shift at McDonalds later on tonight.

  93. PosterformerlyknownasTristan

    I also forgot…think tmk272 needs a hug.

  94. They’re doing alright in the 2010 Winter Games. Maybe they’ll be remembered for that.

    Off topic a little, isn’t a “federation ” the same as a Union? I don’t know but “Russian Federation” sounds a lot like “Soviet Union.”

  95. The Nazi’s took it and rotated it. Despite it been a peace symbol it is unfortunately now synonomous with Nazism and it is fair to assume that anyone who would tattoo that onto themselves clearly identifies with the values of the Nazi, or a Neo derivied, party.

    I bet her mom fires up and traces her “haratige” back to Afro-Caribbean-Romanian-Polish-Jew

  96. @Goozilla – your such a tool.

  97. Shouldn’t lock down the peaceful swastika to only Indian culture you know… It was used worldwide well before the Germans turned it at an angle and perverted it. Even the Native Americans had the same symbol. The peaceful swastika was even used by Americans before the Nazi party existed and many houses had (and still do have) the non-angled, peaceful swastika built into their brick walls.

    You do not see the angled swastika of the Nazi party in societies that use the original. It’s not rotated.

  98. there’s a house building near a place I used to live in Kentucky that has the peaceful swastika on it. At first I was like WTF!? then i realized it wasn’t angled. It’s actually laid into brick with smaller bricks

  99. I mean a building* lol

  100. @NEPHiLiX

    i thought Hitler was brunette…

  101. thanks Jerrika…go ahead, make me ashamed to be German…UGH.

  102. strawberry milk

    lol gas her with the rest of ‘em .

  103. “Off topic a little, isn’t a “federation ” the same as a Union? I don’t know but “Russian Federation” sounds a lot like “Soviet Union.””

    I don’t know…are you ready to submit that the European Union and the Soviet Union have similar identities/goals?

    The Russian Federation is a loosely “incorporated” group of countries that were former Soviet states. Not all of the former states are members of the RF, and some only seem to pop up during the Olympics (Georgia, for example – no one hears a peep from Georgia until a luger “moves on to a better place”).

    The difference being, the USSR had a central government that…well, governed all of the states in the union. The Russian Federation is a federation of individual countries with individual governments.

  104. Haven’t we all learned a lot about a lot? :D

  105. John Players Standard

    Oh right because you BECOME Aryan not born… Sorry my bad

  106. Seriously? I’d like to send that girl on a tour through one of the concentration camps in Austria, Germany or Poland … but maybe she’d like that, too. Makes me sad ….

  107. Im reallyyy hoping thats like Sharpie, not a real tattoo.
    Cuz it looks like shit.

  108. I’m just gonna skip the racism, and just say that Stacy “signing” all of her posts with MOM is annoying. Think your daughter doesn’t recognize your name?

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