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  1. How stomach churningly sweet.

    Still don’t know why she’s rejected him twice though…Maybe it’s because he’s a doormat.

  2. this has to be fake , it just has to be

    If it isn’t … give it up m8 and take some assertivity courses or something

    Sef , doormat indeed.

  3. What a bitch. She isn’t worth that.
    What’s the bet that even if he gets that many she’ll just leave him.

  4. This isn’t lame or funny, just sad.

  5. Friendly advice: dump her!

  6. this guy is either seeking attention, a glutton for punishment, or retarded.
    there is no way this girl is going to do anything but laugh at the extents she can get him to go to for her in humiliating himself.
    either he likes to lap water from the toilet whilst collared by her and wearing a chastity device, or he’s pathetic.
    a real man only proposes once.
    jesus christ.

  7. lets all join, and hope to see his suicidal status (when she still rejects him AGAIN) in a couple of weeks, with a few likes beneath it to get it on here.

  8. This is pathetic, I suppose some dude made a bet with his friends to see how dump people can be ,because NO WAY this can be real.

    On a second thought ,if so dump her ,what a superstitious bitch!

  9. Just checked the group and he has about 17,000. Good luck with that. And by the way, two rejections? Somebody buy this guy a hint.

  10. she doesnt love you.

    kill yo self.

  11. @10 – shit film, shit message. shut the hell up.

  12. The thought of this post actually being real has caused my Thanksgiving dinner to spew forth from my mouth. Thank you, Caroline’s love puppy, for making me waste many hours hurling in my bathroom.

  13. Screw the bitch and dump the bitch. That’ll teach that bitch to treat that dumb numbnut as a doormat.

  14. This reeks of “Angels in the Outfield”. Yeah, I’ll marry you when Angels win the pennant. I actually feel bad for this guy.

  15. i don’t think this is a good way to start a marriage, but i want to thank this guy because it prompted me to listen to ‘caroline, no’ by the beach boys. and by prompting me i meant that i started a facebook group called ‘if 1,700 people join, i will listen to my favourite beach boys song.’

  16. She probably doesn’t want to marry this guy, groups hardly ever get that amount of people. That or she is just INCREDIBLY childish.

  17. hes going to get so many more members now that its on lamebook though

  18. #18

    Actually, all he is likely going to get from the Lamebook posting is a flood of people letting him know how pathetic he is.

  19. #19
    you still have an influx of members, since you have to join to comment a group
    members are member

  20. Lol.

    “I’m never marrying you. Unless you invite [arbitrary number of people] to some random Facebook group. Then we can get hitched.”

    I smell fake.

  21. If that isn’t fake, then that’s just fucking embarassing. Grow a pair, jesus fucking christ. Who the fuck says that? I would NEVER join that group. I actually don’t understand why ANYONE would join that group who didn’t know either party personally. “ZOMG I’m liek sooo generous, I done joined a group to help this gorjus cupple!”

  22. This guy’s dick should pack its bags and leave. So fucking pathetic.

  23. I just searched the friends of the group creator for a girl named Caroline, as in “Caroline, I love you!” (read less). Turns out, they (or at least she) graduated from high school this year. This explains a lot.

  24. Spolit bitch needs a kick in the tits!!!!

  25. If this is Real, how fucking sad is it that he’s still trying? Move on, find someone else.

    I agree Burgers, Something smells fishy; and I don’t think its Just Coraline’s box ether.

  26. @Paula


  27. Ugh. I wish I could go back in time and “read less”.

  28. I hope this shit isnt real. He is signing his balls over to this broad. What happens when he wants kids etc. She has him neutered. This isnt sweet or meaningful, this is bullshit selfishness. And really who proposes that many times after being rejected? My Husband proposed to me drunk and naked on Christmas eve. He then kissed me fell asleep and spent the night snoring and farting. I look back at it with fondness. People want grand gestures and foolishnes. I had a gassy drunk naked man. And it was perfect.

  29. January 17 a special day?
    It’s like anti-christmas FFS
    the worst day of the year… my ex wifes birthday

  30. Kiwi, your attempt at ridicule has simultaneously displayed a less than firm grasp of grammer as well as a deficiency of vocabulary.

