Tuesday, October 12, 2010


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  1. Furry?

  2. Furry is a person that dresses up in an animal costume and has sex with another furry. I wouldn’t know.

  3. Actually, no. A furry is someone who thinks they have an inner animal. What you’re thinking of sideshow is a “Fursuiter”.

  4. More furries and bestiality. Is it the new thing? The claws… what about the claws??

  5. Wow, pregnancy can be reversed?? :O You learn something new everyday on Lamebook.. :(

    Wow, just wow

  6. Thanks Scarab83, but we are both right.


  7. Hypothetically, if one were to have sex wearing cat-ears and a tail, would one be considered a furry?

    My…friend wants to know. She’s too shy to put her name on the internet.

  8. number 3 is old

    also alordslums is gay

  9. She’s like the Rosa Park of furries,

    And the juxtaposition of the gravity of those two things its exactly what’s wrong with the world.

  10. Did they add the one about the girl having herpes/an unwanted child just to torture her?

    Also, I have a feeling anongayisgay… is gay.

  11. Number 3 is old. We already saw it at number 1.

  12. Nick is in my friends list and the Dan he mentioned then commented:
    “dude if there were condoms randomly in your bed thats cuz ur a dirty fucker, me and Shez didnt have anything to do with that :S the cream all over your hair, the pen, the bottles, the pig thing, the cling-film, the letters, the tie, the coins and the other random shit that happened to you however… yea.. ok.. i’ll take the credit for that. guess im gonna have to lock my door at night for a while now.”

  13. That dude’s last name is wolf. Kizoka Wolf. Pretty sure that’s him… his page and all his friends are furry related. Kinda creepy.

  14. Ummmm isn’t bestiality illegal? Probably not a good idea to be posting that on facebook…

  15. @sideshow

    I never really attribute EncyclopediaDramatica with ‘truthiness’.

    All fursuiters are furries, but not all furries are fursuiters. Trust me, spend enough time in the darkest parts of the internet and you learn these things.

  16. wprdpervert u are such a noob that was the joke i was makin, but u think youre better than everyone so didnt understand it, probs cus u dont understand things and just thing youre right about everything and noone else can understand anything apart from the almighty you, who writes pointless shit all day

  17. I have so been waiting for my turn.

    Thank, bitch.

  18. Kizoka was laughably easy to find.

  19. Um, anonisgayisgay, I’m fairly sure none of us actually understood the details of your sadly rambling, poorly punctuated rant toward wordy. Translation, please?

    Nonetheless, from the gist of things said, you still come off as an ass. Hope that works out for you in life.

  20. This blog is running out of synonyms for TMI

  21. Miss She, don’t sweat it. I feel quite special. I’m now official. I’ve joined some great company… Hobo and alord. I think I just came.

  22. But I was hoping that when the time came, he/she/shim would come at me a little harder than that. Pretty soft, motherfucker. Pretty fucking soft.

  23. katie x2.

  24. i think he’s just completely wasted.

  25. Actually, Sideshow did have it right. It is the new Anime Generation that has turned it into something else. A furry really is someone that likes to dress up in animal costumes. Not necessarily to have sex. Usually the enjoyment comes from just wearing the suit itself.

  26. The more bizarre behavior of people I see on facebook the more I like my dog. I guess that makes me a furry as well lol

  27. Damn I’m too late to come in with the 1 and 3 joke :(

  28. Now Vanessa’s friends/family will never wonder why she always lets her phone go to voicemail.


    Your joke was incomplete, therefore sucked and needed expanding.


    Careful, you start adding too many “isgay”s and you’ll go cross-eyed – trust me, already been down that road…

  29. Kizoka doesn’t belong on Lamebook. Regardless of what anyone thinks about bestiality, I think she deserves praise for coming out.

