Thursday, March 11, 2010

Race Rants

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  1. I’m impressed that Assliegh and Co. can see the keyboard through the white hoods on their head.

  2. BEN

  3. I’m all for racism but at least be funny with it.

  4. Damn, missed it. Stupid slow computer. I have a friend at work who’s black. When I tell him to hurry it up we want to go on break, he’ll say I have to wait for the itis to go away. And if I’m the one working to slow he’ll claim he niggerized me.

  5. I thought the last one was funny.

  6. Um… huh…?

  7. That last one was planned.

  8. Whoa! Last one isn’t even funny.

  9. Seriously, what the fuck?

    Chicken and waffles?

  10. x-x-vallium-x-x

    haha the last one is so epic! (ftw)

  11. 1. Ew.
    2. Is chicken and waffles meant to be ‘black guy’ food? :S

  12. SomeRandomChick

    @ apolitical and suntana The last one is obviously a joke between friends. If you can’t see that, then I would never expect you to make the leap that I did: That they were apparently at a restaurant where someone in the group ordered waffles and chicken, and the server gave it to the wrong person assuming the black guy ordered them. Did you not see that Wayne was actively involved? Or that they were making fun of stereotypes and NOT race?

  13. Thank you SomeRandomChick, you beat me to it!

  14. @SomeRandomChick & awful – I thought the same thing except then I realized it looks like the guy in Wayne’s picture is white (I think that’s why they only blurred out part of it). Hmm…

  15. The last one was funny, and yes BH in the States, down south, there are many “House of Chicken and Waffles” type restaurants that are historically “black owned”. Though more recently there are several chains that are owned by East Indian families as well.

  16. quite a wingspan you guys have. you had to reach really far to defend the last one.

  17. @gr_on23 – He could be light-skinned or it could be a pic of his girl for all we know. Not enough info, I’d be more apt to assume SomeRandomChick has it right.

  18. @somerandomchick Um, yeah – i was making a joke, too. I’m not retarded. Thanks for the clarification, though.

  19. SomeRandomChick

    Well I don’t remember calling you a retard, but it’s all good. Also, maybe your jokes should be funnier? Just a thought…

    @Sarayve- seriously? or are you attempting to make a “joke” too?

  20. Wayne isn’t white. And it wasn’t planned. :)

  21. Yeah, the picture’s annoying me because I can’t really figure out what I’m looking at. But it would have been a really weird joke it he wasn’t black.

  22. SomeRandomChick

    I’m assuming Lulz has the Wayne hook up? :D

  23. Melissa and Wayne are dating, I’ll just leave you guys to figure out who Lulz is.

  24. And by that I mean who Ashleigh is. BAHA.

  25. @gr_on23: are you talking about Shaydee’s (really? Shaydee? c’mon!) picture? I mean, Shaydee gave a pretty good description of what that picture is…

  26. No, it appears that you are talking about Wayne’s picture, which Ashleigh was so kind to explain for us.

  27. SomeRandomChick

    She’s talking about Waynes picture…

  28. Thank you. Jeeeeze. And did I mention that wasn’t planned? That’s the only reason I submitted it, cause once Wanye said “Or if they accepted food stamps” I knew it was on.

  29. SomeRandomChick

    Lulz- “once Wanye said “Or if they accepted food stamps” I knew it was on.” lmao

  30. ignorance is bliss…

  31. wrong. ignorance is what causes multiple murders and stupid ass wars.

  32. Erm who names their son Jaylen is that a common name in the States?

  33. MyJobIsTheSuck = DEBBIE DOWNER

  34. Just wondering, but what the hell is a Link card?

  35. Yes gaijin. I know a few Jaylen/Jalens.

  36. fair enough, never heard of it before…

  37. “Lulz” are you sure it wasn’t planned? Because I seen on the lamebook facebook page ashleigh wrote “no we are not rascist, it was planned”, so YES it was planned and NO it was not funny.

  38. I AM Ashleigh and I never said that. It wasn’t planned.

  39. Actually, when I posted it on the Facebook site, all I said was “If no one thinks this is funny, I apologize.” That was it. So gtfo.

  40. I’m glad you apologized.

  41. ZING

  42. SomeRandomChick

    I thought it was funny…

  43. Wow…so it wasn’t planned. Oh well, I still don’t find racism funny.


  44. Whatever, the last one is funny as hell. Just because something works out well doesn’t mean it was planned. I just don’t get you commenters who come to lamebook but refuse to find any of it funny.

  45. And jokes that play on stereotypes aren’t racist. Hating someone for being a certain way is racist, comfortably mocking stereotypes is completely different.

  46. Well, Francis paints quite the picture doesn’t he?

  47. I agree XS, if Wayne wasn’t playing along with it then maybe it’s racism, but he’s just as much a part of it as the other two so I see no problem.

  48. @Lulz
    My favorite part is the debate over whether Wayne is black or not. Perhaps you just should have told them that he’s the best lumberjack of all time to clarify??? bahahaha.

  49. i’m just amazed at the first one, Shaydee…..if a white person were to post that, they’d be drawn and quartered…..correct me if i’m wrong.

  50. Ha ha, no. Black people can’t do fractions.

  51. Lollies, I think we should get married.

  52. What the fuck, you guys are the retards on here, not the posters, if you cannot see that the last one is ridiculously funny and they’re all friends. No one seems offended to me? Stop cock blocking a good time.
    That was just the joke that kept on joking.

  53. Dear dumbasses,

    In the last one they were making fun of racism not being racist.

    Learn to read.

  54. You know what’s awesome? Someone who bitches about strangers on the internet who’ve created a community that pretty much consists of making fun of people, like she (he? I dunno. You can’t effin’ tell these days) doesn’t already know that.

    Oh, and grossly misusing the term “cock block”. “Joke block” seems much more appropriate. Don’t be afraid to make up words. Someone will get it. And you’ll be judged either way. Because that’s what we do. Duh.

  55. You know what’s awesomer than that? Someone who passive-aggressively bitches at strangers on the internet for bitching at strangers on the internet, then gives them weird advice on word usage and ends with an empty threat of social embarrassment.

  56. lol

  57. lol @55.

  58. What if he was the only black person there? and what if he really did order the waffles and chicken?

  59. He was the only black person there. But he didn’t order the chicken and waffles, my friend did. But when the waiter delivered it to our table, he looked right at Wayne and set it down in front of him and said, “Chicken and waffles?” and we all lost it.

  60. Dizzy_Ballerina

    oh for the luv of all – i’m getting pizza and that is all there is to that!!!

  61. Dizzy_Ballerina

    lmao sorry had to point out the lovely interrational dating ad at the bottom of my screen after i hit submit on my comment above lol ooh shiitt that has me laughing bad!

  62. Dizzy_Ballerina

    lol interracial lol i ment lol

  63. I liked interrational much, much better.

  64. Hey, man…it’s what we do.

    We judge. It’s not embarrassing if you don’t care.

  65. Dizzy_Ballerina

    @ Lulz no doubt that was a total Freudian slip which made me laugh even harder :P

  66. wayne for the win, for not taking a racist action to heart.

    But chicken and waffles?… America is really isolated from the rest of the world!

  67. @Saffer
    Word. He’s really a great sport IRL as well. And for the record, chicken and waffles are a delicious combination.

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