Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Pathetic Permanence

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  1. chase. wallace. jbtulip. MEG

  2. ^^if I may, Alord

  3. I don’t believe her. I mean, it quite likely doesn’t mean ‘hope’ or ‘courage’ or whatever Elizabeth thinks it does, but I’m calling bullshit on the picnic table thing.

  4. Fechting hell. That bloke has some bacne.

  5. Elizabeth’s hot. Shame about the tattoo.

    And I don’t mean that it’s a shame about what it says. I just don’t like tattoos.

  6. Lamebook is on XKCD’s map of the internet :-D

  7. I bet she asked for it to say picnic table. Her boyfriend’s tattoo says “fire hydrant.”

  8. @ Hobes – It *actually* says “San Cho Pow” which is number 37 at my local Chinese takeaway. Rather delicious actually.

  9. fehct that … ROFL. that’s the best one i saw all week.

    @ Hobo, can’t make out the kanji well enough to go look it up, but MEΓ has the best line so far. perhaps that’s where she likes it?

  10. ladyrisk, just checked that out… pretty amazing work. Love xkcd. Just saw you can buy it as a poster. That’s even more amazing. xD

    Snip, with you there dude.

  11. I couldn’t figure out if fecht was missing nipples or what- looks like he’s got a belly button on his back

  12. Fechtner syndrome? Hopefully he has it and will die of kidney failure asap.

  13. (Yes I know the tat has nothing to do with Fechtner syndrome)

  14. I just signed up to make sure everyone knows that Fecht one is completely FAKE.

    Weak-ass Photoshop.

  15. Maybe he should have got “Proactiv” tattooed on his back instead.

  16. The only thing more tedious than most of these posts are the people who just “sign up” to say things like #14.

    Every time. Every single time. Fecht.

  17. RE: the “bacne” guy is probably on steroids.

    I just signed up to say I, like others, have ze webcrush on you.

  18. ‘Ere Comments, you chatting up my bird?

  19. I’m sure it was suppose to say Felch. As in, I’m a dirty felcher.

  20. I’m glad that number 14 posted, I actually felt bad for that asshole, and I HATE feeling bad for assholes.

  21. @Ped

    Yep – that and making a “signed up” joke. It was a dual purpose post.

  22. I kinda like that on elizabeth’s comment, they hide the first name but leave the last name, so we notice that poster is Asian.

  23. ladyrisk and Hobes, I <4 xkcd! Saw the map this morning and get all excited, but then I had a class to go to so I had to skedaddle.

    Just curious. Is skedaddle an international slang? I can never remember if I’ve heard it anywhere but here.

  24. *got

  25. Comments, if people want to sign up and say stuff like that, well, ok. It’s all the other stuff they sign up to say (and disappear into the ether again) that gets stuck in my craw.

    Can’t we just take these things on their face value? Do we have to dissect everything? This is meant to be fun. I’ll do my dissecting elsewhere.

  26. junebug, I love that word skedaddle. It most definitely translates.

  27. I love skedaddling ..

  28. .. it’s a form of dance , right?

  29. It can be all sorts of things, mass. I did it last night. Interpret it however your lovely self wants.

  30. how do you know these people’s lame tattoos aren’t the fault of the tattoo artist.

    i’m a big fan of physics, and specifically those physicists at the vanguard of discoveries in the field of atomic structure. accordingly, once i’d saved up enough money from work (it took me six months of wearing a sandwich board), i went to the ink parlour and asked for a full-scale rendering of the famous danish physicist niels bohr on my back.

    unfortunately there were crossed wires. i didn’t take in a picture, so the tattoo artist had to google the guy. he printed off a snap of ernst roehm, and since the night before, during an opportunist, perhaps slightly foolhardy, attack i’d been sprayed with mace in the eyes, i couldn’t clearly see the picture he was showing me. so i just nodded to him. i was a bit scared of needles, so i wanted him to get the job over and done with as soon as possible.

    the upshot is a have a 12 by 8 inch tattoo of a fat, gay nazi on my back.
    i still took some photos and uploaded them on to facebook though, because in spite of the unfortunate nature of my ink, tattoos make you look fucking hard, and i wanted everyone on facebook to think i was really fucking hard.

  31. Did you do it in knee-high, red leather boots? I often do..

  32. Black. Always black.

    Listening to China Grove right now. A classic. Not working today, so I’m fucking around on here more than I have in a long time. I should really be skedaddling.

  33. Skedaddle safe word..

  34. And here I was thinking that ‘skedaddle’ was an Amurrican slang term. Guess I learned something today.

  35. hey Alord! .. what the bejeezes??? :/

  36. jbetc., that, right there, is a great example of alord’s wonderful mind. Top job on that one, buddy. Loved it.

  37. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    jbtulip is Wallace.

  38. Dukey, who the hell is Wallace? alord mentioned the name today in reference to another poster, and I thought he was being complimentary. Obviously it wasn’t a compliment. Eh, I liked what that poster had to say. This one has rubbed you the wrong way, hey, my man? I must’ve missed that.

  39. I can’t make out the second character in the first tattoo, but it definitely doesn’t mean “picnic table.”

    The last two characters is the typical Chinese transcription for “William,” I imagine the first two must be either William’s last name, or the name of the girl.

  40. @ Dukey.. hellooo.. my new nemesis :)

  41. Good thing Elizabeth removed her bra to make sure it didn’t block her lovely tattoo.

  42. @alord – Wow! Fascinating!

    But why exactly do people get tattoos? I say “You’re just mutilating your skin, silly!”

  43. @ dukey #37

    see comment 30 or indeed comment #1 of this very thread for a handy guide.

  44. The first one says “Chelsea Williams”. Sucks that her name is Elizabeth.

  45. I’ve always wanted to date a picnic table

  46. that tatto is so not picnic table… most probably something william

  47. so the tattoo means sherri, william which are my parents names just so you know btw if you havent figured out im elizabeth bryan.

  48. well i must say you americans sure can be vile to one another. but as for the first picture elizabeth’s tattoos are indeed correct i study the chinese language at University College London and am more than 100 percent sure that the tattoo does mean what she says they mean. now this destroy lad thats just some poor attention to detail and fecht honestly could have been a lack in spelling or the artist just mis read it.

  49. my friend, who is Chinese, says the tattoo does not say picnic table, it is just nonsense

  50. I wonder if Elizabeth knows that in some countries they do eat food off of the sides of women, and then consume the table woman as the entree.

  51. 野餐桌

    I see no resemblance

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