    Subsequently, it is ironic that you preface your comment by stating that your target is “pathetic” then illustrating that point by mispelling “dumb” and misusing “superstitious”.
    This is not surprising as your Username is that of Nature’s D student.

    This is probably what you meant as you were metaphorically running through the forrests of New Zealand triumphantly before ramming headfirst into a tree trunk splitting your little Kiwi skull leaving your poorly conceived kiwi body twitching lifelessly in a puddle of your own failure.

    That is what i visualize when i read your comment, and it pleases me.

    This is what your pitiful Kiwi cortex was attempting to express:

    “This is pathetic; I suppose some dude made a bet with his friends to see how dumb people can be because there is no way this can be real.

    On a second thought, if so, dump her. What a superficial bitch!”

    Darwinism Kiwi, you cannot excape it.

  31. :) Grammar

    Fuck you Kiwi

  32. Haha, I love you Adamn!!

  33. Wow Adamn, that’s a lot of hate you have there!

  34. “This is probably what you meant as you were metaphorically running through the forrests of New Zealand triumphantly before ramming headfirst into a tree trunk splitting your little Kiwi skull leaving your poorly conceived kiwi body twitching lifelessly in a puddle of your own failure.” LMAO!!!

  35. If this dooshbag is real then he needs more brians or an epiphany stat! Fucking stupid 18 year olds! Well at least the chick is trying to let him down gently. So it would be nice if this group creator had a cup of coffee and woke the fuck up to see that “it’s not going to happen”.

  36. Adamn FTW!

  37. Agreed

  38. First of all Adamn, I agree with you… However; I can’t help but laugh at your inability to criticize someone for using incorrect spelling without being able to FAIL miserably with your own spelling. That being said; Nice!

  39. @ Adamn

    You of the perfect grammar, spelling and thesaurus – it’s “forests”.

    “Forrests” goes with “Gumps”.

  40. At least i can spell “dumb”.

  41. 40 FTW!!!!!

  42. Adamn… do you want an award for spelling “dumb” correctly? This isn’t a 1st grade spelling bee. Does your mommy know you’re on the computer?

  43. @ MNic

    Sure i can, watch:

    Fuck you.

    Antarctic Circle

    I love that movie, let’s watch it while you blow me.

  44. It’s a good thing too because Kiwi would have been held back and yes, yes she does. :)

  45. Ouch… that’s hurtful… Well, if we’re going to be sinking down to that level then my mom can kick your mom’s B.U.T.T. Spell that one Adumb… I mean Adamn. I’m sorry, I guess you’ve just convinced my whole realm of understanding into believing that Adamn and Adumb are pretty much the same thing. … Man, I hate it when that happens.

    Just know this Adumb; At least I can handle criticism in a mature manner…

    P.S.- You’re ugly…

  46. @Antarctic Circle

    The blowing wouldn’t take too much effort so don’t take it too seriously. Have you ever used a toothpick?… Same idea.


  47. Haha, thanks MNic! I don’t take anything from kids seriously anyway. Besides, you know someone is cornered when their only refuge is to type, “fuck you”. Shame.

    Re your comment at #46: touché !!

  48. Hey – where’s Zombie Kid?

  49. liking turtles ;)

  50. I think she should just break up with him and get it over with, or just explain to him why she doesn’t want to get married. This way she’s just stringing him along, big time (the bitch). Although he’s a loser for playing along and not realising she just doesn’t want to marry him – WAKE UP

  51. Yeah, I didn’t want to have to scar the kid but a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do. He hasn’t replied for a while so I guess that means one of two things:

    1. His mom caught him and he’s getting the crap kicked out of him for using such naughty language


    2. I went too far and now he’s crying in the corner of his bedroom. (If this is the case Adumb I am very sorry for persecuting you even now… at least a little sorry … k, maybe not)

  52. I think he should take the hint. Usually when people say something along the lines of when you get 1,170,000 people to back us up then I will marry you, that’s the same thing (in a girl’s mind) as “when pigs can fly.”

  53. I want to join this, and get all my friends to join this, because I’d love to see what she says when he reaches that many members. If she doesn’t want to marry him, and he’s such an obsessive, she might as well tell him why not rather than saying ‘oh, I don’t wanna explain’ and giving impossible demands.

