Thursday, August 20, 2009

Oy Vey


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  1. true dat andrew.

  2. I agree with Andrew…but not on Facebook

  3. Lol. Andrew is just a lonely jew.

    But really, smegma ftl.

  4. This whole thing made me want to vomit. Also . . . I’m still curious as to why Andrew can’t be buried in a Jewish cemetary anymore. Boob job perhaps?

  5. WHY CAN’T HE BE BURIED IN A JEWISH CEMETERY? And stop griping about your Jew penis.

  6. Yeah – that is a very incomplete convo. why does coitus interuptus come to mind?

  7. Cut guys = big no no

  8. Girls don’t like your penis, Andrew, and it’s not because you’re Jewish. Sorry.

  9. Female mutilation is a pretty ridic comparison. Also, William, sexist much? TOLERANCE FAIL.

  10. Andrew is right

    And as a girl, I would like to say, I don’t have a problem with uncut peni :)

  11. He doesn’t have enough to cut, this is upsetting.

  12. How is comparing female genital mutilation to male genital mutilation sexist? It’d be sexist to allow our boys to have their genitals cut up at birth, without their consent, but to not allow our girls. It should be banned for everyone. And Type 1 FGM is 100% comparable to North American circumcision.

  13. Here’s the difference between male and female genital mulitation, “no”:

    FGM requires the CLIT TO BE CUT OUT.

    This is the equivalent of cutting off the HEAD of your dick. How often is this a typical part of male circumcision? Let me know.

    Hyperbole really doesn’t help your otherwise fine point.

  14. Andrew probably got a tattoo.
    I saw it in an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm that getting a tattoo means you can’t be buried in a Jewish cemetery.

  15. The purpose of female genital mutilation is to remove all sexual desire from a woman to preserve the ideal of her as a pure woman. Male circumcision is done for purposes of aesthetic, cleanliness, and to lower the risk of disease. They are very, very different.

    Next time you comment, don’t be wrong.

  16. he probably means that he got a tattoo. traditional jews are not allowed to have tattoos.

  17. I thought doctors cut it because you’re a lot more likely to get an std and an infection if you have your foreskin.

  18. foreskin is gross. i’m all for the choppin.

  19. Thanks Katie. Exactly what I was thinking!

  20. the imagery disturbs me greatly, and i regret reading this post.

  21. Katie – yes you’re right that FGM is far more serious than circumcision, but I’d like to clear up for everyone that male circumcision has time and again proven to be a relatively pointless procedure (unless it’s related to religion, in which case i don’t want to judge). If properly maintained (and you have to be a moron not to want to maintain your schlong in working condition), there are no health issues associated with not being circumcised. People in North America have been misinformed about it since God knows when, and the procedure is actually fairly uncommon outside of the US.

    But really, we all came here to laugh at the lameness of the post. SO let’s do that!

  22. well, andrew’s absolutely right about this one!

  23. How about keeping sharp objects away from children’s genitals, period? Male circ and female genital mutilation are not nearly the same in degree (seriously, read up about FGM), but they are the same in kind.

  24. You're all "dickheads"

    @BOOM Shakalaka: Foreskin is “gross” because we’re raised in a ridiculous culture that deems it “gross”. Not because it is innately so. It is simply a piece of skin, just like any other piece of skin. You are a retarded drone that clearly does not think for him/herself.

    I think the skin of your jiggling jowl is far more gross than any guy’s foreskin…

  25. He probably got a tattoo

  26. Circumcision is nothing like female genitalia MUTILATION. good lord, people.

    Andrew’s just pissed because he has a tiny penis that is swallowed by his massive unnecessary foreskin.

    I have heard way too many horror stories about men having to get that shit cut later on in life because it cracked or got infected. It’s not sanitary.

    And un-cut peens are hideous monstrosities.

  27. It’s because he’s not circumcised that he’s not allow to be buried in a Jewish cemetery. Not because of a tattoo.

  28. Just curious…how many men out there would willingly cut off a part of their penis? Is it just okay because it’s done to babies?

