Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Psycho Stripper! Qu’est-ce Que C’est



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  1. shoot for the sky

  2. Salamiflavoredspider

    I support single moms too…

  3. third

  4. Brians…….Brians….

  5. Nicole seems like such a nice and intelligent girl..



  7. stupid likes turtles

  8. LOL At the title! I love the Talking Heads!

  9. Hey… hang in there Beth, you’ll reach your dream of being a stripper yet. Sure, you’re being rejected by the high end clubs, start low, say a truck stop and work your way up. Men will be sliding greenbacks up your crack soon.

  10. What did Beth go to college for? She never answered…and I love Nicole’s comments…poor soul will be stripping still she’s 90 and 300 pounds – with only one tooth and two saggy titties :(

  11. She’s just trying to get bye, leave her alone.

    That is all….by!!

  12. You want to hear my dream? I want a job that depends solely on my looks- looks that eventually fade away with age, which will leave me unemployable in my chosen profession so I will have to get a menial job that pays $6/hour because I have no skills and have essentially rendered my college degree worthless because my resume will look like shit since I’ve displayed my crotch for a living for the past 30 years. That’s my dream.

  13. HAHAHAH!!!! This is a gem. Thanks to whoever submitted this. I don’t have weirdo freinds like this. I am glad I have…..brians.

  14. Nicole obviously isn’t in college. She could never pass freshman English with that spelling and grammar. She’s probably some low self-esteem whore who dropped out of high school after getting pregnant.

  15. I’m still trying to figure out what her “dream” is.

    And Marissa is my type of chic. I love blunt bitches.

  16. They’re calling them Brians now? I thought they were called Johns.

  17. Really, CHAZZ? You’ve got “brians?”

  18. flexo fail!

  19. Massive fail

  20. @ Flexo, you better beleive it. Brians is what makes you think.

  21. How did I fail? He spelt brains wrong assholes.

  22. I did not realize that girls actually dreamed of being strippers, like as a career…
    I guess you learn something new everyday.

    p.s. Nicole’s a cunt. Marissa ftw.

  23. @flexo

    CHAZZ was mocking Nicole’s last post.
    so yes, you did fail.

  24. I’m going to sleep. Fuck dreams!

  25. Remo, what the hell are you talking about. Nicoles last post does not say brians, it clearly say brains doushebag. You obviosly need to use your brain because your retarted. Fuck off ass hole.

  26. LMAO @ flexo. Dude, get a grip bro.

  27. flexo you’re your own worst enemy here, fail after fail…

    better run run run run run run run awaaaayy
    yi yi yi yi yi yi yi

  28. flexo
    please shut up while your ahead…”douchebag”

  29. This is straight up fucking gross. flexo=failfailfailfail that’s how you translate it right? I never was good with foreign language. Wait, this is english. flexo fail.

  30. haha, flexo has to be joking

  31. Flexo… look in the first line of Nicoles last post. How does she spell brains? She spells it brians right? By the way, its douchebag and retarded, but I doubt you noticed that ;)

  32. Haha @ flexo. Carefully read Nicole’s last post. Dick.

  33. lamebook comment section is the new myspace

  34. Nicole is a stupid girl. She needs Maury or Dr. Phil.
    LOL at when she realises that she’s literally sold away her virtue, and gained 100 pounds + wrinkles…

  35. Flexo has become a bigger fail than these bitches that this all started with, someone screenshot this and submit it. We’ll call it Ultifail.

  36. Lol, strippers should all be dragged into the desert and have shotguns unloaded into their forehead. Lol. Stupid Bottomfeeders.

  37. i don’t mean to be the grammar police here, but spelling there/they’re/their wrong saves neither time or energy. i just completely don’t understand why so many people get it wrong. surely once you’ve been told what they each mean there’s no reason to get it wrong again? same goes for where/were (that one really bugs me) and too/to. i can understand typo’s or spelling mistakes, but they are completely different words for christ’s sake! i apologise.

  38. apologize

  39. Oh…….well fuck you guys for being the grammer nazis.

  40. Flexo & b: “You’re,” not “your”

    Small thing, but oh-so-important if you’re trying to one-up someone else… on a lamebook comment page.

    I effin’ love this place!

  41. Sooo agreeesddd #37

  42. *shakes head* @ Flexo

    REALLY? If you look up at the posts, YOU were the one that brought up someones spelling asswipe.

