Monday, August 24, 2009

pl3@53 5t0p


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  1. wh@t

  2. How in the hell does someone type like this? It must take FOREVER!

    Or does she cheat and type it normally in Word and then use “replace” to change all the e’s to 3′s, etc?

  3. WTF…..resistance is futile……

  4. 1 c0|1d ju5+ k1ll h3r 1 5w34r

  5. What the fuck is that?!?

  6. Why in god’s name would you even try to do that? It takes like 20 minutes to use those substitute symbols.

  7. Jesus Christ. I can’t believe douchebags like this still exist.

  8. Donald Trump's Comb-Over

    She apparently doesn’t know the correct spelling of dannie/dany/danny’s name. It MUST have been true love.

  9. Can someone please explain to me why her boyfriend’s first name has three different spellings?

    Is it Dannie, Dany, or Danny?

    If she loves him so much, you’d think she’d at least get his first name right. -1 to me for actually reading this.

  10. Ahhh damb, you beat me to it!

  11. I think I hate that girl…

  12. Her l33t is sh33t.

  13. m@yb3 5he u53$ @ 7R@n5L@7i0N 700L lIke 7h3 F0ll0wInG:

    ┼hï$ í$ aç┼üá└l¥ ┌eä└└ÿ fûñ. :D

  14. lol, dude got broken up on with over facebook… in leetspeak. awesome.

  15. the next Dr. Robert Langdon

  16. These kids and their gotdamb leetspeak. I think we just witnessed the death of the English language.

  17. WH@7 7h3 fUCk i$ 7HI5? I C@n’7 3V3n Re@d @ g0d D@mn w0rd 0F it. 7hi$ “PeR$oN” sh0uLD 8e $73riliZ3D.

  18. D3@r 0livlii@,

    wh@7 7h3 fuCK?


  19. Wilson: I don’t think they broke up, at one place in that gibberish, there’s a word that looks like “forgive”, so she’s ok with him cheating on her. Double fail. And it looks like they met in glee club. TRIPLE fail!

  20. In all fairness, I believe the title should be “913@53 5t09″

  21. Would I be going too far if I called this 3p1c 1@m3?

  22. Haha! I used the English to English translator from the link above on one of Jason’s posts []. Awesome.

  23. Someone can traslate this for non l33t sp34k3r ? PLEEEEEASE ?

  24. And translate too ?

  25. I asked a Chinese friend of mine to translate this, but he wasn’t able to. Maybe it’s in a different dialect or something.

  26. That’s why he cheated on her !!! No wonder … this chick has the brain fucked up !!

  27. Sorry, my moron to english translator is broken. What did she say?

  28. The fact that one of the ” was converted to " means she threw her English into a converter. wth? why bother.

  29. Sadly, I am not fluent in retard. Could someone translate for me?

  30. “Dear Dannie,

    I know you hooked up with another chick at some Jersey party but I forgive you. I know what its like to find yourself through this harsh world and I’ll give you all the time you need in order to do so. Meanwhile I think we should take “a break”, like see other people if we have to but not “officially” ending this relationship. I still believe in our love Dany, don’t stop believing, remember our glee club days?
    Anyways, good luck in finding yourself and in life. I love you, Danny, and I wish you the best.
    Love, Olivia”

    you’re welcome!

  31. A twat of the highest order

  32. Even translated, the run-on sentences make this difficult to read. My brain hurts.

  33. ï ma¥ ßé 34 yεä┌$ o└D ßût í’m Góìñg ┼ô ┬¥pê └iKΣ ┼hi$ ƒΓöm ∩ºw ºÑ $Ω ï ¢@π ßë döwñ wî┼H ┬Hë kiDs ªπd └ò°k çφo└ °√éΓ ┬Hé ïÑ┬Σ┌ñé┬.

  34. Ugh, you should get a job at the UN. Plenty morons over there could do with your skills.

  35. @13: Can’t thank you enough for the translator link. I can now pretend to be 12 years old (for research purposes only you understand).

  36. Thanks, Facebook, for turning a great social networking site into yet another lowest-common-denominator cesspool. I hope your replacement figures out how to avoid this.

  37. Alright, so is it “Dannie”, “Dany” or “Danny”?!

  38. The idiots are winning

  39. This seems like the sort of girl who’d want people to think she’s always out and has a life, but she probably spent an hour typing up that shit.

  40. She made a lot more sense than some of the other postings. Apparently I’ve lost what little mind I had left…

  41. Just had to read the comments for the translation!

  42. What’s a glee club exactly? And i don’t want to hear that it’s a place for “special” people.

  43. Hey Humphrey:

    Now you know.

  44. I wonder if she requested special music for glee club. She probably can’t read plain English.
    “‘Cuse me Miss. Do you have it in a different language. iiT l00k$ Lyk3 THii$”

  45. h3yy guy$ u shuld lyk @dd m333 0n FB!!!!!!!!!!
    I’m lyk totally h0tt3r than UR M0M ;]

  46. okay 0LiiVii@. what’s your url…


  47. W/3 WH0R3-g@n
    @nd 1 kn0w th@t wuz totali33 hyp0cr1t1c@l 0f m33 ;]

  48. oooh. how cute. “whore-gan”
    …and you must be like 14 years old. since you clearly do not understand the defintion of “hypocrite”.

  49. M0rgAn 1′d lyk y0u 2 kn0w tha@t 1 @m @ n1nj@ =]

  50. she spelled “life” wrong

  51. My 3y3s are bl33ding. 4r3al

  52. I don’t understand how it could be easier to type like that, than to learn some basic typing skills and a slippery grasp of the English language.

