Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Pun Fun!

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  1. God I hate puns…

  2. These are getting slightly annoying…

  3. Wait, what am I supposed to say when I get the first comment?

  4. the first one was funny though….

  5. Your mother sucks cocks in hell!

  6. Hey, Zoned, how you doing? I haven’t seen you around much. And I agree with you, these kinds of posts are bloody annoying.

  7. Nice people. Way to make light of the pain and suffering of other human beings.

    Also, I’m with Joe.

  8. Who the fuck is ‘we’? Michael was just making shitty puns on his own for a while.

  9. Michael sucks at life. He probably thought he was so damn amusing that he self-submitted to Lamebook.

  10. Also, checking my Facebook for this it turns out that most of my ‘friends’ on there doing this ‘I like it on the’ thing don’t even know it’s for breast cancer awareness… ironically.

    I have to question these things. I’m not trying to be all ‘ooh, I’m going against a big fad just to be controversial’, but I just don’t get how tricking people into thinking you like to get fucked on a photocopier, or just saying a colour and hoping guys never find out it’s the colour of your bra, is helping raise awareness of breast cancer?

    Like I said, I’m not just trying to rip the piss out of this. I’d really love to know.

  11. Well, Hobo, consider me a piss ripper, because I think that meme is so fucking stupid I have actually begun de-friending people who engage in it. It’s raising awareness of nothing but stupidity.

    On second thought, if that’s the case then maybe it is doing some good…

  12. IA, BritishHobo. It’s basically a way for teenaged girls to be *~naughty~* without being “skanky”.

  13. OK, I’m going to be the turncoat and let you all in on it.

    The “it” in “I like it” is the poster’s purse/handbag.

    My small skirmish in the ongoing fight against stupid. This meme (and the bra color one) is stupid.

  14. Boomstick, it’s a way for teenage girls to be stupid and trashy while raising awareness for something that literally everyone besides tribal people in the jungles of god knows where already knows about.

  15. Unfortunately trag and boomstick I’m seeing my fb friends that are my age (30) doing this stupid shit. It’s embarrassing.

  16. I like it in the ass with two fists and a reacharound. WHAT? Get your mind out of the gutter. It’s viral marketing for a new brand of powdered milk.

  17. MsBuzzkillington

    Puns make me want to throw up on the people who make them.

    I stopped reading them 2 months ago when it got old.

    Jessica is stupid, telling Liam to get his mind out of the gutter. The ENTIRE point of posting that is to try and make people think you mean something sexual.

  18. I did not know what it meant, nor did I care. So, that means Jessica likes her purse/handbag on the photocopier? How. Unbelievably. Ridiculous. And some of my good friends are buying into this crap. God. I need new friends.

  19. I doubt she actually puts her handbag on the photocopier. That’s one of the things that is so stupid about it. Most of the people participating are just trying to be trashy. I know where some of my female friends put their purses, and they’re not nearly as interesting as what they claim. You put your purse on a hook in the hall closet, not on the floor in the hallway bitch! Stop looking for attention! Sometimes I hate being the same gender as these people.

  20. Natasha et al., unfortunately i have friends WELL past the age of thirty who are doing this meme, including my wife. i seriously DO NOT get how making a lame double-entendre raises awareness of anything, when you’re not even supposed to tell the marks what’s going on.

  21. i think Michael should lose the math and look at the writing on the wall LOL.

  22. In my vagina.

    Don’t be so fucking crass! I’m quite clearly raising awareness of… that disease… you know, that disease. You don’t know? Fuck you.

  23. I am a woman. I love boobs. I respect the fact the incidence of breast cancer is high – very high. The highest. I get it. BUT, I am over it. We are aware, ok. We are aware. And this shit does nothing for its cause. All it does is make me want to support something like ass cancer, instead.

  24. And here I thought she liked it on the photocopier because it warmed her buns while getting screwed. Damnit all!

  25. Why does raising awareness about breast cancer have to involve confusing men?

  26. It’s stupid things like this that make women seem naive (which most of us are). How does one logically progress from a sexually ambiguous meme on facebook to support for breast cancer awareness? Is it that these women don’t think at all? Are they sheep? Should I let these questions keep me up at night?

  27. your supposed to forward an email to all the women on your facebook before you post your status.
    I don’t see why we leave men out because they can get it too (or so I heard on the news).

