Friday, April 23, 2010

Plus Won

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  1. BEN!

  2. Yes!…I never thought that would be so gratifying.

  3. Adam, I feel you.

    A few months ago, I went on a big night out, got all frocked up in my finest, and as the night progressed, and the shots kicked in, the camera came out.

    Ended up in the VIP lounge of this club with my friend taking happy snaps of me in various positions, on the lounge, in amongst the sculptures, yada yada.

    Posted some of the pics on facebook a few days later, and whoa, there it was, a hole in the crotch of my underwear, this being pointed out by another friend who had viewed the pics.

    Turns out my dog had got hold of them at some stage, and had a bit of a chew on them.

    Such is life.

  4. Banahm, I would berate you for wasting the first post with yet another “ben”, but it’s obvious your life is empty and you have nothing to live for other than your recent accomplishment of posting first in an entry on a moderately popular web site, and I wouldn’t want to be the one to make you realize that. I wouldn’t want to deal with the mixed emotions that would surely result if my abuse caused you to end it all as you finally realized that you’ll never get anywhere close to what you dreamed you’d become, that all you have left is your ability to refresh web pages and click a submit button at a speed slightly faster than the rest of us.

    So, in lieu of abuse, I’ll simply say congratulations on accomplishing what must have taken literally seconds to do, and what thousands of people have done before. Bravo.

  5. I love it when bosses or teachers who are facebooking at work bust employees and students for doing the same thing… jackoffs

  6. Ducks with sunglasses~ I would have hired him just for that

  7. 7th!!!!!

  8. I feel for Adam. Some years ago I went to the ex’s company holiday party, and learned when I got home that I had somehow torn a hole in the back of my skirt.

    It was a long, rather demure number, but the modesty was demolished as it seems I was flashing full on bare ass at regular intervals without knowing it – mostly on the dance floor.

  9. This was one of the few occasions that I actually wore underwear out.

    I hate visible underwear lines.

    So I guess the lesson for me is, I shouldn’t have bothered with them in the first place, as I was on show anyway.

  10. Oh Miss Shegas, the amount we have in common.

    Truly, wonderfully, scary.

  11. damn… you gals getting me all worked up

  12. Erica FTMFW

  13. Erica! I want to be your new best friend!

  14. Sensible Madness – Hence the ” I never thought that would be so gratifying” … It was rather short lived.
    I would have put an actual comment in lieu of putting “Ben” had the posts been more amusing…. But yeah I’m totally going to go slit my wrists in a dark corner now.

  15. Captain Planet would’ve been alot more awesome if they hadn’t made it seem like every North American kid was a self absorbed punk. That’s right, WHEELER, I’m lookin at YOU. Way to represent.

  16. It’s a female dog by the way.

    Little lesbian bitch.

  17. Well hello dawnstar.

    Long time.

  18. Banahm come on you have to at least find Erica and Matt a little amusing.

  19. aww, hey there word…

    I’ve missed you guys!

  20. Matt was amusing. Erica got the Captain Planet theme song stuck in my head and I haven’t quite decided how I feel about it yet.

  21. Everyone that types “Ben” first is just wanting to be first and be recognized for that fact.

    You realize you’ll be mocked if you type “first”, so you mask it with “Ben”. Just admit to yourself that that’s what you’re doing.

    I would honestly rather see people type FIRST than BEN… even though I’d prefer to see neither.

    Nothing against you Banahm, as I’m a lover of Captain Planet and you are a closeted one. We are meant to be brothers in the fight for decreasing pollution. Join me and my brethren!

  22. I find the crotch of your trousers or skirt splitting less embarrassing a prospect than the time I was in a club wearing a dress with just a strap in one shoulder and the strap broke off and the dress slid down and unfortunately because of the nature of the dress and for it to sit right the girls were freestanding. I have no idea how long I was in the club walking around and dancing before i realised they were out! oops!!!

  23. Hey dawnstar/mcowles :) Where you guys been? Have I just been not paying any attention at all?

    Anyway, if I was Morgan (and… well… wanted to get fired), I’d bitch out Julie for doing the same thing.

  24. mcowles, you’re on to my attention whoring ways but atleast you don’t have a sandy vagina about it. And I’ll only be joining the Captain Planet revolution if I’m equipped with one of those fancy rings.

  25. uoykcuf,

    Boobs on show is never a bad thing.

