Sunday, December 27, 2009

Producing Praise



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  1. The sweetness is not the milk, but getting it.

  2. I’m sure Pengpeng is not the first non-baby to try breast milk. It’s still weird. And when I first started reading Colton’s post, I thought he wanted to have a baby with someone named Luke. Didn’t seem possible to me.

  3. Pengpeng’s friend Pongpong (with the sweet milk) is also proud of Pengpeng’s sweet long-shlong, or so I heard.

    @ #2 … I suspect Luke is “You” and Hil’s baby, and is so cute that Colton now suffers from semen-envy.

  4. two quibbles:

    firstly, shouldn’t this by rights be under TMI…?

    secondly, who is the retarted guy who wrote the unfunny comment above me, and how many times has he starred in lamebook personally?

  5. to the poster above, it’s spelled “retarded.”

  6. # 2. I thought the same thing as I was reading, I had to double read it to realize what he was saying.

    And #4 LOL.


  7. and #5 you spelled it the exact same way.

  8. Oh nvm.

  9. #7 – # 4 spelled it retarTed, #5 spelled it retarDed.

  10. @5:


  11. About the breast milk…I don’t really see why this is a big deal.
    Slow news day?

  12. There’s no big deal with #1 … I’m a whole lot more disturbed by the first dude to see a calf with his mother and say, “I want some!”

  13. I’ve tried breast milk too, it is very sweet :x But srsly guys, formula’s horrible, breast is best!

  14. oh, weird smiley.. bizarre.

  15. I think Colton seems kind of awesome. And I’ve never heard that breast milk tastes good at all. One of my friends was about to feed her baby & accidently squirted herself in the face. She said it tasted like watered down, 2% milk.

  16. I know it’s unusual but I don’t really see why drinking human milk would be that much weirder than drinking the milk of a foreign animal. A little intimate, maybe, but it’s not THAT gross.

  17. Human milk for humans!


    Human Milk is made by different people with different diets and exercise habits, and stress factors etc. Therefore not everybody’s milk is going to taste the same. I have tried someone’s milk before and I didn’t like it. It was warm savoury and sour.

  19. Nutritious!

  20. ‘retarted’ is a lamebook reference. i do know the genuine spelling of the word. me FTW!!!

  21. alordslums

    “FTW” may mean “for the win,” but in your case, it should mean “fuck the wanker.” Your comment is retarDed.

  22. Everyone tried breast milk, but who can remember that?

  23. @SarahBear33: I do agree that alordslums comment ‘me FTW!!!’ was a little egocentric (and kudos for the ‘fuck the wanker’ joke, it was a good LOL). But the ‘retart’ comment is a long running Lamebook joke that many do appreciate.

  24. @Insane: The reason why I called his comment retarded was because he said “me FTW,” NOT because of the “retart” thing. I was basically calling him a wanker for THAT.

  25. “i am proud of your semen. Love you man”


  26. Actually, Agent #22, I never had breast milk. My mother was never able to produce any. That explains a lot…

  27. Having engaged in sexual activity with a woman shortly after she gave birth (my wife, to be specific), I can say that breast milk is very sweet, thinner than cows’ milk, and generally unpleasant to my palette. So, for those of you who haven’t partaken, there you go.

    Also, can we please avoid this idiotic breast milk vs. formula debate this time? I refuse to contemplate whether or not I suckled my mother’s breast when I was a baby, and I’m not going to talk about how my own kids survived their first couple of years.

    Thirdly, one should never mention another man’s semen while saying you love them. There is no good way for that to end.

  28. People who don’t get the ‘retarted’ thing really annoy me … fucking peasants !

  29. * see what I did there ?

  30. @24:And you do realise you’re acting worse than him, right?

    By the way, “me fuck the wanker” would mean he’s not a wanker and someone else is, Einstein.

  31. “The” breast milk? This guy took milk that was meant for someone’s baby?

  32. it seems whatever the true interpretation of FTW, any ensuing victory would have been a pyrrhic one.

  33. brrreeasstttt mmmiiillkkk….yooouuuu mmmmmaaakkkkeee mmmyyy dayyyyy!

  34. @SarahBear33: I may have worded my post wrong. I was acknowledging your FTW joke as awesome, as well as pointing out that retart is a long running lamebook joke. I hope that clears the air.