  28. How does a reference to where one keeps one’s handbag have ANYTHING to do with one’s breasts? For that matter what about stating random colours which happen to possibly be the colour of your bra? Are women absolutely NUTS?
    If women really wanted to raise awareness of breast cancer, they would go around topless with a sign saying ‘donate money to keep these hot!’ (My wife suggested instead having topless peep shows).

  29. my theta smelly.

  30. caral, yeah they can, but the incidence isn’t that high. Men need to worry about their prostates. That’s the male equivalent to breast cancer in terms of incidence. They don’t get the nice pink ribbons, though. It hardly rates. I think they can grow a mo in November or some crap, but it’s a prostate, and it’s not pretty, therefore it’s overshadowed by the October boob-fest.

    I sound angry, and I am. There are other cancers, people.

  31. Very good points people. All around. Someone should forward this page to the people in charge of marketing who developed the campaign.

    I still like it in the ass though but damn the buckle can sting a little.

  32. I agree with mad2physicist’s idea. Going topless for a month sounds rather appealing.

    But you’re right, wordpervert, all cancers should get equal amounts of awareness, because they’re all equally devastating, and they all need cures just as badly as breast cancer. I believe we had a cancer awareness “week” at my old high school, where every day was a different type of cancer awareness day, but that was still only 5 types of cancers, and quite frankly, what does being aware have to do with finding a cure? I’m pretty sure all we did was wear different color ribbon every day. We didn’t talk about anything or hear any speeches or advertisements for donations or anything.

  33. October can totally stay breast cancer awareness month if it means toplessness; if not, then it should just be cancer awareness month in general.

  34. OMG we should all change our little icon things to pictures of boobs to raise breast cancer awareness!!

  35. To raise awareness of prostate cancer I am changing my profile pic to goatse.

  36. ^Win.

  37. Exactly, Comments.

    Kelly #33, that’s one of the few things you’ve said that I’ve ever read, took note of, and shock horror, actually agree with. I really, really would like to see a row of boobs down the board. I’m sure I’m not alone.

    Don’t get too excited, though, my dear. I pretty much have, and will continue, to disregard you. What has been done cannot be undone. It takes time for most people to forgive and forget. That is all.

    onehandedjack, sweet.

  38. Thanks for the totally backhanded compliment?

    I mean, I was in a pretty good mood today, and then all of a sudden someone just kills it. I finally feel like a whole new person, and people can’t just let the old person go. Just… nevermind. I’m going to bed. Thanks for that.

  39. so you changed in a week?

  40. Word! I am surprised at you, you better go and apologise right now young lady!

  41. i wanna do topless month for breast cancer!

    it’s starting to get cold here though… not sure if that’s better, the same, or not as great (i won’t say worse cause hey, topless chicks!)but it could be very uncomfortable.

  42. Saffer, I think you’re joking(?), but in case you’re not, no, my friend, I will not apologise. I’ve nothing else to say to Kelly. Not yet, anyway. I’ll always offer a rightful apology. One is not due here. She’s spewed out nothing but hate and bigotry, and a day or two of niceties has yet to temper that. I don’t hear her apologising for all her bullshit.

    I’ve taken my fair share of heat, deserving or not – and taken it like a man. Few, if any apologies, have ever been forthcoming. I don’t expect them. It’s the internets after all.

    Too much writing. And way too serious for me…

    Show us your boobs, all you lovely ladies!

  43. Wait… We don’t show off our boobies for breast cancer awareness month already? Oh that’s why everyone has been staring at me. Oops.

  44. Why the doubt? Of course I’m joking! Who the heck sulks on the internet and expects the strangers on the otherside to give a damn!

  45. Kelly.

  46. lmao I’m totally on board for the support of ass cancer. DO I need to stop wearing pants for a week?

  47. boo-hoo… someone offended me on the internet… I’ll show them how pissed off I am… I’ll mention it in every post.

    p.s. I signed up for an account just so I could speak my mind… grow up wordpervert.

  48. Umm, could someone please be kind enough to explain the first one, I’m really uninitiated. (Gulp). What do Photocopiers have to do with Breast cancer? Do they emit radiation that help cure it? Or, does the heat just melt away all the virus? I’m scratching my head out here, someone, PLEASE HELP!!!

