Friday, April 23, 2010

Quick and Rough

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  1. glueyourfingers


  2. I’ll Ben you. :(

    Also, does Mitch win the award for ‘most considerate male to female comment in Lamebook history’?

  3. glueyourfingers

    Sorry… I’ve never Ben-ed before. I couldn’t resist :/

    Mitch wins the award for ‘most desparate attempt to comfort one’s self through pretending to comfort someone else’

  4. Run, Jennifer! Run!

  5. JacksSmirkingRevenge

    The key phrase in Mitch’s post is “fake bf/gf relationship.” aka he’s delusional.

  6. Is it bad that i’m actually feeling sorry for mitch? it’s your classic case of unreciprocated love. bless.

  7. Mitch’s next post is “Mitch is in a relationship and its complicated because I keep calling but she doesn’t pick up”

    and Joseph how did you know?

  8. Brandon shouldn’t feel too bad. Apparently his ex only goes after gay guys with a woman’s voice.

  9. I don’t think anyone should feel bad for someone so eager to cockblock himself.

  10. Bet Brandon’s ex wears team Edward undies.

  11. Wait Justin is a gay guy…shit I thought Justin was a girl, skinny ass body, blonde hair in the face and high pitch voice… my bad.

  12. I don’t get the Justin Bieber hype anyways… Is he like the Jonathan Taylor Thomas of this generation?

  13. but I think jennifer was probably a cocktease.

  14. I’d say Justin Biebers sort of like Aaron Carter when I was about 10 when he released all them godawful songs about having crushes.

  15. Is he even tall enough to ride a G5?

  16. I don’t know but he’s not old enough to ride a man.

  17. Someone should really tell that to Usher.

  18. yeah but ushers trying to gain the notoriety that R Kelly got for having sex with teenagers but he’s going one better and doing the gay thing too.

  19. I don’t know if it qualifies as gay. Justin Bieber is clearly a lesbian.

  20. Are you saying that Justin Beiber likes women? because I think not! he may be a gay man in a lesbians body.

  21. We’ve just figured him out! Thanks uoykcuf. T’was truly a journey.

  22. Alex=rapist. Always awesome of course.
    Mitch, the poor schmuck is never gonna get laid. what a douche.
    and Trent…what can I say…I wish I had a buddy like that the last time I broke up with a boyfriend. Tire slashing is the least I’d have liked done.

  23. suckmebeautiful

    I submitted a super funny win a while back and it never got posted. Some idiot writes about farting and that makes it? For shame Lamebook, for shame.

  24. MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    ditto on that slippy slappy

  25. Trent would be a very nice friend to have, someone to help bury the body, excellent. Jennifer could have been less of a bitch and made that a private convo, but then Mitch could be less of a pussy and… well that’s it actually he just needs to be less of a pussy.

  26. So wait, did Brandon’s girlfriend break up with him because he hit puberty?

  27. No, Brandon’s girlfriend broke up with him because she’s a lesbian

  28. Brandon’s Girlfriend must be 10, too young to date anyways.

  29. Mitch was undoubtedly sobbing as he typed up that response. Trent is just awesome.

    #23: It’s even more lame when someone complains about one of their submissions not making the cut. Just stop.

  30. I am never naming my child Mitch, I have never met one normal, well adjusted Mitch.

  31. I really like Mitch’s comment…he sounds really sweet

  32. i love malteaser too

    #23. I commiserate. I had sent in pics of a super hot sex party that were posted on fb by some moron. There were dildo, lubes, spermicides and what not that featured in the pics. There were even pics of two chicks pretending to have sex with each other while posing with a huge phallic dildo. And lb still prefers Bieber complaints, huh? I am wondering who is the gay one here in this case.

  33. Lame

  34. Trent would be a handy friend to have…

    After looking at the website Lesbians who look like justin bieber, I’m convinced that there’s gonna be record highs in sexuality confusion among girls who are currently aged between 12 – 16

  35. lol

    Oops…not my line

  36. I wouldn’t even know who Justin Bieber was if not for Lamebook.

  37. Benisglory, I love your name. I really do. There are not enough Buffy references in the world.

  38. Learn a lesson, Brandon. Don’t date 11 year-olds.

  39. haha! Brandon got it easy. My ex once screamed out ‘jonas!’ during one of our make-out sessions..

  40. @uoykcuf (nice name btw) and riddled, thanks for explaining Justin Bieber.

    Also, Mitch is a tool.

  41. Holly was probably Mitch’s last relationship, and she just likes the fact that it’s not her now. Sucks to be you Jenn.

  42. RefugeeFromSunnydale

    @ 37 Disdain: I totally agree. Discovered Lamebook this morning, and about 50% of my reason for registering was to say that! (And, obviously, my love of BTVS is 100% of the reason for my chosen login name :)

    @ 39 hmmm…kiD_GeniuS, mebbe you’d gone TOO FAR and she thought “jonas!” was your ‘safety’ word? Just trying to turn that memory frown upside-down for ya! :p

  43. Aw, shux. Or is it spelled shucks?

  44. Either works.

  45. @refugee what’s the other 50%?

  46. lol

  47. I’m glad Kim told sometimes I could just let it go. Though I’m not sure that everyone on the bus would agree with my option.

    Oh Brandon, Not only did you expose your vagina across Facebook, but you also tried to make it smell like the mountain spring douche that you are.

  48. RefugeeFromSunnydale

    oh, the other 50% was my feeling that I might be able to contribute something funny to a comment stream some day…I just gotta get in on the ground floor with each posting’s comments or I’m in “I was gonna say that…” land.
    (But my day will come, oh, yes. It will.)

  49. Brandon, she didn’t break up with you because she wants Justin.
    She broke up with you because you steal your statuses from TFLN.

  50. So, Brandon obviously needs to cut off his balls for his gf to be happy.

  51. haha, the one with Brandon is funny!

  52. Oh my goodness! brandons post is hilarious!

    Oh sad..

    -Gods investment in you (His son!) was SO great, he could never abandonyou!-

  53. hilarious… sad… which one?!

  54. That is just bad, but i don’t really feel bad for Brandon, he’s got no balls

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