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Picture These Problems

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  1. why is the last one gross?

  2. Because Laura is either 12 years old or a white trash idiot.

  3. Because some people think drinking milk from a cow’s breasts as an adult is totally normal, but an infant drinking its mother’s milk is “Oh-em-gee DiSgUsTiNgGgG!!!”

  4. Because adults don’t drink the milk straight from the cow. We don’t want to see some fugly baby sucking on a boob, i.e. a sex toy.
    Although I favour lactation rooms. If you’re going to breast feed, do it out of sight. It’s a great idea.
    So, breastfeeding is gross. But not when done out of sight.

  5. mad physicist is mad. There’s nothing gross about breastfeeding, it’s beautiful and natural.

  6. And i don’t get the ‘no shoes, no shirt’ thing. The shirt yea, but why would you need shoes?

    I shop barefoot many times in the summer, no problems anywhere.

  7. @mad2physicist first you really should keep your mouth shut or as it is here your fingers off the keyboard, you really make yourself out to be quite an idiot. A “boob” is not a sex toy it is designed to feed our children that my dear village idiot is why they produce milk. It’s not gross it’s natural. I breastfed both of my children, they are healthier for it too. You need to take you backwoods thinking self and “get schooled” on the truth of breastfeeding. There is nothing wrong if a woman does it in public, however I do believe that it should be done discreetly say with a nursing blanket. So keep your idiotic comments to yourself…Thx

  8. Shoes are required here. I live in a city, though. I’ve never seen anyone slip in without shoes, so I don’t know if the workers would actually kick someone out. Walmart probably accepts it.

  9. I agree on the discreet thing. Breastfeeding is natural, though not so far as beautiful. A towel or something is considerate.

  10. I’d much rather there be a lacation room then to watch someone breastfeed

  11. If people don’t wear shoes in a store, and then they get cut it’s a liability. Things break all the time, there can easily be glass and nails, and who knows what else on the floor.

  12. I’d breastfeed in public but people look at you funny as man when you’ve just basically got a baby sucking your nipple.

    So Ima do it at home instead.

  13. mad2physicist is trolling.
    You’re on the internet people. Learn the signs.

  14. Actually speedysgirl, being backwoods myself, backwoods thinking is typically pro-breastfeeding.

    And obvious troll is obvious.

  15. The lactation rooms in offices are typically for pumping. Most women don’t bring their infant to work. And pumping, of course, is what people who don’t want to breastfeed in public tend to do, so there’s nothing at all “gross” here.

    I mean, if you don’t pump … it’s gonna come out anyway. And that’s not very pretty.

  16. Laura is either 8 years old, or has about 8 brain cells in her head.

  17. here we go with the “natural” argument again. Show me something from this planet that’s NOT natural. Heroin is natural… you see where I’m going with this?

    I’d be very uncomfortable if somebody breastfed in front of me, and I’m a girl.

    Team Lactation Rooms.

  18. Mad2, are you hungry? Cos you’re being fed quite well by the kind souls in this thread.

    Speedysgirl, what are your babies healthier than? I assume you don’t meant formula fed babies, cos even the lactation consultants I know wouldn’t make such a blanket statement like that.

  19. my mom breastfed my brother at a cast party for a play i did in 4th grade… i was mortified. however when i had my daughter and we were out and she was hungry, i didnt give a shit and pulled my boob out in public.

  20. I know you guys wanna argue and all but that harry potter broom penis is hilarious and worth comment

  21. youareallfckuingnuts

    Really chelle? Because I AM a lactation consultant and I would absolutely say that breastfed babies are healthier… by far than formula fed babies. And so does the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the American Academy of Pediatrics, and the Nation Cancer Institute. I’m so sorry that you being a selfish whore got in the way of you providing the best for your child/ren and now you search for someone to get on your “this smelly disgusting artificial shit in a can is just as good as what was intended for my child” kick.

  22. I love threads like this. I’d have to agree with TippyDippy on this one. Natural, but far from beautiful.
    Also, lactation room sounds silly. What’s wrong with a breast feeding room?
    And backwoods? That belongs in a post, not a comment. Backwoods…

  23. Wow. 21.

    I hope you’re not a lactation consultant because if you are your viewpoint is disgusting. Is it healtier to breastfeed your child? Probably. Is it always possible? No. It is so incredibly unprofessional of you to assume that someone is a “selfish whore” because they couldn’t breastfeed their child. Hey dumbshit, what if they couldn’t because THEY WERE WORKING so they could put food on the table? I’m all for breastfeeding, but I also understand when people can’t. I really, really hope you get exposed for your one-sided, naive, thick-headed nature.

