Thursday, September 17, 2009

Puppy Love

Puppy Love

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  1. You know, free-range sexual deviant is so much more humane. And the meat is better, too.

  2. Not lame. Disturbing.

  3. No. Just no.

  4. why why why???

    And he made it his profile pic too.

  5. LMFAO @ Ben


  6. Certainly gives one paws. This will be dogging him for some time. He was barking up the wrong tree.


  7. I sure hope it was fur a good reason.

  8. @ Boz – if his boss sees that, he’ll be out the door with his tail between his legs.

    Yours were better, I know, but I had to try.

  9. DUDE!!

  10. surely this was meant for a different type of web site…

  11. He’s such a dog.

  12. I love how it’s obvious Ben submitted this.

  13. WOW WTF

  14. This takes the cake as the single worst Facebook snapshot on

    Jesus fucking Christ

  15. 2 Seconds ago. Lmao!

  16. It’s amazing what you can get away with on Facebook. Even if it’s gone now, the damage is done, lol.

    Sooo gross.

  17. I’ve heard of “being in the doghouse,” but this is ridiculous.

  18. I’m not your guy, buddy.

  19. I’m not your buddy, friend!

  20. I hope this guys gets his dick bit off by a Bulldog, or any animal with sharp teeth.

  21. I’m not your friend, guy!

  22. I think Lamebook should take things to the next level and hook this guy up with the one with sh* all over his d*ck — the one who was crying because he posted it by accident. I think they’d really hit it off.

  23. Darrell needs to be neutered, asap.


  25. Well, I’d say that this time…

    *puts on sunglasses*

    it’s the dog who is in the bag.


  26. This is beyond disturbing. I would like to wipe this image from my memory.

  27. Obviously he’s an animal lover…. Obviously.

  28. Haha… canadians.

  29. Does anyone have an ice pick? I’d like a lobotomy now.


  30. K that’s gross bye.

  31. It’s more shamebook than lamebook.

  32. Hey, what else is one to do in the dog days of summer?

  33. I fake-humped a dog once, but that was only because the dog was humping me. A bit of Google revealed that it’s dominance behaviour. I’m not going to be lower in the food chain than the family pet, so yeah.

    It never happened again.

  34. He needs to be neutered.

  35. Neutered? He needs to be my boyfriend!

  36. @Boz
    you’re starting to sound like Anonisgay.

    BEN! Where’s the link to his profile? Do us a favour

  37. I went to school with these guys. Darrell Cross is the culprit.

  38. can people upload some gems so we can get this further down the page. I don’t want to be greeted to this page by a nude man giving his dog a bone again

  39. Ever since Iggy Pop wrote “I Wanna Be Your Dog”, why the fuck hasn’t someone written “I Don’t Wanna Be Your Owner”? Otherwise, this kind of thing is just gonna keep happening all the time.

  40. I’d like to know who was taking the pictures…

  41. @Weathergirl, me too. I hope it wasn`t one of his kids XP

  42. I was sayin to james i really wanted to get on this site and i have with this gem, i cant believe the fool posted them, lol!!!

    I’m not sure if i can be so mean as to post his link, it would be a little……’ruff’……no……ok that wasn’t funny :(

  43. …Maybe he’s a member of PETA??? Why are you all so rabid?
    Sit.Stay.Beg.Roll over.Yeah,I got nothing.
    *Goes to lie down in the corner*

  44. Is 4chan/anonymous still hacking people’s facebook accounts, or is this one actually for real?

  45. I feel like they should have blurred the dog’s face as well…

  46. This guy is soooo friggin screwed. Sicko

  47. Billy Wilders Dead Monkey

    wtf indeed

  48. This IS a dog lover for sure!

  49. AnonisGay… the beginning

  50. @ Ummm Yeah…

    Aw, nice try, but a sad joke. Or series of jokes? Go practice a little more.

  51. Jesus fuck, what is wrong with people?

  52. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha oh shit

  53. @ Canaduck-I did *say* I had nothing.I made no bones about that fact.

  54. You’re all going to feel really bad if it turns out these are the pictures from his recent kidnapping. XD

  55. @erm

    Yes, but I’m funny. The hope is that some of it might rub off on him.

    LOL sex with dogs.

  56. Just whippet in the butt…

  57. Oh now thats funny!!

  58. The admin totally messed up, “Doggy Style” would’ve been a much better title for this one.

  59. I want to be there and feel the love, puppy love

  60. Bestiality at it’s best!

  61. Cool, now it’s my turn to be imitated? I’m flattered since I know that I’m nowhere as cool as Boz or Flip or some of the other folks who’ve had this done to them. Thanks!