  30. @Snip


  31. Umm, some things just aren’t worthy of coming out about. One’s personal sex preferences is one of them. It’s like posting that you like carrots up your arse. Nobody needs or wants to know that crap. Keep some things to yourself. I’m all for coming out of the closet so you can openly love someone. But no one needs to know what kind of sex you are having.

  32. Technically, a furry is someone who dresses in animal costues. A furry that yiffs is someone who dresses in animal costumes for sex with minimal emotional commitment.

  33. what if none of you people are who you think each other are…what if the person you are talking to is really a creepy 50 year old man at his computer? its interesting some of you are commenting on this website so much and act like you all know each other based on the way you talk through a computer…none of its real…you cant know someone by the way they type

    kind of depressing

  34. And life on the internet. get over it.

  35. I’m coming out as a creepy 50 year old man at my computer. Actually, I’m only marginally creepy, if that helps.

    Truth be told though, I think many people online are fairly honest, and then there are some real wack-a-doos. I think it’s easier to fib about who you are on a website like lamebook though, lol. This is my 3rd screen name here because I can’t be bothered to remember my password.

  36. i wasnt trying to be a bitch…i was just saying something that was on my mind
    i like lamebook and you guys leave really funny comments
    i just noticed that some people get pretty personal and have established friendships and relationships and was curious as to what they were thinking

    ’tis all, no harm meant

  37. Nice to see anonisgay back. Trolls really need to put in the effort these days to stand out from the crowd.

  38. No harm at all. I think there are some advantages to internet “friends”. When you are tired of them you can simply turn them off or change your s/n. LOL

  39. Vanessa definitely stole her status from a movie…

  40. Speaking of furries, an ad came up on this page with a picture of a small child wearing a tiger outfit. Judging by the smile on his face, he knows what it’s for.

  41. Ok, first off, who is the BASTARD that posted Kizoka’s status?!? I myself am a furry, and NO I am not into bestiality!! And I’m straight as well!! So stop with the stereotypes! Kizoka is not an old man like you idiots think! And by the way, the CORRECT definition of a furry–an alternate persona in which the person has animal characteristics. So whatever you bastards think about 1 furry does not go for all!!

  42. And I don’t give a fuck if you correct me on anything! Kizoka is my friend, and I’m going to stand up for him. As one of my friends said: “Acceptance is the key to happiness.” SO GET USED TO IT!!

  43. So, wait…are the Coke bottles covered in condoms, or is Nick? My soul cannot rest until I know the answer.

  44. ok im gonna solve this now seriously i don’t give a fuck what any of you think and for those of you who actually took the time to try and add me and send me messages on FB your are fucking idiots and have nothing better to do with your life then trash other people who they are and what they do honestly for all of you that wanna give me shit for who i am you can go take shove a grenade down your throat die because no matter what you people say or what you people do your not gonna bother me and not change who i am so have nice lives and fuck off

  45. I realize I haven’t spoken on this in this thread yet…but seeing as I agreed with most of the people you’re having a meltdown about…..
    1. I don’t think most people have throat sized grenades handy.
    2. It’s called a period (and no I’m not talking about the vaginal bleeding that caused you to post this).
    3. Fucking animals is not exactly on the legal end of things (unless we’re talking donkey shows here).
    4. If we are talking donkey shows, well, I guess maybe in your case you are what you screw.

    Good luck to you, you furry little weirdo.

    PS Obviously it bothered you if you had such a meltdown it lead to you making a profile and posting that LOVELY little rant.

  46. tellmewhatyoureallythink

    Ah-men, blondie

  47. @ kizoka
    Just the fact that you made a status update bitching everyone out on facebook, then logged on here and made a profile to continue bitching people out says you do care. In fact, it screams that you are so desperate for attention that you will start conflicts and act like a drama queen for no reason.

