Thursday, June 9, 2011

Perfect Parents

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  1. 1st one hellacreepy…2nd one super hellacreepy

  2. “lookin like a black tyra banks” am i missing something? i always thought tyra WAS black

  3. 1st one looks like Snooky..

  4. oh my, i am so on jantelle’s facebook, she is one messed up ho…

  5. There’s nothing wrong with picture 2. Say you are in a public place, alone with your todder who touches everything and puts his mouth on anything within reach. Then, you need to take a piss. WTF would you do? Leave the kid with a stranger? let the kid wander around the nasty bathroom?

  6. Wow Jantelle… Really?


  7. meks I agree with you.

    It is an akward picture, and yes it is funny to look at. But just like you said sometimes you just do not have another option when you are alone in a public bathroom and you’ve got a wanderer.

  8. #7 totally, the real fail in this picture is the creep taking a picture in a public bathroom. That’s an easy way to get knocked the F out.

  9. littleredcorvette

    First one is extremely creepy, second one looks like a dad on a day trip with his daughter and has no other option. Are men not allowed to father anymore, they have to move right into being deadbeats?

  10. i KNOW i saw that first picture somewhere! I keep getting ads on my fb for “becoming a social worker” with that picture!

  11. The first picture is used in a FB ad about becoming a social worker. I don’t know why.

  12. Umm, name fail on the 1st pic? Lol! Her profile is priceless! Has anyone noticed her profile picture??

  13. Haha, thanks LB for the leak. Jantelle’s page is wide open for commenting if anyone wants to share their thoughts about ‘ma baby’ whose hair is longer than her body.

  14. OMG Her profile pic has made it to lamebook too

  15. I hate to point this out but she isn’t saying she’s going to be academically like Virginia Tech, she’s saying she’s going to shoot her school up like that kid did at Virginia Tech.

  16. LMAO….. dark chocolate!!!

    i snuck in an got his dick ;) …..but now i think i mite be prego again <33333

  17. Stam: I am aware of that, I’m just saying she probably has about as much chance of finding Blacksburg as she does of finding Nirvana.

  18. good lord this is entertaining

  19. Her fb page could easily provide posts for lamebook for about a year… She fails at life.


  21. lizbeth45: WOW. I could definitely use a VicoTini after reading that godawful mess.

  22. throwingtofu: i barely made it through the whole thing…like a whole different language

  23. I’m pretty sure Jantelle’s profile is fake, sort of like that one that came through here several months ago where someone was pretending to be a skanky white chick who was having a party to celebrate having had an abortion.

  24. “conjigal visit sex is da besttt fuckin sex I eva had. I recommend ta all u ladies ta try it, u will orgasm fa days n days. I think ma pussy be depressed about dis too, it looks a bit discolored n I’ve started queefin more than usual”… Good lord! So sad… is her obsession with ugly shoes.

  25. babies bein a fuckin bitch taday. won stop mutha fuckin cryin. god shit i wanna smack da shit outa it, but i wont i wont, gotta compose ma niggaself. days like dis i just wanna go ta walmart n leave it in a cart for 45 mins n leave. if itz gone it was gods will n ill accept it.
    <33333 praise be praised
    ~fuck bitches get money~

    Wow amazing mom

  26. lizbeth45: I DIDN’T make it through the whole thing. My head probably would have caught fire.

  27. OH GOOD LORD, she posted a pic of some dildo machine and wrote “oh. ma. fucking. god. i betta see dis shit. on ma doorstep. january 23rd. ya niggaz hurd? good”


  28. Read her post on May 13 3:35pm the fight between her and Taneya Shante Dancer Woody is hilarious

  29. WOW. aquila’s post is the straw that broke the camel’s back and made me realize that Jantelle truly is the new Suroor. Different gender, different body type, different culture and nationality, but same idiocy – multiplied by a positive number greater than three. So sad.

  30. fa all u who had bin wonderan…i was in jail. i hate talkin about it but fuck it. i was smokin a fuckin ciganiggarette and some BITCH ASS HO cum up ta me n take ma cigarette n run off wit it. i was like WTF. but i cool i cool. so i light up again. BITCH COMES BACK N FUCKIN SHOVES MA FIRST CIG DOWN MA TITS. hellll ta da fuckin noooo. i shoot her. thank god daneal got mea good lawya cuz i strait up OJED dat sheet


  31. God fuckin dammit im black and i barely understand her fb post. Somebody need to make a software to decypher shit like that. Funny thing is she corrected someone’s spelling on one of her fb thread. A-fuckin-mazing Jantelle,a-fuckin-mazing!

  32. “n ma vagina flaps masturbate fa demselves now I learned not ta use ma hands”

  33. Her profile is public you can actually comment on her troll fight with another girl (citation needed)

    And wow at her profile pic. Very kLaSsY siStaH!

    Oh and i learned another word from her ‘absofuckinniggalutely’

    Webster ain’t got shit on this sistah

  34. vegasjellyfish

    That second picture totally makes me think of my husband and daughter. I had to look twice to make sure it wasn’t him and our daughter LOL (Then again he wouldn’t hold her on his shoulder he would have locked her in the stall.) I agree the person that took the picture needs their ass kicked.