  29. How about another question…do most men really look down at their cut penis and think, “oh, man, if only I had my foreskin. Damn my parents!” I’m guessing they look down at it and think, “Woohoo! Where can I put it?” Does it really matter cut or not-cut? No. This continued discussion of cut or not-cut is lame.

  30. What about all those tattoos the Jews got in the mid 40′s, I cant believe they were excluded from burial in a Jewish Cemetery?!

  31. Lamby that was just wrong…funny, but very wrong

  32. I knew guys in the army that got circumcised just to get 30 days medical leave.

  33. Sad is absolutely right! Cutting off a piece of a baby’s penis is a horrible thing to do. Comparing it to FGM is correct because both are cruel procedures which are done for silly reasons without the child’s consent. Yes I said silly. Circumcision is a religious practice, it has nothing to do with science or “cleanliness”. And can I just say, if God wanted boys to cut off their foreskins, why did he put it there??

    Uncircumcised penises aren’t gross, at least I don’t think so. Besides, when it comes time for sex, the foreskin recedes back anyway and it looks like any other.

  34. Nick is right. I am English and here NO ONE is circumcised. I’ve certainly never come across a cut one and neither have any of my friends. It just doesn’t happen. Only orthodox Jews and, I think, Muslims have it done. It’s very, very uncommon over here.

  35. Foreskins are natural, people who support circumcision for religious reason are basically saying that God put them there just so every baby boy then has to go through the procedure of having them cut off when they’re babies…Surely that makes no sense at all? Why doesn’t “God” just leave them off in the first place? I don’t have a clue about the Jewish religion, (despite technically being Jewish myself) so I don’t actually know the theories behind why God put such a supposedly pointless thing there to only have us go and cut it off – I’m sure loads of people are going to reply to me raving on about it – but I’m just trying to make a point that it makes no sense.

    And if they’re so dirty and disgusting, how come guys who aren’t Jewish or American manage to keep it clean down there despite having a foreskin? Is it just that Jewish men and Americans aren’t able to use showers properly?

    Chief (comment 27): because he’s not circumcised? He said he’s NO LONGER able to be buried in a Jewish cemetery… what you’re proposing would mean he had it circumcised once then stuck back on there! (Excuse caps – just trying to highlight what makes it obvious that’s not the reason)

  36. Many many Jewish people are against circumcision

    Jewish mother on circumcision

  37. The rest of the western world is laughing at American men and their mutilated penises.

  38. Yes, intact.penis, because it’s only American men who get their foreskin cut. Sure.

    By the way, cut looks so much better. :) Sorry if you guys have ugly penises.

  39. All dicks look the same when they’re hard. How cares if it has a little hidy-hole when it’s flaccid?

  40. Sorry, meant who cares.

  41. I guess that Americans like to shout about the fact they are cut as they feel it brings them closer to Islam and are thus less likely to be attacked by the loony fundamental extremes of the religion.

    Sorry guys, losing a very small part of your skin won’t make you any less American and you will still be hated by the majority of the planet.

  42. to 34- Lizzie, you clearly have no idea what you are talking about, I too am English and let me assure that there are plenty of circumcised men here. I know 3 people who are and not for any religious reason either, there are MEDICAL reasons people have them cut, and it really is not that uncommon.
    There is nothing wrong with either way, your all lame and the entry isn’t even lame enough for all these comments, including mine.
    Rant over.

  43. Did I say “there are no circumcised men in England”? No. I said, from MY experience and the experience of my friends, we have never encountered any, therefore it is not COMMON, unlike the US where the vast majority of males are circumcised.

  44. @True Say #41: A bit off-thread, but: Does “the majority of the planet” who “hates Americans” express that hatred by enthusiastically chowing down American fast-food, watching American movies, and being addicted to American TV shows? PS: On the other hand, if you’re joining us via GPS Internet hookup from a bunker in Waziristan, I can see your point.