    Secondly, Bestiality is not one of those things that’s ‘ok’ and people just have to accept. Why? because the animals have no interest in banging you, i’ll tell you that for sure. That is like a pedophile demanding he be accepted in society. (and since you seem to stick it in everything else, I wouldn’t be surprised if your into that shit too) The fact is any kind of sex you have with an animal will be rape, animal rape. Just because they can’t report you to the police doesn’t make it any different, it is vile, disgusting and outright evil. As for the furry thing…Clearly you announced that just to start some drama to make your life more interesting. From the sound of your friend’s description, it sounds more like you guys are into that whole twilight scene of pretending your part werewolf or vampire or some crap, not sexual deviancy. The fact that you act like a drama queen continues to push that point.

  48. Jon, that is an excellent description of why bestiality is wrong and is (and should remain) illegal.

  49. Hey kizoka, if you don’t want people to judge you based on your sex life, DON’T FUCKING PUBLISH IT FOR THE WORLD TO SEE! Obviously you do care what people think of you, or you wouldn’t be here whining and crying like a moron.

  50. TMI

  51. Continuation….
    5. What JonJones said.
    6. What Zoltar said

  52. @everyone trashing on Kizoka:
    FUCK OFF!!! He isn’t saying he’s done anything, which I know he hasn’t, and if you trolls would stop bitching on HIM, then we wouldn’t be here right now! No I myself am not trolling, I’m defending a friend! And have you ever thought that maybe he has feelings too? Just because we’re different doesn’t mean we don’t have feelings! This isn’t a cry for attention, especially since he wants to be left alone about it! So everyone… SHUT UP and live your own life, you don’t even know the guy, so stop insulting him like it’s your business to, BECAUSE IT ISN’T!!!

  53. Honestly, I could care less if you published it on Facebook. It looks like the dude even has everything hidden. It’s just the douche who decided to submit it on Lamebook is the problem.

    Who said it’s not ‘ok’? Maybe it’s okay for him, just let the dude with whatever the fuck he wants. If he wants to fuck animals, go ahead, but please.. Keep it to yourself.

  54. @Episode: THANK YOU! Finally someone who has a bit of sense as to let him live his life. And for everyone else… and btw episode, it’s not always by choice… Sometimes it’s genetics or a personality trait that makes him think like that (yes I looked it up)

  55. And when I trailed off for “everyone else”, I meant FUCK YOU!!!

  56. @xephyr Wait….I have a serious question…since when in the history of Facebook did ANYONE announcing ANYTHING not want attention? Also, I know it was national coming out day…but there are certain things that should stay IN…like him…and anything he may keep in his pants.
    Also again…if it’s no one else’s business why in the Jesus Christ would you post it up on THE FUCKING INTERNET…you know, that public place where dirty secrets don’t really stay secrets?

  57. Kiz said, “ok im gonna solve this now”….what exactly is his trying to solve?

  58. Pedophiles aren’t always that way “by choice” either, but that doesn’t mean we should let them diddle our toddlers.

  59. @bell I think he’s going to procure a bunch of grenades for us to kill ourselves with.

  60. @Blondie He was just tired of hiding it, and he thought only his friends would see it, but I guess not, since the bastard who posted it did

  61. @episode thank you and yes i do have everything private because i was annoyed with all these people trying to add me and sending me messages so thank you episode for not being rude

    @xephyr thanks for sticking up for me XD at least someone is XD

  62. @bell He hasn’t actually done anything, he just doesn’t see anything necessarily wrong with it. While the majority of us do, it’s all based on personal opinion and/or genetics.

  63. @xephyr …Yeah, things are funny that way…in my family we have a saying “If you don’t want naked pics of yourself on the internet, don’t let people take naked pictures of you” Because you never, never know what’s going to end up out there especially if you allow for the potential to be there. ESPECIALLY with sites like these out there you have to know nothing is sacred.

  64. @Kizoka You’re welcome, pal XP

  65. @Blondie- I agree with your family. But I also agree with Kizoka. And as he’s my friend, I’m staying on his team. As I’ve said before “Acceptance is the key to happiness.” And while some things are harder to accept, none of you know Kizoka. So it doesn’t really matter what you think of him, as that is just his views, and you shouldn’t worry about them, as you have not, do not, or ever will know Kizoka. That may be a bad part of him, but it is far outweighed by his good.

