Thursday, May 27, 2010


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  1. hahaaa Brenton FTW!

    also first?…

  2. I like Brenton :)

    Megan you are a fucktard

    and reading Mike’s made me think of that one song from Carrie Underwood….ewwww

  3. whatbrighteyesyouhave

    i totally feel Megan, but, as always, the question that haunts me: WHY would you share something like this on such a public forum???

    Now ALL your friends (and family, and extended family/friends/ whoever decided to randomly add you) know you made an oopsie in the heat of the moment….lovely.

  4. whatbrighteyesyouhave

    lol @cupidscurse Mike’s makes me thing of EVERY country song ever made, basically.

  5. Why hasn’t anyone posted “Ben” yet?

  6. The Salmon Mousse

    You just did!

  7. The Salmon Mousse

    I mean, Ben.

  8. “Grungy guy” would have sufficed, racist dude.

  9. That was not racist. If he had referred to him as a “damn black guy” or some other more explicit terms that I will not type, then that could be construed as racist.

  10. Seems a bit weird to clarify though. Like ‘oh, fuck, and it’s a grungy BLACK guy. now, if it had been a grungy WHITE guy, maybe my week wouldn’t be quite so bad!’

  11. @BritishHobo, ‘xactly. The “black” part is certainly meant to add to the negative character of his week.

  12. I mean, it probably isn’t fully racist, or even largely racist. I know a lot of people who have nothing against black people would still clarify… and that’s odd. Because I (and probably you) know a crap-load of people who don’t hate black people, don’t think black people are different to white people, but would still clarify ‘this black guy’ but just say ‘this guy’ when talking about a white guy.

    And before anyone calls me a hypocrite… bah. Take out every time I used the word ‘black’ in this comment and then try to make sense of it :P

  13. It’s a lamebook teachable moment! “Unconsciously racist” is about as generous as I’d like to get. I used to do the same thing, but I don’t anymore because: it is racist.

  14. People are going to jump all over my ass over this, but since they’re wrong I’ll say it anyway:

    We say “the black guy” because being black is still a differentiating feature in Western countries.

    If you were in Africa you’d be a dumbass to say “that black guy”, because in all fairness they’ll mostly all black. You’d say “that guy”. And if you’re referring to a white guy, he’ll be called “that white guy”.

    And now I await the rain of hatred from all the PCfags…

  15. Sorry, meant to say “they’re mostly all..”

  16. yourinevitabledemise

    I don’t understand why, when I walk through the park, all the little black girls are like “Hahahaha watch out for the white girl!” It makes me feel so self-conscious about being white.

  17. i can’t help thinking that all of mike’s problems might be related in some way…

  18. @alordslums

    Are you implying that a certain “grungy” person might be behind the slashing of tires and breaking of windshields?

  19. @yourinevitabledemise: That’s because they’re self-conscious, I always just throw the peace sign up and stare at ‘em until they run off.

  20. I made a conscious effort to stop qualifying the race of whoever I was talking about and I found that black people would ask me if I was referring to a white or a black person. Just an informal social experiment on my part.

  21. @Wednesday There is a novel called Apex Hides the Hurt, and the author (who is Black) only identifies the race of the Anglos, thus making African American the default ethnicity of every other character. How many books by White authors do the same thing (in reverse)?
    And yes, all the little black girls can be so cruel, can’t they?

  22. yourinevitabledemise

    heisenberg – Hey, they could mind their own business. Then again, that’s not what kids do. I wasn’t seriously complaining about little black girls being mean. Kind of pointing out that freaking everyone identifies by race. I still think it’s messed.

    Zoned’s course of action is pretty much a good one for every encounter.

  23. makster – i confess i was playing devil’s advocate out of sheer boredom.

  24. ijustsawkickass

  25. Ben would have made a big win if he said Alex’s mother also said it was too long.

  26. sorry if this has already been said, but maybe he said black guy becoz he cant do anything about it becoz the if he hits him the black will hit back A LOT harder, therefore he is scared of him. his saying it so people know he cant do anything about it.

  27. yourinevitabledemise

    Way to imply the black guy is all big and intimidating with zero reference to anything but race. Couldn’t possibly be a gentle, loving soul who’s way better than that “Mike” freak. He’s probably only calling the man grungy because his girlfriend left him… for him. Yea.

  28. Brenton’s got it down, and I doubt Megan actually learned her lesson.

  29. MsBuzzkillington

    I am confused as to why Alex tagged his friends in the status.

    Then he said sorry he couldn’t fit everyone in and the other guy said that it was okay.

    What did that have to do with anything?

  30. @ MsBuzzkillington

    They’re tagged so it shows up on their walls as well. A superb revenge tactic!

  31. WhyNotTheWhales

    If I was a guy, and I just lost my girlfriend to a black guy, I would think:
    “Darnit.. he’s black even! As if I didn’t have enough penis size issues already!”

