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  1. ben?

  2. Indeed

  3. Ok, smoking during pregnancy. That discussion has been done to death, so I’m not going there. What she absolutely must do immediately, is get to a hair salon. That nest is an abomination.

  4. smoking during pregnancy…I swear they put those up strictly for a reaction. and..the chick in the last one could be MAKING drinks for other people..who says it’s hers? Could be her party…she might just be a good hostess…

  5. I don’t get the last one. Is it because she’s holding what could or could not be a glass of alcohol?

  6. True Frankie, Tiffany is the hostess with the mostess.

  7. OH good. What can go wrong with smoking during pregnancy? Clearly nothing since this twit has no issues. Here comes another child to burden the health care system (most likely). Kudos to you, young and expecting mother.
    This future child should be posting his problems and “TMI” on his Facebook wall when he/she hits their teens..if that.

  8. this is why people should have to pass a test to be a parent.

  9. krasivaya_devushka

    That is just nasty.

  10. This pregnant woman with the cigarette . . . Seriously, you couldn’t at least PRETEND you aren’t slowly suffocating the fetus inside you? That’s why you should keep an ashtray nearby. And, by the way, no one wants to see them nasty ass stretch marks. Maybe you should use your cig money on some cocoa butter or scar cream. Bleh.

  11. Why is she wearing a fox as a wig?

  12. That “rocket” has some huge “hills”

    and F off with the Gary Coleman jokes, it got some good shock value at first but now your just killing it, no pun intended.

  13. Last pic, is it because she’s pouring drinks?
    Stretch marks… Gose. Look at the calendar behind her

  14. I’m digging the pocket rocket. Such talent, such talent!

  15. I see people smoking and pregnant and it doesen’t bother me so… I cut back to 2 a day when I was pregnant … I just wonder if that’s the only thing she is smoking.. and shit if you are going to smoke go ahead and spring for the hazard bleach and get rid of the roots and change so you don’t look enormously white trash while pushing back a pack a day with a bun on the oven … god… I feel gross knowing I am paying for her food stamps and she is buying cigs not diapers….

  16. The thumb ring that prego smoker wears is not helping.

  17. @clhh510
    To be fair she might be growing the bleach out to get back to her natural colour. I had to do this once, and I got a lot of shitty comments about ‘doing my roots’ despite the fact I didn’t want them done because I wanted normal hair colour again :(

  18. Also, the last one isn’t lame.. just ambiguous

  19. meh

  20. Are those dead seals on that calender?

    …The aunt seems so proud of that rocket.

  21. Oh course her hair looks like ass – you’re not supposed to dye it when you’re pregnant.

    And depending on how much you smoked before becoming pregnant your doctor may recommend you simply cut down rather than quit because the baby may experience nicotine withdrawals.
    Smoking one or two a day will actually prevent that from happening.


  22. Oh, puke. It makes me INSANE when people say it’s “beneficial” to the baby to continue smoking while pregnant. What a load of BS.

    So if I’m a crack addict, it’s cool to continue doing crack while pregnant, right? You know. . . to keep the baby from going into withdrawl.

  23. There’s no issue colouring the hair during pregnancy, especially after the second trimester, which this charming young lady has clearly reached. There is minimal dye absorption, and provided it’s done in a well ventilated area, there is no problem.

    It comes down to personal choice, and not for nothing, she’s putting more toxins into her baby by smoking, than she’ll ever get through a hair dye treatment.

  24. about the last one…… WHAT is the girl staring at ?

  25. MsBuzzkillington

    Okay… the girl in the last picture IS lame because she is at a party full of alcohol and she is clearly drinking herself. Looks to be a lot of hard liquor too.

    I hope nomnomnom is being sarcastic. He has to be mocking the lol facts site/posting things.

  26. She is NOT clearly drinking herself, I don’t know how you came to that conclusion.

  27. angel on the sideline

    im still laughing at the ‘fox on her head’ comment, genius!

  28. I don’t believe that DS picture really happened.

  29. Msbuzz, he is not mocking. my hubby and I decided we wanted a baby, so we were going to stop smoking and all that good stuff-and I was already pregnant. My midwife said that quitting and smoking during the first trimester offer the same risk of miscarriage. Quit in the second. Direct quote-”If you can’t quit in the second trimester, don’t bother.” They seriously tell you that. Personally, with all the facts in regards to smoking… I felt it made sense to just quit, pregnant or not-pregnancy just made it my babies health, not just my own. I digress..but seriously…that’s what they tell you now. Ridiculous.

  30. TylerDurdenUMD

    Frankie, I can’t even comment on how stupid your midwife sounds.

  31. Your midwife seems to go against every other in the entire country.

  32. I’ve heard from doctors that have said the shock to the system of quitting smoking (for someone that smoked a lot) could definitely hurt a baby.

    A cigarette or two a day could have a much lower risk of negative side effects.