  26. i wanna make sweet love to wordpervert…

  27. Get em out word…

  28. Unless they hang below the umbilicus.

  29. sweet love is for the young and ignorant… dirty sex is the adult thing to do… just sayin…

  30. Just pierce your nipple and throw a chain around your neck. That should suffice.

  31. wordpervert I found it embarrasing especially as my brothers mate was trying to chat me up and it was very unwanted attention. But no at least I have boobs that stay uplifted naturally or it would have been a lot more embarrasing!

  32. LOL slim. I figured you would get jealous if I got too dirty.

  33. uoykcuf, I get it.

    Unwanted attention from one’s brother’s mates.
    Been there, done that.

    You sound like you have excellent mammaries.

  34. I wanna beer and I wanna see sumthin’ nekkid!

  35. smackAhoe,

    Yes, slim is like an animal, he can get a little put out if another pees on his already marked territory.

    But I could be wrong.

  36. wordpervert i wouldn’t say excellent I could go for a cupsize up but wouldn’t most.

  37. Heh heh, oh wordy, I don’t know what part of the country you’re in, but if we’re near we should grab a beer. If not, well, it’s probably for the best. Too many of our type in one part of the country might cause it to flip over and sink, from the sheer weight of our sexy.

    I’ve also done the accidental boob flash, but not as spectacularly as you, uoykcuf. Somewhere there is a pic of me from my mid 20′s dancing with an SF club owner, wearing a big, fun-loving smile, and a stretchy halter top from which my right teat had escaped.

  38. Miss shegas it’s embarrassing isn’t it? Though I did work out that you get chatted up more. If I ever want to pull when I’m out and I’m not having any luck I could probably stage a pop out then it’s pretty much guaranteed!

  39. Yes Miss Shegas, I’m sure the joining of our fabulousness would be exponential.
    We are greater than the sum of our parts.

    Too much for most men I reckon.

    Are you from Aus? (hoping and praying)

  40. I have never had to suffer and accidental flash of any kind, though they sound like a ton of fun. I have to say that most of these posts were exceptionally amusing short of the chick at work. Bravo Lamebook.

  41. Kayla, here’s what’s on my mind, sweetie: go back to your 5th grade English class and PAY ATTENTION THIS TIME.

  42. uoykcufLittle boobs have longevity, instead of length.
    Enjoy your perky rack – as it sounds like many have! ;D

    You make a good point about the attention factor (and the drink getting factor). My dad visited recently and asked me to fix him a drink; I haughtily informed him that as an attractive woman I have no need to know what ingredients are in various drinks, nor how much they cost. Then I shut my bitch mouth, and brought him a glass of wine instead. :D

  43. @Britishhobo

    We’ve been good, just a bit busy. Have you missed us?

  44. Disdain, I have to agree. All of them were amusing except for the last one.

  45. wordy, sadly it seems we’re half a country apart, and will have to wait to activate our Wonder Twin boob/ass power. I’ll tip you off next time I have to fly through AUS though. We’ll drink up airport martinis and “accidentally” flash the travelers together!

  46. Miss yes, there will be nothing “accidental” about it.

    mc, by the way, yes, you’ve been sadly lacking from my life, and you have no excuses for that.

    I don’t think I’ve been busier than I am in my life right now, and I can STILL make some time for you lovelies.

    So I’m officially refusing to take your “I’ve been busy” line.

    Still love you though.

  47. lol… animal yes… jealous no… while i am a scorpio and have a fierce jealousy… someone has to be mine for that switch to click in my brain… as much as i <3 word, she has a whole harem of guys… like a horse in the stable i just wait my turn and enjoy the ride while its my turn to bounce her around

  48. All this talk of involuntary flashing is making me all warm and fuzzy on the inside.

  49. Bucky became a fan of Sensible Madness.

  50. I hate Kayla. Why is it she has the apparent intelligence to (mostly) spell correctly but she has ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA where apostrophes go and she seems to just randomly flop a few of them in there!!!???? It must be lazinees and an lack of respect for everything! She angers me deeply.

    Also, as I have said before, I don’t mind when people say “First!” They are just like the ambitious sperms who dared to be more. I really hate when people say “Ben.” They are pink sperms.

  51. Love these! Except for the last one. lame.

  52. Hmm… I have never “accidentally” flashed someone, but I do it on a regular basis. Does that count?

  53. 53!