  53. Yawn.

  54. huh


  56. My brain went into self-defense mode, and now I’m blind.

  57. MTV’s True Life: 1m @ j3rs3y 5h0r3 g1r|


  59. hey, there’s actually a tool to generate that kind of typing dude LOL!!!

  60. 0l1v1A I li3k t0tA11y l0v3 u

  61. I wonder how long it took her to type this.

  62. The " thing just before ‘ br3@k”‘ is clear fact that she didn’t type it, but got it from a translator. the translator returned her “break” as "e; br3@k”

    crazy girl.

  63. “I know you hooked up with some other chick but I forgive you cuz its because you’re ‘finding yourself’”?! Really?
    No wonder she typed it so illegibly that noone can read it – at least then not everyone would know what a sucker she is.

  64. talking to a significant other about “taking a break” is a very difficult and personal thing.

    therefore, olivia must have decided to write it in code.

    come on, give the girl a break.

  65. The saddest part is that I could actually read some of that. lol

  66. Is it sad that I could read that as quickly as I could if it were normal text?

  67. Nope; some of us who have used computers since the dial-up BBS days (on Amigas in my case) can speed read this crap, since it was all over the BBSs and IRC. I don’t know if that’s a good or a bad thing…

  68. Glee club. They were in glee club. And they type like this.

  69. I fucking hate leet.

  70. She looks hot under that blurred image, kinda.

  71. She should be kicked in the tits for this.

  72. You shouldn’t give this girl anonymity. She should be shown in all her…. glory?

  73. ……

  74. honestly, this took me 5 minutes to read this..
    why would you want to type like this anyways?

  75. I love how she uses @ for both a and at.

  76. its definitely fake …
    the chick probably sent it in herself, there’s no way anyone could be that retarted to actually talk like that

  77. Someone seems to have just found out about L337 Speak.

  78. so, what i don’t understand is why she’s gone to all the effort to subsitute numbers and letters where possible, but still spelt out “too”.
    and for the record, it should have been “to” anyway.

  79. wH@7 7h3 fUCk, i m3@N I c0Uld r3@d i7 8U7 iRR7a7@7ing a5 fUck

  80. My favorite part: Remember our glee club days?

    She’s trying to be so mature about forgiving Danny, yet she’s breaking up with him on Facebook. Hmmm….

  81. lolmegan

  82. and to imagine, there ARE people that type like this normally through texting.

    WHY can’t they type normally or hell, chatspeak?! It would take less than @11 th@t?

    why the fuck is it only vowels too? Yes you can use | for l but IT MAKES NO FUCKING DIFFERENCE.


  83. When the fuck did 1337 (Leet, Elite, etc) speak become cool and trendy?

  84. this is for myspace.

  85. I managed to get to the 2nd line of this. goddamn jersey kids.

  86. i hate fuckers who type with numbers and symbols.

  87. I think the best part is, is that if she had typed this correctly, it would have been an insightful break-up letter.

  88. Luvinthesecrazybitches

    This be why Danny cheated in the first place…

  89. Luvinthesecrazybitches

    August 24th, 2009 at 12:49 pm
    lol, dude got broken up on with over facebook… in leetspeak. awesome.

    ….A total FML moment…

    Danny will need it. As well as a catscan to remember WHY he started dating this douche in the first place..

  90. that’s hard to follow, why people write like this?

  91. Wow…. just wow… The generations just keep going down hill. What a waste of time to type like that. :/

  92. All I can say is…what the hell is wrong with her? Does she really think it’s okay to type like an illiterate moron? Yeah, I’d say this relationship is pretty much over.

  93. Odd… if I tried to focus on what she typed, I couldn’t read it, but if I just scanned it I had no trouble at all understanding what she said.

    Henry, there’s a d in “retarded”.

  94. I hope she gets fucked with a sw1tchbl@d3.

  95. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Softlysoftly ^_^

  96. 1,2,3… testing!!!

  97. wow, that’s completely idiotic. even if you found a website to do it for you, what would be the point. Whatever happened to that little thing called “grammar”

  98. You know what the REAL sad thing is…I actually understood all of that.

  99. … I could totally read that like it was in english…… I feel so pathetic

  100. i couldn’t get past the second line. that was when i was sick outta my eyes

  101. Good lord woman, this is disgusting! He’s probably too stupid to understand the whole ‘Leet aspect, but it’s a true insult to the gamer subculture that this dumb-ass updated like this. I bet it took her Jersey ass half an hour to type this drivel out.

  102. i actually KNOW an olivia whose in love with a danny whos a complete wanker of a guy and does stuff like this all the time. this better not be them.

  103. This is sad. And how come a lot of people here could read that? It hurts even to try. Maybe my brain is too slow… Very very sad.

  104. Actually, if you don’t focus on the words and sort of look at the paragraph as a whole, it becomes nearly legible… You know that whole first letter / last letter reading trick… it applies here. I can’t say I’m an expert but I can read it easily enough… The hard part would be typing it. I wonder if there are people out there who have trained themselves to replace certain letters with number equivalents… w31rd.

  105. Olivia, sweety, I’m gonna let you in on a secret. Pay close attention, because this is something you really need to know.

    You’re a fucking idiot.

    Your “Danny” cheated on you, which makes him a complete loser. And as an idea, you might want to dump the prick. And in your next relationship, try using a little something the rest of us call “the English language”. Maybe the next guy will want to stick around? Just an idea.

  106. And you shouldnt start a sentence with the word ‘and’.

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