  35. LOL @ SarahBear33 trying to sound like she got the “retart” thing. You capitalized the “D” to correct him. GTFO you pissant.

  36. @Sensible Madness #27
    The milk’s not terribly nice it’s true – but did you try the cheese?

  37. Why does it seem that every time we get a noob there’s always people calling others names and the like? People need to calm the fuck down and learn how to take a joke.

    The whole retarted/retarded thing is a long running joke that the noobs just won’t understand. This isn’t a reason to start a fight guys, you just need to calmly state that it is just that.

    As for you Sarahbear33, Spamspam did catch the fact that in your retort about the ‘FTW’ comment you did capitalize the D in retarded, therefore showing that you did NOT get the whole joke. The fact that alordslums made the FTW towards himself only was implying that he wasn’t actually stupid but indeed making a joke.

    So, in conclusion, I would like to just tell everyone to calm the fuck down, ease up on the noobs that don’t get the whole ‘retarted’ thing and to the noobs, don’t come into this post thinking you know everything and that you’re so above everyone else! (that’s not actually directed at sarahbear33 specifically, just a generalisation)

    End of rant.
    I love rants.

  38. @Thesaurapist 13F

    if it’s cheese, she’s too old.

  39. @Kaoss: I love your Kaotic comments. Always good for a laugh!

  40. :D
    Thanks Insane!
    You guys make me laugh too!

  41. what a lovely love in on this post , must be the holiday feeling creeping in to lamebook

  42. @Father Sha: Come and join in the love *hugs*

  43. haha, no thanks my preacher told me he is the only man i am allowed to hug

    But still , it’s a nice offer and especially coming from you a rare moment of non cynical behavior … been drinking too much eggnog ?

  44. aww, well maybe next time. I guess it is the thought that counts. And I am sober, but it is bed time so maybe that is why I am feeling so nice ;) .

  45. now you are just scaring me , inviting me for hugs, bed time and a love in while being sober

    Over here the sun is still shining btw

  46. Boy I missed you guys… @ Kaoss – thank you so much for holding fort whilst I was gone… I am back and good lord, at the rate the trolls are marching through here with their asses in the air, they are just making paTROLLING seem like work.

    FFS. I need a drink.

  47. @KAOSS: Really, its the very aspect of noobs not knowing yet the inside jokes that make them all that much more entertaining. I mean honestly, how many times can I ask what IDK means?

  48. …oh, missed you too Svetlana, nice to see you :-D

  49. @Keyser Soze:
    By the fuck, “fucking peasants”.

  50. @KAOSS #38
    She wasn’t that old – it was just a long chase over uneven ground . . .

  51. Hi guys…I’ve never posted on here before but I just had to register and say that Insane, Kaoss, Sensible Madness, Svetlana, and Seabee…you people keep me laughing throughout my entire day at work. I scroll through all of the comments looking for just yours!

  52. Hey, Insane: <>

    Umm…. we don’t call that milk. That would be jizz.


  53. @ SeeBea

    I’m here all week, try the veal …

  54. ^”…try the veal…” ;-)

  55. that’s a different thing to be proud of.

  56. @Svetlana: It’s good to have you back. Get ‘em!

    @Father Sha: You may be relaxed again. Insane got night time hugs from Mrs Insane and all is well this fine morning.

    @SoCerebral: Jizz eh? I’ve got plenty of that. Would you care for a pint or two? AH who am I kidding, we all know you’re going to say yes. I will run along and get it ready for you.

  57. PosterformerlyknownasTristan

    I laughed every time my wife pumped milk. She kept asking me what was so funny and finally I told her it looked like a cow being milked…

    Slept on the couch for almost 2 weeks after that comment. :(

  58. I love how people think it’s totally gross to try breast milk, but it’s cool to drink milk from a totally different species.

    THAT’S gross.

  59. what.. that doesnt make any sense. so you eat meat from humans, and find bacon and hamburgers gross too?

  60. I think I’m a little bit in love with Colton.

  61. I’ll admit, breast milk is pretty tasty

  62. I have tried my own breastmilk, and it is thin and very sweet. Almost to the point of being too rich for my palette.

  63. @msfeather: EW!!! GEEEZ!

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