  24. youareallfckuingnuts

    Only 3% of women are actually physically unable to breastfeed. The rest are selfish decisions. Many women (myself included) work (to put food on the table) and still manage to selflessly provide for our children (due to in part such awesome things like lactation rooms). It sounds to me like you are also one of those selfish mothers who won’t put her child’s HEALTH before her own insignificant wants. Let me ask you a question: If you could become pregnant and then transfer the fetus to a machine that would do a semi sufficient job of “growing” your child for the rest of the pregnancy, would you? Keep in mind that the “pros” of this wonderful machine would be the avoidance of all unpleasant parts of pregnancy (giving up activities, the symptoms, stretch marks and labor itself!) but the tradeoff would be that your child will never be as healthy, developed, or intelligent as they could be if they had grown naturally in their mother. Sure they are a few women who would actually benefit from this (such as the women who’s bodies are physically unable to carry a child to term) but the rest of the people who would sign up to use this hypothetical machine would be doing so selfishly at risk to their child. So, yes, I am justified in calling her (and you) a selfish whore.

  25. Sex is natural too, so I’ma do that in public.

    If you don’t like breastfeeding, look away. Easy!

  26. Urinating and defecating is natural too, but I don’t want the person sitting next to me in the restaurant doing those in public, either.

  27. actually “youareallfckuingnuts” you would be a selfish whore and a b*tch besides, for being so judgmental. I really hope you don’t treat the people that come to as clients like sh*t if things don’t work out because that turns people off quicker than anything else. I had to use formula for my child per physician recommendation because he was on strict calorie counts so screw you. It doesn’t work for many reasons not just selfish ones.

  28. youareallfckuingnuts

    Funny how the only ones getting upset are the formula feeders. What do you think people did before formula? Starved their children?

  29. <—-currently nursing my 18m old.

    Breast feeding isn't gross or sexual. The only reason people get uncomfortable is because it's been ingrained into your heads that breasts are sexual. They are multifunctional.

    If breast feeding is sexual then a bottle is a dildo.

  30. Well… I’m a selfish whore, but it has nothing to do with breastfeeding. I’m just selfish. And a whore.

  31. Am I the only one that noticed that the room number for the lactation room sort of spells out Diddies? Whoever was assigning room numbers had a wicked sense of humour.

  32. youareallfckuingnuts – I think you’re quite repulsive. I’m a supporter of breastfeeding (and I don’t think it should be hidden away like its something shameful) but there are women who are unable to breastfeed and, for many of them, that is quite upsetting. Attitudes like your’s are awful and counterproductive.

  33. The fact that both my children were formula fed does not make me selfish or a whore, thanks. In fact, with my 2nd baby, not breastfeeding was the most selfless decision I’ve ever made because I desperately wanted to be successful at breastfeeding. But when your baby is in the NICU due to “poor feeding”, you will do whatever you can to ensure that he does feed well so he can come home. Both my children were born pre-term, and as a lactation consultant I’m sure you know the difficulties these babies have feeding. So please get off your self-righteous kick and be a bit more understanding, yeah?

    As for the whore comment, I would just like to say that the only man I’ve ever slept with is also the father of my 2 formula-fed babies. So now I’m gonna be judgmental like you and say that’s probably far less than you, thus making you the whore, not me.

  34. @ youareallfckuingnuts, you’re a breastfeeding Nazi. I met bitches like you at the hospital with your little cult-ish “breast is best breast is best” chants! What is best, is that mother and baby are happy and if a mother is happier with formula, than the baby will be just fine. FYI I breastfed for 2 years (and was very happy to get my body back)and I didn’t do it to put “child’s HEALTH before my own insignificant wants”, I did it because it’s easier. Not having to get up and make a bottle in the middle of the night, appeals to my greed. More sleep = happier mummy. Oh and btw I also co-slept because it was easier!!

  35. @youareallfckuingnuts – I breastfed my children and they are healthy, but I know women who couldn’t and their kids are just as healthy. Being self rightous doesn’t help anyone.
    p.s before formula they had wet nurses for ppl who could afford it and the those who couldn’t gave their kids things like carnation milk,at least now ppl have a better option.

  36. Spanka, you spelt cuntish wrong.

    youareallfckuingnuts, I REALLY like your bullshit 3% statistic. What are the chances of you providing your source? Because it’s obviously made up.

    You and your opinionated, superior-as-fuck peers are prime reasons why no one likes lactation consultants. You may have breast-fed your children, but I shudder to think that your closed-minded opinions are being shared with your offspring. Who is doing the most damage to the next generation, do you think?

  37. There are other things to milk beside boobs here.

  38. shut the fuck up everyone

  39. Hey – baby+boob haters:-
    If thine eye offends thee – pluck the fucker out.

    is it truly harder to look somewhere else than to whine like a little bitch on my internet? NO. IT. ISN’T.


  40. @ Bacchante, LOL I didn’t misspell it however I much prefer your word :)

  41. has anyone ever watched that video on youtube about the yotch that breast fed her kids until they were ten? that’s fucked up.

  42. I don’t get it how some people compare breastfeeding to heroin, urinating, etc.

    Those things are not considered beautiful, as is a breast.

    But i do understand that if you are from the US you oppose public breastfeeding because it’s in your culture, the big fear of nipples.

    But that i don’t understand, why it is your culture.

  43. I absolutely don’t believe youareallfuckingnuts is an LC. If you are, please quit now because you are the worst LC ever. I know several LCs and not one of them would spout the shit you are.