  54. Walter – I agree. Know what else is annoying? slim, wordpervert, eenerbl, soup, and everyone else who comes here to talk ‘cutesy’ BS sexual innuendo to each other instead of commenting on the LB posts. For fuck’s sake, STOP. If you don’t have anything to say about the submissions, go hit each other on Skype, or sext each other, or whatever else you need to do for the rest of us to not have to be subjected to it. Thanks.

  55. MachineGun Monica

    @Tofu…I totally agree. Are they really THAT lonely? It probably does wonders for their self-esteem, though. Too bad it makes me wanna vomit on my shoes.

  56. Agreed, I find some of the comments are often more amusing then the posts (thank you Sensible Madness), makes for fun times to have to wade through the annoying, irrelevant horn-dogging that’s going on. It’s right up there with the people who seem to get kick out of posting what number they are. Pathetic.


    I know, when did the boss being online to tell the employee to get offline become hilarious? Way to lead by example. But “That’s ducked up” and “Your life is empty, delete it.”… more please. Maybe I am easily entertained.

  57. LOL Monica, absolutely. I am not sure they are lonely though; I think they’re just young and relatively new to the concept of amusing oneself by shocking others (and perhaps a bit on the sexually starved side of things). And not to dog on them for their comments in general — in fact, all the individuals I named in 54 have at one time or another said things that were horridly funny and even borderline brilliant about THE SUBMISSION AT HAND, but it all seems to go downhill once they notice each other’s presence and next thing you know the whole proverbial ping-pong match has devolved into something reminiscent of low-budget fetish porn that was filmed in a bad part of Reno.

    Disdain – Yeah, that “Ben” and “First” thing has gotta go. I mean, so okay, you happened to be online and paying attention when a new submission was put forth. So SAY SOMETHING MEANINGFUL, dammit. “Ben” reminds me of that stupid Michael Jackson song about a fucking rat. (P.S. Yeah, that last one with Morgan and Julie may as well have read… Morgan: Gee, I’d like to go home early today. Julie: Sure sweetie, you can as long as you do as I say and not as I do.)

  58. You having fun there throwing?, having a crack when we’re not in the moment to defend ourselves?

    I just happened to be passing through, so come on, what have you got to say to my virtual face?

  59. Gee, throwing. Don’t like it? Don’t read it ;) You know it’s going to happen no matter how much you tell them to STOP. Why should they stop? Reading everybodys posts are a whole lot more amusing than the LB posts these days anyway. (Kudos to you thoguh on throwing a small comment on the actual LB post by putting your little sentence in a bracket as to not show yourself as a contradicting bitch.)

  60. throwing is obviously not up for a discussion with me.

    Certainly made itself scarce within a very short space of time upon my arrival.

  61. BEN!

  62. I figure if it’s used many times in the wrong way, it might eventually stop for a while. Then it can come back when it’s funny again. Or when the real Ben comes back and brings his hypocritical anger issues with him.

    I don’t get the point of status shuffle – if you wanna look witty or funny, just copy and paste something, then claim credit.

  63. MachineGun Monica. Don’t lie, you don’t have any shoes.

    I know. Oh yes, I know.

  64. @ wordpervert, The whole point of forums is to be able to write a response then look later to see what follows, it’s the wonder of forums. It’s unfortunate when everyone isn’t online, but no one, not even you has all day to be here, and if they do there probably on a diff timezone. Throwingtofu seems well worded and intelligent, I doubt anyone was running from confrontation with you. You have to admit you guys are way funnier when slamming the posts then when you make those of us who don’t get our jollies watching amateur cyber sex, endure your often very long back and forth sexting. I don’t mind that you guys make them, whatever cranks your tractor, but as it is never funny to me, I mind that I have to read through them just so I don’t miss someone with an actual entertaining thought. I am quite sure that nothing anyone says will cause you all to quit, the novelty hasn’t worn off, and unfortunately new members are following right along in your footsteps.

  65. Agreed with Disdain and throwingtofu. I usually enjoy reading the comments but most of the time find myself skimming past to avoid all the lame sexual innuendo and its usually the same bunch of people going on and on. Its ironic really, some of the stuff they talk about would probably end up as a lamebook submission if it was happening on facebook.

  66. sigourney weaver

    Yeah, I feel bad for all you obviously lonely people out there :(
    Trying to have sexy talk on lamebook is sad. Perhaps consider joining an AOL chatroom?