  45. sarcasticmeow – Believe it when someone says the majority of the world hates America. And thank Bush for most of that. Yes you are right, I love American culture like movies & such but when it comes to other things like politics etc we don’t respect you. Outsiders see Americans as arrogant people who are ignorant about the rest of the world and think they are better than everyone else. I don’t know how many times I’ve heard Americans say “this is the best country in the world”, “only in America do you have opportunities like this”. When in actual fact, there are other countries out there that are superior to America in certain areas. I’d rather live in Australia any day, we have free health care for one :)

  46. You only cut your foreskin to make your dick look bigger XD

  47. @ Aussie, I don`t need hand downs from the government. I EARN what I have in America…

  48. I would kind of like to post this entire conversation on This is probably the weirdest thing I have ever read. Stop defending penises, circumcised or uncircumcised. It’s just weird.

  49. @ Lizzie (Quote here directly copied and pasted from your comment) “I am English and here NO ONE is circumcised.”

    I rest my case.

  50. Getting circumcised is nothing like getting your clit cut off, surley it’s more like those women who get their flaps cut off??

  51. Yes, it was because I got a tat, and I did see that Curb episode, keen eye Zissou.

  52. @Aussie: Hey now, don’t get all earnest and thoughtful, newbie from Never Never Land. Sarcasm is our mistress around these parts. To you I say, “America, F*ck Yeah!” (Since you love American movies you can’t possibly have missed THIS one, right?)

  53. Completely agree with Nick, #21.

    FGM is a separate issue with its own driving factors and problems, yes. But as this thread shows, there is still a lot of ignorance about the purpose of male circumcision. There is absolutely no reason to cut off a male’s foreskin. We cite medical and aesthetic reasons, but it’s actually just meaningless tradition. FGM is just tradition too. People don’t question traditions.

  54. you and me both Andrew…


  55. I wonder how many of you actually did a search on the medical benefits of circumcision, grabbed a medical book, or asked a doctor before posting your nonsense.

    Among other benefits, having your foreskin removed decreases your chance of contracting STDs, and yes this is true for HIV as well. There have been a ton of studies and decades of research. Female circumcision is nothing like male circumcision, either.

    If you have the time to post a comment on lamebook, you probably have time to do a little research.

  56. Have to wonder how he got this far and got to keep his foreskin… unless he’s not Jewish at all.

  57. Not jewish, protestant, just referencing Curb Your Enthusiasm.

  58. You’d think segregation would end at death.

  59. I apologize for beating a dead horse on Lamebook of all places, this is just an issue that gets my goat…@MrNoItAll, medical benefits of circumcision are actually completely up in the air. You will find just as many studies supporting medical benefits as those disproving. The point is that even if you think circumcision brings benefits, everyone should be able to agree that NOT being circumcised is not a health problem.

    From the policy statement of American Academy of Pediatrics, supported by the American Medical Association:

    “Existing scientific evidence demonstrates potential medical benefits of newborn male circumcision; however, these data are not sufficient to recommend routine neonatal circumcision.”

    From the U.S. National Library of Medicine:

    “Circumcision is often performed in healthy boys for cultural or religious reasons…There is no compelling medical rationale for the procedure in healthy boys.”

    sorry guys, you do have something in common with those backwards, savage heathen “tribes” who dare perform FGM.

  60. @ Trillian…please leave God out of Lamebook!!! The bible shows that on the 8th day young boys had the circumcision rite of passage!! There’s so many things that humans do against what God intended. He put hair on our armpits and Vaginas…but I chop that shit off…just my personal hygiene preference. He didn’t intend for noserings, earrings but we lose a dot of flesh!! we take sick body parts off and replace them with prosthetics and donor parts just so we can survive!! God gave you a heart but if its failing and there was one to replace it, tell me you wont accept it!! God didn’t intend for usto use contacts but my fucking eyes cant see shit so hey, walmart vision, here I come!! Lets just make fun of our retarded colleagues without being overly religious and bringing Allah Yawheh or God into it or being so holier than thou sahll we??!!!!