  62. That’s my cousin!

  63. But you can hardly see the dog, Pope. How could you possibly be sure?

  64. Do you think this could be a 4Chan job by any chance?

  65. OMG

  66. @STC: I know that farmer tan!

  67. this is my boyfriend hepissed me offthe other day so i hackedinto his facebook and posted this picture! i took it when we 1stgot the dog cage and she wouldnt go init he is naked cause we where ready for bed and i told him that if he got in 1st the dog would follow him then he could lock her in an he believe me but i wasonly saying it to take a pic! then he was trying to pick the dog up to put her in the cage and fell over so i took another pic the best thing is he didnt even know i had taken them untill they where on facebook! i still think its funny but he really doesnt so sorry if some poeple find it sick but im sure if your that against it you wouldnt have gone on this website and you wouldnt have looked at it long enough to comment so im sure everyone finds the funny side!

  68. oh and theres no dog in the cage she was sat next to me!

  69. thats a very long winded excuse….maybe too long winded some would say…..maybe its a lie…..maybe he does ‘love’ dogs……maybe…..just maybe

  70. @Lessa – shut up Darrel, no one believes that long winded excuse.

  71. well believe it or not it was me that put it up there cause he pissed me off and darrell made me explain so fart….. if people cant see the funny side then dont look at it i still think that its thesingle most funny thing ive even done to someone thats pissed me off!

  72. Noone’s sayin it ain’t funny, we’re sayin your excuse don’t fly and he ‘loves’ dogs lol

  73. well the dog is pregnant atm so we will just have to see what the pups look like and i might fone jemery kyle for a DNA test lol

  74. That would make for some interesting looking pups or should i say kids???

    what will he do next,…

  75. Leesa,
    Only someone as dumb as you would be with a guy as creepy as him. Can you extend yourself enough to throw a period or even a shift key in the next time you decide to go on a keyboard smashing retard rant? Or are you one of those chicks who has the cell phone glued to her ear 24/7 she can’t use both hands to type.

  76. mandy shut the fuck up! IT WAS A LAUGH and if you dont find it funny fuck off to what even little whole you crawled out of! and no im not on of those ‘chicks’! my fella aint creepy your the fucked up one to look at the pictures!

  77. Oh, this is getting good.

  78. O.O

    … D:

  79. also, @leesa.. It’s “hole”, I believe. And these pictures are a little creepy, even if out of jest.
    Dogs don’t belong in cages.. especially ones with naked men attempting to coax the poor thing inside.

  80. @Mandy – I think i love you LOL

  81. IT WAS A LAUGH! IT WAS A LAUGH! IT WAS A LAUGH! and this dog does have to be in acage to sleep cause i aint having a dog in my bed or chewing the house to pieces when im asleep!
    why dont people have ago at his ‘mates’ that posted it on here? i put it on facebook for a matter of minutes and they have took it one step further not me!

  82. leesa, it’s creepy. if it was fake. if it was real. cozing up to your dog in the buff and taking pictures? not cool

  83. I think leesa is trying to say that it was a laugh.

  84. Here I thought he was into bdsm… looked like he had on a collar in the 2nd pic. *shrug*

  85. hold up…..

    ‘why not have a go at his mates’

    …..i posted this and why would people have a go at me, im not his mate, lol

    this is a laugh, i’m lovin it :)

  86. what the fuck guy!

  87. Poor dog…..



  89. I hope someone called the police. I hate beastfuckers.

  90. eeww, grossss

  91. Personally I think Darell’s owner keeps him here because he’s a fucking TARD!!

  92. You shouldn’t own a dog if you don’t know how to train it not to chew your furniture or sleep on your bed. Dogs DON’T belong in cages. Ever.

  93. Ha! Lissa you have no idea what you’re talking about. Maybe do some research on crate training and how dogs are denning animals and prefer to have a space of their own to retreat to when feeling overwhelmed.
    It’s not a cage, it’s a crate.
    Get a clue

  94. @Anne.
    you go girl!

    friggen idiots.

  95. This has got to be the most distubing photo on Lamebook.

  96. Ya know, sometimes I hate having a relatively uncommon name. Even though that isn’t me in that pic, seeing “Darrell” above the picture, spelled the way I spell it . . . gives me the willies.

  97. If the name is the only thing here that gave you the willies, I think you may have more problems than sharing a name with a dog fucker.

  98. I think it’s safe to say that this guy doesn’t get out much.
    Apart from a weekly visit to the dogs home and a sex dungeon.

  99. LMFAO @ BEN

  100. The Scarlet Pimple

    Oh you silly Brits.

  101. Scarlett shut the fuck up I am British and there is no way in hell I would do this!! so keep your lame ass comments to yourself ou fucking retard!!!!!

  102. ^ *you*

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