    And btw, there’s a guy standing inches away from the pregnant woman in the last picture… where she’s talking to people about her baby. No chance the drink is for him? Or even that he’s the father?

    BTW, there’s also Mountain Dew on the counter… not a common mixer (even if it is used sometimes), but let’s all jump to the conclusion that she’s a horrible drunk, surrounded by wasted friends that don’t give a shit either.

  33. sunshineandhail

    1) Gary Coleman died. Ok. It’s a shame. Tired of stupid jokes. Not even lame, just annoying. (Though, to be fair, the original poster of this may have posted this right after his death. Ok.)
    2) Ok. Pregnant woman smoking. Smoking = Bad. Period. Maybe they’re filtered. Maybe they’re those fake quitting cigs. You don’t know. Also. “dead seals”? Reallly? Really? Yeah. Because everyone’s got a “dead seal” calendar. Don’t you? And why is the hair such a big deal? Attacking a woman for her hair.. that’s ridiculous. How do you *know* she’s past her first trimester? Pregnant? With multiples?
    4)WAY too open to interpretation. There are three other people in that one shot, any of which could easily be waiting for that drink, I’d even bet on it being the dude creeping in the background or the woman feeling her stomach. Besides, if that was for her, she’d probably just down it straight outta the bottle. She just poured out the remains of it into the cup.

  34. The second one actually looks like an E-Cig to me. (a fake electric cigarette)

  35. no one has any remarks about the penis rocket? How sad :(

  36. sunshindandhail,

    you’re a buzzkill.

  37. “clhh510 June 3rd, 2010 at 1:02 pm

    I see people smoking and pregnant and it doesen’t bother me so… I cut back to 2 a day when I was pregnant … I just wonder if that’s the only thing she is smoking.. and shit if you are going to smoke go ahead and spring for the hazard bleach and get rid of the roots and change so you don’t look enormously white trash while pushing back a pack a day with a bun on the oven … god… I feel gross knowing I am paying for her food stamps and she is buying cigs not diapers….”

    Wow.. For someone who admitted to also smoking while pregnant, you’re awfully judgmental. I wonder how you’d have felt if people made the exact same misinformed assumptions about you as you just did.

  38. Slippy people have made comments. One was wow that is a proud aunt. The other one was wow that rocket was built between to huge hills.

  39. In the last photo could be the man pouring the drink, if you look close you can see a the cuff of his black shirt…..

    …….but it could also be wrist jewellery of some kind belonging to Ms. Preggers

  40. I highly doubt the woman in the last pic is drinking, seriously. The injustice I see in that pic is that short chick feeling the belly. NEVER TOUCH THE BELLY! I feel sorry for preggo lady, maybe it’s that that is driving her to drink!

  41. I think you’re all wrong. Clearly the smoking prego is lame because she’s a Boston Celtics fan.

  42. Smoking=bad, usually. But I can see why trying to quit smoking while pregnant can hurt the baby; whatever the mom experiences (including withdrawl) the baby experiences, aswell.
    But I think the picture put up just so we could talk about how wrong it is.
    Also, the last one…I’m pretty sure it is her pouring the drink, because if it were the man, his arm would be very, very long…I don’t think it was for her, though. She was probably in the kitchen talking to the woman touching her belly, and the man went to get a drink, so she said “here, let me get it for you!”…that’s just my theory.


    Oh shit, I forgot to turn caps lock off. Silly me.


  45. captainbitchslap

    Wow Hobo… No need to be SHORT with everyone just because they like to poke a LITTLE fun at Gary Coleman… Do I sense a bit of Napoleon Complex goin’ on or did you just take a TINY bit of criticism throughout your existence due to being vertically challenged?

    @ evo – Nice observation.

  46. Well, if you say so John……

  47. @Dead_Parade, the caps was to emphasize the dumbass-ish-ness of the sorts of people that WON’T STOP making the same jokes >.> But thanks anyway, constructive criticism is always welcome.

    So far I’m a prick and… wait, captainbitchslap, are you trying to mock my height? Because, uh… I’m fine, thanks. Seems kind of a waste of your time to try and mock my size when you’re merely presuming my height.
    And no, my beef isn’t with the subject of the jokes being his height. It’s the people that won’t stop telling these jokes when they’ve all already been done to death, and mostly Lamebook for continually posting them. If you think I only get annoyed because I too am the butt of jokes I rant about, you’d think I was a peadophile musician female who constantly makes sandwhiches, loves Twilight and… is Justin Bieber.

    Everybody else is welcome to misinterpret my point and insult me because they’re not understanding what I meant correctly if they so pleeease.
    THank you.

  48. With a little h.

  49. Walter Sobchak

    Haha British Hobo is short!!