  66. oi it may be bad to the rest of you but i really dont care XD cuz i dont know any of you that status was for my friends to find out who would accept me for who i am and you know something they all stuck by me not all of them agreed but all the ones i care about did so everyone on here who is making a big deal out of “oh this person i dont know is into bestiality im gonna judge them” like you bimbo, more power to you on wasting your lives and honestly i dont really care XD insult me all you want

  67. @xephyr True, I don’t know him, but he has brought to the internet’s attention his sexual preferences and thus has signed himself up for the chopping block. Sorry, but we people in general are judgemental folk, and when you put things out there, especially something so controversial and expect no recourse for it then that is pure ignorance. If I went around telling the internet I was a Jew-hating Nazi, well I would be literally STUNNED if most responses weren’t along the lines of “Go fuck yourself you Nazi pig blah blah blah.” The mean and unsympathetic comments from judgey people such as myself are what you are going to have to put up with. You’re welcome to defend but it will get you no where.

  68. @Kizoka I’d set up another list for you to read about your stellar posting, but it looks like you haven’t located the “.” key, so maybe one day. If this is such a waste of life I’ll ask you, “Why are you here commenting and playing defense attorney?” Next, if everyone agreed with you and backed you…how did this little number find it’s way to Lamebook? Nice accepting “friends” you’ve found yourself. Two tails WAY up.

  69. No blonde, not for the internet’s attention- to his friends. Some moron just decided to invade someone’s privacy for the sake of some cheap entertainment. And you’re defending him, saying that Kizoka should go crawl somewhere and die. I know you mat not be implying that, but it sure sounds like it. So why not just let him live the way he wants to, not the way others force him too

  70. i think xephyr is the friend who submitted the post. i wouldnt doubt it.

  71. I mean he could seek help, it is a disorder…just saying..or jail time…he could seek that too. I can’t FORCE anyone to do anything, nor am I defending who ever violated the privacy that he was obviously made privy too seeing as he must have been a “friend” for Kizoka to come out to on FB. I’m simply making a judgement based on the confession I just read. Welcome to reality, it’s what’s going to happen. But what you’re failing to yeild to is when it s posted on the internet, no matter how hard you try and keep it private (like the girl from Duke and her fuck list) it has the potential to get out to the public and you have accept the consequences that come with that. In this case the consequence is public lamebook judgements and mocking.

  72. @candid You sir or madam just made me chuckle…and then wonder how true it is…hmmmmmmmm….

  73. Madam:). And it seems like a logical explanation to me. I’d have done it if i were this guys friend. I bet he/she did and is now trying to make themselves inconspicuous.

  74. if that made sense…

  75. @candid if that were true, I wouldn’t be here trying to defend Kizoka. And btw, Kizoka knows I wouldn’t do anything. So shut the hell up.
    @blondie ok, he didn’t say everyone accepted the fact, he did mention that some people didn’t approve of it. And by trashing other people, you obviously don’t have anything better to do than sit at your computer screen and come of with different ways to bully people online. Once again, I am not trashing, I’m defending a friend!

  76. YES! And in the effort of making his or herself inconspicuous has just made the top of the suspects list. It’s like an arsonist. They love to watch their work and are often found at the scene of the crime. I’m just saying, if one of my friends pointed out to me I was on Lamebook I would be super suspicious of how they knew and if they had anything to do with it. Though I think I’d probably consider it an honor to be on Lamebook. Just saying.

