Friday, February 19, 2010

Phriday Photos!

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  1. Strangling dogs while making out is a pretty weird fetish even by Internet standards.

  2. Need Michelle’s contact info…

  3. I’d like to note that, those are shorts. Not a skirt.

  4. WTH, another Cullen? Is this the same guy from before?

    If he marries Edward Cullen, from Forks, Washington… he’ll… hehe

  5. I am both jealous and relieved that I do not have access to the weaponry that Bethany’s kid has. It’s like Modern Warfare 2 but for real. Love how there is a little beginner’s machine gun for babies.

  6. Whoa, that is a lot of guns!

    macowles, he probably sprinkles glitter on himself and prances around in his briefs in the back yard. While holding a gun, of coarse.

  7. Wow, I never seen a baby look white trash before… And I second sci-guy john… definately need michelles info… I will also take Morgans info while I’m at it

  8. I assume Bethany and her family are situated in America, possibly south US? Where I come from I like to think social services would act on the spot to at least get a dialogue with the family. Is there any hope that this will happen for this little girl?

  9. So, I’m assuming that “V-Day” does not stand for Valentine’s Day.


    That all sounds possible, yet very disturbing.

  10. So, I don’t deserve to be in that broad’s life because I think she’s a skank? Eh. Not only is that pic tacky, she has no ass. She should take it down to save herself the embarrassment.

    Slim, no comment on the booty? ;)

  11. By the way, Lame Book, I’m surprised you didn’t blur out the dog’s eyes.

  12. Kids, guns, beatiality and whores… what’s not to love?

  13. Hey Cullen, way to update your kitchen with a stainless steel oven; perhaps replacing the faded yellow dishwasher and linoleum is next? Maybe not, why not go and spend another $2g on an effin assault rifle.

  14. Fuck you Madeline, nobody but you and your stupid boyfriend give a shit about you making out.

    Interesting how Morgan doesn’t want to seemtrashy, yet she’s telling her Facebook friends ‘if you don’t want to look at pictures of my arse, I don’t want to be your friend’.

  15. A thought. Who took Madeline’s photo? Creepy.

  16. Oh and Phriday Photos is just an awful title xD

  17. Does anyone else find these pics to be both annoying and/or disturbing?

  18. oops… – the “both”

  19. @ cherry

    I said I’d take her info also… But honestly thats not much of a booty… I bet it dont even wobbity wobbity when it wiggle

  20. Kids/babies with guns, dog strangling and announcing your sexual prowess all la-me, but the last one imho is the lamest of the lame.

    Morgan sweetie, why?? It seems the only reason you want to stand with your hands on your hips clenching your tushie for the camera is some sort of homage to v-day.
    Bottom line (mind the pun), it’s a picture of your ass in ugly shorts, that’s all that it is. Get off your high horse and e-mail the picture to your boyfriend (girlfriend? she did quote vagina monologues) and take it off fb, no one wants to see it.

    @slimjayz, just tell her she looks trashy and you’ll get screwed ;)

  21. By posting a photo of a close up of her ass for the world to see and quoting “my short skirt,” in which is a line that says “my short skirt has nothing to do with you,” she’s totally missing the point.

  22. nothing beats doggy porn, children with automatic and a ho.

    plus i’d point out that what she’s wearing in the last picture are shorts and NOT a skirt.

  23. The photos of the kids with guns and the dog possibly being crushed are disgusting.

  24. #2: BUT WHO WAS CAMERA???

    Also the puppy looks like it’s fighting back pretty fiercely.

  25. krasivaya_devushka

    Wow. Some people shouldn’t be allowed to have kids.
    WTF?!? What a sick world.

  26. poor puppy!!! :O lol @ Michelle >.< ppl r crazy o.0

  27. Cullen says “My Daughter is Crazy”

    NO. You’re the CRAZY one letting your young daughter “play” with a huge gun. Dumbass.

  28. Parenting fails and skanky bitches! Happy Fucking Friday!

  29. Happy Fucking Friday to you too, beckyboo!

    Those pictures are disturbing.

  30. So I’ve been doggy styling all wrong, all this time?
    I’ll be reviewing my practices.

  31. Is Morgan presenting a photo of her arse because she’s what we call in this part of the world “a double-bagger”

  32. i love morgan. who would ever complain about THAT being on facebook? jealous bitches i guess…

  33. This picture of Morgan’s ugly shorts and stripper nylons defines her as a person, so back the fuck off guys.

  34. #2: the dog isn’t being squished. He’s playing, nibbling on the girl’s thumb.

    Fail parents: it’s a shame that the children are in such no-win situations. Report the parents? Then the children end up in foster care. Don’t report the parents? Then the children grow up with absolutely no respect for the deadly nature of guns. They can hang out with everybody who grew up with absolutely no respect for the deadly nature of cars and have demolition derbies with guns (at a safe distance from me and mine).

