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Polute the Earth?

Polute the Earth?

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  1. In other words, if you can’t produce a litter, just litter.

  2. I really hope that Matthew doesn’t polute the earth. Wait – does he mean populate? Because I really hope he doesn’t do that either.

    Wtf Matthew, you’re kind of a douche.

  3. i hope matthew gets aids

  4. idiot.

    amazing how these crusaders can’t see further than their own stupidity! as if same sex couples aren’t looking for love and companionship too.

    fanaticism is a scary thing kids.


  6. wait, ignorant dumbasses like matthew are allowed to get married and produce more dumbasses but two people who love each other aren’t? what business does he have saying what two people can or cannot do?

  7. that entire status is an oxymoron.

  8. This is what happens when you believe in a skydaddy…

  9. that is probably the worst argument i’ve ever heard against gay marriage….

  10. “If you can’t have kids, who cares, the love and companionship between a man and a women is what marriage is about.”

    “a man and a women” sounds pretty sexy.
    And can’t a gay couple also not have kids…who cares, the love and companionship between a man and a man or a woman and a woman is what marriage is about.

    There is too much to laugh at.

  11. Its people like him that I want to punch square in the face.

    Hey asshole. Your penis or vagina shouldn’t have anything to do with LEGAL rights. Marriage is a legal right. If marriage was about religion all marriage ceremonies would be legally ran and all would have to be the same. Anyone can get legally married and have any kind of wedding. They can evil worship the devil (which has been done).

    I don’t recall going to the court house and signing paperwork stating I am Christian and will fallow the bible and the bibles ways through my marriage. Speration of church and state motherfucker.

  12. For fuck’s sake, his status got me so pissed off I wasn’t able to spell or punctuate correctly. Way to make me turn into a dumb ass like you Matt.

  13. When has there ever been faulty logic in the bible!?

  14. I’m so glad there hasn’t been any agreement with thus douchenozzle. This proves that people who are against gay marriage are idiots. It’s not a religious issue, it’s a civil rights issue!


  16. So, as Matthew argues, if marriage did not exist before the Bible (“there wouldn’t be such a thing called marriage if it wasn’t for the bible”), then I guess all the people in the Bible who were supposedly married were just adulterers who are now burning in hell? Because, you know, the Bible wasn’t written then. Dumbass.

  17. Oh, and I guess he also condones polygamy since marriage is between “a man and a women.”

  18. Yeah, marriage didn’t exist before the Bible. Not anywhere, not one bit. And all those non-Xian marriages? Well, they’re just invalid obviously. Idiot.

    Even if marriage *was* a valid religious rather than civil liberty issue, the arguments against same-same marriage largely mirror the arguments that were made against inter-racial marriage when that too was illegal. Just as those arguments were too, the view is archaic and speaks of nothing but ignorance. Marriage should be about love and partnership, nothing else is relevant.

  19. “Penguins ain’t natural, they’re man-made. It says so in the Bible.”

  20. hahaha. and of course, indigenous tribes that married prior to western religion… those weren’t marriages, of course. just crazy voodoo.

  21. Are we sure that wasn’t sarcasm? I really hope that was sarcasm…he’s either an idiot of wrote a wonderful piece of satire.

  22. This man is a prime example as to why I stay far away from Christianity and church. Religion is supposed to be a good thing yet it breeds more hate, causes more wars and kills more people then they would like to admit to.

    Why would I want to go be pummeled by asinine views like this? Honestly this guy is pure brain washing. He doesn’t live in the real world. I’d rather stay out here with the people GOD supposedly put on earth with me and be happy. This is just hate spewed by a know it all fucktard.

  23. Hey guys. I wouldn’t be so hard on Matthew. After all, he does have a PhD in Truthology from Christian Tech, so if anyone is an authority on marriage, it is he.

  24. Is it weird that I spent 1/2 a minute debating whether to put the technically correct “he” at the end of that last sentence, or the idiomatic “him”?

    I’m afraid of the grammar police around these parts… they sure do love to parse dem misphrasin’s…

  25. captain planet is not happy!