  61. I meant **Shall!! Oh by the way…team skin off…its only right…right Boz..(assuming ure in my boat :D )

  62. The title of this post just gets better and better.

  63. How did I know this thread would erupt into this debate? It only happens on US sites, too… here in the UK, as Lizzle says, it’s barely an issue.

    Just wanted to say:

    1) I think the main issue with circumcision is that it is often done without the owner of the foreskin’s consent. The possible benefits in terms of lower risk of STDs hardly apply to children. If guys want it done when they’re older, great, but cutting any bits off babies unneccessarily is pretty barbaric to my mind.

    2) If you want some insight into how the US came to get all squicky about the foreskin, look up what John Harvey Kellogg said about it – he advocated snipping it off to stop boys wanking. Same for girls. Eat cornflakes, think pure thoughts, stop playing with yourself you disgusting child.

    3) Personally, I prefer an uncut cock. More to play with. Since I do not sleep with complete slobs, I’ve never had any issue with them being unclean or icky in any way.

  64. Flip – You tell me to “leave god out of lamebook” and then go on to mention god 5 times in your post! I don’t even believe in god and i was certainly not trying to act “holier than thou” I was simply pointing out the twisted logic of people who circumcise their babies for religious reasons.

    Try to wrap your mind around this. The bible (supposedly written by god) says that all Jewish children should be circumcised (Gen 17:12). Why did god (supposedly) create boys with a foreskin and then decide he wanted them to have it cut off without their consent when they are just little babies? Do you understand how ridiculous that sounds?

    Comparing it to a grown person choosing to shave is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. Like you said, it’s a personal preference which is totally acceptable. If you wanted to shave your pubic area because you thought it was god’s will that would be ridiculous.

    Your post deserves a spot on the lamebook wall.

  65. I have no problem with foreskin, nor do I have a problem with circumcision. FGM ruins the sexual experience for women, and it also is a much more painful procedure. Circumcision simply removes skin, men still have sensation.
    According to the bible, God asked the Jews to circumcise their boys so that he could recognize his people.
    I don’t necessarily agree with that, so I feel that it’s a matter of personal preference. But there you go.

  66. @sarcastic that’s exactly the kind of attitude I was talking about.

  67. smegma ain’t lube…

  68. @Aussie #66: Sigh. Still not getting it. S-A-R-C-A-S-M. Lean it, understand it, deploy it. Get the heck outta here and go chase a wallabee. PS: I give you a +1 for Russell Crowe. I love that crazy f*ck, he totally can act.

  69. @sarcasticmeow: Whoops, it’s spelled “wallaby,” you dork!

  70. What is the point of Jews again? I keep forgetting. Actually what’s the point of the whole Middle East?

  71. It’s too funny to hear idiots arguing that THEY’D RATHER HAVE LESS PLEASURE in exchange for less of a risk of an STD or infection.

    They have this thing called SAFE SEX. And this other thing called SHOWERS. You should try them.

    As for me. I’d much rather have safe sex, lots of showers, and the most penile pleasure I can have.

    Removing the foreskin reduces sexual pleasure extensively, because the raw red skin on your penis head is rubbing against your clothes your entire life, building tolerance and decreasing sensitivity, whereas men with foreskin rarely have any contact with that surface on their penis, which is therefore extremely sensitive to touch.

  72. As for girls saying they don’t like uncut peni, don’t be closeminded idiots. Just pull it back (or have the guy do it) and it’s as if it was never there in the first place. Wouldn’t you rather your partner have the most possible sexual pleasure? Cutting off parts of the penis is friggin’ savagery. We’re not in the middle ages anymore.

  73. I’ve been with cut and un-cut, and I can tell you that I enjoy both. As far as I am concerned, it shouldn’t be about what a woman thinks or wants; why is it okay for we females to get all up in arms when men try to dictate what breast size is preferable, but then we start spewing opinions on what we prefer in a penis? I mean seriously, that’s hypocrisy to the highest degree.
    I was very fortunate in that my son’s father and I both felt that circumcision was not something we wanted to subject our child to.