    Second, it is grammar moron.

  43. Marissa ftw.

  44. Yes Flexo, you have done well, now gather up the pop tarts and come back to the lair!

  45. ^totally means to be the grammar police here

  46. You’re over there paying too much attention to their grammar. If they’re not learning by Senior year, they’re not going to.

    Who cares? The intent comes across.

  47. someone’s*

  48. ey muhfuckaz, leeb dat cracka flexo alon. day iz mah bitch n nunaya muhfuckaz can say shit bout dat.

    flexo, u iz 1 dumazz cracka u nodat.

  49. Poor Marrisa! Talking sense into a bunch of strippers is just worthless.
    I find it amusing that strippers talk about respect! LOL

  50. Anyone else think Joe is just commenting because he thinks he has a chance?

  51. I wish I had stripper friends. I’d let them follow their dreams, after they move that ass a bit.

  52. Also, Flexo is retarded

  53. @ Aniskai

    LMAO. I think you are onto something. Probably wants to hook up with Marissa.

    I dated a girl named Marissa once, she was just like this Marissa, blunt and very opinionated.

  54. To Cindy, Aniskai, and Jonas; none of that has anything to do with feeling big on the internet by correcting grammar. Please take you observances to the correct forum.

  55. @ Boz

    Don’t you mean retarted? LMMFAO!!

  56. @38, we spell it ‘apologise’ over here in england

  57. Kayla: Only in American English – Not UK English

  58. re⋅tard⋅ed  [ri-tahr-did]
    Use retarded in a Sentence
    1. characterized by retardation: a retarded child.
    2. (used with a plural verb) mentally retarded persons collectively (usually prec. by the): new schools for the retarded.

  59. The fact that flexo’s name comes from Futurama makes him a WIN in my book, so the rest of you can fuck off… or on.

  60. Not sure if we’ve ever seen bigger FAIL than Flexo in any comments section, ever … lemme check … nope, we haven’t.

    I was going to make such a witty comment amount strippers having some Brians but decided to abandon it, Flexo’s contributions were just so much easier to laugh at.

  61. Well THOSE strippers certainly don’t have any “brians.”

  62. hmmm, i think i’d rather fuck on than fuck off


  64. Hey look I think people can strip and not necessarily feel worthless or degraded, I think people can strip and fund their education…BUT…the lame part here is that they’re equating stripping with “following their dream” or the like. When Marissa suggests that perhaps this is not the healthiest aspiration to have, Nicole gets worked up and reacts.

    The spelling and grammar is also a nice touch.

  65. By this I mean the impact of the spelling and grammar, as a singular entity…hence the “is” rather than “are”…

  66. Hmm. Likes Madsie!

  67. Why don’t I know any sluts like these?

  68. Once it’s posted on Facebook, it’s EVERYONE’S business. “Mind your own business” doesn’t apply anymore.

  69. Somewhere along the increasingly badly spelled, bitchy and repetative conversation Nicole (and a couple of others) seemed to lose track of the fact that Beth started the conversation by saying she was sick of stripping. As in NOT liking it and NOT wanting to do it anymore.

  70. Loving flexo – can’t wait to see his posts on tomorows lamebook! Also leave nicole alone; she has lots of brians, and they pay her well!

  71. Its ironic how a lot of Americans sit on lamebook correcting each others spellings when their version of English is technically wrong and dumbed down. your attempts at being geniuses “fail”. and another thing its easy to spell things right when there’s a spell checker!!

  72. I like turtles.

  73. insert clever name here

    flexo is the best thing to happen to me all day.

  74. I hope flexo keep posting on here.

  75. Anyone else also tired of the comparison of American to British English? I’m sure #71 is going to get a response on how Americans purposely changed the language to differ from the original.

    Also, after living in both America and Britian, you wanna say American English is “dumbed” down? Just look at all the sub-dialects your country has and how they originated. Bored now.

  76. Britain*

  77. On another note, it’s posts like these that make me miss Anonisgay.

  78. Zombie kid.

  79. I like zombies.

  80. Michael Jackson Zombie

    I like kids.

  81. I never knew people dreamed about being a stripper. I always thought it was one of things that just happens :S wow. Interesting that the Beth has pretty decent grammar.

  82. i know this person in real life! THIS IS AMAZING SHE IS CRAZY.

