Friday, July 23, 2010


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  1. Me!

  2. Yes, the first time I was first! I didn’t know what to put so quickly, so I wrote ‘me’. Yay for me!

  3. Took a while for me to see the 3rd one…

  4. I didn’t get the third one for awhile either, but the Clinton one made me laugh.

  5. @Elli, if not for you I never would’ve noticed. That made me laugh… ha ha ha ha ha

    Congratulations Grammar!

  6. Thank you Leebo!
    I used to have a horse, so I don’t really find the horse one comical in any way. It’s pretty normal for them to do that. :)

  7. well.. time to do some explainin.. i don’t understand 1 or 2. maybe its the heat. someone help my brain out its about to malfunction.

  8. i know what cake i’m asking for on my next birthday!

    also, i think the horse one was on here before.

  9. oh whoops. i mean 2 or 3.
    whats not to understand about a dickwork?

  10. Dawn of the Dan

    Today is Monica Lewinsky’s birthday.

  11. How old are you, e.abby? I don’t want to tell you stuff you’re maybe too young to hear, yet.

  12. It’s Lewinsky’s birthday? That just makes it better.
    And if I were the person with the cake I wouldn’t ask what the frosting was

  13. @grammarpuss, i think i got it, thanks.
    i may be too young to recognize the girls name, but im not to young for the blow job aspect.

  14. I love Bill Clinton. That is all.

  15. I don’t get what’s funny about the horse kissing one…I think it looks sweet. Is it because the horse has a penis? I mean, horses are going to have penises you guys, and trust me they get much bigger than that. Someone explain why it’s funny please lol..

  16. Okay, gotcha. I just didn’t want to explain the ‘blowjob angle’ to you if you were under the age of, say, 15.
    I, too, do not know of Lewinsky, but I am English/in England so I guess it’s all irrelevant to me. I assume he/she is some ass kisser or Mistress of Clinton. Could always Google it, but I really don’t care.

  17. Lawlcat, I agree, as I mentioned above. The horse one isn’t funny, it’s just normal. Though, it is a big horse in general, ‘hh’ wise.
    I suppose it was a ‘lame’ post, because it really isn’t funny, so it does appear to have a right on Lamebook. :)

  18. It’s funny because the crazy horse lady could only afford a mare, but she saddled it with some sort of wacky sausage contraption to simulate a penis.

  19. For the lazy ones:

    Monica Lewinsky:

  20. What did I say?! Mistress! Knew it. :)

  21. For the record: that first one is someone at DQ being a, ummm, dick, and not just poor art skills, agreed?

  22. :)

    And a spicy one. a Story with staints on her dress which she saved and sigars mr president put in warm & moist places. All on tv, yes yes.

    (And sorry for my bad english Grammarpuss, I’m Dutch)

  23. I’m pretty sure they were being a dick and making it look like one on purpose. It truly does look more like a dick with tinsel on then a firework. It’s just lucky the kid was old enough to be a retard with Facebook and not some poor toddler with a rubbish firework cake on their 4th birthday.
    Wait – why would someone who must be atleast a teenager have a ‘supposed to be firework, but is really a dick with tinsel on’ birthday cake?

  24. I got what you meant, Alabama, and I’m a little disgusted! Partly because I did click the Wiki link of Lewinsky and she looks pretty gross. Though, so does Clinton. I’m guessing they were both feeling lonely, rejected and horny?
    I apologise for my late return in comments, my internet sucks and sucks more when trying to load Lamebook. :(

  25. You make a good point GrammarPuss. Perhaps he has an infantilizing mother. And further to the artist’s intentions: are those supposed to be veins?

  26. She looked pretty sexy at that time.

  27. Oh dear God, veins! That makes it a whole lot more realistic and disgusting! Though, I am straight so maybe I should find it appealing? Anyway, I find the dick-rocket a little worrying in it’s colour – blue and pink veins with some orange substance shooting out… Perhaps the dude that made the cake really did want it to look like a firework, OR there’s something seriously wrong with his own ‘rocket’ if he thinks they’re the correct colours…

  28. The wangworks appear to be going off a bit premature.

  29. OMG Soup! Love it!

  30. Oh that cake picture should be sent to! Some doozies there…

  31. Perhaps the first picture is a silent cry for help for a very painful urinary tract infection.

  32. Haha I love the 1st picture! That must have been deliberate right…? It’s too good to be an accident.

  33. Have you ever seen a Clydesdale’s penis? I swear, it’s about ten times the size of that horse’s. Big as an adult man’s arm.