    Okay, that was way too judgmental on two people I’ve never met. But it’s clearly not going to end well, otherwise she would have said yes without the Facebook demand. So for giving the little wounded puppy guy hope that she might actually marry him… I hope he gets enough signatures to call her out on it.

  54. #4 for the very sad win….kick her ass to the curb and find someone else to stalk..errr date

  55. The guy is a complete idiot that can’t take a hint. That said, I joined the group anyway. Hopefully he’ll come to his senses at some point and dump the stupid bitch.

  56. clearly she does not want to marry him. she gave him a little mission to sidetrack him so she can continue to fuck someone else.

  57. Sorry man, she didn’t say 1,170,000 because you guys met on January 17 and it’s a “BIG Day!”. It’s because she knows you’ll never get 1,170,000 people to join your stupid group.

    Get over it dude. And try to grow some balls as well.

    This is probably the most pathetic thing I have ever seen.

  58. Maybe she also doesnt want to marry a dude with a bowl cut. This dude needs a new haircut as well as some balls.

  59. Poor guy… He only has 53,247 members so far… Looks like he won’t be getting married for quite some time! But seriously, what a crumb… wouldn’t you take the hint that she’s obviously not that into you if she doesn’t say yes to marriage in the first place! Poor little Bretty Grant.

  60. Wheres his heart on his sleeve.

  61. I joined his group and told him I joined via Lamebook lol.

  62. This guys numbers are flying up thanks to Lamebook!
    The guys about to check out Lamebook as he commented on my comment (that sounds so shit!) about it being on here! Be nice to the poor sap people!

  63. I think she’s strategically amassing her exit gang bang.

  64. so of course I joined the group…

  65. So, I joined the group and it brought to my attention that he’s pretty much screwed no matter what he does. 1. She said she wanted a million people backing him. Right now he has like 600,000 people just telling him to dump her(which, he should.)
    And 2nd, She wasn’t even planning on saying yes as I said before. ^^

    I do feel sorry for the young lad.

  66. pmsl @65

  67. @60 when I was there about 4 hours before he only had 35,000 so hes moving on up and not too slowly…I joined I wanna see what happens next HA HA HA

  68. Next up: If 11,270,000 people join this group, my wife will have a baby with me.

  69. That dyslexic geek Adamn is almost as lame as the poor bastard subject of this post.

  70. All the pictures are of Boxxy. HMM, wonder what that means.

  71. Yeah, I just realized it’s that weird bitch Boxxy….is this a joke?

  72. Oh ok I’m slow. Bro got haxed.

  73. Still think that the spoilt bitch is in need of a kick in the tits!!!

  74. Because nothing says “I will stay faithful to you and cherish you for the rest of my life” like a Facebook group right?

    I’m curious to know how he “can even give up his soul for her.” Pre-nup with the devil perhaps?

  75. I feel sorry for this guy. His girlfriend is either a control freak, or very uninterested. It’s unfortunate he doesn’t see this, really. Unless it’s a fake in which case it’s kinda pathetic.

    @Jacko Agreed.

  76. @20:

    Your reasoning would be correct, except that many people joined and left wall posts saying something along the lines of “I just joined to tell you to grow a pair, I’m leaving the group now.” Even with this being on Lamebook, the guy is only up to like 80K last time I checked. He’s never getting married, which is exactly the way the immature little bitch wants it.

    I told him to pick up what was left of his dignity and leave. He probably won’t.

  77. @ Jacko & Turtles ftw
    First of all, you guys rock. Second, leave the poor kid alone. He’s probably grounded from the computer for the next week. We probably shouldn’t make fun of him when he’s not even here:)

  78. aaaaaaahhhh….. puppy love. i think this is genuine. sadly. fuck it. all kids need to experience despair and heartbreak. inevitable for this poor sucker. next time he will be wiser…. you would hope.

  79. I like turtles.

  80. haha hey Zombie Kid you should start a facebook group ‘i like turtles’.