  83. I like the cut of Marissa’s jib. We tend to have good heads on our shoulders.

  84. Stay on target.

  85. @pb you talk about grammar and you don’t even spell right ?

  86. Fuck off with this “haters gonna hate” bullshit!

  87. Haters gone a hate.
    Lovers gonna love.
    I don’t even want
    None of the above,
    I want to piss on you.
    Yes I do, I’ll piss on you,
    I’ll pee on you.

  88. @ Waaah!

    Where is the remix edition (of the song about pissin’)…?

  89. I am so sick and tired of you assholes. Leave me alone ok. I messed up and you fags seem to enjoy it. I still haven’t seen where it says brians, but aparently you all think it is somewhere in the commetns one of the stripers was making. FUCK OFF.

  90. @ Waaah – hahahahaha

  91. Ahh, this has been a lovely 5am read. Stupid skanks and, as a bonus, dumb, over-reacting dipshits in the comments (flxo), and another enthralling argument about which version of English is better.
    Time to make me a cuppa after this awesome start to the day.

  92. flexo, I’m not going to comment on your giant fail, but please look carefully at the first line of the last comment. Thank you.

  93. This is by far the most fantastic lamebook post EVAR! Thanks, Flexo for flexing those brians of yours and putting it over the top. Your commitment is outstanding! Bravo, good sir!!!!!!!111

  94. Fuck off just me. And you spelt brains wrong. You have to be one of the biggest dipshits ever.

  95. haha flexo you fag. you like men.

    and you hate your dad.

  96. RG fuck you asshole, go get aids from nicole.

  97. How delightfully absurd—FAKE FLEXO

    I am bender insert gerder

  98. aaaannd fake flexo shows up.

  99. Dear Flexo,
    We’ve reviewed your recent entry in Aptitude: What job suits me? I’m sorry to have to inform you, I’ve seen no particular strength. You seem to have a great love of insulting people, but you lack the je ne sais quoi to do it properly. Thanks for taking the time to find out what the future holds for you, sorry it’s so bleak, buddy.

    PS. please never accept a job as a proof reader. kthxbye.

  100. Nicole has lots of brians i can tell.

  101. Flexo fail again and again and then again some more!

    Fail Flexo, fail some more!

  102. @Flexo

    I really am sorry the entire world wide web ganged up on you and hurt your feelings but please, before you say anything else…
    learn how to read.

  103. Flexo: this would be a lot easier if you would just pretend to see the damn word so everybody would stop commenting on your fail already.

  104. Lost in Translation

    FLEXO – you are f*cking FUNNY!!!!! I have not laughed that hard in a VERY long time!!! IMMD!!!!!

  105. anyone know the Gestalt effect ?

    That might explain flexo’s ultimate fail

    And to the grammar police , not all of us have English as a mothertongue but we do try to learn your language … so sod off or is it Of i’m confused now

    On topic , Marissa is obviously a stuck up condescending bitch. But her having a go at nicole made my morning. And then came flexo , thanx a lot m8.

  106. Epic. Beautiful.

    Brilliant post, everyone loves an online debate.

    Brilliant comments on here, everyone loves a ground-breaking fail and a subsequent, misguided fight-back.

    And then you, Father Sha, mention Gestalt! Hilarious. Everyone loves a bit of psych at the end of a grammatical stripper romp. What an ending. (I’m a counsellor!)

  107. @Aniskai – please do elaborate on these “sub-dialects”; because, last time I checked, most countries have sub-dialects. And what is so special about how British patois originated?

  108. he was just in dire need of an ally , i have a soft spot for the underdog …

  109. WOW

    Massive Kayla fail.

    Flexo is clearly a bit Petarded – I’m starting to feel a bit sorry for him; sometimes people can’t help being morons..As demonstrated by Nicole, and maybe Beth too. Marissa FTW.

  110. I loved the comment of Marissa about the dollar hanging out of the ass lol thanks to whoever submitted this !

  111. Thesaurapist 13(F)

    Lay off Flexo people – it’s incredibly unkind and distasteful to mock the dyslexic.

  112. Yo is flexo still in this bitch?

  113. erm, what is petarded? maynbe you meant retarted?

  114. @erm – was that a l’il Family Guy reference? Please say it was!

    and @flexo – you are really giving yourself some rope here. Why don’t you give it up, dude?

  115. LMMFAO

    I thought this flexo dude would have given up by now.