  77. And candid, you are a lousy friend

  78. Fine then. Ask Kizoka. Ask any of his friends. Ask any of his friend’s friends. And so on, they know I wouldn’t do anything, because until today, I’ve never heard of lamebook (Great name, since you people are on it) the only reason I made an account is so I could help one of my closest friends get on and forget about you bastards

  79. And I too am not trashing, I’m defending my thoughts. Why is he allowed to have a preference and am not? My preference doesn’t have four legs…let’s start there. Trust, this is NOT cyber bullying. That’s way too easy. I haven’t reached out online to contact him. I haven’t said “kill yourself”. I haven’t said “you’re ugly you stupid f*g”. I have simply expressed MY way of thinking. I’m not the one telling people to shove grenades down their own throats.

  80. Really, you’ve never heard of it? Tell us who told you about it. I’m sure there’s your culprit.

  81. He’s just pissed off that people are judging him. I’ll admit, it’s not the best thing to talk about, and that you are entitled to your own opinions, but that does not change the fact that his personal feelings are up there, and that I’m just trying to help

  82. If ‘acceptance is the key to happiness’ then maybe you should accept a large hard cöck up your behindus. Come on, acceptance will make you happy!

  83. im a lousy friend to who? i have anonymous friends on the internet? interesting. what are their names?

  84. Actually, it was one of my and Kizokas personal friends. And Kizoka posted the link to this in disbelief that people are idiots. And I doubt he’d do that to himself

  85. @mad Hey, don’t tell me what to do just because you like it yourself

  86. Candid, you can be MY friend. But if you go posting my secrets on lamebook we’re through.

    @xeph (mind if I call you xeph? Okay good.) Just saying maybe you should further investigate said “friend” or who ever told them.

    @mad just so you know, your posts pretty much always make me laugh…that last one was one of them.

  87. Well I know it wasn’t her. But fine, I’ll yield. Mad, have fun shoving stuff up your ass. Blondie, I’m sorry you cant accept one persons views because of one thing. And Candid… Well, your comments just made no sense. Work on it

  88. @blondie Yay! and i promise secerets will be kept unless theyre just too freaking hilarious. those should be shared.

    @mad i agree with blondie.

  89. @Xeph Yeah, sorry violating un-consenting people or creatures will never sit well with me.

    @Candid That’s fair. I can accept that if my secrets that I post online are really awesome and hysterical you will share them.

  90. @blondie. awesome. wouldnt want those things to go to waste.

  91. Since I don’t believe acceptance is the key to happiness, I don’t shove things up my rear. Instead, I practice what you might call ‘thinking about shít on a case by case basis.’
    Blonde, thank you, I feel that my mission is complete with at least one person now.
    And I didn’t get the impression that Kizakaakakkaka whatever is actually violating animals, but if he is he better damn well hope I don’t discover his real identity, because I will have PETA sending in their troops (apparently, their troops are mostly naked women) on the double (both to catch him quicker and so I can watch their boobs bounce) and then he’ll be sorry.
    Seriously, I won’t stand for abusing animals in any way.

  92. Kizoka, nice name. Also, hit me up babe…we’re one and the same. ;) I’ve got a Halloween cat costume with your name on it.

    Not sure why Katie’s double-posted.

    I want to party with Nick’s friends.

  93. @Mad, I got your back on PETA, and I’ll be happy to join the troops of naked women. Though I don’t know if they’ll take me, I ain’t a D. But I can hope. Nah, violation of anything un-consenting is big NO in my book.

  94. kizoka, your sexual preferences are your own business and I wont judge you on them… unless they are harmful to others. In this case an animal is unable to give consent
    I can’t believe that you had the audacity to come here and try to justify rape.

  95. Guys, there’s a lesson to be learnt here, and it’s nothing about fucking animals, being comfortable with yourself, sticking up for your friends, or not judging people.



  96. JJust posting to thank you guys for making the most hilarious shroom trip i ever had. Kiz whatever the fuck your name is, rock on.

  97. Fucking animals.

  98. I agree with the limey Hobo, whatever you do on your own time, that’s fine. But don’t be posting it for everyone to see. We don’t care! I mean, it’s like he’s turning himself into the online PETA police with that confession.