  67. Could we make a Lamebook for Lamebook. Would be funny. Also, They’re*. Yah, I caught that mistake all by my lonesome, so no ass reaming for me. :)

  68. But if we had a Lamebook for Lamebook, I’m pretty certain the same people would carry the same comments over to the new place. It would result in a Mobius strip of internet sex. And I’m just not comfortable with the chance of me coming around the other side and trying to do myself in the butt.

  69. Disdain, and by the way, that’s exactly what I feel for you.

    If you look at the time stamp, I was literally here within in a few minutes of throwing’s comment, and I don’t believe for a second they didn’t see my comment.

    I have been posting here for some months now, and in relation to the submissions, have used HUMOUR in almost all my responses.
    I can also be cutting, and even serious. You obviously choose to ignore, or have not seen that.
    Sexual innuendo can play a big part no doubt, but that’s how I roll, and anyone who knows me in life will tell you that.

    Yes, I’ve become fond of some of the other commenters, and yes, sex talk comes into it, but more often than not, its genesis IS the lamebook posting.

    Almost all of my original comments on postings relate to the post, and lets face it, many of the posts are sexual in nature. I have said this before, but I never get disgusting, I keep it light, and try to be funny.
    There was a post a couple of days ago, NOT involving myself, that even I thought was out of line. Go read that one.

    There are commenters on here I don’t like, and I don’t like how they approach things, but I essentially choose to ignore them. I accept we all go about things differently, and I would never tear someone apart if they were not here to defend themselves in real time.

    By the way, I’m not lonely, sex starved, or young, as some of you have concluded.

    This is the last time I will address this issue, and my detractors. I am who I am, and I intend to stay true to myself, and what comes, comes.

    Pun intended.

  70. Heh, that first line kinda takes the anger out of the rest of the post it made me smile so hard. I don’t get where you get off with the selective reading but it’s pretty much a trait on here so far. I think we can all safely say that between three of us now it has been pointed out that all of you mentioned in the original post by Trowingtofu, have more often then not been witty as hell. I can honestly say that though I only started commenting recently I have been on the site for a while and actually thought of the group as a sorta powerhouse on Lamebook keeping assholes at bay. Unfortunately the situation has deteriorated to a ridiculous level where good, funny posters are being lost in the shuffle of something that we rolled our eyes at in the beginning, and now just can’t stand anymore. You guys should just stop with the sex crap, really there is no point to it, if it makes you feel good about yourself take it somewhere else cause it makes the rest of us ill, and slightly uncomfortable. It just drags the page down, no one other then those involved and those who want to get involved enjoy it and since we are doing exactly what the site is supposed to be here for we have more of a right to ask you to stop, then you have a right to get pissed at us for complaining. This site was made to make fun of lame posts and people. You can’t expect those of us that find what your doing lame to give you a free pass on past good behavior? I enjoy giving people a good kick in the ass too much. Wouldn’t have joined the site if I didn’t. But since you are no longer addressing the issue I guess this post shall be our last person to person communication. Shame cause like I said, before all this started I thought you pretty okay and you still have your moments, they are just being drowned out in… whatever that bullshit is.

    On that note, though you may feel similar to wordpervert your comment had me laughing my ass off Soup. I think that is exactly what may happen.

  71. On that note now that I see my post I may start splitting up my paragraphs.

  72. You are the one with selective reading issues.
    You clearly don’t read enough of the posts I comment on to know better.

    And I most certainly don’t intend to get into a to and fro with you. You ain’t worth it.
    You have your opinions and approaches, I have mine.

    We shall agree to disagree.

  73. The curse of the Ben. On behalf of all, I apologize.

  74. wordpervert! You are so hilarious and also amazing. Seriously, I may love you. Your mind-bendingly rammed-up-your-own-arse comments have entertained me so much, I had to log in and congratulate you! i picture you sitting in your room, wearing a “Queen of the Internet” crown, and giving yourself highfives while you type out your responses (almost always made with HUMOUR).

    “Disdain, and by the way, that’s exactly what I feel for you.” Good one! So… what’s the word I’m looking for? Oh yeah – you used it yourself – “cutting”. You’re so goddamn cutting. Ouch.

    “If you look at the time stamp, I was literally here within in a few minutes of throwing’s comment, and I don’t believe for a second they didn’t see my comment.” I assume one of the following scenarios was the case:
    a) They didn’t give a solitary shit
    b) They don’t sit bleary-eyed at their computer in the dark refreshing the page.

    “I can also be cutting, and even serious.” Your range is formidable.