  26. I bought a rubber bracelet and it has these letters on it: W.C.W.M.S —> Who cares what Matthew says?

  27. P.S If you want to know what a bible says a marriage is, watch this!

  28. Hahaha, I love it when people think that marriage was created by religion, what the hell.

  29. I always love the argument that God said to go forth and multiply so it has to be between man and woman. What about couples that are infertile?

  30. yeah cos like people totally never got married before the Bible. Nope, never ever. Before the Bible came along, everyone was literally a bastard.

  31. misswinter, i always love when the hyper-religious infertile couples (like jon and kate, octomom) go to fertility doctors to get pregnant, then claim that god wants them to multiply. obviously, if it wasn’t for SCIENCE they could not. in their natural state, ‘god’ doesn’t want them to multiply. natural selection doesn’t want them to multiply. but they’ve deluded them selves into thinking they should. it’s not just a religion, it’s a cult of narcissism.

    sometimes science is wrong.

  32. I think Matthew needs a lesson in history. I believe marriage has been around long before Christianity.

  33. What a complete arsehole there is so much wrong with that status that there’s no no need to point out how much of an idiot he us… He’s done it for us. Well done idiot hope you never go forth and ‘pollute’

  34. I bet Matthew is a closet homo sexual.

  35. If God only created Adam and Eve as a man and a woman left to repopulate the earth… then the entire human population was created out of incest. To keep it going, their children would have had to had sex with each other or one of them to produce children. And Matthew’s worried about the perversion of marriage. If you don’t want gay marriage, then don’t get one.

  36. You guys would be better off just colluding and coming up with one good comment, instead of 35 of the same mildy-to-not amusing ones.

  37. Your reactions to the “hate” of this “Christian” are completely ironic. Can you grasp that? Can you understand that hating a person you accuse of hate makes you exactly the same as that person? It’s completely ridiculous how easily people can accuse others, but fail to notice that they’re doing exactly the same thing.

    I’m not saying I agree with him at all, but here’s an idea: if you want other people to stop being “douchenozzles,” stop being one yourself. You know, conquer hate with love. Sounds like a response from a civil rights leader of about 40 years ago, doesn’t it?

    And to those of you who like to throw around the phrase “separation of church and state,” try reading the First Amendment a few times. You tell me if it sounds like it’s saying “the church can’t be involved in legal issues” or “the government should have absolutely no control over religion.”

    I hope we can have an intellectual conversation about this. Not everyone who disagrees with you is an idiot.

  38. So Matt, where you there when God commanded us that only a Man and a Woman “not of the same sex” (redundant much?) can marry each other or do you have a Zapruder-esque recording of this momentous occasion?

  39. Michael again, if religion is to play a part in legal issues concerning marriage then weddings would have to be ruled by that religion as well. Yet, anyone of ANY religion or non religious beliefs can get married. Even if its AGAINST the bible. Couples can have weddings and religions solely based on the devil if they want.

    So to use the bible to govern marriage ONLY when it comes to sexual organs is pathetic. Its used by homophobic law makers and voters as an excuse to govern to their beliefs.

    Someday it will be gone, just like when two people of different races couldn’t get married. Just like when women couldn’t vote and etc.. etc..

  40. I would just like to point out that just because someone is Christian does not mean that they don’t believe in same-sex marriage. I consider myself very religious, I’m Roman Catholic, and I think anyone who wants to be wed, should be wed.

  41. Good for you, Tyler! :) I had a Christian phase myself in high school, and it’s scary how some of these people think, but that doesn’t mean all Christians are bad people. A lot of them are lovely individuals. I myself have a great deal of respect for the Catholic and Orthodox traditions.

  42. and on the fourth day, God made the rambling idiot. . .

  43. Dear Michael, who says we hate him?? We just think he’s an idiot. There’s a difference.

  44. Word, Mandy. This will all blow over — five to ten years, tops.

  45. Freudian slip much?


    If “God” did create marriage for a man and a woman only, then why did he create homosexuals?

    Ignorant faith believing morons.

  47. The bibles states a marriage is between

    Yes god made Adam and Eve. But Adam and Eve only had 2 sons. So marriage is between 1 man, 1 woman, and the son he fucks after he kills his brother!

    check out Deuteronomy 22:13-21
    Abraham married his sister Sarah. Who invited her husband to fuck her maid. So yes, again a bible based marriage is between one man, his sister and the help!