    Earth to flexo, use your brians and open your eyes.



  118. Thesaurapist 13(F)

    I like ‘petarded’ – I think maynbe it could be my new favourite word.

  119. Thesaurapist 13(F)

    I meane, why not?

  120. You meane favorite.

  121. Believe it or not there was a 3rd thread about this going on that I am proud to say I was a part of. Team Marissa!!!

  122. @85 lalala – where is my spelling mistake? if it’s a capitalisation thing then i’ve clearly not bothered and you’re just being picky. if it’s an apologise/apologise (and now capitalise/capitalize) thing then i’ve already said that we english spell it differently to you americans. also, my original point was that spelling mistakes happen to the best of us, but using completely incorrect words (there/their/they’re, where/were, too/to) was the real crime.


    This is almost as good as Jasons Epic Fail… Flexo, you are pure comic gold, man!

    –noun 1. an explosive device formerly used in warfare to blow in a door or gate, form a breach in a wall, etc.
    2. a kind of firecracker.
    3. (initial capital letter) Also called Flying Dustbin. a British spigot mortar of World War II that fired a 40-pound (18 kg) finned bomb, designed to destroy pillboxes and other concrete obstacles.

    4. hoist by or with one’s own petard, hurt, ruined, or destroyed by the very device or plot one had intended for another.” –

    I like the idea of ‘petarded’ as a sort of portmanteau of ‘hoisted on his own petard’ and ‘retarded’… It is SOOOO Flexo! lol

  124. Fighting on Lamebook, lol. The irony. Fucking Paulbags.

  125. flexo, theraurapist 13(F) meant favourite. favourite favourite favourite favourite favourite. we spell things differently to you guys. how many times does this point get raised here on lamebook? colour, aeroplane, aluminium, moustache, favourite, favourite, favourite. oh, and arse.

  126. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I totally should be working right now, but this was just waaaaaay too entertaining of a read. Real flexo = hilarious. Fake flexo = hilarious.

    Nicole: Please keep on advocating for strippers with brians that are just trying to get bye. We all need to know that theirs lots of strippers that are just trying to support there schooling, and judgeing them is wrong. So mind your own bussiness people. No one asked for you opion.

  127. @122 *apologise/apologize*

  128. So what does pb stand for? punk bitch? stfu befor i let the dogs out. It is spelled like favorite, your way is a retarted way to do it.

  129. you guys should probably know a little background, she doesnt even HAVE THE JOB as a stripper yet and i’m positive she won’t get it. You’d understand if you saw her. She created an event to come to her audition and invited all 660 of her FB friends to come to it (including old professors and people she didn’t even know in the real world). Her statuses are constantly along the lines of this one. There was another status update soon after which i just submitted. I think its even better. hopefully it will get posted later today!

  130. you’re right, it is spelled/spelt ‘like’ favorite, but not exactly. favourite. in england, it is favourite. fucking favourite.

  131. @ fg

    You are awesome you know that!! I can’t wait to read it.

    @ lamebook staff, will you please post it :)

  132. Thesaurapist 13(F)

    “I like the idea of ‘petarded’ as a sort of portmanteau of ‘hoisted on his own petard’ and ‘retarded’…”

    No I definitely meane favourite – obviosly with all the grammer nazis around here, you must be extra careful with spelling in your commetns.

  133. Thesaurapist 13(F)

    For the sake of balance: kudos to Flexo for consistent usage of ‘retarted’ – that’s a fairly Lamebook cognisant act; or a ridiculously unlikely coincidence.

    Either way, I definitely want to keep him/her/it (and the clones) around.
    Epic Lamebookery.

  134. You suck at spelling. You guys really do suck though…seriously, where the hell is brians in the last comment by nicole? I read, “just because someone has brains”

    I just can’t comprahend the stupidity of it all. Most of you are either canadian or american i bet. typical that you be so retarted.

  135. Petarded… Got visions of Flexo sat on a barrel of black powder, shouting abuse as the fuse burns down… lol

    Yes Flexo, that was fuse. Not fuze. That’s something completely different. Even for Septics like you.

  136. Inspiring, in a redneck, trashy sort of way.

  137. Argh I give up trying to post links, all my comments are being put under moderation wtf!


    It was indeed, I’m glad to see someone caught on to that and didn’t think I was quite such a Petard!


    Look up Petarded on Google or Youtube.


