Thursday, March 11, 2010

Quick and Classy

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  1. people like #3 make me pissed off.

  2. Gotta pay for to be a guest at a wedding… wow, definitely wouldn’t go to that wedding. Also, win for ryan.

  3. ^that’s how the first post should look. i say this for all the douche bags out there that thing that saying “first!” is an appropriate post.

  4. Ivan, and which lips are we talking about here?

  5. uh oh…I sense a major welfare argument about to go down in the comments. Better head for the hills

  6. i want free super bowl food 🙁

  7. Maybe Terra is feeling the strains of the economy? But hey, the Golden Corral does have something for everyone! Gotta keep those guests happy!

  8. damn… golden coral… i should of thought of that for my wedding!!!

    Although some people arent well off and cant afford to cater a wedding… i dont think thats lame… just sucks for them that they are that poor

  9. yeah I’m with slimjayz here. It sucks that they are poor. Unfortunately they are classless as well. Golden Corral? When there’s Steak n Shake?

  10. Golden Corral..? Might as well order some pizza and all go back to the trailor!

  11. ‘purchased FREE Super Bowl food’ – Um. K?

  12. I can’t stand people like #4. If you are too poor, then you have a pot-luck type reception with select friends making food. You don’t force your guests to pay for a night out to your reception. Tacky. I thought a cash bar was tacky but wow…

    A (not close) friend of mine had a reception at a restaurant where people had to pay for their own meal, a set price, I think $50/person. Well about 12 out of 75 people invited actually went. I did not, I went out to eat at a nice place where I did not have to buy my dress beforehand. This type of thing is a huge pet peeve of mine.

    Poor is no excuse for not finding a better option.

  13. lol

  14. cynicaloptimist

    I’m betting #4 had people color coordinate with expensive David’s Bridal bridesmaid dresses, registered at *insert expensively lame store here* for gifts, but will go to Golden Corral for reception. What happened to quaint backyard affairs? A few friends and family, and boom! Same difference in the end.

  15. I like Ryan.

  16. Brandy is an idiot.

  17. Herpes on the lips is not the same as the STD, people. Just throwing that out there.

  18. Agree. Cash bar is already lame, this one takes the cake!! asking guests to pay to attend their wedding reception is tacky. If you can’t afford it, don’t invite so many people (judging by the public status mssg, it aims at large number of folks).

  19. I think #4 was a teenage shotgun wedding at the courthouse. Hell, she may even be prego. It’s probably a rushed thing and if the bride can’t drink, ain’t nobody drinkin’!

  20. @skinner

    Doesn’t “shotgun wedding” imply that she is pregnant?

  21. Herpes on the lips (Type1) can be transferred to the genitalia from oral sex. That is type 2 herpes….so yes, herpes on the lips IS bad!

  22. i love people like msjessiemeghan that probably have zero clue what its like to be poor… um, golden coral aint $50 a plate you cun+ puncher…

    @ lamebookpro
    I’d of gone with sizzler myself

  23. how do you purchase “free” super bowl food. I think the fact that its “free” kind of makes it difficult to purchase.

  24. @catlord:
    Herpes type I doesn’t magically become type II if it’s transferred to the genitals. It’s still HSV type I.

  25. @mourning glory

    Exactly what I was going to say. Type I and Type II are different viruses.

  26. You know there’s nothing wrong with being poor, but if it’s your wedding, you’d think there would be a better option than golden corral…I mean it’s a $10 buffet

  27. SomeRandomChick

    Are there people who abuse the welfare system? Hell yes. Doest hat mean EVERYBODY that is on welfare abuse it? NO. Unfourtanetly not enough information was given for us to properly judge if this was a legit gripe or not….. I do know that as a child we were poor as hell and I was always sooooo embaressed that my mom got welfare, and it’s people like Brandy that inspires those feelings.
    And the wedding thing is pretty lame. How about a back yard bar-b-que or something? My bother and sister in law, who are by no means poor, had one and it was a lot of fun. Also, I know someone getting married by summer who are having a pot luck reception, I thought that was pretty lame until I found out that they are requesting that and the recipe of whatever food you bring as gifts, they put on the invite that they wanted NO other gifts, and if people insisted on buying gifts to please buy something sensible or non-pershible foods because everything will be donated to the Salvation Army. So that canceled out the lameness. 😀

  28. SomeRandomChick

    *this summer, not BY summer*

  29. If you’re tacky enough to send out wedding invites over FB, you’re tacky enough to make your guests pay for their own food.

