Thursday, April 8, 2010

Parents, FTW!

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  1. First ya bunch of Mofo’s

  2. MonkeyCMonkeyDo


  3. MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    hahaha I like Brian… It reminded me of my dad telling me to stop studying so much.

  4. I like lesbians too…watchie watchie licky licky.

  5. Im assuming the brian one is about harry potter? When the fuck do they ever talk about going to Mars in Harry potter?

  6. @Brian: I figured it was Harry Potter: The Musical Fanfiction or whatever the shit it is people keep quoting near me lately.

    Some parents are funny when they catch their kids on Facebook, but some should just butt the hell out.

    Sonya, I’d be more pissed that she’s the sort of person that types words like ‘boyyfrann”.

  7. let me clarify by saying I only like lipsiick lesbians not butch bull-dykes *shudder*

  8. Is it wrong that I really hope that Sonya SOOOO GROUNDED Lindsee (seriously. By the FUCK, stop it!) for her terrible spelling?

  9. One would hope that Sonya’s methods for grounding include the removal of all technology and the brutal pelting of secondhand english books (wouldn’t want to abuse the nifty new books) until her stupid child learns something. Duck and cover might be sufficient for the first lesson.

  10. Hahahahaha Brian FTW!!

  11. @guinevere

    If she’s in any way responsible for naming Lindsee, my guess is that she doesn’t care much about spelling.

  12. Did Sonya not realize her daughter posted a bumper sticker?!
    I liked Dante’s…school called twice?! Those MUST have been some bitchen days.

  13. Brian’s comment sounds like something my mom would say (has said) to me.

    Yes I am one of those sad, sad people with both their parents on facebook. Luckily I’m an adult and they don’t give a shit what I do or say as long as I don’t die or get pregnant. My dad’s actually challenged my boyfriend to beer pong…

    Oh dear.

  14. There is nothing lame about Andrew’s status update.

    As for all of the others: If I do something my parents wouldn’t be proud of/would kill me for, I’m at least smart enough to keep it private rather than post about it on something as public as Facebook.

  15. Lindsee stole my freakin’ boyfriend!

  16. I think Brian raised a schizo, not a nerd.
    Seriously that’s some scary shit there

  17. Woah I didn’t recognize her at first but I know that Dante girl and I certainly know what coupla days she is referring to, hahaha

  18. Li5y, care to elaborate any more? ;)

  19. I’m totally loving on Andrew loving on his cool lesbian moms. Definitely not lame, but seeing it made my day.

  20. it took me a couple times of reading #2 to understand why it could’ve been lame. dad publicly bashing her for a missed apostrophe in “dont” and I’m assuming also the fact she said “fucking.” the fact that he said that for those two minor things, in itself, is lame, not very lolworthy. =/ the others are great. I agree with MikeyMike, nothing lame about the lesbian one, just funny that he would post that they were.

  21. @Keona — I doubt it had anything to do with the missed apostrophe. I’m pretty sure it had more to do with the fact that many parents dislike the idea of their children swearing… Especially if you consider the fact that she might be pretty young and still living at home.

  22. @ThePurpleApple true, true. no way of knowing what age she is. if she were maybe, late teens or early twenties it wouldn’t be as bad as a young girl swearing. as my grandma would say if she heard the grandkids cuss, “I’ll wash your mouth out with soap!” x.X in these times she probably just got grounded or a “whoopin”

  23. I love parents on FB (as long as they’re not mine) Its like a FB genre with endless amusement!

  24. A VERY POTTER MUSICAL!!! seriously, it’s awesome. watch it on youtube. Kudos to Colleen

  25. Black Cloud, the quote is from a very popular musical on Youtube called A very Potter Musical, which is like a parody of Harry Potter by fans of the book. The quote is from Draco Malfoy in the musical, who speaks constantly of another, better wizardry school on Mars.
    Now, I feel very much a nerd for knowing this, but being a fan of the books, I think it’s hilarious. :)

    From, a Fifteen year old girl.

  26. What a guess.

  27. Thanks. I also read all the Harry Potter books and I’ve seen the movies but I thought I was starting to lose my memory. Haha. Confused the hell out of me.

  28. A fan-made Harry Potter musical? How could that possibly be THE MOST HORRENDOUS THING EVER CREATED?

  29. haha -.-

  30. Yes, you gotta love the lesbians. My sister is one, she’s lipstick I guess, and her partner is the butch cliche.

    My sister cooks and cleans, and her partner mows the lawn, and moves fridges into the bedrooms as required.

    It’s really sweet.

  31. I forgot about the Harry Potter musical. Now I’m excited. *goes to watch*

  32. lesbians ftw, indeed.

    *also joins harry potter musical already in progress*

  33. A very potter musical is amazing. Who care’s if it’s nerdy to love Harry Potter and all Harry Potter related things.. (says the girl listening to the Harry Potter audio books right now while she’s at work!) :D

  34. #15, you wrote boyyfrann wrong.

  35. ThinkingInPictures

    @Li5y – Wait…so Dante’s a girl?

  36. facebook went down hill once they opened it for everyone… oh and farmville. it went downhill when they allowed all these stupid apps.

  37. just finished ‘a very potter musical.’

    i am such a nerd.

  38. @danetta was it Totally Awesome? XD

  39. I’ve gotta look this Very Potter Musical thing up now :P

  40. @Shadowpolish: I was going to add something about how Lindsee was doomed from the start because of the spelling of her name, but I’ve used that one before.

  41. Brian L – the truth hurts, doesn’t it?!

  42. lol

  43. Joined just to comment…. LOVE A Very Potter Musical :D Yeah…I’m a dork but it’s totally awesome and I cannot wait for the sequel!

  44. yes, the musical was amazing. fair warning, however:

    i don’t recommend starting unless you have a good deal of time. it’s as long as a musical.

  45. @ThinkinginPictures yeah she’s a girl, sometimes she’s Donna lol

    @BritishHobo I won’t say too much but there were copious amounts of drugs involved and someone fornicated in the hot tub. Hahaha

  46. Hmm. Drugs and hot tub fucking, or A Very Potter Musical?

    Lamebook, you spoil me.

  47. JesusOnADinosaur

    H: You’re tall and fun and pretty, you’re really really skinny – GINNY!
    You’re the Mickey to my Minnie, you’re the Tigger to my Winnie – GINNY!
    Gonna take you to the city, gonna take out to diney – GINNY!
    You’re cuter than a Guinea piiig,
    Wanna take you out to Winnipeg, AND THAT’S IN CANADA!
    … Do you think it would make a girl fall in love with me?

    G: Oooh I think it already has…!

    H: Good, because it’s for Cho Chang!

  48. you know who i think the ugliest girl in the school is… that hermionie granger.

  49. daisyysobel7794

    aaaaand you have to be my slave for a whole day starting now!

    harry potter nerds ftw XD

  50. my mom would be like tat first mom..

    -Gods investment in you (His son!) was SO great, he could never abandon you!-

  51. DateWithTheNight

    Hopefully your dad is like the second one.

  52. i created a lamebook account to comment on this.
    okay, i went fangirl on you, now i'm done.

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