    Haha, you’ve made me laugh in nearly every comment you’ve made on this post..
    “Colour, aeroplane, aluminium, moustache, favourite, favourite, favourite. oh, and arse” WINS.

  138. MMMMmmmmmmmmmm BRIANS!!!!!!

  139. @erm

    I did google ‘Petarded’, but as I don’t watch Family Guy I didn’t feel like I could take that one further… I also thought the alternative meaning was apt, as flexo tried to burn Chazz but only suceeded in shooting himself down in flames… Oh well, kudos due to you for the perfect use of ‘Petarded’, in any case.

    I’ll go home now. TAXI!

  140. WHat I find funny about this all is that flexo is getting butt hurt about us telling him he failed. He tried to make me look like a douche, but has only made himself one of the biggest douchebags on here.

    As compared to Jasons monster fail, this flexo guy is very similar in the art of douchebaggery (not a word, no need to try and spell check it).

  141. I can't believe I know this girl!!!!!

    I am friends with Beth on Facebook (one of those I-met-you-once-a-couple-years-ago-and-you-were-cool-but-I-never-saw-you-again people who managed to stay my “friend” anyway). The other day I was invited to watch her debut and my reaction was pretty much “WTF?” because that was not something I would have seen in her future when we met before.

    I checked out her page and saw that the “debate” continued – with Nicole making a bigger ass of herself, if that is possible – and someone asking WHY Beth was thinking of giving up her “dream”… I think her response was better than anything Beth, Mariisa, Nicole OR Flexo had contributed thus far:

    “Beth Xxxxx: thanx love! i wrote that this morning after we found out how much kevin’s cobra costs and i got wicked moody. whenever i get depressed i say “fuck it” and so i was like “fuck dancing” cuz that’s what i’ve been putting all my energy into practicing. but then i got a package from SWOP national and was totally cheered up. and then this whole convo and i became even more motivated. i missed shopping today, all the stores were closed but i’m going first thing tomorrow”

    hahahahahahahahaha if there is a cobra involved, i might just have to go!

  142. No, you’re all petarted, its spelt phavourite.

  143. @141 – when is a cobra NOT involved?

  144. @ 141

    Are any of these chicks hot?

  145. I am genuinly hurt by some of your comments. I simply just cant see this “brian” word in the last comment marrisa makes. I see it as brains.

    I am a better man then most of you in here anyway. Fuck you chaz, fuck you erm and rocketman, assholes. probably american or candian assholes.

  146. I can't believe I know this girl!!!!!

    @ chazz: marissa’s pic is private, so I can’t say. As for the other two… all i will say is they both look like the kind of women who dream of showing their vaginas to strangers for money, so… no, not really.

  147. @ 146

    Yeah, so they look kind of like that gross picture of pamela anderson ad on the right side? *gags*

    @ flexo

    lol, cry baby.

  148. Ooooo she has BRIANS? I WANT SOME TOO- no wait…..

  149. I can't believe I know this girl!!!!!

    they look like that picture of pamela anderson if that picture was taped next to a bus station urinal for a year or 2….


  151. Obviously strippers are rich, that’s why they do erotic dances for pocket change!

    Nicole’s an idiot, Marissa’s a winner.

  152. Stripping to pay the repair bills on a Cobra, how delightfully white trash.

  153. Wow, Nicole surely has strengthened her position that strippers have “brians” and “there schooling” has brought them to “there” entertainment pinnacle. Too bad Beth is “depressed” and considering giving up on it. I’m willing to bet it’s a result of her pussy mucking up the pole as she slides down. I mean, she’s probably not getting any tips with all the vaginal chunks she leaves behind like a slug trail.

  154. dis nicole ho iz 1 dem hot crakas. dat ho iz welcum 2 mah crib aniday, noimsayin.

  155. Nicole’s right, lay off people with Brians!!

  156. Go home, 4chan.

  157. erm… You do realise now that if I watch Family Guy, I’ll be thinking of Flexo whenever I see Peter Griffin… Hmmm… I really have to go see it now! lol

    Flexo – you’re a comic genius and I love you, man. And no, I’m not Canadian or Ameican. I’m a Brit. I’d have thought my spelling would have told you that! Please tell me I don’t share this green and pleasant isle with you…

  158. i am mexican. what, are you going to be racist?

