Thursday, March 25, 2010

Pop … Culture?

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  1. Made me chuckle, but I think Ahmed’s a fake.

  2. What’s with the hate for Nickleback? I don’t really care for them, but the hate is so strong.

  3. Hmm, Twilight makes sense (I understand it was shit out by the Devil), but why all the outrage over Nickelback? I see so much hate for the group everywhere, and I don’t get where it comes from. They’re not a favourite of mine by a long shot, but I don’t think they’re bad, by any means.

    I think I’m about to be exiled from Lamebook.

  4. ^i hope so.

  5. Yeah… BritishHobo I thought you were better than that.

  6. I think people should make peace with the fact that Nickelback and Twilight will always be hated and mocked. It’s easier that way…

  7. We’ve decided you can stay British. You’re previous posts more than make up for this last one.

  8. It’s alright Hobo, I’m probababy on the way out too. I’m actually going to admit to liking ONE of their songs.
    So bring it on people, crucify me, crucify me now!

  9. word, that sounded sexual. “crucify me now!”

  10. probababy ha, that’s a new one. I like it, I’m gonna take it on, has a good ring to it.
    You all knew what I meant, so don’t rip me a new one ok.

  11. Music is somewhat hardwired into our brains, so it can evoke a very visceral reaction from people.

    As for Nickelback, the hate bandwagon everyone is riding is representative of the very thing they decry about Nickelback’s music. It’s kind of beautiful in its own retarded way.

  12. i saw the twilight thing coming. so typical.

  13. ee, you know me, doesn’t matter what the topic is, I can always bring it round to sex.

  14. You’re a filthy perv word, and I like it.

  15. I'm Canadian Also

    the Nickelback hate is because they epitomize the current pseudo-hard-rock party-pandering generica. That said I’ll confess to some of their songs being guilty pleasures of mine. They do what they do well, and consistently pump out catchy tunes that are at home in bars and hockey game intermissions.

  16. I'm Canadian Also

    They’re Canadian Also

  17. Come to think of it, I REALLY must have liked that song.
    At one stage it was in the top 25 of the most played on my ipod.
    Considering how much music I have on there, that’s really fuckin’ scary.
    I’m proud to say now that it no longer makes the cut.

  18. bollywood_rocks83

    I like Nickelback too. I think of them in the same genre as switchfoot and Hobastank. I’m also sure people don’t like these bands.

    My thing is this: if you don’t like them,don’t slam them, don’t listen to them and don’t slam other people for liking them.

  19. I would find the apparently random hatred of Nickelback irrational, but I have been to America, and switched on one of your radios.

    Your rage is more than justified.

  20. i dont understand the nickelback hate… seem like just any other crappy band

    And twight looks lame, but the twight light bashing is getting old too

    Omg people like things I think are lame… i better mock them so I can feel better about my jugalette clown fetish

  21. Nickelback is hated by a lot of people because they pump out tons of extremely generic “hard rock” music that produces a lot of record sales but has no originality and no desire to push the envelope in any way. They are a cardboard cutout of a band, representing thousands of shitty garage bands that sound just like them. People resent that they’ve managed to become so successful with such an unoriginal sound…they represent all that’s wrong with the music industry today.

    That’s why most people hate them. Personally, I hate them because Mike Kroeger drugged and anally violated me in 1994 in the alley behind a Starbucks in Vancouver while shouting, “Here’s your nickel back, bitch!” just because I never let him keep the change from my double tall mocha latte. As if the anal violation wasn’t bad enough, they consistently fail to give me credit for inspiring their name.

  22. Sensible, your first paragraph can speak for many bands, but I respect your opinion.
    Your second paragraph is just fucking outright hilarious.

  23. See thats what I dont get… good for nickelback… they have found away to be successful… I dont understand how they could represent what is wrong with the music industry when they are putting out music that people buy… its supply and demand… if that kind of crappy rock wasnt in demand then people wouldnt buy it… I think it jealousy… People think they could do that and because its not original enough that its no good

  24. Haha, first I thought Ahmed was one of those linguistically challenged people who *still* talk about themselves in 3rd person in their status updates – but that he at least stuck with his choice, even in the replies.

