Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Pregnancy Prosecution


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  1. riiiggghhht…..

  2. Is this the same Brandon as the previous post? If so, He really does get around…

  3. First of all, Amy needs to grow up. And I wonder where her parents were when her bf was sleeping over?

  4. lol

  5. Is this the same Brandon from “locked out”? guy gets around! Masterkeyed into the pregnant pre-teen.

  6. Is this the same Brandon from “locked out”? guy gets around! Masterkeyed into the pregnant teen.

  7. amy fails to realize how big the world really is.

  8. I wonder if Amy is an adult, and Brandon is the 15 year old, as that would seem to make sense if she’s been charged with having sex with a minor.

  9. …im not even sure what to say to that…some peoples kids…

  10. lol…. only if amy is the adult will she be charged… if they have sex and the girl is under the age of consent they treat the case as a rape case no matter how old the boy is…. unless he is younger…. the boy will be charged… not the girl…

  11. She’s going to be a wonderful mom…………

    and so it goes

  12. great, another pregnant loser teenager.

  13. PLUS.. they cant charge u for being pregnant…. THIS GIRL IS RETARDED…

  14. Why is society so fucked you ask? It’s children raising children. It’s called birth control people. Learn about it, use it, love it.

  15. Bad Mommy!

  16. I wish my grass was as emo as her. Get it? Get it?

  17. What do girls like Amy use for protection during sex? Usually bus shelters form the sounds of it.

  18. @14.
    i think she is one of those who use a baseball bat to protection, so she can beat the hell out of this pregnancy guy when he comes.

  19. Get in line Amy…or maybe she could fuck her anger out…wait…too late!

  20. I was a teen mother and I did a damn good job! Not ALL teen parents are awful parents!!

  21. Yeah but.. she WILL be an awful parent.

  22. @ Thera

    I meant no offense. There are some very mature teens out there who are doing a great job at raising a child but it’s pretty clear that this girl is not going to be one of them.

  23. HAHA Samantha!

    kids today are fucked, literally.

  24. @ Thera
    I too was a teenage parent, and a good one. However, it’s pretty obvious this girl won’t be.

  25. Not ‘charged for having sex’ as is being prosecuted, ‘charged for having sex’ as in Brandon turned out to be a gigolo. The pregnancy is extra.

  26. @bottlecap

    Sell the baby and the whole things paid for its self ;)

  27. kids today

  28. I see those condom ads are really hitting home then.

  29. Holy Christ!!!! The pregnancy hormones have really kicked on for this chick!

  30. Life sucks when you’re a young, stupid, slutty thief.

  31. Jesus, what a fucking idiot.

  32. Just think, thanks to homegirl’s stupidity we are almost being promised right here that little homeslice jr have his/her very own entry posted on here in about 13 years. Surely it will be something about how his/her mom and/or dad don’t understand homeslice jr’s desires to impregnate Senorita Lopez (the Spanish teacher)/become pregnant by Joe (the local mechanic).

  33. She should be spayed

  34. The perspective of this story that perhaps some are overlooking at is that she’s 15 and probably most of her friends are around that age, too.

    So by saying ‘charged for having sex at 15′, it might just be one of those ‘OMG I just had it at 15! I’m so cool’ situations.

    Although I might be very wrong, I also assume her parents are either non-existent or very lazy to do anything because somebody just gets caught for stealing AND finds out about being pregnant at the same? Sounds like a fun story to make up.

  35. Its a shame the threat to kill herself is an empty one, oh well maybe she fall down a flight of stairs

  36. This lamebook post is the reason my daughter will be going on the pill as soon as she’s fertile. If this is what my future looks like with a 15 year old I may just have her tubes tied instead or fit her with a chastity belt. Hey, maybe I’ll get lucky and she’ll turn out to be gay. That’s an option, right?

  37. This is the perfect time to advertise my New Years sale on sex and pregnancies.

    We are only charging half price! That’s a cut your own throat deal and no mistake! Book early to avoid disappointment.

  38. “The perspective of this story that perhaps some are overlooking at is that she’s 15 and probably most of her friends are around that age, too.”

    This also means that some 15-year-old was smart enough to realise how lame this was, and send it to Lamebook. All hope for this generation is not lost!

  39. @audrey Hurrah!

  40. It’s like condoms were never invented. What a strange parallel universe.

  41. haha maybe they were steeling the morning after pill :’D

  42. Oh no, you know what this is? This is a brilliant advert for wearing condoms, aimed at the sort of twat who clogs up my Facebook page with stupid clingy messages about their ‘relationship’. Yeah, we get it, you’re in fucking love and he’s so awesome to cuddle, you don’t have to bang on about it.

    I mean, uh… don’t… steal… you stupid moron.

  43. in all seriousness though, she obviously is waaaay too immature to have kids. oh and captain obvious would also like to point out that the sky is blue.

  44. apparently in Amy’s reality a matter of hours and days can be and IS FOREVER and NEVER


    Amy’s parents for not teaching her to keep the nickle between her knees and never let it drop and Amy for the POS mommy she will no doubt be.

  45. gag me
    this world sucks

  46. yea she was in love come on guys give her a break (/me rolls eyes).

    i guess love = a few weeks/months/or even a year (while an eternity to her it will pale in comparison to the 50 years or so the planet will be stuck with her).

    what an idiot, she should have blown the guy or done anal, an std for her is not as bad as ruining a child’s life.

    by the way to the teen mothers that made it work seriously great job, I know it was tough. I think we can all agree though that just because you can breed, does not mean you should.

    references: see – walmart

  47. lmao @ draeggs

    As a former teen mom that managed to raise a normal, non-serial killer kid, thank you.

    and I agree you need only look as far as your local Wallyworld. POWM rule :P

  48. Can you really call them babies? They seem to be more like fuck trophies anymore.

  49. “This also means that some 15-year-old was smart enough to realise how lame this was, and send it to Lamebook. All hope for this generation is not lost!”

    haha, you’re welcome.

    So, the story is, she pretty much keeps on telling everyone more, bit by bit, by saying what happened to her on her status updates. Apparently she took “only 3/7 of her required birth contol pills” and also was telling everyone (via status) when she was a few days off.
    She shouldn’t be posting these things… really.
    Her most recent status update was “just came back from the hospital, went to take a pregnancy test. my pee overflowed all over my hands, gross.”

  50. @everyone who bagged this dude out- You suck, this is freaking hilarious.

  51. errrr don’t mind me, wrong page… continue with the bagging of stupid moles

  52. seriously! dustyjjc and i know her! she honestly posts EVERYTHING and ANYTHING personal on facebook. “not pregnant, so stfu. all the tests were negative, and i got my period today. -groan- crammmmppsss” was a recent one. and then when her friend said she was happy she wasn’t prego, she answered with a “no, i wish i was”.
    what the fuck is wrong with people these days.

  53. Something is very wrong with this child. Got anymore funny status updates from her?

  54. Actually, in some areas (i know my state is one of them) it’s illegal for anyone under 16 to have sex.

    i’m just not sure how one enforces that law…

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