    If you’re doing illegal stuff, um…keep it a fucking secret, you wanktard, unless of course you feel guilty deep down and want to confess.

  99. *insert pointless rant here*

    Hey Lamebook, I’m afraid it’s a thumbs-down from me. The first/third isn’t lame, it’s just sad. The second isn’t really lame either, and it’s pretty samey. The fourth we’ve all heard variations of before… and the last one, oh the last one.

    Coming out of the closet isn’t even remotely lame, I’m afraid.

    Kizapsychos friend would have been better off reporting him to the RSPCA instead of posting that in here.
    Sick fucks who hurt animals piss me off!!!!!!!!!

  101. Also, @British Hobo and Keona… I disagree. Kizoka never said they’d done anything illegal (“being into” bestiality isn’t against the law) and I quite like it when people post this sort of thing on facebook. I wish more of my friends did… it’s interesting.

    I mean face it, you can’t accuse Kizoka of posting a boring status, can you? Look at all the comments it’s sparked here.

  102. Fucking a, animal.

    And I agree with blondie/candid/hobo, and want to add: If he wanted his close friends to know, and nobody else, then he should have sent a PRIVATE message or maybe called them or better yet talked to them in person. But posting a status for all the people in his friends list to see? it’s just not the smartest way to go about it. And I don’t mind the “furry” thing but bestiality? either he used the wrong word to describe his preferences OR he needs to go to jail. Maybe he wasn’t attention-seeking, but if his intention was to tell his closest friends something, then he was being an idiot to do it this way.

  103. Fucking A Dawg.

    This has more than a hint of MEG about it. Something is afoot.

  104. xephyr@52 Your friend has feelings? Well he deserves to have his feelings pissed over. Animals have feelings – I’m sure it’s not much fun for them being raped. Dirty tramp.


    @xephyr – ahahahahahahahahahahahahaha :D ahahahahahahahaha nice tirade. I would like to point out that posting your illegal sexual preferences on any social networking site is a sure way to get it posted all over the internet. I bet you one of his ‘friends’ sent this into lamebook, probably sick of the attention-whoring I bet this guy does on a daily basis. Check out Kizoka’s wording – he is brash, defensive and ignorant. Beasitality is illegal because different DNA patterns are not meant to mix. Also, animals can’t give consent, therefore if your friend likes fucking animals, he’s a rapist, and deserves jail. And he’s a fucking moron. And so are you.

  106. blondie @45…
    Nobody said anything about throat sized grenades, a regular size grenade will fit down a throat that’s used to being stretched out, by let’s say, for instance, by AN ANIMAL’S DICK.

    ’cause you know, sex with animals is ok right? Kiz, xephyr, back me up guys… guys?
    Sorry wrong meeting :-/

    One of your “friends” sent this to LAMEbook, I told you if you sleep with rats you’ll get stabbed in the back.

  107. Blonde, I don’t think PETA cares about boob size, as long as you aren’t fat and are willing to strip they’ll accept you into their nude female animal police.

  108. @xephyr – Raping animals is wrong. That is not a matter of opinion, it is a matter of cruelty. Now, since you say your friend has never done such a thing, it doesn’t matter either way. Personally, if he wants to have a fursona and dress up as an animal and fuck someone else dressed as an animal, have at it. It’s no different than any other kind of role-play in the bedroom.

  109. bell, if that was the case there’d be nothing to get on their horse about, so to speak. They are defensive because they rape animals and now they have been exposed.

    also blondebimbo is pretty rad, because now I don’t have to say any of that ^^^

  110. @mad2 – Hey I can’t find a link on their site to join PETA Nude Female Animal Police :(

  111. Sex with animals is wrong

    If you get caught.

  112. Wow. Just… wow. I don’t understand how people don’t get that if you don’t want the whole world to know something, you don’t post it on facebook!

