Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Parents Still Don’t Understand





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  1. How the fuck do you find your birth mother on MySpace?

  2. At long last, I’ve found you!

  3. flips' adopted mom

    Stay away from him you horrid woman!!!!

  4. flips' biological dad

    I hope he doesn’t find me on AdultFriendFinder.

  5. I am actually pissing myself laughing now

  6. Flips Grandfather

    What is the meaning of this, son!

  7. Thesaurapist 13(F)

    I want Karissa to go and live with Joy.

  8. flips' Grandmother

    Sit down and shut up old man – you’re just embarrassing yourself!
    Son – is there something you need to tell us? Didn’t I tell you that little slut would bring you nothing but trouble . . .

  9. WOOOT. I submit the last one! Haha sorry Charles, I had to. Sooo funny XD

  10. @ HAHAHA- Please tell me Charles is like 25. That would just make my day.

  11. I would also like to add that Melanie is a total downer.

  12. Perhaps craig was also playing kidsville? Mel was asking him to play more?

  13. @SukMyBoomStik

    Sorry dude, he’s a sophomore in highschool. I’m a senior in the same highschool. Since I’m annoynomous here I guess I could tell you that he ANNOYS THE LIVING SHIT OUT OF ME.

  14. fgdgfgdg

  15. ffffffffffffffff

  16. Fish > kids.

  17. @HAHAHA- Oh well. Someone’s mom bitching them out via Facebook is funny either way but it’s always funny when it’s a full-grown man.

  18. * funnier

  19. Send the kids to Fish World!

  20. The second one doesn’t belong on here.

  21. @HAHAHA
    Tell me about it, the kid’s in my fucking gym class.

  22. 20, why? It’s some major oversharing, and the only people who care are the ones who want to get caught up in the soap opera. Anyone who shares something like that on FB should end up on LB.

  23. parents + their spawn + facebook = laugh riot.

  24. Flips son that he didnt want

    Why did you give me away??

  25. So, let me get this straight…

    My biological mother has now found me and got into a bitch fight with my adopted mother. My biological father is is hiding rather conspicuously (and apparently into ‘Adult’ things), and it has just been revealed to my biological grandfather that his son has a child. My biological grandmother is obviously wise to what her son is like and is good at putting her husband in his place. Go Grandmom!

    Meanwhile, I apparently have a son… this, of course, is news to me!

    Wowzer. And there I was, thinking this was a normal day.

  26. Seriously… how the hell do you find your real parent on myspace? Inquiring minds want to know, that makes no sense. Do you just get a random message from someone claiming to be your long-lost parent? … I just don’t get it.

  27. Long story short :some people are a waste of oxygen.

  28. I hope Charles isn’t that kid whose mom found him on Myspace and then screwed him. What an awkward situation THAT would be…

  29. I’ve lost enough brain cells today…


  31. Death to Spammers

    Just can’t wait for the admins to create a log-in for comments, link-posting spammers (read: desperate losers) like corey and Duhr above are fast ruining this site.

  32. Soo does anyone think that Craig is the same person in both stories…?

  33. why oh why do people add their parents on facebook?? its just asking for trouble!

  34. it’s pretty easy to block them from seeing stuff like photos and status updates.

  35. Am I the only one who thinks the second one is absolutely hilarious?

  36. I wonder if myspace has a glittery, huge graphic that says I AM YOUR BIRTH MOTHER YAY! in pink lettering.

    I need one.
    Someone make it happen!

  37. My birth parents found me on facebook, best thing that ever happened.

  38. @T.R.
    Are you tracking down your birth child???

  39. *not that your child would be anything other than your birth child* [smacks forehead with hand and mutters "D'oh".]

  40. this is why parents need to get the hell off facebook. its annoying. old people ruined facebook.

  41. ^I blame stupid people not old people…. @t leest ooollllddd lollol ppl dnt lol p0st 5hit likeeeee this lol sentence && junk lol…. yeah, you know it’s true.

  42. Who the hell still uses MySpace?

  43. This is why I don’t add my parents on Facebook.

  44. not funny.

  45. what’s wrong, Karissa? Your parents turn of text messaging again or did they forget to buy you the latest copy in the Twilight series? What a spoiled bitch.

  46. #3 is full of win.

  47. melanie wins

  48. Joy FTW!

  49. Man, My birth mom found me on FB. Just wrote me a huge message about giving me up and all this. Rocked my world.

  50. Loves all the fish in the world?? What a gay fish!

  51. LOL I had to comment here

    I met my biological father thought Myspace…. Fact

  52. trough*

  53. three different woman. Topped her class in English.

  54. xxxtheworldsgreatestxxx

    hahaha go Joy!!!

  55. Nintendo privileges? I honestly just shuddered. I haven’t heard those exact words since I was a little 10 year old bastard. No, literally, I have no idea who my father is.

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