    “This is the last time I will address this issue, and my detractors.” Your DETRACTORS? Are you fucking KIDDING ME? Who do you think you are, Mussolini?

    “You clearly don’t read enough of the posts I comment on to know better.” Quite right! This fool clearly hasn’t read enough of your acclaimed internet canon to know your subtleties, your moods, your piercing insights into the human condition. You are an icon, a teacher, a social barometer. This idiot knows nothing.

    You will soldier on, unappreciated, exchanging playful yet meaningful comments with other pondlife about flashing your tits together. You will serve your true audience – the arsehole of the internet – by continuing to delight with your humorous asides and cutting commentaries. I salute you, wordpervert! A hero for our times.

  75. Hey, I’m a long time lurker, first time poster. Registered just because I wanted to give my two cent(ime)s…..Wordpervert; I’ve OFTEN found some of your posts very witty BUT I felt compelled to tell you you’re kinda veering into crazy lady territory there…someone posts a little criticism which is not directed just at you and you blow a gasket accusing them of internet cowardice… (Like it’s real brave to argue on the internets right????) Then you say it’s the last time you’ll discuss it, then you continue to respond, praising your own posts….

    In other news, I’m going to do a google search for where I can buy my boyfriend duck boxers in France ;)

  76. Nant,

    I didn’t accuse anyone of cowardice.

    I was prepared to DISCUSS the issue at hand, NOT get into a “fight”, they chose not to join me.
    Crazy lady?, blow a gasket? Honey, that’s a little extreme, I thought I was quite calm actually.

    Yes, I said it was the last time I would address this subject, but I felt it was within my rights to respond to Disdain.

    As for praising myself, all I can say to that is huh?

  77. ‘Nantaise’, rather :)

    Let me show your descent into crazy-lady territory,

    ‘you clearly don’t read enough of the posts I comment on to know better.’
    ‘This is the last time I will address this issue, and my detractors.’ DETRACTORS??? are you serious? You were a giggle, but Oscar Wilde you aint, ma petite puce.
    ‘I can also be cutting, and even serious.’ This reminds me of ‘Zoolander’ in many ways.
    ‘If you look at the time stamp, I was literally here within in a few minutes of throwing’s comment, and I don’t believe for a second they didn’t see my comment.’ If not cowardice..what exactly ARE you trying to say?
    You having fun there throwing?, having a crack when we’re not in the moment to defend ourselves?
    ‘I just happened to be passing through, so come on, what have you got to say to my virtual face?’ Please see above comment.

    Like I say, you seem cool…you could be doing the whole cackling fruit basket for a giggle but sadly, I doubt you are. Just trying to be the klaxon of warning…

  78. barkbirch,

    I’m appreciative of your support.

    I wonder if one can get a “Queen of the Internet” crown somewhere? I’ll check out ebay.

    I need to swap something for the halo that sat above my head once.
    It is now around my neck, strangling me.

  79. @ Nant, Duck boxers for your man, sounds dirty… and cause I have to say it, it also sounds ducking awesome. :P

    @ wordpervert, Hey, just do what you first suggested and ignore it, obviously people have found your and others actions distasteful, but if you don’t care then continue and let those of us that are frustrated do our thing. It’s either accept that you are going to get sniped at for annoying things, or stop doing them. I think the rest of us that are bothered have silently waited for the phase to pass long enough.

  80. For fuck’s sake!, I used the word “detractors” for a laugh.


  81. Nantaise* Sorry, I should read first comment second.

  82. @ Disdain…I see whatcha did there!

    @perv…Yeah I think we’d all rather pretend your apoplectic posts were all just a lampoon. An amusing lampoon.

  83. @Disdain, no worries chick-a-dee, just Nantaise is a woman from Nantes you see, whereas Nant kinda doesn’t mean anything in French. Or English as far as I’m aware?

  84. @ Nantaise, I have actually spelled it wrong every time I type it, this good be good practice in proof reading for me if I have to keep going back to check on your name. :D I plan on using ducking at least once a day now, just to keep the lameness alive.

  85. could* apparently not though. I wish there was a eye rolling emo, I would cherish an eye rolling emo.

  86. The beauty of an argument in flight,
    It is such a wonderful thing.
    A little bark, and a little bite,
    And the search for the ultimate zing.
    To behold that most glorious sight,
    Of crazies heating up for the spring.
    The beloved tradition of the cat fight,
    Makes my cock hard.

  87. MachineGun Monica

    @Barkbirch…I think I love you. Seriously.