  30. Ivan is da man

  31. The Golden Corral reception is so white trash awesome, I would totally go, just to say I had been there!

    I agree with the backyard BBQ folks, though. The BEST wedding I ever attended was held in the backyard of an older sister (where incidentally the co-ed “bachelor” party had been held the night before), with potluck crock pots food and kegs of Oly, and dancing to a stereo CD system set up outside. 15 years later, it still beats all.

  32. @madison010101 Okay what’s tacky is posting your wedding reception on facebook

  33. What is “Golden Corral”? Fast food, hotel, restaurant,? Not that t matters I guess, nobody is going to show anyways.

  34. @Cupidscurse ^

  35. @slimjayz – Yeah, she was talking about a wedding reception she had been invited to that was $50 a plate, she never said the Golden Corral place was $50 a plate.
    …And, I have no idea what it is like to be poor. Is that my fault? I hate people that put other people down because of things they have no control over. I can not pick to be born into a poor family anymore than I could pick to not be Italian. You are born to what you are born to, their is no choice involved. That does not make me any less than some one who WAS born into a poor family, just because I do not have the same experience set as they do.

  36. Who the hell gets married on a Tuesday anyway?

  37. why can’t we all just get along?!

  38. on a completely not counter-productive point, brandy is a total bitch. she should take a short walk and a long drop if you know what i mean.

  39. What the fuck is “super bowl food” exactly?

  40. Brandy is the kind of person who believes the working poor should be limited to one pound of moldy government cheese and a swift kick in the nutsack once a week, and even that should only be provided by private charities (that she doesn’t contribute to). Fuck this “good of society” nonsense…the poor should be punished for having the nerve to be poor.

  41. Oh shit, looks like we are in for another herpes argument…

  42. @ Nonnieyrissa

    But thats the point… you see people that have expectations and judge people without knowing what its like to be in their situation… Often times when people are golden coral wedding poor it is that their families are poor or they have no support from families

    Its also about priorities… you have heating bills, clothes for kids, food, rent/mortgage and all that fun stuff… having some stuck up bitch at your wedding reception kind of isnt as important

    And I never said anyone was less than someone who was born poor… just that people who judge the poor on their own standards are often failing to understand what its like to truly be poor… i’m talking free lunch, winters with shitty coats that dont keep you warm, being a ghost for ever damn halloween because a sheet was all your parents could afford, hand-me-downs and thrift stores are new clothes to you type poor… golden coral was like a banquet for kings and queens when I was a kid (In my hometown it was bananza, but same type of restaurant)

  43. Slim, I grew up working class, was disowned by my family for going to college, put myself through college, and currently I earn a good income and enjoy the finer things. I HAVE also put together a wedding for $1000 that did not force what little friends I had left (because former friends disowned me too…it was a religion thing) to pay for their own meal. The plan was to cook and prepare all the food. I left my fiancé before the wedding actually happened (because he punched me).

    So, there you go.

    Forcing people to pay is tacky, poor or not poor. Assuming it’s what poor people do…well THAT is judgmental.

  44. We were poor when I got married. All told our wedding cost less about $600, and that included my tux rental, the church rental, some trays of Italian beef and a nice three tier cake. Everything else family got together and cooked the day of at the three story brownstone where her family lived (one family group on each floor) that was half a block from the church which is also where we held the reception. Her mom and sister decorated the church, a friend was the filmographer, etc.

    Honestly, it’s one of the funnest weddings I’ve ever been to-no long line at a buffet or waiting for servers to come around with food, music and dancing the whole night, no assigned seats next to some fifth cousin you haven’t met since you were two, etc. Given the choice between that and the stress and hell of a “normal” wedding (which we got to experience last year when we did my daughter’s Quinceañera, which involved a church ceremony, rented hall, catered food, DJ, expensive dresses and jewelry-basically a wedding without rings), I’ll take the “cheap” route every time.

  45. On a side note:


    The potluck reception is quite possibly the coolest idea I’ve seen in a long while. I wish I’d thought of something like that when my wife and I got married. I’d have a lot fewer stupid picture frames around the house today…

  46. BBQFTW!

  47. @ 33 – Golden Coral is an inexpensive buffet-style restaurant. Serves about anything. Oh yeah, and it’s all-you-can-eat. Lots of…um…big eaters, there. Good people watching every time! And the kiddos looove the “dessert bar”.

    @ 39 – Super Bowl Food would be food you serve at a Super Bowl Party. Chips, dip, pizza, chicken wings. Basically anything that goes good with cheap beer.

  48. msjessie tmi

  49. @pinklove
    Sorry, next time I should talk about my period or using a banana to get off or something…

  50. @slim, I’m so glad to have read this conversation. It makes you so hot in my book, you just don’t know. I love your writer voice (I know, I’m a text nerd). Just wanted you to know.

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