  25. Wow. Nickleback should totally adopt/admit your story Sensible. That is probably the most interesting story I’ve ever heard about them. Actually, I don’t think I’ve ever heard any other stories about the band or it’s members but I’m still sure it would top any if I had.

  26. yes slim, you’re right, and I can think of many bands that have made it big despite being shit.
    It’s just the way it is, many good bands go unrewarded, while some crap ones make the dollars.

    We’ve been on a few dates now slim, I’m calling it in… address me as I’ve requested in the previous post from here on in ok.

  27. hey… let me in your lowness and i will call you your highness

  28. Elizabeth Bathory

    Tara FTW!

  29. It’s not just Nickelback. It’s ALL of those bands. There’s one song by (I think) Puddle of Mud that is almost exactly like a Nickelback song or vice versa. Their songs have more cliches than a high school literature magazine. I’m not the type who jumps on a bandwaggon, but I know I wasn’t the first person to hate Nickelback and all those bands (I think Hinder is another one that makes me want to beat myself to death with a crowbar).

  30. hey… i got an idea… if you dont like their music… dont listen to them… it aint that fucking difficult

  31. @Slimjayz

    If I don’t like something, then obviously it shouldn’t exist. Those are the rules. I hate Nickelback, therefore everyone else should also. I have a negative opinion of the literary quality of the Twilight books and therefore, everyone else should hate them.

    See? Simple. However, if you bastards continue listening and watching this drivel, then it’s my solemn DUTY to let you know how wrong you are!!!!

    Opinions are like assholes, if yours is different than mine, then you should see a doctor.

  32. ^it’s hard not to listen to their music when their over-simplified guitar riffs are blarring everywhere you go…especially here in Canada due to the fact that stations must play a certain percentage of Canadian music per day…I think Chad Kroegers voice is God damn awful, it sounds as if he hasn’t cleared his throat in 10 years. As mentioned before they add nothing new to the music scene. They’re doing what Pearl Jam already did, yet still have the balls to call their own music original. It’s also hard to take them serisously when their main demographic is 12 year old boys who think they’re hard core and trailer trash.

  33. if you like rock music I don’t understand why you wouldn’t listen to good rock music, there are so many choices.

  34. Mediocre bands and literature exist so that we may know more easily if someone is mediocre, and therefore “un-friend-able”. Why else would you ask someone you’re trying to get to know what kind of music they like?

  35. @justbeingmiley

    Like Miley Cyrus?

  36. Hmmm kd, I think you’re joking, but it can be hard to tell here.
    If not, that’s a little harsh. I’d have almost no friends if that was my criteria for liking them, as so many of them have poor taste in music.
    I have a strict criteria for choosing men though. They must pack at least 4 inches on the flop or it’s no deal.

  37. Ah see, I guess this is why I don’t get a lot of this hate, not being in America. I understand the Miley Cyrus hate, because when I went to America a couple of years back, she was EVERYWHERE. Yet, since she’s never played over here, I (again sacrificing my place on Lamebook for what I naively consider to be fairly decent music) think she’s a fairly good artist. Ignore the Hannah Montana stuff, that’s for kids. But whe… wait, shit, wrong rant.

    Saying that though, ‘Rockstar’ by Nickelback was played every ten seconds for about twenty thousand months over here, and was even on an advert for a sofa store that they put on every sungle fucking ad break, so hearing that song makes me want to punch walls. Or tear my sofa apart.

  38. @wordpervert: Bollocks.

  39. lol

  40. Hobo, I was being generous.

  41. I like miley… party in the usa bitches!

  42. on the flop huh word… how long is your face?

  43. I take that to mean you measure up slim.

  44. I'm Canadian Also

    What troubles me about Sensible’s rant is that he’s obviously a big enough fan/follower to know the back-story of the band name – that the bands bass player Mike Krueger worked at a Starbucks in Vancouver and would give people a nickels back in change. This troubles me, but not the anal rape.

  45. @Canadian: Actually, I got all that after 2 minutes with our good friend Wikipedia. But thanks for caring.