    Q&A time boys and girls…

    Q: What is gods punishment when you rape a woman?

    A: Marriage. so yes, a bible based marriage is also between one woman and a rapist!

    So check out Genesis chapter 19. when the angels warn you about a catastrophe that is about to happen and you don’t believe him… He’ll turn your wife into a pillar of salt. So yes. Marriage according to the bible is also about 1 man and a kitchen condiment!


    Samuel 16:21 Now king David had a bucket load of wives and concubines who he got sick of. So what do he do… Gave them to his son to fuck!

    Even though his father was so generous, to beat his father. Davids son Soloman and 700 wives. and to round that up 300 whores! so yes. a bible based marriage is between 1 man and 1000 Vagina’s!!!

    What do you do when you can’t afford a wife but you want a son and only have a daughter? That’s right… You get a slave and have him rape your daughter to produce a son. Who will inherit the slave once you are done with it or die!

    Just to help you fellows out who love lots of vagina. God says you can have as many wives as you want. Just as long as you have them at the same time. Enjoy!

    lets recap. the ideal marriage is between one man, his sister, a rapist, a kitchen condiment, a few more women, an adulterer, and a bunch of raped sluts, 700 wives, 300 concubines, the help and a son that killed his brother to fuck his mother!

    stolen from –

  48. LOL at evan. xD

  49. Mandy,

    Allow me to provide you with the legal definition of “marriage” and “spouse” as defined by US Code: Title 1,7

    “In determining the meaning of any Act of Congress, or of any ruling, regulation, or interpretation of the various administrative bureaus and agencies of the United States, the word ‘marriage’ means only a legal union between one man and one woman as husband and wife, and the word ‘spouse’ refers only to a person of the opposite sex who is a husband or a wife.”

    Nowhere in there does it say “for the Bible tells me so,” so it might be fair to assume that some of our lawmakers, somewhere (the non-Christian ones, perhaps), have at least considered more ramifications of the law than you could ever be aware of. They are, interestingly, elected and paid to do just that.

    And for clarification, someone who disagrees with homosexual marriage is not homophobic. Remember that “phobia” means “an irrational fear that produces a conscious avoidance of the feared subject, activity, or situation” and not “someone who has disagreements with.” If I run away screaming anytime I see a gay person, then yes, label me homophobic, it’s only fair. But if I disagree with legal issues regarding the topic, that doesn’t make me scared of homosexuals. If anything, it’s more akin to a conscientious objector.

    The trouble is, the people everyone notices are the ones like Matthew up there. He doesn’t speak for the Christian right, or the Christian left, or any religion in general. He speaks for himself, and from the looks of it, he doesn’t seem to speak incredibly clearly or intelligently. I’m not sure when bashing “those close-minded Christians” became an act of the truly open-minded, but that’s just another irony, now isn’t it?


    I’ll provide you with the definition of hate. “to dislike intensely or passionately; feel extreme aversion for or extreme hostility toward; detest:” You tell me if what you see from these comments is hate or just mild teasing.

    And lastly, my dear friend jonny,

    To supply evidence of things that are written of in the Bible as proof of how God views marriage would be like me quoting you the acts Jeffrey Dahmer committed from the opinion of the presiding judge and claiming that the law allows for things like rape, torture, and cannibalism. I understand that taking things out of context in order to make a joke about someone else is easy, but it’s not proper etiquette.

  50. Fruitfull?

  51. laughing Hysterically

    LMAO@ WTF & Jukes! you guys rock my ballz off. <3

    To Matthew – keep your goddamn whore bible out of my vagina!

  52. laughing Hysterically

    btw – plz marry me jonny

  53. Man. This is why I’m weary of saying I identify as Christian. People automatically assume that I think like that.

  54. Dear Michael,

    in my humble opinion using the US Code to prove this point is like using the bible to prove the existence of God.

    But I’m open minded so maybe God can give us a sign and turn a couple of lesbians into pillars of salt. That might help me get back on the horse of faith.

  55. I agree with Michael.

    holy cow: I don’t think if God existed he would go out of his way to give anyone a sign to prove that he exists to make people start believing in him again. You can use your own knowledge and judgement to determine what you want to believe.