    The last one reminded me of school, though……

  49. …and Lance Armstrong can fuck right off as well with his stupid wristbands.

    I’m off to fondle my balls for a while… check for lumps…..erm…….yeah?

  50. This is great, I hope this triggers a viral toplessness campaign.
    If it works in October maybe we can extend it to year-round!

  51. Never get the emails about breast cancer.. Guess people assume I’m heartless or something..

    Of course, I’m possibly one of the few females in the developed world who doesn’t own a handbag. They’re pointless. Pockets FTW.

    I also have a vendetta against puns. My first name is Clare, my life is filled with lame puns.
    NO, you are NOT being funny when you point out the clear skies, the fact that someone said clearly or that I’ve been asked to clear something up. No. Just no.

  52. @mbmott

    we like to keep our little artificial gene pool clean. so fuck the fuck off.

  53. Wow Jessica is a douche, not only does she give away the “secret” to all of her facebook friends, but now for all of lamebook. For shame. For shame.

    Really though I don’t get the point. I mean, yes a lot of guys asked about the bra one (well, so I hear, I don’t know anyone who did it).. but so what? Women aren’t meant to tell anyone male about it, it doesn’t raise money..everyone knows about breast cancer already. So… I don’t get it.

  54. Jackanddiane, Schopenhauer said that puns are the lowest form of humour.

  55. I would like the old bag to stay home and stop spending my fucking money.

  56. #46 maybe you should read previous posts first before you “sign up to say…” (dear lord that’s annoying). Word made a good point. If she needs to grow up then so do I, because I hold the same sentiments

  57. @53

    schopenhauer also says of women:

    ‘[they] are childish, silly and short-sighted, in a word big children, their whole lives long: a kind of intermediate stage between child and the man, who is the actual human being, ‘man’.’


  58. also, armin meiwes probably said:

    ‘gays, OMNOMNOM!’

  59. Hey c’mon, have a heart, people!

  60. @alordslums: oh yeah, Schopenhauer was an idiot. In fact all the German philosophers were idiots starting with Kant on until at least Heidegger (and I think he was still pretty bad). Nietzsche was the only one who wasn’t an idiot, he was just completely batshít insane.
    That doesn’t make Schopenhauer’s remarks about humour incorrect, though.

  61. The last one: Why aren’t my friends like that?! D:

  62. It’s been way too long since I was able to be a dick about making math jokes and too short since I heard a prof make a lame chemistry pun

  63. Thanks mbmott! Actually, the real issue here is that I have an opinion that is different from theirs. In reality, I never said anything offensive or personally attacked anyone, except for using the word “whore” once. All I have ever done is debate my views and defend my arguments. The reason these people have a problem with me is because my views are not the same as theirs.

    As for the “spewing hate” bit, I direct you to the recent juggalo post. I don’t even know what a juggalo is, but i have never, EVER seen such a mass of collective hatred toward one group of people. So according to all these people, it’s okay to hate SOME people, but there are some people you’re simply not allowed to hate, and I have been condemned for hating one of those groups of people.

  64. All these posts of nothing but puns are getting really annoying. It was funny at first, now it’s so tedious.

    Also Micheal is an asshole. Most of his puns don’t even make sense.

    And this breast cancer meme is annoying. How does raising awareness (not that anyone is unsure of what it is; also how is this supposed to raise awareness?) do any good for the cause? If everyone who was posting about it was actually donating money for research or something, yeah, that would be cool. But no, this is just a clusterfuck of stupid.

  65. Muepsilongamma, what taboo-to-hate group did you spew hatred towards?
    Please be aware that scientists have not yet definitively decided whether juggalos should be classified as people. (I’m kidding, in case you can’t tell. I actually don’t have anything against fans of ICP. They may have bad taste, but they’re better than fans of Bieber. It is kind of dumb to wrap your identity up so much in a band though).

    Oh…hey…, this is why my wife suggested that women should do titty dances to raise money, rather than awareness.

  66. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    @mbmott Go fuck yourself, because apparently you can’t count past one.