  35. He would have locked her in a stall? That doesn’t seem right either.

  36. lock her in a stall cause she can see his penis? how many boys go with their momma to the loo and see her pussy?

  37. boomstick I would have sued them if they had edited it out xD

  38. fourtyfourth?

  39. loeeger i’ve been laughing my ass for for an hour now….compensates for some of the lame posts on here :D

  40. Saw the second one couple of days ago on pop hangover – nothing wrong with it, except the pervert taking the pic.

    The first one though… have no words…

  41. I think its funny her status now says something about being on lamebook

  42. wat in da fucckksss. im on lamebook????? dis fuckin crazy, i wanna kno da bitch ass nigga who put ma beautiful babys ass on der. eh fuck it, it was bout time ma perfection was showed ta da worll. HOLLAAAAAA. any bitches who wan get der pussy flaps wet CALL ME!!!
    <33333333333 praise be praised
    ~fuck bitches get money~

  43. xmakoreactantx

    Holy damn, I have no words to describe the eyerape Jantelle inflicted on me. I could only get as far back as the post where she says “new goal: aids ba next week!” before closing it out. How the hell did people like this make it into the gene pool?

  44. xmakoreactantx

    Oh! And on a side note:

    39 cents fa a dolla??? fuck dat nigga. 82 cents fa ma dolla. neva agin will i shop at walmart. those fuckas be thinkin dey own da world, buyin ma shit for 50 fuckin cents den sellin it fa 5 dolluz. all dey r is a buncha fuckin rite winged nose jobs wit racoon parlorz in dey basements. FIX YO SHIT
    <3333333 praise be praised
    ~fuck bitches get money~

    What the hell is a "racoon parlor" and what is it doing in dey basements?

  45. At first glance, I thought it was a doll in the first pic.

    Hmmm, something tells me that Lamebook purposely didn’t blur out her name. But she has a wide open profile, anyway, so it’s pretty obvious she doesn’t care about privacy. The thing I find most amazing is that over 400 people are “friends” with the trollop.

    And now she’s found out that she’s on Lamebook. What a surprise. Let the games begin…

  46. Report from Captain Obvious; That first one is an entirely fake blog.

  47. do NOT wan do no work. i enrolled maself inta sum fuckin community college bullshit cuz i been hearin i needa degree or sum shit. did not kno i needed to study or watever. wat da fuck is dis exponent shit. god fuck i hate life rite now. if i have ta do any morea dis der mite be another virginia tech up in dis bitch
    <333 praise be praised
    ~fuck bitches get money~

    This CANNOT be a real person…I refuse to believe that this is what humanity has come to…

  48. matilda – thanks for bringing that to light, but just because she posted that pic and called it “ma baby” doesn’t mean it is (and obviously it’s not) nor does it mean her profile isn’t legit. I have never known of a farce profile that somehow managed to garner 420 friends.

    Yeah, that’s right, 420.

    What a…

    Wow… LOL

  49. Exactly, tofu. The picture may not be hers, but her profile, in all its horror, looks pretty real to me. And the friend numbers are growing. Are people from Lamebook adding this thing as a friend? Say it isn’t so.

  50. wordpervert…don’t judge us…endless free entertainment.

  51. she’s a genius…the lamebookers trying to troll her are fucking embarrassing

  52. xmakoreactantx

    #56: You can get free entertainment without adding . . . it . . . to your friends list, remember the public profile?

  53. But she says way more interesting stuff the losers on my wall…this way I get an update everytime she posts another peice of human damage.

  54. The baby photo has to be at least 2 years old.

  55. The first one isn’t real, it’s all over google and the rest of the internet

  56. pretty sure i’ve seen jantelle’s main profile pic before too

  57. Jantelle’s baby is the scariest fucking thing i’ve ever seen in my life. Make’s Chucky look like Barney.

  58. Looks like Baby Oprah.

  59. they deleted my pasted gems boofuckenhoo

  60. “Hide ya wife, hide ya kids…”

  61. I’m with ya meks. My daughter rides around on my shoulders a lot. 80% of the time its for safety reasons.If I was in a situation where I had no enclosed stalls, people that I don’t want to be around, let alone around my daughter, this is what would happen.
    Now my daughter wouldn’t be trying to catch a peek, however, young children can be extremely curious. Just sayin’

  62. I take my daughter into the toilet with me all the time too… granted she’s twenty-two now and it so she can look at my cock… so maybe it’s not exactly the same thing, but i’m definitely down with the ‘daughter in toilet’ gang if you’ll have me?

    Dairylea Dunkers

  63. cheesuschrist…are you serious?


  64. masteryoda Whats wrong, don’t you like Dairylea Dunkers?!

  65. whats Dairylea Dunkers? we don’t have em over here

  66. Even if it wasn’t a public toilet, I don’t see the big deal.
    Daughter sees daddy peeing, so?
    I’m sure she will have seen him naked at home sometimes.
    Or are fathers nowadays supposed to lock the bathroom door when they shower?

  67. @zomboid


  68. Yes, twenty-two can be a very curious age also!

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