Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Pen Palentine

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  1. Ah, little street rats at their finest. Still, their English is better than most.

  2. Most street rats that is.

  3. I reaaaaally want to know what Matthew is going to jail for.

  4. Aussie Aussie Aussie – Oi Oi Oi.

    Matthew, don’t worry, it’s not called the pokey for nothing, it might not be good, but it meets the other requirement.

  5. #3:

    Same reason as his dad – he went on a 5 day binge and held up a 7-11 and stole a 40 and lottery tickets so his bitch could get a boob job and liposuction since the last time she leaned her fat jiggly hips against his POS Ford she almost knocked the damn thing over. Then he had to fight for visitation rights, after all he did for her…

  6. Heh, got to admire the guys chutzpah, he’s going to jail but he’s still looking to hook up one last time … :p

  7. I’m sure there will be plenty of people in jail for Matthew to fuck.

  8. I love how she was down for a good fuck, only the kids were home. Damn kids! Some random hook up may or may not be going to jail. Action is necessary.

  9. Tell me ‘bub’ doesn’t mean ‘brother’ in street slang… please.

  10. @Kenada, not Aussie, British.
    @ Brandy Alexander, ‘bub’ means babe, in scum talk.

  11. he’s so nonchalant about the fact that he’s going to jail… probably been there a thousand times; talk about a low level of being! Glad I don’t know people like that personally.

  12. JacksSmirkingRevenge

    “She is a mole”??? Who says that??

  13. Their whole conversation is strangely casual. Bummer, I’m going to jail, hey wanna do it?

  14. ‘Moll’ is Australian terminology. It generally means ‘fuckin’ bitch’.

  15. ipawn, you’re right.I had a boyfriend who called me “bub”…he was scum. Hate ” babe” with a passion too.
    Mole, that one I like, very descriptive.

  16. If he’s just a little more patient he’ll get the fuck of his life in jail…he might even get to wear eyeliner

  17. I’m 98% sure they’re Aussie.
    “How you going?” is an Aussie term, and she said “and let me know how you go!”


    bub (plural bubs)

    A term of familiar address.
    (Australian, slang) Baby.

    And lastly:
    Moll (slang)
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    Moll or Mole (pronounced /ˈmoʊl/) is Australian and New Zealand slang, usually pejorative or self-deprecating, for a woman of loose sexual morals, a bitch, a slut or a prostitute. The term can also be used for a girlfriend of a thief, gangster, surfie or bikie.

    Aussie Aussie Aussie, Oi Oi Oi! Gotta love em :)

  18. Moll is very much an Aussie term, as is Bub, BUT we say “gaol”, not “jail”…

    However, since proper spelling doesn’t exactly seem to the the forte of this charming pair, who knows.

  19. Not sure where in Australia you are, but ‘gaol’ is certainly not the dominant term around here. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen it, actually.

  20. Why do you guys keep saying “Moll” I’m from NZ and it’s always spelt ‘mole’ as in the animal/an ugly bitch. they aren’t the smartest bunch but thought some grammar police peeps would be up on that shit. Yeah they are either from Oz or NZ – I hope for my sake Oz. Other than that they are stupid fuckwits and thank god one of them is going away!

  21. Dominant or not, it is the correct spelling. But that is a separate rant.

    But I suppose that goes against my initial point, so disregard.

  22. yeah pretty sure no one in Australia says “gaol”.Its “jail”, like in the australian version of monopoly

  23. dub.tee.eff – In Australia it’s mostly spelt as “Moll”, but I know in NZ it’s more often “Mole”.

    Refer : http://s11.bdbphotos.com/images/orig/f/2/f2w2akaovx9ta2af.jpg

    [Slightly NSFW]

  24. Thisismytown, is IS Goal on Australian Monopoly:


    But usage of that correct spelling is very much on the decline. The Americanization continues *sigh*

    And no, I mean no offense to our American cousins. It’s just I remember when this country had it’s own identity, as opposed to the current deep desire to be the 52rd State of the Union.
    I blame Howard.


  25. And yes, I obviously meant to type “53rd” not “52rd”.

  26. I think gaol is old time spelling in Australia but still acceptable to use. I’ve seen it carved in sandstone in an old jail once.

    I’ve also seen “bub” used but not “mole” but maybe I just don’t know any moles.

    Spiral, it’s interesting that you spelled (spelt – haha) it Americanization rather than Americanisation, hey?

  27. Matthew better settle for a more common type of whore.

    @wordpervert, i hate ‘babe’ with a passion as well.

  28. Walter, actually it’s more interesting that my autocorrect corrected it that way – Somewhat makes my point more, yes?

    But hey, this is not Vietnam, this is spelling, there are rules, huh?


  29. So I’m assuming Matthew didn’t respond to Sarah’s last comment because he didn’t want to waste any time getting over to her house. She didn’t exactly say “no” – just “here” and “quietly.”

  30. Yeah Microsoft’s autocorrection can be a pain. This aggression will not stand.

  31. I personally hate ‘bub’ due to Once Were Warriors :P

  32. In conclusion, Australians are superior to sheep-rooting New Zealanders.

    Yeah, gahn. You fuckin’ MOLLS.

  33. He’s going to be going from fucking Bub to fucking Bubba.

  34. or being fucked by Bubba

  35. @ dub.tee.eff – ALL Australians are ‘stupid fuckwits’? You must be one of the very few who hasn’t come over here to get work and learn English. I don’t really blame you. You live in a beautiful place. But you’re probably too busy hating to notice what you’ve got. Eh bub?