    And i would say the same to everyone on here. This topic has been done to death, and people will always have conflicting views on gay marriage. In saying that, I’m going to move on to the next lamebook topic. Yes, i agree the ‘polute the earth’ part was quite funny :)

  56. Ok…Im polluting the earth and Im not married…Oh my God…am I committing adultery??? Someone connect me to Matthew

  57. This post explains just how crazy and deluded the
    “Religious-Right” is.

  58. Pardon me. I must’ve missed Adam and Eve’s wedding.

  59. I am not one to push my beliefs on someone else… but when ignorant ass holes post shit like this, I have to speak out.

    Hey Matt, The bible was written thousands of years ago by drunken old men, and if Jesus is from Israel… Why dose no one in Israel follow the Christian/Catholic bible? Why dose the people from the land not believe the same bullshit as you?

    And if you want to quote shit from the bible; the bible also states to “Love thy neighbor” (where dose it say to only love straight neighbors and to look down upon gay ones?)

  60. Ohhh, and this is for Michael July 17th, 2009 at 11:42 am (When you posted that one)

    Let me get this right… You are saying we need to stop being hypocrites and that by us saying rude things about Matt and the way he thinks, we are just as bad as what he said to upset everyone in the first place.

    ….. Well Michael, Please tell me, why in the world are you on a site like, a website where they take stupid things people have said and posted on the internet. Not to mention you are getting involved so much to leave lots of comments? Now please tell me, where do you get off in telling people to not say rude things to others? Let me remind you, you are on, it was built to point out ignorant people and to let others laugh at there stupidity. If you have a problem that people are leaving a comment saying that this kids post pissed them off…. Then get off of, because this is not a place for you.

  61. Joydivisionthecure

    jonny you’re an idiot. Stop using the word fuck when talking about the bible, I’m not a Christian but honestly that’s just offensive. I don’t agree with Micheal at all, I think he needs to get his facts straight before posting something like this. It pissese off when people are ignorant about issues like this and yet hold a firm beleif in one side or the other, despite their lack of knowledge. That applies for both sides. jonny you’re being extremely ignorant and coming off sounding like a dumbass. Although I do agree that the notion that the government can tell me I’m not allowed to marry the person that I love

  62. you know what’s awesome? gay people, getting along and not polluting.

    you know what’s not? internet fighting where people misspell shit all of the time.

  63. First of all. I’m not Christian. Far from it, in fact. I do not believe that Jesus was the Son of God or even any divine human being, for that matter. He was just a dude that people believed did crazy things. I get that. Most religions make you believe in the unbelievable to make sense of what is real. Totally understandable.

    However, I would just like to point out that this country was populated, in part, because people wanted a safe haven to practice their religion. They craved tolerance. Tolerance that many people now refuse to show to others. Why claim to live in the greatest country in the world, when you yourself aren’t practicing a basic ideal?

    I’m not going to argue religion here, considering I personally believe that Christianity is one of the worst religions in the world. I just have a personal dislike for most Christian beliefs and contradictions, but I grew up in the South as a very clear non-Christian. Therefore, the fact that I don’t believe in the Bible was always a hot topic. It’s frustrating. However, I will not go into the depths of that.

    Just food for thought. Why preach tolerance and not practice it? Why preach that love conquers all and deny certain people that right? Why make these people suffer criticism for simply following their predetermined desires? Seems a bit unfair that I get to love someone and show that to the world, while some don’t.

  64. Ah! So this is how conservatives deny global warming? God told us to polute the earth.

  65. Also, incidentally, the bible has nothing to do with the invention of marriage– there has long been performed marriage outside of Judaio-christian culture… You think the Hindus getting married thousands of years ago gave a shit what the bible said?

  66. Houston – I’m Hindu! And I had the exact same thought. I guess all my ancestors are adulterers. Good to know. Thanks, jack ass.

  67. This guy is a moron, he refutes his own justification. :P

    But seriously, why do these religious folk want to pollute the earth so much!? STOP BREEDING!

  68. And I’m sure all the people who were married before the Bible was even written would like to come back to live just long enough to smack this guy.