  74. Oh, and Boz? Please enlighten me as to what the point of YOU existing in this world is. I can’t for the life of me come up with any justification for that.

  75. @ Trillian…the bible was written by God…aaaahhhhhhhh….do some better research, he didn’t write a single word in that book!!! It’s all man-made
    My point is…if you’re going to complain about one little thing, complain about it all….we’re constantly doing things against nature for all sorts of reasons.
    Oh and thanks for counting how many times i said God in my previous post!!!

  76. I don’t believe I have the right to mutilate my son like that. He can make the decision himself when he is old enough.,

  77. @Adri Nice try. Could do better. 4/10.

  78. can no longer have an atheist wedding

  79. why has no one mentioned the fact that haley obviously wants to jump andrew’s uncut ween with that awful winky emoticon comment????

  80. ahahahaha dog dick

  81. … circumcision wank on following circumcision wank on facebook?

    we may have lost our way.

  82. Culture, schmulture… for some of us, uncut penises are just plain *gross*. Sorry if that offends any of you out there in We-Hate-America-So-Much-We-Can’t-Get-Enough-of-American-Websites Land, but that’s just how it is.

    And “just pull it back” is NOT a solution. Gag.

  83. @ Adri, Boz exists to fulfill my internet desires while they last…before i chip off the skin on their fore :X

  84. the reoson most people do it is coz their jews and its a covenant that abraham made wth god which his kept by jewish men/boys get circumsised :)

  85. Um, circumsion is done around the world, not just in the weird and wacky US. But cut is more hygienic though. There is a lowered propensity for bacteria to collect under the skin.

  86. It worries me how many unhygienic men you people seem to know! Un-cut penises are only more likely to get infections if the men who have them don’t wash them properly. I live in Ireland and here un-cut is the most common, you usually only find men who are cut when they have had trouble with the foreskin because of phimosis or other similar medical issues.

  87. Seems like you mutilated people are just looking for excuses to wash your dicks less…

  88. Flip..omg you are a fucking idiot. Did I say I believe the bible was written by god??? I said I don’t believe in god first of all and I said “supposedly” as in christians believe the people who wrote it were channeling god through them. You’re so dumb! I hate people who deliberately ignore something because it interferes with their argument. Great, if you wanna do something that goes against nature. Knock yourself out but don’t force a little baby into doing something painful and pointless is my point.


  89. @sarcasticmeow

    I can tell you like to think you’re pretty smart but you show your ignorance a lot.

    Russell Crowe is from’s a whole different country.

    And maybe you should do some research about Australia. We don’t have a bunch of wildlife running around. The only wallaby I’ve ever seen was when I took my son to the zoo. We’re actually a civilised nation with cities and everything! Google it sometime.

  90. I think the funniest part of the screen cap is that Andrew can “no longer be buried in a Jewish cemetary” even though he wasn’t circumsized. As an uncircumsized man, there has never been a moment in Andrew’s life where he could have been buried in a Jewish cemetary.

  91. There was only one lad at our school who had his knob chopped, he was Discount Dave – 20% off.

    A mate was a few hours away from needing it done a few weeks ago though.

  92. I don’t think either that cutting off a clit is same as cutting a foreskin. But still its very strange. I mean that god’s sake its part of a penis! Men are born with that. They can keep their penis clean very well WITH the foreskin. And foreskin have been there always, before this trend. Still men have survived.

    I think that this whole cutting thing reminds more about one tribe, where children’s faces are injured sticking with needles. Only to get the scars and that is considered to be beautiful in their tribe.

    And I can’t understand how some girls hate natural penises with foreskin. But that’s just becouse circumsion is not part of my culture. For me the cutted penises would be weird and not prefered.

    It’s a bit sad to see for example parents who wonder should they cut foreskin just because it is somehow more acceptable. And the idea that normal and natural penis wouldn’t be! Circumsion doesn’t ruin anybody’s life but for me the whole operation seems very silly and unnecessary.