  36. Stop taking it in the ass @jane tobes. You’re a massive gay.

  37. Yeah, so.

  38. @Comeagain – read @dub.tee.eff’s comment again. I think you’ll see he/she did not say ALL Australians, simply that these two people are stupid fuckwits. Settle down.

    I read this and thought New Zealanders – just because of the use of ‘bub’ and close-but-not-quite similarities to Australian speech patterns. Could be Australians. Could be Kiwis in Australia (never the other way around ;)

    My friends and I (on the Gold Coast, Australia) say “babe” and “mole” (spelt that way, to differentiate from “biker moll”) all the time. We are a mix of Aussies and Kiwis.
    “Mole” is now used both as insult and as an affectionate term -eg. “Fuck you, mole!” (bad) and “Fuck yeah, Moles, let’s party!” (‘good’). The latter (and sometimes, former) can be used to refer/talk to both females and males.

    No one (effectively) uses the correct spelling “gaol” in Australia. I know this to be the correct spelling but did not learn it at school (definitely “jail”).

    As for the content of their conversation, and how inappropriately public it is, nothing surprises me anymore!

  39. Ugh… private messsages were created for a reason! LAME!

  40. It would appear Sarah’s Valentine’s Days consist of a rotating door of non-present fathers and jailbirds. I would have thought she’d be glad to have a single Valentine’s Day for once.

  41. I am Australian. Yes I must admit bogans like this exist everywhere.
    My ex who was a big feral bogan chat (who got the southern cross tatoo to look cool) use to call me bub, since he was older than me and took advantage of me I found it rather disgusting!
    To think this moron has a child and calls his ex a mole, is just another bane. I wouldn’t be letting that jerk near my child whether he was the father or not. He has a lot of growing up to do… as for this silly female Sarah! she needs a relaity check, if she is a parent she needs to concider getting some better associates. Criminals make for a bad reputation, for her and her children! She is also obviously incredibly stupid, if he is going to jail, there would be good reason for it… don’t doot on him. He is a loser!!!
    Stupid ferals!!!

  42. Wow I can’t beleive I just used the word “chat”… That’s unlike me. Bogans get me riled too easily, especially when they are breeding.

  43. Huh.

  44. Will you two shut the fuck up about how you spell bub, mole and gaol!!

    @Walter Sobchak – Exactly what I was thinking!! And he will probably break some kind of curfew adding a few months to his stint just for one last bit of action… ha!

  45. these comments are lamer than lamebook

  46. And they called it chubby love

    Poor old Matthew. He spent all that time smooth-talking his lovely lady friend, and he still won’t get any before he goes inside.

  47. Man, the “I’m going to jail” routine has gotten me so much tail. It’s kind of like the “last night before I’m shipped off to war” bit, but for the shitball loser set. Bonus: If they get pregnant, they’re not surprised when I disappear.

  48. Sweet fuck. I can’t believe I’m stooping to this but, thisismytown @22, I think you’ll find that you pronounce either word in the exact same way.

    Yeah gdiddy, I agree, these comments suck lame balls.
    If I wanna know what wikipedia says about Australian colloquialisms I’ll check it out myself.

  49. Definitely a perfect example of Aussie white trash. Unfortunately these sort of people and their ilk are familiar to me due to a sister who chose to migrate down from middle class to bogan.

    I myself have been guilty of calling my dog “bub”. That will cease right now. Eeek.

    This is a type of Aussie who, to the despair of the rest of us, are becoming more and more prevalent. Urgh.

  50. @ MissMetal, I call it catching bogonorrhea, it’s an uncontrollable std in western sydney, sorry to hear your sis caught some…

    But don’t be confused, there are also bogans in the middle class too, just check any rural mining town for evidence…

    I share your despair.

  51. That has bought a tear to my eye. What a beautiful sentiment. Who said romance was dead?

  52. Typical worthless slut who can’t do without male attention for five minutes. Has brats from other fathers already coming out of her ears, now she’s trying to be a cum dumpster for yet another aggressive out of control male on his way to prison. Do the rest of society a favor, Sarahslag dear, and get your fucking tubes tied.

    By the way, anyone have Sarah’s number?

  53. I’ll watch the kids for your Sarah. A condemned man’s gotta get his rocks.

  54. @Tinderbox- I know this is too serious for this site, but why don’t you mention that Matthew needs to get fixed?
    Why are girls the only ones that need to tame their genitalia?

  55. Good point littleblackbug. I’d rather not have to live in a world with off spring from either.

  56. im surprised Sarah didnt invite him round – big assumption here but i figure these kids feed and bed themselves and they have seen mummy railed by a number of different folk before….

  57. Gaol/Jail it all depends on when and where you went to school in Oz
    I would be surprised if anyone from Gen X and later ever learnt Gaol because of the Americanization of our culture

    As for both of those ferals, it sounds like they deserve each other. He will fuck her then beat her senseless when he gets out of gaol, and generally treat her like shit and she will keep coming back for more, and it will be everyone else’s fault they are like that. People like this attract each other like opposite poles of a magnet

  58. Sorry, this is random, but how would Australia be our 52/53rd state, as we only have 50 currently. :P

  59. Bloody hell! Ever heard of Great Britain? The 51st state? ……..No…Forget it!

  60. Hyper, thats the joke round here – Under Tony Blair, GB became the 51st, and John Howard (Our sycophantic former PM) wanted us to be the 52nd!

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