  34. suckmebeautiful

    I’m so proud of Clinton, although he should have just admitted it. Who doesn’t want a fornicating pot smoker as president? I’d vote to have him back, but alas I’m in Canada. So Bill, if you’re watching, please come replace Stephen Harper, I’m sure most of us will welcome you with open arms.

    P.S Soup, I’ve missed you!

  35. It was a dream of mine for Australia to have a pot-smoking, fornicating Prime Minister, but I think we’ve already done that.

    We now have our first female PM. She’s quite an attractive blazing red-head, so I’m sure there are some skeletons in her yet to be scrutinised closet.

    Can’t wait. I love flaws.

  36. Because flaws make us human. No judgment here.

  37. May have already been said, but why is the fire cracker’s fuse still going if it’s already blowin’ up?

  38. I just spelled judgement the wrong way. I think my Lamebook spell check has somehow defaulted to the US English version. Hmmm, I’ll have to sort that. Can’t go using z’s instead of s’s, or losing my u’s.

    _isglory, it’s prolonging its gratification. Never a bad thing when it comes to a wangwork.

  39. Isn’t judgment the correct spelling?

  40. I spent a few years as a cake decorator. And I’m not kidding. Some of the things that people requested on their cakes would put that penis/fire cracker to shame…

    Wang work. Ha, that made me laugh.

  41. I often wonder if there’s some subconscious tick in our brains that makes us want to visualize cocks out of anything that’s even remotely phallic…

    Or not.

  42. It can be spelled either way. In my present state, I’m not sure how I usually spell it.

    I can’t take the credit for wangwork, see Soup, above.

    And with regard to seeing dicks in everything, well yes, I’m always the first to see stuff like that, but come on, what else does that thing up there symbolise? I’ve never seen any firework like that.

  43. I still think it’s judgment.

    And I cite only Franz Kafka’s “The Judgment.”

  44. Which, ironically, made me think of wangs and dicks and weiners.

  45. We’ll agree to disagree. I’m positive I spell it with an e over in these here parts, but my spell check is fucking with my head on lots of words, so I’m currently clueless.

    I’m thinking of dicks as well, but without a shred of irony.

  46. I just googled Terminator 2, Judgement Day to confirm my spelling. If Arnie spells it that way, then it’s correct. I can sleep soundly tonight.

  47. Yeah, I know that’s how they spell it in the States, but the American spelling shouldn’t be trusted!

  48. 1: That’s one happy 4th
    2: Good for a chuckle
    3: The horse has a dong, so what?

  49. LOL Try again….

    It’s Terminator 2: Judgment Day. The Google search for it has been corrupted by all the people searching for it who don’t know how to spell.

    The correct spelling is of the word is “judgment.” Only in recent years “judgement” has become accepted as the secondary spelling because of people misspelling it so often, but spell-checkers still usually pick it up as being misspelled with the extra “e” in there. “Judgment” is still definitely the preferred way to spell it.

  50. That was penis overload! A cake and a horse all in one post! I must admit, the horse kinda got me hot. I’m not into bestiality, but that was impressive.

  51. I knew I wasn’t alone.

    Kafka could never be wrong.

  52. _isglory, I feel you’ve lost me. Horses do it for you too? Or is this about literature?

  53. ee, I like the sound of jukawso’s Clydesdale horse.

    Fair enough, I can’t be right all the time, _isglory. A girl has to have some flaws. It’s what makes us fun and all.

  54. word, you temp me too much with that one.

  55. ee, we should really go visit a stud farm some day.

  56. hear, here! I’m so game!

  57. That’s fucking awesome. Wangwork lmao

  58. Charlie Incognito

    I hate to look a gift horse in the “wangwork” but isn’t that horses dick kind of puny?
    I thought their junk hung way larger than that. But then again I don’t really look at too many horses dicks. I swear.

  59. @GrammarPuss her birthday is the fourth of july which is why her mom had them put a “firework” on the cake!

  60. @thandos – Actually, judgement has always been the most common spelling in the UK and, I assume, countries like Canada or Australia where they don’t tend to use American spellings. Although there are cases of ‘judgment’ here and there in the past when spelling was a bit more fluid, nowadays ‘judgment’ is considered incorrect in the UK.

  61. Well, not ‘incorrect’ as such, in the same way as ‘color’ would be considered incorrect. But ‘judgment’ is definitely considered an Americanism, (a bit like using ize instead of ise, acceptable but not advisable) and is hardly ever seen. You would never see it in a British newspaper, for example.

  62. Judgement, in the civilised world, is the proper spelling unless you’re talking about a court case, in which case it’s judgment.

  63. Yeah!, I might have been drunk, but I knew I wasn’t nuts. And as much as I’d love to see Australia become a Republic, all I can say right now is God save the Queen’s English.

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