  113. xephyr,

    Weren’t you just preaching about how we shouldn’t judge your animal-raping friend for his illegal preferences, yet here you are judging everyone else. and weren’t you just saying how sterotypical people here were being. how about you take a look at some of your own comments;

    “you idiots”

    “you trolls”

    “Finally someone who has a bit of sense”

    “you obviously don’t have anything better to do than sit at your computer screen and come of with different ways to bully people online”

    “you are a lousy friend”

    “you bastards”

    need i go on? hypocritical asshole.

  114. Such Drama!..

  115. In case people haven’t yet discovered it:

    Kizoka’s name is Phillip Moore. He lives in San Jose, CA. He’s 19 years old. He’s of Black/African descent, 6’1″, and goes to Folsom Lake College.


    The pictures on there are a nice touch. Dogs with superimposed hearts everywhere.

  116. Congrats Phillip, you’re famous.


  117. I love this blog he wrote:

    The Black Wolf Is On The Edge
    Current mood:Lost
    Ive been hurt, ive felt lost, ive been left out in the dark, ive been kicked when im down, ive felt like ive been pushed around, ive been on the edge of breaking down with just about no one to save me. Ive wanted to run away ive locked my self in my den just to hide my pain from others. Ive been lied to straight to my face ive been stabbed in the back i want to find more before my life is over. my pack may think im happy but deep inside im not going to be ok. i need my pack more than ever but most of my pack has abandoned me. i just hope the rest of the pack can help me before this wolf has nothing left to keep going for. this wolf is so sick of crying himself to sleep, hes sick of barely eatting, hes sick of being around thoese who act like they are part of his pack but are nothing more than rouge wolves looking to break this wolf down. this wolf needs help…..he needs this true pack the ones who truly care for him who will always be there to help him and never turn around and attack him when his back is turned….he just needs…….

    Poor Phillip. It’s not nice when the Communist wolves are attacking you for no good reason.

    @Dukey – you asked at some point how to format text.. using rather than [] seems to be the trick for your tags.

  118. http://i761.photobucket.com/albums/xx252/thischarminglife_photos/temp/Untitled-2.jpg

    I made that for you all. I’m a professional designer dontcha know. To be removed so see it while ya can!

  119. Can we set him up with you-know-who?

  120. ah ha ha loma. what a picture! :D

  121. Why was he saying he wanted to fuck animals if he has a ‘she-wolf’? I don’t know about anyone else but I would be pissed if my significant other admitted on facebook to all of our friends that he/she was secretly seeing next door’s cat.

  122. I’m starting to think what Kizoka thinks bestiality is, is something completely different to the real meaning of the word. In which case… dudes. Calm yourself with the white knight identity revealing.

  123. This is just to perfect to be real… and it has the rank smell of a couple of trolls.

    Very elaborate I must say :D

    Oh, and I’m thinking…it seems a long time since anonisgay has been around – is it just a co-ink-e-dink that he comes around after “MEG” has “left”? Hmmmmm

    PS. Doing animals is so wrong and if the guy doesn’t know what bestiality is…. Well, I just wish people would stop using big words they don’t know :)

  124. I don’t give a fuck if you’re a furry. I’m pretty open about love, and thinks everyone has a right to it. But fucking animals? No. Unless the animal says to you “Oh hey, let’s have sex!”, it’s most likely not consensual. That makes it rape. And rape is not cool. So unless you think bestiality is something completely different, fuck off.

  125. It’s going a bit far posting all of his info :/

  126. Hahaha! This got epic, fast.

  127. Goddamn it guys, wait til I wake up before you go on with all of this! Yeesh.
    @Mad Okay great, because I’ve been needing a new job and I feel like Nude PETA police would be spectacular and I’m glad you were able to inform me about them. Nah, not fat, but I’m a bit on the small side, not exactly intimidating…maybe I’ll get a police dog…and NO Kizoka you CANNOT dog sit it.
    @CAPS Glad to help you out and steal your words before you have a chance to post them. :)
    @Hobo I dunno, you sure? He’s the one saying we need to look it up if we don’t know what it means, and then many a person has mentioned it being having sex with animals…so I think by now he would have been all “Oh no, not that. My bad guys. I meant something totally different. I’m not a Zoophile…”
    @loma You are fucking MAGNIFICENT artist. That is gorgeous. Also, your interpretation of his postings were also something wonderful.