    Ok…maybe not, but you’re pretty damn funny =)

  88. Jesus… look at the shit storm I inadvertently created. My apologies for that.

    First off, wordpervert – no I did not see your comment and then elect to retreat into a hidey hole. Quite frankly, I posted my comment and then went to bed. I am not on here to start cyber-wars with people I will never meet. And I actually do enjoy your comments when they pertain to the submissions; same goes for those from the rest of the people I mentioned. But virtual PDAs in a semi-public forum – whether in jest or not – truly does get old for those who aren’t part of it. Just sayin!

    And disdain – I shouldn’t need to thank you for siding with me; this isn’t about taking sides and no one should be rewarded for standing up for what they feel is right. But thanks anyway. :)

    And yeah it’s past my bedtime again.


  89. Haha, I like how (as far as I’ve seen) not one single person has ever said anything about the goings on of the regulars here, but then *one* person makes a couple of comments, and there’s a line of people screaming, “Yah! Me two! Ur awl layme!”

    “I am not on here to start cyber-wars with people I will never meet.”
    Then, perhaps, you shouldn’t call specific people out/comment on their lives (or, as you seem to assume, lack of lives). You made incendiary comments, they started a fire and you’re surprised by this?

  90. lol

  91. if only I was witty enough/had the time for a Billy Joel ‘We didn’t start the fire’ parody.

  92. Lol, just mentioning that you want to do a parody is good enough.

  93. Word you are already wearing your crown.

    Sex will never stay away from Lamebook people. If you guys have been here as long as you say you have you would already know that.

    GOSH DAMMIT SOUP! That’s why I love you!

    Now to piss off a few people and not comment on any of Lamebook’s post.

    I would love to be word’s dog.

  94. Wow, what the hell happened to my comma key in that last post?

  95. Hey word! Don’t worry, I love it when you guys get sexual on lamebook, I find it rather amusing:) So word, Soup, ee, slim, and the rest of you, I always enjoy your crazy sex adventures, keep ‘em coming!

  96. ^they keep me coming.

    @90 enter malteaser to break up the tension.

  97. “I’m the trouble starter, f*ckin’ instigator.
    I’m the fear addicted, danger illustrator.

    I’m a fire starter, terrific fire starter.
    You’re the fire starter, twisted fire starter.
    I’m a fire starter, terrific fire starter…..”

    Wow. If one doesn’t stumble across a virtual orgy around here lately, then one walks into a virtual boxing match. If I come back later, I’m half convinced I’ll step into a conversation with someone trying to convince other’s that he/she is back from the dead and is in fact the long lost biological child of another two posters.

  98. i love malteaser too

    You will never get this, you will never get this, lalalalalala.

    (Random trolling is fun)

  99. Actually I have the paper right here dare2claire, I am your long lost, thought to be dead, was actually cryogenic-ally frozen, father… but also your mother. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.
    I have to be done with this page now though, takes too long to come back here and look at all the interesting updates. (I know, I know I’ll miss the specialness of our time here too.) So unless the convo happens to start up again in a more recent post I shall have to bow out gracefully with a “Until next time, you haven’t heard the last of me!”

  100. i love malteaser too

    What happened to all the love, fraternity, peace and cynicism? Isn’t it just easier to say, “I hate humanity and feel bad for them after reading these posts”, or blast people who post Ben, First, Frodo, pool in unison? Or nitpick at people’s spellings/typos/gramm(err)ar?

    (I still love malteaser, even after I found out that she was a lady and after she posted words that far exceeded “lol”. I think you all have something to learn from me)

    Ah fuck it. Might as well wish for world peace instead.

  101. dare2claire,

    My real name is Taylor, you might know me from the Bold and the Beautiful.
    From my recollection, I’ve died and come back to life at least 3 times, and I’ve married and divorced Ridge aka Soup, on 4 occasions.
    Both Ridge/Soup and I are botoxed to the hilt, but I’m sure most people already knew that. Our physical appearances belie our real ages.

    Getting to my point in relation to your comment, on the 4th go round with Ridge/Soup, I found out he was in fact, my brother, and he also hit me with the news that our long lost love child was actually his mother, Stephanie/slimjayz.

    I was a little shocked at first, but lets face it, Stephanie DOES look like a man.

  102. The Adam post! Hilarious!

    -Gods investment in you (His son!) was SO great, he could never abandonyou!-

  103. Wow elixabeth, you actually made a connection to the original entry! Well done!

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