  44. I too doubt that youareallfckuing nuts is a lactation consultant. Lactation consultants are pro-breastfeeding, sure. But any consultant worth their weight in breast milk would not be such a judgmental, angry little bitch. My formula fed baby is absolutely thriving and every doctor and child health nurse that has seen her is astounded at how well she’s doing. And for what it’s worth, I was unable to breastfeed. Completely bone dry, not even a drop of colostrum. And I don’t mind, because formula is a-okay by me. So shove your tiny-minded attitude right up your ass, you sanctimonious piece of shit.

  45. thank you PraetorianXVIII.

    Also, I’d personally rather not be breastfeeding in public because I don’t want people looking at me.

  46. youareallfckuingnuts- what about adopted babies that have no choice but formula? I was a formula baby, fyi the worst illness I ever had was a regular flu. Infact I can go three years (so far) without catching the common cold. If I was raised at him with my mom so she can breastfeed me, I’m pretty sure my circumstances would be far worse. I support breast feeding as much as I do formula. Think of the whole picture.

    All that said, I hope you get hit by a bus.

  47. Trust me, chelle, Nork Nazis like youareallfuckingnuts exist, and they’re onto new mothers before the cord is even cut. A friend of mine went through hell being constantly chided by nurses in the hospital because she chose not to breastfeed her newborn. Most of them were dried up old hags who had never had a kid of their own. Sure, tit is tops, but formula does very nicely, too. And some of the most healthy people I know never got near a bosom as a babe.

    Tit vs. Teat is such a boring argument. The fat chick with no pants on in public doesn’t even rate a mention?

  48. * raised at home

  49. Short story. I have two kids, one breast fed. one could not be breast fed because I was in the ICU in critical condition for three weeks after birth. One has asthma and had constipation issues until she was 11. Other one nothing but a cold, knock on wood. Guess which one was breast fed? Nope! the with asthma and digestive issues was breast fed. There goes that theory. I am a selfish whore also for totally different reasons. Go finger ur self.

  50. I joined just to say:
    youareallfckuingnuts, you’re a fuckwit.

    I don’t have kids or milky breasts but you’re still a preaching fuckwit.

    Also, the penis broom is funny.

  51. stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities

    Cows are much better at lactating and have 4 nipples. I was corn fed and am fine, apart from some minor psychological issues. Although my shrink begs to differ.

    Having said that, I don’t mind if women feed breasts to babies in public, but am worried their babies might choke on the nipples.

  52. youareallfckuingnuts – you’re a fucking cunt. And my little one has made it to a very healthy almost 3 year old. When’s she going to snuff it do you reckon?

  53. thataintwhaturdaddysaid

    Youareallfuckingnuts is an idiot. I’d bet good money that AMAZING parent takes regular trips to McDonalds, pizza places, etc and probably contributes to child obesity yet heaven forbid something unnatural go into her baby’s body! Oh I LOVE the pompous asses that want to pat themselves on the back for popping a tit out between soaps.

  54. STFU! No one wants to hear your self righteous formula talk. Yeah that person is a jerk for saying what they said but this is a facebook parody website, not a “I feed my baby formula and I’m proud” website. I don’t give a fuck if you breastfeed in public or you feed your kid the “all powerful formula”. Just don’t get pissed if people look at you when you breastfeed in public because it was your decision to do it in the first place. I’m all for it, I don’t mind titties but goodness, am I tired of reading all this holier than thou shit about formula feeding.

  55. It HAS been proven that breastfed babies ARE healthier. That doesn’t mean ALL breastfed babies are healthier, it just means in general. Breastfeeding is the preferred way to feed babies (trust me, just got a shit ton of pamphlets on it), but that is not always realistic or possible. Feed your damn babies the way you want, but don’t knock someone else for their choice. Their child, their business.

  56. No shows, no shirt, and I still get serviced
    boy look at that body
    (LMFAO – sexy and i know it)

  57. Yup, breastfeeding is best. It even says so on every can of formula you will ever buy.

    Also, most lactation consultants ARE rabid bitches. Most of them will pretend to be understanding, but underneath, they are all rabidly anti-formula.

  58. It is obvious that youareallfckingnuts is not a lactation consultant. No legit LC would ever spout the bad information and insane judgments that this asshole is spewing. I am very close with two women who couldn’t breastfeed due to different medical/ health problems, and they felt bad about it, thanks in no small part to judgmental asshats like our marginally retarded, self-righteous guest commenter here, who has to lie about being an LC to give her idiot opinions the weight of legitimacy. Go suck a diseased dick you stupid braying judgmental cunt.

  59. My wife’s a lactation consultant and she’s a cunt too.

  60. I would just like to say my boob is out and a baby is attached whilst I am reading all this. I found this baby at my neighbours house and it’s 10 years old mind you.

  61. Can we just get to the real problem of just what the hell the kid in the first picture is holding? I’d like to know how that is socially acceptable in public

  62. shewhomustnotbenamed

    @Pillowphile, the kid is dressed as a wizard, he’s ‘riding’ a (really awkwardly designed) toy broom.

  63. Really? Nobody is going to comment on how hot the blonde girl is?

  64. ComplicatedAmoeba

    I read “LACTATION ROOM: OCCUPIED” in a really deep, robotic voice. That made it better to me.

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