Thursday, November 19, 2009

Please No Morgue




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    TO TRAIN THEM IS MY CAUSE!!!!!!!!!!!11

  2. Fuck Kay, dead fish aren’t that bad. The worst is on Happy Aquarium. They never die, they just look sad and sick. Fucking awful. FEED YOUR FISH YOU HEARTLESS BASTARDS

  3. Mom just had a stroke, but movie night is still on!!!! Woo hoo!

  4. Oops.




  6. I think these people should all be named and shamed. Alert the masses.

  7. first dude is a cunt, 2nd girl is a bigger one, and poor elizabeth with douchey-ass friends.

  8. I like turtles.

  9. I came as soon as I heard you beat the Elite Four.

  10. @ Zombie Kid

    Teenage Mutant Ninja ones?

  11. I wonder what Elizabeths last name could be.

  12. Hurley?

  13. This is one of the better Lamebook postings. I like the montage of different status messages.

  14. Ooh, the 3rd one’s sad :-| ..

    But Kay, tops it all.. Really? Fishville?!

  15. I hope that Mathew guy on the last one felt like a massive twat after that.

  16. @Mickey

    I think he loves them no matter what kind they are

  17. @ Chazz – epic win




  20. I have to admit Kay kinda owned them.

  21. Pokemon themes represent!



  23. Fuck Elizabeth and all those sympathy seeking douche-bags who post ambiguous status updates about having a shitty day/week, waiting for their ‘friends’ to comment so they can drop a “my dad died” or ‘my family was raped and murder by an escaped polar bear’.

    that is all.

  24. Kay was more sad about her fake fish dying than the guys who’s mom had a stoke. What a d-bag.

  25. E=mc2

  26. Where did they forget to block out a name? They’re all blurred.

  27. @Refrigerator

    So true…

  28. @ refrigerator: Couldn’t agree more.

  29. @Refrigerator

    Yeah, but I’ve seen so much worse. I know this girl whose mom just died. It’s sad and all, but she keeps commenting all of her friends and saying things like “Go and hug your mom. You don’t know if you’ll ever be able to again.” and stuff. However, whenever I see her, she’s acting completely normal.

    Elizabeth is nothing compared to that.

  30. If you squint, the names become somewhat more legible. It always works when they blur out faces of juvenile offenders etc.

  31. Seems to me like some of these kids do this on purpose to make everyone feel like an idiot after they drop the real bomb. Why not say in the update that my dad died instead of waiting for 5 comments of people talking about something irrelevant? God damn kids.

  32. Ok, if you use the acronym “fml” to mourn for your father on Facebook, you deserve that kind of response to your status update. How self-serving.

  33. To be honest, FML isn’t the best way to describe how you feel when they take your dad off life support. Seriously. People say that when they have something like 2 tests in the same week. It’s like saying your life is average and expecting people to understand that something outrageously cool just happened. They wont because they shouldn’t.

  34. Attention-whoring assholes who leave vague statuses are the cause of all these cliche miscommunications. The people who hint at something and want you to ask them more about it to prove you’re interested in their woes. Facebook is no place for legitimate issues, especially not in that please-ask-me-what’s-wrong kind of way. “They took my dad off life support. TIME TO POST IT OF FACEBOOK.”

  35. +16 monica

  36. “died3″ doesn’t seem to be loading… but thanks, previous commenters, you’ve helped fill in the blank. Pulling life support, and announcing it of BF?! Yikes.

  37. “.. and announcing it ON FB.” sheesh typos galore, sorry!

  38. Escaped Polar Bear

    I’m coming for all y’all bitches!

  39. Anastasia from Russia

    As I just can not admit that I’m not up to speed with modern abbreviations and such, you’ll have to believe if I say that I am a time traveller from the 18th century and would desperately like to know … what does “fml” mean?

    Thanks for reading the story of my embarrassing life first.

  40. FML=fuck my life

  41. Anastasia from Russia

    Thanks G – now it makes sense. And makes me think even less of this Elizabeth. Yuck.

  42. The only times I would say “fml” is if my work schedule changed to where I was working overtime or, at worst, if I had car troubles. Saying that when your father dies is really underwhelming, people will assume you mean something less. Its a bit of a douche move on her part to put her friends in that situation.

  43. Elizabeth didn’t even get the FML format correct!

    And yeah, purposefully ambiguous status updates shouldn’t even receive comments.

  44. kay’s was funny :P & @Refrigerator – lmfao i know rite? :)

  45. damn stuck @ teh er thx mum cant believe Im gonna miss NEW MOON doctors say theres little hope text me tell me how it is!!!

  46. The last one is just unfortunate. Her friends aren’t at fault, they were trying to cheer her up. She shouldn’t really be posting about her dad on FB.

    The funniest one is that fish one – all that sympathy for something which turned out to be nothing. Haha.

    The irony.

  47. Truly f**ked up. The girl whose dad got taken off life support is a retard for making such an ambiguous post.

  48. it’s fucking perfect, don’t you see? this girl is having a WAY worse week than this whiny fuck, and wants to make it known. fuck you, you fucking fucks.

  49. My friend did something like Kay. Only it was Fable 2 and his dog. He told his friend that his dog died and obviously the friend tried to comfort him. A few minutes later he found out it was just on the game…Lame indeed.

    PS: His real dog did die a few weeks later and his friend made jokes till he said it was his actual dog and made him feel like shit. Also lame.

  50. JD should burn in hell for that. unless his mom was a child molester or a human trafficker.

  51. Fuck Elizabeth and all those sympathy seeking douche-bags who post ambiguous status updates about having a shitty day/week, waiting for their ‘friends’ to comment so they can drop a “my dad died” or ‘my family was raped and murder by an escaped polar bear’.

    So true. I have a friend who was going through a divorce so she’d post like 10 updates a day about she was like a Phoenix rising through the ashes, and how she wasn’t going to let the man get her down and all kinds of drama queen shit like that so she could get all her FB friends to give her “you go girl” comments. Such an attention whore, it drove me nuts.

  52. fishville? …kinda lame

  53. @lostinthought

    Hence why this is on lamebook.

  54. Kay is a fucktard. Seriously.

  55. they just took her dad off of live support and yet she still has time for facebook… now that is loyalty…seriously, she is addicted…

  56. Lmao @ 45.

  57. For Elizabeth’s status…EPIC fail of her friends.. lol

  58. Elizabeth = Debbie Downer

    Sorry, but she kinda pulled an emo dick move by withholding key information until after her friends made fools of themselves in thinking it was a standard bad day.

  59. Elizabeth is a selfish, attention-seeking twat.

  60. There is 5 hours between her status post, and her life-support comment. That is more than enough time for a doctor to say, “Your Dad is doing bad, but we’re working on it.” to “Your dad is not going to get better.”

    What the fuck is wrong with some of you?

  61. Hear, hear! And besides, you’re allowed to want attention if your parent(s) just died, you lackwits! That’s when we REALLY need the support and love of those around us. Have some sympathy and pull your head out of your asses before your parents die too and you suddenly find yourselves completely alone.

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