  159. Fucken Seppos.

  160. Does Brian pay well?

  161. That last comment by Nicole, she was doing so well, I’m sure plenty of strippers have their “Brians”. Then she fucked it all up in the last line or two.

    I also wonder what Beth went to college for, last I checked there isn’t an AA in “Choosing My Career Path”. They generally want you to have a vague idea of that when you start.

  162. I want to be a stripper.

    all i can say is flexo, u keep repeating the fact that you can’t see the word ‘brians’ on the last comment, which was funny at first but now it really is just getting lame, we know you can see it, and that you’ve always been able to..however, in saying that..

    you are still a funny guy, and i give you props for starting a much needed lame lamebook fight on this lame stripper post! well done.

    and i just realised that pretty much everyone who’s posting a comment has been typing extra carefully so they don’t get caught out by the spelling police..and I’m one of them because i usually ‘type lyk dis’ lol

    oh and im from australia :)

  163. #125, How do Americans spell moustache?

  164. *mustache* I guess. Google is my friend.

  165. Wow. Marissa is a nosy, judgmental bitch. Public forum or not, talking to your friend like that is fucking LAME. Leah’s second comment FTW.

  166. I actually know Beth.
    She’s a sweetheart and a good friend.
    Marissa seems like a smart girl but very blunt. Nicole just sounds like she needs to learn proper grammar.
    (I only know Beth in real life)

  167. And Beth went to college for Women’s Studies.

  168. this is some bullshit. someone advocates killing strippers @36 (when sex workers get killed at high rates) and nobody says a thing? i also know beth and the thing i find most amusing is @141 thinks that Beth is talking about a snake… not _health insurance_. yes in USA when you have to pay for health insurance out of pocket it’s called a cobra. it seems like @141 should know that because beth obviously isn’t the kind of girl who’s made it very far from home let alone to a foreign country to bump into someone. the only thing better than dumb bitches are people that make asses out of themselves while trying to make fun of dumb bitches!

  169. Show love to these strippers. They make the world go round!

  170. bye judgeing strippers

  171. Who cares about who these people are, anyone with brains reading this can see exactly how priceless the entire post was haha

  172. Who’s Mellissa, and how did she get dragged into the mud slinging?
    Nicole likely isn’t even smart enough to wait tables, so she’s set. Atleast she’s not on welfare. I think Marissa has the right idea, I have no hate towards strippers, but it’s not a career….

  173. does anyone else think this should make most popular?

  174. i think her dreams were to get money to graduate college… i dont see anything wrong with that… unless im missing something. if her dreams were to be a stripper she wouldnt need to go to college :p

  175. @165: That is not how I spell “moustache”. Although, Firefox did just try to tell me that what I just typed was incorrect.

    I added it to the dictionary. Take that, dumbass Firefox.

  176. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Nicole’s last post just killed her.

  177. I actually work as a nanny for a stripper and I have to say that she is an AMAZING woman. She’s intelligent, beautiful, charismatic, and she doesn’t deserve the hate that comes from people knowing what she does. Do I find it ridiculous and short sighted to dream of becoming a dancer? Depends on how good you are, you can teach after you loose your looks… depending on how good you are on the pole. Like any job, there is good and bad. The bad is that some guys demean you, you don’t have a steady paycheck, there is a lot of drama with the other girls. The pro’s are that you get a huge confidence boost having people pay to see you naked, the pay is normally really good, and it’s crazy exercise for eight hours. Bottom line, it’s a fucking job, it’s legal, and I guarantee that most of you couldn’t do it.

  178. @ maggie13
    Always the nanny, never the dancer eh.

  179. LOL the spelling/grammar fights in this thread are funnier than the actual stripper fight

  180. lol brians

  181. lol. This is wonderful. I rofled.

    -God’s investment(His Son) in you was SO great, he could NEVER leave you!-

  182. elixabeth is still a hooker.

    Strippers are awesome.

    That is all.

  183. John Players Standard

    Never facepalmed so much in my life from somebodies stupidity.

  184. I’m going to quote Chris Rock here. “I mean they don’t grade fathers but if you daughter is a stripper you’ve fucked up.”

  185. *speechless*

  186. Epic.

    Does anyone else here thinks that all those people knowing Beth or a stripper in general and is defending her/strippers is just one and the same person? (Would be awesome if it was Beth… :p)

  187. Wow. Nicole is a grade-A dumbass.

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