  35. Also, Morgan, your picture is fine. What’s not fine is the defiance with which you re-posted it. If you want to post a silly picture of your ass, do it. If people want to get uptight about the audacity of fishnet stockings and short shorts, well, that’s half the fun of posting a picture of your ass, right? :) But really, when you re-post this along with a self-motivational speech, you’re lending credibility to anyone who was offended by it, and even implying that you’re posting your pic to spite them.

  36. Bethany should worry less about Child Services and more about tha ATF.

  37. Cullen needs to teach his kid better gun safety. Finger OFF the trigger until you’re ready to fire unless she’s actually trying to take out the fridge or mommy or her little brother, what have you…

  38. If “white trash” is having ten grand worth of firearms on your couch then I’d gladly be white trash.

    And the second picture isn’t even a real firearm. It’s a toy. There is no fire selector on the side and the funky looking faux m203 is held together by screws.

  39. what is up with all the pics of kids with guns!!!!

  40. I don’t know that they’re offended by the shortness of your “skirt” (they’re shorts by the way, but I digress….), I think maybe they were offended because they are cheap ugly shorts that you wore with cheap ugly fishnet stockings. I mean, thats what offends me.

  41. How the fuck can someone be allowed to have that many guns!? what legitimate reason would you need so many machine guns, no wonder there is massacres there, imagine if that guy/girl gets pissed off and loses it!

  42. I think maybe Botany is white trash… he/she seems a little defensive.

  43. botany is frodo

  44. Ok. The picture of the girl with all the guns is ridiculous, and somebody went overboard there (the second isn’t a real gun, for those of you who haven’t noticed), but something needs to be said.

    I’m amused at the assumption that the kids in these pictures will grow up with no respect for guns. In my experience, kids who grow up around guns, and learn how to handle them properly have more respect for firearms and are safer around them than kids whose parents are afraid to let them near guns. It’s true. There’s something to be said about actually holding a solid weapon that terrifies you, especially when your father or mother is standing over you telling you in no uncertain terms what is acceptable and unacceptable. For children who hunt, seeing the death that guns can bring provides an even greater reinforcement of how dangerous guns really are.

    That being said, there are a lot of screw-ups, and I understand that a lot of people here only know about the screw-ups.

  45. I would assume Bethany’s baby daddy is a drug dealer to need that kinda protection. Since they are white I’d say it’s meth…. XD

  46. Botany is obviously Bethany.

  47. Yeah I’m so obviously Bethany, lol.

  48. The Second Amendment doesn’t mention anything about an age limit.

  49. I guess nine-year-old Annie Oakley was a just another violent, racist redneck psychopath.

  50. Hoes United ,ey?

  51. @44 — A classmate of mine in high school grew up around guns. He knew how to handle them properly & knew what they could do. But things still happen. He ended up shooting himself in the head BY MISTAKE senior year.

    Now if my friend, with all of his experience, could do that without meaning to, can you imagine what could happen if you surround a baby or little kid with weapons? I’m all for people owning guns and teaching their kids about them, but there is a proper way to do it. Wait until they’re at an age where they can understand what they’re holding and don’t treat them as some sort of joke/prop for a lousy photo…

  52. …it’s not beastiality. It’s inter-species erotica…

  53. *bestiality

  54. ^Thanks dude. Didn’t feel like typing it into the search bar to get my spelling right.

  55. You pathetic morons claiming it is somehow dangerous to have the baby with gun near it. I’m absolutely sure none of those even have bullets in them. I would rather much rather have children grow up in a household with gun using parents to educate them in their dangers and correct use. Yes people die because of accidents. Big deal. Accidents can kill people at any point in life in any situation. Can’t take away everything even slightly dangerous to take all chance of death out of the picture. Life is about risks.

    About “what if that guy goes crazy?” So what? If he had a single hunting rifle he’d likely take out about the same amount of people. Better that he can actually have some sort of gun lawfully rather than have guns banned and only criminals owning them. It is physically impossible for a government to completely remove all guns from the public. Not to mention how completely irresponsible it is for people to allow a government to strip them of a basic right to own a gun for protection. Citizens should not have their rights taken away because of the acts of criminals.

  56. dietpillpyramidscheme

    @Chardrak, you’re a moron yourself.

    Everything you said there, is the stock standard pro-gun ownership argument.

    Rather than running my mouth, here are some figures. Go on, argue with hard numbers, numbnuts.

    Perhaps you’d prefer the figures summarised for you, here?

    Gun control laws save lives. Shut the fuck up.

  57. @ Chardrak, bottom line is that guns are weapons.
    You talk about parents educating their children about guns, in these pictures there appears to be a lack of that.
    By treating a weapon with the frivolity of a toy or a modeling prop they aren’t exactly ensuring their child’s well being.
    Guns are more than slightly dangerous, their sole intention is to kill.
    Some citizens need to do their part to protect their gun owning rights by not acting like idiots with them. :D

    I can only hope to one day have the confidence Morgan does. That way i can parade my hot running shorts all over facebook.. with fishnet stockings no less.