  46. CommentsAtLarge

    @Sensible Madness

    It puts the nickle in the bin, or it gets the hose again.

  47. What troubles me is that I’m Canadian Also is enough of a follower to know that Sensible knew the back story of the band’s name ;)

    I’ve confused myself.

  48. Gee, what would we do without Wikipedia?
    Although I’d never be even remotely inclined to look up Nickelfuckinback.

    Whoa, almost threw up on the keys again.

  49. of course… cant be this cocky without the cock, lol

  50. @wordpervert: sometimes, comedy requires great sacrifice. I hope you all appreciate the shit I put myself through to come up with this stuff. All I ask in return is your undying admiration. And mountains of cash in small unmarked bills, delivered at least weekly. I don’t think that’s too much to ask for.

  51. Sensible, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander, so I expect the same rewards as you do.

  52. Nickelback are shit, I just googled their lyrics, that’s 2 minutes of my life I’ll never get back.

  53. I actually like Nickelback but I still thought this was funny =)

  54. Dr. Azizted-Homicide

    i don’t see what the problem is. what’s wrong with job blow, dime a dozen, cookie cutter radio rock?

    at the end of the day if you’re listening to commercial radio at all, you’re doing yourself a huge disservice. but i should add as a qualifier that i assume you want to grow and develop as a person.

  55. @Sensible Madness

    I do appreciate the levels of depravity you will sink to in the name of our entertainment. My sphincter gets all fluttery whenever you spin one of your yarns.

  56. Not when their shit is playing on a DFS commercial whilst watching the box…….I have little choice other than to turn it back over to kids TV…….grim

  57. So if they make accessible, radio-friendly music, why does everybody assume that makes them sellouts? If there are so many people who like that kind of music, why can’t the actual band members be some of them and give them the benefit of the doubt that they’re producing music that they like? Doesn’t mean you have to like it, but it would make them not sell-outs. Ont everybody has to make 25 minute long songs of random noises that only make sense if you’re on the same drugs that they were when they made the music in order to be true to themselves.

  58. MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    @ soup.. which sphincter would you be referring to? The voluntary or involuntary anal sphincter? Just curious (and worried for anyone sitting next to you if it’s the latter) :D

  59. Monkey, my friends have learned to associate my foul stench with silent applause.

  60. @ Sense: As I was picking myself up off the floor from laughing so hard, I couldn’t help but notice I was a little aroused by your statement. I thought Nickelback was okay, but now I like them a little more. Once again Wikidpedia, (yes that’s how I meant to spell it) racks up another point in my book.

    You could see the second one coming a mile away. The only thing I wasn’t sure about, whether or not it was Twilight or Harry Potter. Though I still laughed a little.

  61. Ah, Soup, #59… that just made my day. Thank you.

  62. yet and the score for nickleback. as much u all hate them, u’ve all been talking about them, researching them etc…..although very valid point in that when radio stations play and play and play songs, sure does wreck them, good or not!

  63. Sensible Madness #21, your comment made my day. Keep up the depravity, you have MY undying admiration.

  64. I can admit to liking both Nickle Back and Twilight. I don;t understand the hate for either, yet it doesn’t bother me.

  65. Personally I would say that X-Factor and American Idol represent all that is wrong with the music industry. At least Nickelback write their own music, rather than the winners of these shows who get handed a song belonging to someone else to butcher.

    Personally, I love Nickelback. I went to see them live and they were amazing. Their music is fun to sing along to.

    I like Twilight too. I’m far from obsessed with it (I’m a Harry Potter geek to the end) but I rather enjoy it for what it is.

    It doesn’t bother me if other people don’t like them, I just wish they wouldn’t act so superior.

  66. I don’t hate Nickelback per se, I hate the fact that not an hour of the day can pass without one of there songs be blasted out of commercial radio.

    And yes, I do just change the station when they come on…..

  67. one of ‘their’ songs, pickled… and being, not be.

  68. I agree with DanR. I don’t think our society has stooped low enough that people would watch Twilight in a school computer lab. At least, that’s what I tell myself nightly.

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