  69. And Michael: what reason does anyone have to oppose same sex marriage other than dislike, lack of understanding or outright fear of gay people? I have a hard time believing that someone who truly respects gay people and their privacy would care whether or not they call their bonding union a marriage, when it has nothing to do with them. The only other possible justification for opposition to same sex marriage, which admittedly is very prevalent as well, is a lack of understanding of the sovereignty of privacy. Yes, the current legal code prohibits recognition of same sex marriages federally, but that doesn’t make it just. Assuming that all laws are just would be completely irrational and would remove any need for judicial review. And I’m not exactly sure how calling someone who can’t accept diversity and progressive change close-minded makes the person making the accusation close-minded? I don’t see how criticizing someone’s steadfast support of traditional/old ideas has anything to do with how open-minded the person doing the criticizing is? But isn’t the definition of open-minded: “open to new ideas”? Or is there some other hidden irony that I don’t understand?

    A person’s freedom of religion is not absolute, in my opinion. When you try to impose on others’ right to privacy, property, and happiness (the last of which isn’t in the Constitution, I know, but has been cited in many legal findings by the Supreme Court and other federal courts making it a legal precedent) you begin to eat away at your own freedoms and rights. Just like the limit on freedom of speech that you cannot scream “fire” in a crowded room, your rights end when you begin to infringe upon others’ rights. People who vote for or support campaigns to overturn same sex marriage laws should be taxed extra for their attempts to pry into others’ lives.

  70. Matthew, you’re a douche. Michael, you sound like one too. Both of you can go fuck yourselves.

  71. It kinda pisses me off that i can’t contact this douche and tell him how much of a douche he really is

  72. What happened to the only commandment that replaced the ten when god made his new covenant with jesus?


    I’m an atheist for this exact reason. Hypocrisy is not a family value.

  73. Thank you, Michael. Your points were both poignant and true.

    “…what reason does anyone have to oppose same sex marriage other than dislike, lack of understanding or outright fear of gay people?”

    I’ll answer this. Because God hates homosexuality and it is a commandment to not live that lifestyle–it is an exercise of faith to not only stand against it in word but in deed. Homosexuality is an end of the continuance of life, genetically and natural selection wise, but also spiritually, because the temporal and the spiritual are one and the same to God. One must be willing to follow all of God’s laws, and for every degree that one is not willing, one is that separated from him. He is the ultimate energy source.

    We are to judge the sin, and love the sinner (all people, as Christ loves us.). It doesn’t mean that a person necessarily doesn’t understand gay people, nor does it mean that they fear them. It means that they’re choosing, beyond tendencies, to put off the natural man & live an ordered, faith-based existence.

  74. oh God, he’s going to “polute” the earth with his dumbassiness

  75. hahaha omg there’s so many things wrong with that

    “polute the earth” lol

    He says god wants people to [populate] the earth then later he says if you can’t have kids, who cares? It’s all about love and companionship anyways.

    Reproduction is the main argument christians make when condemning homosexuality so if it’s all about love & companionship in the end, does it matter who you love, man or woman? Nice work Matthew :)

  76. Joydivisionthecure- Sorry but Jonny was absolute right. Those stories he told came directly from the bible. I’m glad it offended you cause I’m offended by those bible stories too. That’s why I don’t want anything to do with it. There’s more to the story of Lot as well. After his wife was turned into a pillar of salt, his daughters got him drunk and had sex with him.

    Here’s a verse I found even more offensive than the incest crap:

    “Samar’ia shall bear her guilt, because she has rebelled against her God; they shall fall by the sword, their little ones shall be dashed in pieces, and their pregnant women ripped open.” Hosea 13:16


  77. needs his dick cut off.

  78. this is why bush was elected

  79. be fruitful and pollute the earth. lol. thats pretty much what we’ve been doing mate. now, populate the earth? thats a different matter, and it’s being done just fine too thanks, i don’t think the gay population will have much effect on that, so don’t worry.


  81. “If you can’t have kids, who cares, the love and companionship between a man and a woman is what marriage is about.”

    No Matthew, the love and companionship between two people is what marriage is about.

  82. I hope this moron never breeds.

  83. Bahahaha!

  84. as far as i understand from this statement , god didnt tell us to marry. he said be fruitfull. so he really didnt invent the marriage now, did he?