  93. Al, the reason circumcision was started was in the Bible, god commanded it done. Then the practice just grew from there, and all the men I’ve had except for 2 have been cut, and from my expierence, cut men are much stiffer and much more pleasureable. And men that are cut (circumcised) have much less chances of harboring an STD or even a yeast infection. Just thought i’d clue you in.

  94. Alisen, if God had commanded that men cut their skin off their penises, why on earth would he have given it to them to begin with? Doesn’t make much sense now does it? Cutting mens foreskins is done just so it looks pretty. As for as the STD, and yeast infections, your are quite wrong. As long ( as I am undoubtedly sure most men do this who are uncut ) a man keeps himself clean, the chances are all around the same. For men who are uncut, pleasure for them is much better because they never lost any of their sensitivity. Just thought I’d clue you in.

  95. @ Molyn

    i am uncut and it’s not all that great the pleasure is good but not that good you talk about it like you would know you don’t because your not a dude and you don’t have a dick but nice try douche.

  96. So sorry I don’t have a breeding ground for disease wrapped around the tip of my cock.


  97. Some female genital mutilation removes part of the labia majora, not the clitoris.
    So if this process reduces the rate of STDs or is cleaner, should it be done?
    After all, they’ll still feel pleasure & it’s SO much cleaner.
    Maybe instead of practicing safe sex or bathing properly, we should all remove parts of our genitalia. Yes?

    @CT, if you’ve got a fellow who would like to see less labia because he finds yours gag-worthy, will you get a female circumcision?
    Or are you just unbearabley hypocritical?

    It is VERY rare to find anyone in the medical profession who supports circumcision based on health issues. Why? Because it makes such a negligible difference that it’s not worth the extreme pain that an innocent baby will go through having his penis mutilated. Babies have died from post-circumcision infection & some don’t heal properly, leaving scars & deformities where a once perfectly normal penis was.

  98. Billy Joe Bob McGee

    Wow kristen. You’re a moron.

  99. @ the dude with the really stupid name
    I’m not sure how stating facts about an issue that causes harm towards infants makes me a moron. . .
    If you take about 10 minutes to do some research, maybe your future attempts at being succinct will amount to something productive.
    Start here, if you wish to educate yourself:

  100. you all can “go to heck!”

  101. ihatestupidpeople

    Traditionally Jews aren’t allowed to have tattoos, as we are told we shouldn’t mutilate our bodies. This is to enable us to be buried in a clean, pure and natural state, just as we were born pure. I don’t think that today tattoos would prevent one from being buried in a Jewish cemetery though – what about all of the Holocaust survivors with ID numbers tattooed on their arm?

  102. I’m not blaming you for anything, #101, but isn’t what you said about Jews not being allowed to mutilate their bodies kinda making not any sense at all? I mean, what’s circumcision then? I’m just wondering if it’s true what you said. I knew the tattoo thing though.

  103. Wait, what does this have to do with Johnny Depp?

  104. Just to clear up some confusion, the reason Jewish people perform circumcisions is not because they think it is unnatural or shouldn’t be there, and in fact the rule did not even come from God. It is distinctly explained in the Torah that the ancient Israelite tribes used it for the purposes of identifying that a man is Jewish and not some other religion. Of course, nowadays, it’s not necessarily mandatory, there are uncut Jews and cut Gentiles. The only real rule for being a Jew is having a Jewish mother. Some people still like to follow traditions, though. Personally, I’m not getting my possible future sons circumcised, but then again I am not an Orthodox Jew.

  105. Oh, and the reason they used circumcision as an identifier of Jewish men and not some other form is so that Jewish women could tell if the man they were about to have sex and possibly produce children with was Jewish so that they would not have mixed faith children. Why this matters since the faith is matrilineal I do not know, but it used to matter more back then if one married outside their faith than it does now, to the point where some parents would sit shiva (7 day mourning period for deceased family members) for the child that married a Gentile and treated them as if they were dead and only a memory.