    That’s what I think he meant by mentioning the race, and that’s actually what I always think if people say “And he was black!” They’re telling me that the guy probably is well hung. Yes that is stereotyping.. But I don’t really think any black guy would mind that one.

  32. @WhyNot: thanks for the clarification. I was obviously wrong about the motivation being racist. It’s about penis size.
    @yourinevitable: I did think you were kidding, and no, I don’t think white people are the only ones who do it. None of this changes my point though.
    and a preemptive @WhyNot: ah, you were joking too, I see.
    and @ …

  33. While ignoring all the racist talk, I do have this much to say.

    Mike meet Megan, Megan meet Mike, Alex’s mom meet Megan and Mike.

  34. Pretty sure Alex is a girl. Not a guy. Alex’s mom fucked two of “her” close mates. Just sayin’.

  35. I think Heisenberg has hit the nail on the head. We say black guy or white guy because it is a differentiating characteristic, and because it is one that matters to us.

    We don’t say this blue eyed guy, or brown eyed guy when telling a story because no one gives a shit. It has no relevance to any story unless the story is about eye color.

    When we DO denote race it is because we DO give a shit about the color of one’s skin. Who gives a shit if Mike’s GF slept with a black guy, white guy or Asian? Isn’t the key point that she slept with someone else? By throwing race in there, Mike IS in fact saying that her sleeping with a black guy is worse than sleeping with a white guy. Why? Because he’s RACIST!Duh!

  36. And I would be remiss if I didn’t take Makster’s bait. Makster, you are full of shit. “We say “the black guy” because being black is still a differentiating feature in Western countries” = you are full of shit. PCfags = you are full of shit.

  37. All I wanna say is that I absolutely HATE being called “that white girl.” It feels so demeaning. :( So I try so hard not to clarify “black guy” or “black girl” but it’s difficult to break. Damn the south.

  38. I get called white boy now and then. I always think: well, yeah. Is this the best you can do? I have SO much more wrong with me than just being White. And poop, identifying people’s ethnicity/skin color is not always inappropriate, it’s just a matter of knowing why we are doing it.
    Is there an award for most pompous poster? I may just have a shot.

  39. And I think Alex is a dude.

  40. I must say being called the white girl is much more plesant than being called “white jesus”

  41. I, personally, call white people white, and black people black. Maybe ’cause I’ve got one of each as parents.
    If I saw some sketchy white guy on the street, I’d say “Hey, I think I almost got raped by a sketchy white guy.”
    If I saw some grungy black guy on the street, I’d say “Hey, my girlfriend just left me for a grungy black guy.”
    Maybe it is racism, but at least it’s equal for both races.

  42. @Braysl: It’s not racism, because ‘black’ and ‘white’ aren’t races. I also have 1 black + 1 white parent, so I see where you’re coming from. But racism is (technically) against races, not colours…

  43. Makster: I think that kind of makes sense. It’s just something funny I noticed that, if you take full notice of it like we did, you could try and claim it as really racist (‘is it worse that he’s black, then?’), but if you just hear it in normal conversation, it’s just a common way people say it, with no nastiness or hate implied.

  44. Good for you Megan. Moving on…

  45. @Lizzie: Actually, race does refer to ‘black’ and ‘white’ and other colorisms like that because there is no scientific definition of what a race actually is. Technically, race is a social concept, not a biological one; there is extensive literature on this.

  46. Ooohhh… My mistake. Well, carry on.

  47. The police of the state I live in have such a problem with political correctness that certain races have been removed from thier radio vocabulary. now they have to say “other” in thier reports so when chasing crims they wont know if they are looking for a spick, a dago, or a curry muncher.
    Racisim by racial identification on a day to day basis reinforces the stereotypes and that is wrong, but we cant get rid of it all together.

  48. I say it because I don’t see it as a negitive factor in the sentence. I’m more bothered by the ‘grungy’ bit than the ‘black’ part.

  49. Mike, she must’ve cheated on you with a black guy ’cause he has something that you don’t.

  50. I guess every ones gf should cheat on them with a different race,
    eventually the whole world would turn beige and problem solved..
    Maybe Mike’s gf just might be on to something here..
    I’m black by the way..not that it matters but I thought I’d just throw that in there for good measure.

  51. I heard sometime in France, some Nurse got a huge fine because the Doctor asked her who was the next patient, and it was the ‘garçon noir’. He was the only black guy in the room, and she did it in a non-hateful way. Doctor still got her charged for it.

    I guess she could of went by his shirt colour, but still, that seems crazy extreme to me.

  52. logicalphallicy

    Is it OK to say, My girlfriend cheated on me with a grungy guy of color? A grungy ethnic-looking guy?

  53. I love how it’s apparently racist just because he specified. Most people specify if it’s someone not of their race. It just happens. Get over it.

  54. Nobody would think it was racist if a black guy said “girlfriend cheated on me with a grungy white guy.” But of course he wouldn’t; he’d say “4reels don b tak dat shit yyl bfr kik u azzz.”

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