  85. Ha ha, pollute the Earth. I have to tell my mom that one.

  86. Remember, its Adam and Eve.
    Not Adam and Steve

  87. Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve…. lol, at least have a real reason to hate something, instead of quoting something you read on a placard…

    all I want to say is this…. In Leviticus, when the reference is made, God also says we are not to wear clothing woven of two different materials(like, oh, say, a cotton polyester blend) or plant your field with two different kinds of seed(like clover and hay together you mean),do not spread slander among your people, do not lie, do not steal, DO NOT HATE YOUR BROTHER IN YOUR HEART, do not eat meat with blood still in it(medium rare steak anyone), do not cut your hair at the sides of your head or clip the edges off your beard(so why do we have barber shops, and military haircuts), even left overs still around on the third day are impure and will desecrate what is holy to the Lord…

    selective hearing and selective living sure come in handy for a lot of religious factions.

  88. Other than his oblivious misunderstanding of the English language, I’m pretty sure in the Bible it says that you aren’t supposed to have sex for fun, it’s solely to populate…err.. I mean ‘polute’ (rolls eyes)… the earth. Win. I’m not even that religous and I know that.

  89. @88 No, it doesn’t actually. The Song of Solomon is a book about nothing but sex. And in the New Testament, the apostle Paul warned husbands and wives to “come together” so as not to fall into temptation. A ton (like almost all) theologians for a bunch of centuries interpreted the Bible to mean that sex was solely to be used for procreation, which basically amounts to the same thing for your point, but just fyi.

    P.S. None of this makes Michael’s post any less lame.

  90. Doby88, actually what Paul was saying was that it’s best to remain celibate but if you HAVE to have sex get married first. Honestly…it’s the worst advice I’ve ever heard. I know people who got married just so they could have sex and they are miserable people.

    Sex inside a marriage isn’t consequence free! But that is another subject all together!

  91. Seems like Matthew’s parents did a great job of ‘poluting’ the earth.

  92. What a fruitfull addition to the euthanasia debate.

  93. Christ on a cracker

    Your very existence is what pollutes the Earth, ass wipe!

  94. God said ‘be fruitful and MULTIPLY’. Nothing was said about polluting or populating or whatever this guy was trying to say.

  95. This guy certainly is polluting my earth.

    I know, everyone else basically made the same comment.

  96. if it makes everyone sleep better at night believing in god, so be it. when i die, hurry up and stick me in the fvckin ground and get on with it. jesus never wrote the bible. its all hear say. was you there no. marriage is a stupid fvckin’ idea anyway. when a woman takes a guys last name, isnt that like saying, i own you now? just my opinion, i could be wrong.

  97. @ Your Mom – Couldn’t agree more!

  98. [...] addition to sex ed, people need to receive some education about society prior to the Bible. People like this guy, for example. Marriage existed in societies that had never heard of christianism before (some of [...]

  99. @Puceronie (and those others who need a World Religions lesson)
    I wouldn’t say “Islamity” and so I certainly shouldn’t say “Christianism.”

    The Bible actually comes from Judaism, which has existed for 6000+ years. Marriage is mentioned waaaaaay back in Genesis, when the first two people (Adam and Eve) hooked up. According to Christian and Jewish mythology, there WAS no society before marriage. Marriage actually began society.

    While the Pentateuch was copied down from oral tradition by Moses (long after many of the events had occurred), recitation was a cultural alternative in societies where writing materials were scarce. The examples of society we are given from early Jewish history that aren’t God-centered are pretty nasty: see Sodom(y). I’d hardly call giving tourists a gang-bang ass-rape evidence of a functional society….
    For the story, see Genesis 13.

  100. Mayinga, you’re a freaking moron! “the bible actually comes from Judaism” OMG! Need to update my status on fb so I share the joy with the world.

  101. Oh and PLEASE, I BEG you guys, DO NOT take the words of bible out of context. What most morons do is, read a verse, and STOP there. How about reading on, or see what else does the bible says about it.


  102. [...] addition to sex ed, people need to receive some education about society prior to the Bible. People like this guy, for example. Marriage existed in societies that had never heard of christianism before (some of [...]

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