  106. I’m American and my boyfriend isn’t circumcised. At first I was like “wtf is that??” and then I realized it feels the same to me.

    For those saying its “unsanitary”, everything is unsanitary when you don’t have good hygiene.

    This is a silly argument..

  107. Has it occurred to anyone else that when speaking of lubrication, Andrew is not even talking about sex here? Last I checked, that came from the girl. He mentions hand lotion…I’m fairly certain he’s talking about wanking his wanker. He has the extra skin, so it’s easier for him. Not exactly the same as “lube”, but ok. Neato. Thanks for sharing, Andrew!

  108. I just imagine Lois from Family Guy listening to Andrew and laughing saying ….”What?”……all the while laughing to herself

  109. TMI……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………THE END

  110. … It would be penises or penii. That is all.

  111. Getting it cut, like myself, is actually better. 1, Sensitivity is ADDED. Not taken away. 2, Girls are more turned on by it. Which brings me to 3, the only reason girls are turned off by uncircumcised dicks is because 1, the tip is wet. 2, it looks like an alien with all the loose skin. And 3, it smells like shit. Also, when we pee, we don’t have to pull back any skin. And some people actually just leave it on while they pee. Which is why their dick smells. Therefore, circumcision was the idea of a madman when it came around, but it was a good idea.

    Also, the cutting the clit thing? Not the same. Again, sensitivity is ADDED. Not taken away. The clit is the only pleasure spot besides the g-spot.

  112. Soooo you smell a lot of uncircumcised dicks “superubercool”?

    Sensitivity is not added, it is taken away. There are highly sensitive nerve endings in the foreskin that you lose by getting it chopped off. So yeah, no idea where you came up with that preposterous claim.

    Also, hygene is not an issue so long as you know how to shower like a normal human being.

    “the tip is wet”? What the fuck are you talking about? lol

    The only time I could imagine having a circumcised wiener feel MORE sensitive is after having the surgery done. A mutilated cock is an unhappy cock.

  113. Lmao. Andrew thinks foreskin lubricates. Poor thing.

  114. This is genuinely sickening.

    Whether you are for or against circumcision it is, these days, primarily done for hygiene reasons.

    Female “circumcision” is in fact mutilation of the genitals so that it is physically impossible for her to become sexually stimulated and is a sick ideal that is only common in Muslim countries. It serves no benefit whatsoever.

  115. actually, tht’s not how it is. female circumcision is not removal of d entire clit bt only a bit of it. my stepsister was jz circumcized the other day, it wasn’t cut off. the doc jz poked a needle and picked out a tiny bit. of course it was anaesthized first. only a few rural places in certain strict countries do they remove the whole clit, but not all countries do this. as a matter of fact, cutting off the whole clit is actually forbidden in Islam as this would harm the woman. the circumcision isn’t even mandatory, only encouraged. if you were to google “benefits of circumcision” you would find many studies done by non-muslim specialists.

  116. oh..when i said not mandatory i meant for women. for men it’s mandatory..hygiene reasons. reduces risk of infections and bacteria buildup and all that.

  117. Only been with one uncut man…it looked a little weird, but felt amazzzzzzing!

  118. so does anybody else wanna know the real reason why he can’t be buried with the Jews??

  119. @J: just because it’s called “mutilation” instead of “circumcision” does not mean circumcision is a more enjoyable process.

  120. pearls-before-swine

    There are two things I’m very surprised nobody has yet mentioned.

    #1: I love all the people saying ‘OMG REMOVING FORESKIN CAUSES LESS STIMULATION AND SENSITIVITY FOR THE MAN’. … Do men really NEED any more stimulation or sensitivity in that area of the body?