  67. I have a pathological hatred toward teen mothers who got pregnant because they were irresponsible, so not rape victims or anything. This probably stems from my parents’ teachings, and the many times I have lost friends to teen pregnancy (they got knocked up, dropped out of school, and were never heard from again.) I also am not a fan of deadbeat dads who knock a girl up and then run once they figure out they got her pregnant and then refuse to pay child support. This is probably because I watched it happen too many times to too many people, and there’s really no excuse for it.
    Apparently, it’s not okay to hate either of these groups of people, although Lamebook users have yet to explain why. They all assume that I hate EVERYONE because of my religious views, when I really don’t hate that many people, and those that I do hate are due to personal issues, rather than my religion.

  68. @ muepsilongamma

    Don’t mention it anymore,its done. Just take the bullet

  69. i mostly hate you because you’ve turned a site which is full of light-hearted commentary and badinage into one where boring, lengthy epistles on the morality of such-and-such or so-and-so are espoused. you, and a few others like you are ruining lamebook. if you want to discuss whether teenage mothers are good or bad, GO ELSEWHERE. if you want to tell us why fat people shouldn’t be laughed at, GO ELSEWHERE. and most of all, if you want to tell people tortuous stories about the minutiae of your upbringing and the ramifications it had for your later life &c&c GO ELSEWHERE!!!!

    a) lamebook is not a public service
    b) you have some kind of personality/delusional disorder – don’t burden us all with it.
    c) no-one cares.

  70. Alfred, this time she mentioned it b/c I asked, and thus had an excuse. If that is the right word. And I asked because I didn’t recall seeing this and thought it might have happened before my time, so to speak.
    Alord, where are the fat people to laugh at? I don’t see any. Oh perhaps you meant me…
    Anyway, I thought lamebook was meant for lengthy epistles about babysitters who like it up the butt. And for complaining about absolutely USELESS SENSELESS MEMES. And trying to start a female toplessness meme.

  71. Also if toplessness in October works to spread awareness of breast cancer, maybe we should expand it to the whole year!

  72. The topless october was my idea, just saying.

    I’m sorry I’m ruining lamebook for you guys, but you started the arguments. All I ever did was state my opinion, but SOMEONE had to bitch and moan about how “bigotted” my opinion was. None of this would have happened if I was just allowed to state my opinion about something and then leave with my reputation unscathed. You people just can’t let it go. Even after I tried to stop stating my opinion and just have some fun, you all had to bring it up! This is not on me, folks, it’s on you!

  73. Actually mu, in #31 you were ‘just saying’ it was my idea, and actually my wife’s.
    Can’t the irrelevant issues be DROPPED now? I mean I feel like I am in the middle of a group of high school girls.

  74. Oh, in 33 it was my idea to change all of our icons to boobs. My bad.

    I wanted to drop the irrelevant issues days ago. That’s why I started commenting more light-heartedly. But then people kept complaining about how I used to act. If they’re going to continue bitching, it’s never going to end.

  75. me too mad… it’s high school drama and it’s starting to get so embarassing that I tried to address her under my boyfriend’s old name: AlfredENueman (which ended up being a FAIL because my website link is still on there!) Anyway, imagine that! an anonymous, anonymous identity- really goes to show how I want no association on this :)

  76. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    I still think mbmott should go fuck herself (Yes I assume she is a bitchy cunt who can’t count all the tons of times MEG has directly or indirectly hi-jacked our comment threads)

  77. I <4 Dukey.

  78. Dukey, just admit that I never hi-jacked anything, it was all you people who felt the need to argue with me and tell me that my opinion was “wrong.”

  79. Can someone explain the Pakistan one to me? Clearly I’m retarted or something because I don’t get it, was there a flood or something?

  80. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Word I have a pool table, bring a bar of soap and the boots and we will call it even.

    MEG, “directly or indirectly”

  81. Oh, so you’re saying that I “indirectly” hi-jacked your comment threads?
    What about the comment threads that I did nothing to? There were a few threads recently where I simply posted something that I hoped would get a few laughs, and then left it at that. Then, a few people like alordslums and wordpervert decided to start disrespecting me like I had personally done them wrong. You gonna blame me for that?

  82. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    MEG those would be the indirect hi-jackings.

  83. Nuh-uh! Cuz I had nothing to do with them! If I’m just minding my own business, it’s not a hi-jacking!

  84. Dukey Smoothy Buns


  85. *Picard facepalm*

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