  58. Well said Jennay. There is no way you can justify those pictures. Those parents are irresponsible.

  59. WTF the one of the kids with guns! SMFH

  60. I kinda like the guy kissing… you know… the one with the dog.

    Just the guy, without the gal and the dog!!!

  61. Awww it’s Renesmee in Charlie’s kitchen!!!

  62. I’d still do the guy, though!

  63. Eww. White girl ass.

  64. It’s actually a menage a trois with the dog.

    The dog is not just squashed in the middle. A more discriminatory observation reveals Madison putting her thumb in the dog’s jaw while Gerard Butler’s stunt double’s shoulder conveniently blocks out the dog’s rear end along with his right arm.

    But gotta love the creativity though. This could well be the new ‘doggystyle’ of modern times.

  65. The stupidity of some Americans never ceases to amaze me, kids with guns – yeah thats a great fucking message to send, get them started early, Daddy will be so proud when you head out and gun down a high school, fucking moron parents.

  66. @Chardrak – is your NRA membership due? your point is absolutley rediculous, and why the fuck would someone need so many fully automatic weapons? Jesus, fucks sake, fine if you argue a line of “to protect” my self then would a pistol not suffice? Guess not, I guess you need to empty a couple of clips into the intruder, maybe fire a couple of RPG’s to make sure the job is done, hey wait, no need to pull out the m16 for the guy sneaking in the back door, I wired it with claymores….fucking idiots.

  67. Thats fine, go and be happy with your body.

    That doesn’t mean I won’t fucking call you what you are.

    Ever wonder why men ask you your price? Yeah it’s not because they think your so beautiful they wish to buy you.

    There is a proper way to wear short skirts and short shorts with out looking like trash. Look it up and fucking LEARN!

    It’s girls like that that make other girls look bad “Because we all must be that trashy even if we don’t dress like it.”

  68. blah

  69. So, I was really trying to figure out on that last photo if that was her front or back… but then I saw the plaement of her hands nad realised that it’s a behind.. one that she rally shouldn’t be proud of, if you ask me… And those little kids with the guns… messed up, man. The dog one is creepy… I guess some people just like it doggie style?

  70. @Chardrak – Seriously? That is the most ridiculius thing I’ve ever read! I have a two year old and I’m positive that I can teach her the dangers of guns without letting her play with them. Whether they are loaded or not is irrelevant. Those children are going to grow up thinking it’s okay to play with guns. Your comment made you sound completely moronic. I’m not against owning guns. But if you own one and there are children living with you, they need to be locked away where it’s not possible for the children to get them.

  71. poor dog.

  72. nice to see a fat baby surrounded by guns who’s going to grow up to be an atypical american

  73. At first I thought the dog was chewing on Madeline’s tool boyfriend’s sidemoob peeking out of his douchey wifebeater, but then I just realized it was her thumb.

  74. My cousin was raised around guns. Her father had them her entire life. When she was 14 and got depressed over her boyfriend cheating on her, she took one of those guns and killed herself. That was 2005 and my family has never been the same.

    Sorry, but I’ll keep my future children far away from guns of all kinds. At least then I can be assured they won’t shoot themselves or their classmates as teenagers.

  75. My cousin was raised around belts. Her father had them her entire life. When she was 14 and got depressed over her boyfriend cheating on her, she took one of those belts and killed herself. That was 2005 and my family has never been the same.

    Sorry, but I’ll keep my future children far away from belts of all kinds. At least then I can be assured they won’t hang themselves or their classmates as teenagers.

  76. My cousin was raised around shovels. Her father had them her entire life. When she was 14 and got depressed over her boyfriend cheating on her, she took one of those shovels and killed herself. That was 2005 and my family has never been the same.

    Sorry, but I’ll keep my future children far away from shovels of all kinds. At least then I can be assured they won’t beat themselves or their classmates as teenagers.

  77. Wow… you people are seriously twisted.

    Arguing over whether or not guns should be around children is pointless-you’re never going to agree (though i have to admit it is amusing to see you try…). There is a reasonable age to start having your kids around guns if that is how you think it is best to educate them and I can quite honestly say I don’t think 2yrs is the right age for that.

    Yeah accidents happen, but so do murders and suicides. There is no effing way to tell whether the person you are sitting across the table from would be a good person to handle a gun. But there is also no way to completely get everyone away from something that would hurt them, and on top of that who is to decide what is dangerous? Are we supposed to stop using paper because, heaven forbid!- we might get a papercut! That chick that got depressed and killed herself? Yeah she could have used something else but the point is that was human stupidity. Her boyfriend’s for not just breaking up with her and hers for not figuring out that she really COULD live without him. (Sorry J) This is the longest post I’ve ever written, but for some reason you people just brought out my inner rebel.

    Okay, now you can continue arguing like morons instead of actually changing anything again…

  78. There have been plenty of times when I’ve been holding one of my cats and my husband has leaned in and kissed me. Whatever, lamebook.

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