    #2: In addition to health concerns (and btw, people ignorantly yelling about how foreskins do not cause health issues, please Google phimosis, paraphimosis, and balanitis), does no one stop to consider mental/self-esteem issues when it comes to circumcision? Yes, I know, I know – it’s a savage, barbaric practice which is (apparently, according to some of the responses here) so stereotypically omgheinousamerican – but when you’re showering after gym and you’re the only little boy with a wang that looks like a shriveled up sausage stuffed inside of pantyhose, some damage has got to be done.

    Normally I would want to add my own snarky, sarcastic remark into these hilarious posts, but as a professional within the healthcare industry these are legitimate concerns and thoughts that were addressed during several of our clinical discussions in college.

    Really there is no right or wrong answer, it’s a totally personal decision. I personally feel that the health concerns I posted are worth considering, as well as the fact that you cannot rely on your sons as being cleanly, self-respecting individuals when they get old enough to care for themselves. A little snip and a week of soreness is certainly bearable to surpass any such issues in the future.

    Also, nobody else mentioned that there is now a topical anesthetic that they place on the babies before circumcision. Being topical only, it obviously doesn’t take away all of the pain but it certainly lessens it to a certain degree.

  121. A little snip and a week of soreness?

    As I recall, I didn’t walk for a year!

    Still, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

  122. Female circumcision and male is DIFFERENT you moron! Female get their clit CUT OFF!! For guys, it’s the FORESKIN, the skin that covers the head of the dick, NOT THE HEAD OF THE DICK ITSELF, you dickhead!!
    Anyway, I prefer guys who were circumcised. So long sucker

  123. I know this is very old now but I have to say that you women out there who have not experienced the uncut cock do NOT know what you are missing! It’s like having two penises in one. I refer to my boyfriend’s as the convertible cock–covered, uncovered, yummm. Oral sex takes on a whole new incredible dimension with an uncut penis. Try it. You’ll like it. Trust me. *slurp*

  124. personally i find nothing wrong with cut or uncut penises, they’re all dicks and a true whore should know better than to turn down a trick for that. but let me tell you this, each type of dick comes with a different instructions manual.

    when Andrew here talks about not using lubrication it’s not because his foreskin produces some extra slippery cheese to wank his dick off that’s disgusting and ignorant and probably the joke is on you.

    Uncut Men simply do not need lubrication for the same reason the cut ones do. As simple as that.

    cut men use lubrication cause if they don’t they’ll start to experience a little roughness after sometime of constantly beating to their hand which hand is clearly imitating the purpose motion and the hydraulics of what an uncut penis was designed to work like. With uncut men lubrication is an optional luxury on whether you want to have a nice tingle or not.

    watch an American porn movie and then an European you’ll be blind not to distinguishly tell after how differently the men use their cock for fun times.

    cut men will hold their dick with one hand on the base and then the lubricated palm of the other hand will grasp around the penis and imitate a upward/downwards motion kind of like fucking your own wet palm.

    Uncut men on the other hand have the foreskin to replace than hand motion. Lubrication is again optional(in Europe lubrication is only meant to wet a dry-er vagina) and there’s actually a lot of ways you can beat an uncut dick cause if you ask me it’s kind of like you have a tight vagina or an anus ring permanently wrapped around your dick. You can just grab the foreskin with 3 fingers and jerk off your your cock, you can take the foreskin all the way down and jerk off with lube American style fucking your palm, you can tighten your foreskin all the way up and give it a good fucking like you would to a nice tight ass.

    anyway, I’m not going to judge whick is better or not,
    but I find women who find an uncut dick disgusting only from it’s looks to be very ignorant. it’s like a guy saying that a vagina has too many flaps and wigs and he’d have you cut everything a smooth flapless ring-looking pussy(again not talking about the clitoris but the “excess” skin left and right)
    that wouldn’t be painless and it surely wouldn’t be very humanly so be a little less judgmental next time and take as much dick as you can get.

  125. also if you’d try to use the same tricks you’d play with a mate’s cut dick to an uncut one you would probably end up making them feel rather uncomfortable. so it would take a whole new schooling to get the hand of it, it’s like learning to ride the bike all over again..

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