  81. And the coloured girls go / Doo do doo do doo do do doo…

  82. You see that little link that says “read less”? I would click that…cause I really don’t give a shit…

  83. BAHAHAHA when i checked then there was only 14,676 members.

  84. Wow Adamn, Kiwi made a typo. You just made a shit ton of spelling errors. Way to go dumbass. escape* grammar* forests* Not to mention you made several punctuation errors.

  85. ever think that maybe kiwi was referring to the numbers of the people she requested as being superstitious? you know, with the dates and all.

    I get the feeling that Adamn is just trying to draw attention or feel better about himself when he puts down kiwi. you would think that if he had any brains at all he would be careful to not make any errors himself in criticizing someone else’s errors.

    you are an idiot

  86. Okay, seriously, if this is real, how can you tell this poor soul to go kill himself?? What a bunch of arrogant pricks!

  87. This obviously shows how stupid this moron is. The girl obviously gave him some stupid impossible work just so she don’t have to propose him. The next thing he knew is that the girl is already married.

  88. It’s far more likely that he’s trying to break some record or something than actually get this tart to marry him.

  89. pure – d horse shit, that’s what it is …

  90. this is actually real like i saw the group and everything how sick right?

  91. Well that’s going to be one of the happiest marriages yet….. wake the f*** up man!!!!!!!

  92. SHE DOESN’T LOVE YOU OBVIOUSLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  93. I’m not a big fan of judging or anything like that – Hell., I don’t even know what kind of woman he’s doing this for..

    .. but no woman is worth killing yourself on FACEBOOK..

  94. So let’s just say 1,170,000 join the bloody group and she stills says no! At least he’s gonna have 1,170,000 people to help him find his true love.

  95. OH MY GOD.
    People on my friends list are actually joining this group.
    Needless to say, they won’t be my friends for much longer.

  96. everyone should find the group and report abuse! That will get the group shut down and hopefully this silly twat might wake up and smell the coffee.

  97. wow almost at 800,000

  98. I sincerely hope that he gets the woman of his dreams…

    So that he’ll wake up and see that he got the bitch of his nightmares when she plays the “lets get divorced and I take your money” game.

    My guess is that, most likely, this is next version of chain e-mails. You know the mentality to see how long an e-mail about a child with cancer can circulate around, is now being applied to facebook groups to see if enough sheep will sign up for some moronic cause.

  99. wow, what a lot of violent and hateful language. Maybe she doesn’t want to get married because she’s only 18? This is bound to be a joke, or someone’s psychology experiment. Adamn is probably Australian. Nothing else can explain the outpouring of kiwi-directed hatred. There should be a lamebook page for stupid over-the-top torrents of abuse hurled at complete strangers over lame comments with typos.

  100. The content of the group info is a lie. Caroline never agreed to this facebook group thing. It’s just a pathtic way for Brett to pressure her because he doesn’t have the balls to move on. Read the discussion boards.

  101. succubus

  102. I think it’s quite humorous that the whole world is laughing at him.

  103. I saw this and couldn’t believe it…

  104. i was invited to this group…. but i didnt join because it was dumb

  105. Is it weird that I’m picturing the woman laughing maniacally as she manipulates the crimson thread she’s obviously got tied to his limbs? Poor bastard.

  106. Adamn & Insane FTW

  107. lol too funnny. I joined and basically she refused to marry him even after everyone joined. Such a bitch!!!

  108. Ok, a last update from the page:
    This was updated when the number was a little over a million, but most people have missed this. I don’t take this as an end, I will talk to her when everything cools down.

    Just to avoid confusion, Carolines below means three caroline in my list and which profile were plastered all over before I got them removed. Dozens of people have been sending nasty messages to them. And I urge you all not to. Please.

    I’m sorry I messed up… Some of you about her is right .. She’s asking me to stop. Please stop inviting people, it’s useless now. Thnks.

    And some of you who have been sending messages to Caroline[s], pls stop doing sso.

    Talk later.

    I failed If you want to leave, go ahead…I’m sorry.

  109. Sad thing is, he doesn’t realise how ridiculous he’s being.

  110. Or should I say, didn’t.

  111. Reading of the turn of events was quite depressing. To be fair, what did he expect? Why would some large number of people saying he should marry her sway her opinion when the vast majority of those people are only virtual acquaintances with either of them.

    Still sad.

  112. Poor guy!

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