  50. xD

  51. krasivaya_devushka

    haha this BritishHobo is funny! :p

  52. Wow. People complaining about stretchmarks. That’s low, guys. It’s not like they can help it.

  53. rebarbativebecc

    I saw a pregnant woman drinking an energy drink today, just wanted to slap it out of her hand -_-. If they can mess YOUR heart up, think of what it’s doing to your undeveloped baby.

  54. Wah wah wah. Honestly who cares if someone no one knows is smoking while they’re pregnant?? It’s not the choice I would make but there are so many types of people in the world, so many different types of families. Who cares???

    People seem to all be experts on how bad this is too, when they are not doctors (nor am I) and have no idea what’s really going on in there (nor do I). My mother was told not to smoke more than a pack a day while pregnant and she had five very healthy babies. And I have heard of people being told not to quit straight up while if they are already pregnant. It cant be THAT bad.

  55. <> because BritishHobo cracks me up.¦)

  56. That was me doing a happy dance^

  57. The first one was lame. The third one was funny. The last one meh.

    The second one, forget the smoking, it’s the stretchmarks. I wish I could just walk up and barf right into her face.

    MiaOrange, there’s steps you can take to prevent them. If you can’t prevent them, there’s another simple step to take, don’t show them off. It’s the same as a dude shirtless with ungodly bodyhair or a fat person in a skin tight outfit.

  58. nomnomnom..completely wrong. That’s hilarious you think it’s so dangerous to dye your hair because of the toxins but it’s ok to smoke? WTF!? You CAN dye your hair while pregnant as long as you’re in a well ventilated place because the biggest risk is in INHALING FUMES. Sounds kind of ironic, no?

  59. the first pic was good but the rest was friggan gay as whats so funny bout smokeing wen ur prego and the rest i dont see the point of the pics

  60. @picture #2

    You might be white trash if……
    pajama pants,
    basketball shirt,
    black roots, yellow hair,
    too many gold rings,
    unattractive pregnancy pictures,

  61. *sigh*, ok, its time for some education people. Yes, it IS bad to smoke while your pregnant, HOWEVER if the mother is already a smoker, the stress caused from trying to quit is WORSE on the fetus than just actually smoking. Which is why doctors just recommend trying to scale back the amount the mothers smoke instead of trying to get them to quit completely.

  62. Lunax, where exactly did you hear this info from? My parents are both MD’s and you could not be more wrong. And “stress” from quitting is minor compared to the exposure to chemicals and oxygen deprivation to the fetus caused by smoking.

    It’s just not a good thing to do while pregnant, period.

  63. I don’t see what’s wrong with photo #2. This is clearly just to raise awareness of how you will look, should you become a fan of the Boston Celtics.

  64. So the problem with the second picture…. Okay, first of all, you can start showing anywhere from 2 months onward, and depending on how your tummy looked before hand, she could be anywhere in her pregnancy (I doubt strongly it’s 2 months, but hell, it could be 4 or 5). I am currently 7 months pregnant, and I have not dyed my hair since I found out because others are so judgemental I could not stand to simply hand them something to complain about (e.g. “OMG how could you dye your hair???!!! Ur killing ur behbeh!!! Plus u ate TUNAFISH!!!! And CHINESE FOOD!!!!!????? Why r u lifting that 5lb bag of sugar!?!?!?!?! UR WORKING TIL THE END OF UR PREGNANCY!!???!!!!!!! OMGGGGGZZZZZZ” Like… seriously. Seriously.) despite the fact that I know it is perfectly fine to dye it. It took me 6 weeks after finding out I was pregnant to successfully quit smoking. By the time I had quit I was thought to be 3 months along, so this woman could very well be in the process of quitting, just taking a bit of time, or perhaps found out she was with child when she was like 3 months along or something. Trust me, you don’t just stop smoking (in most cases) when you find out. And while I was never directly told to take quitting slowly, I asked my doctor if it could harm the baby to stop cold-turkey, and he said yes, it can, if I’m smoking like 2 packs a day or so, which I thankfully wasn’t.

    But yeah, come on. Ew stretch mark photo. There’s a reason I don’t have pics up of my belly. Looks like a goddamned road map.

    The 1st and 3rd pics are meh.

    For the 4th, I have mixed drinks for my friends right along my pregnancy. If I had photos of those occasions, they would likely look like this. Everyone’s dressed nicely here, she doesn’t seem to be at some random party/club, boozing it up and hitting the dance floor. While I am not saying there is no way she is drinking, I’m saying it’s a pretty shitty interpretation.

  65. TonHyukOTP, wow thanks for you E True Hollywood Story.

  66. Okay, Shipoopi [love the Family Guy reference, btw]
    I see what you’re saying. But it is a little unfair, no?

  67. Alright, if Family Guy references something (in this case, The Music Man) then it’s not ‘referencing Family Guy’ when you use it. It’s either referencing the original source, or you’re an idiot.

  68. Sorry, way late on this, but why is the first picture in this group? Belongs in a WINsday!!

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