    One more thing, who is MEG? Sorry, I am new to commenting and don’t read all the comments from previous postings, I recognize the name, BUT am not putting an incident with it…help?

  128. Ps it was meant to say “You are *A* fucking MAGNIFICENT artist. That is all.

  129. PPS
    @Paranoid and Llamabook I laughed so hard at the start of your “Fucking a” posts. Just so you know.

  130. Wow this got really out of hand. lolz.

    FYI, there are a lot of furries who just think animal people are cute or fun to draw, and don’t dress up like them or think they have an inner animal… some of us think fursuits are ridiculous and some of us dislike weird furries that do gross illegal stuff.

    Unfortunately despite there being “a lot” of us, we are also in the minority and the weird animal-banging furries hate “normal” furries. booo hoo.

  131. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Fucking a, animals. (I’m pretty sure someone has already thought of this and maybe said it but I didn’t read the comments)

  132. @blondebimbo – MEG = MuEpsilonGamma.

  133. ye, fucking, gods

  134. Yeah, fucking animals is wrong because it’s rape – to animals.
    I don’t think it was right to put all of his personal information up so that he can be cyber-bullied to death.

  135. @bell I’m a bimbo…and I still don’t get it…. :/

  136. Blondebimbo, don’t worry, I’ve seen lots of small women on the PETA naked animal advocates. Mostly, they use small naked women to stand around and hold signs for them in public saying things like ‘I’d rather go naked than wear fur.’ Oh and MEG is a person who has posted some rather bizarre and emotional remarks, possibly a master troll.
    Polsvoice, if he really is engaging in bestiality, then being cyber-bullied is a hell of a lot less than he deserves. If he really is engaged in bestiality then at minimum he needs to be reported to the authorities. For legal purposes, I am forbidden to say what I would really like to do to him if he’s raping animals.

  137. @Mad Thanks for the support in this. I’m cool with being a sign holder, anythiny that helps…though I’ll be straight with you, I’m not going Vegan….that shit’s not going down. Sorry PETA. Ah, so THAT is what a MEG is/was. Super. Sounds awesome, Master troll MEG.

  138. Blonde I totally understand. I am a rabid advocate for animal rights, but I can’t give up meat (and since I’m not gay, I can’t just stick to cöck and cum). Thus I eat cow and fish. Since I eat cow, I also wear leather. But I figure cows are big, so there are fewer deaths/lb of meat.
    I believe many of the nude protests are held in Las Vegas, so you may have to fly there to participate. They do them there since there’s no public nudity regulations or something.
    Oh but you could try to organize one in Vermont. That’s my home state, and they don’t have nudity ordinances either. In fact, Brattleboro VT is (or used to be) the site of an annual protest against women having to wear tops, which included a topless march through the streets. There’s also a parking lot (Harmony I believe) where various bands to go play nude. However, the downside is that nobody wants to protest nude in the winter in VT. I’ll bet it would make for hard nipples though…

  139. Yes…doing animals is wrong, if you get caught. Sure, they can’t consent, but if they’re not crying at all from:

    1) being scared or
    2) being in pain

    then it’s not so bad. Just imagine if one of those S and M types were into bestiality. The whips and crazy shit..

    There’s videos all over the net of bestiality, the animals don’t try to run, or cry out. They just jizz. Why? because they like it. I myself have never done this, but this is what I can gather from it.

    Kizoka: we’ve all got our demons and dark secrets, it’s just a matter of who to tell and where to admit it. The farthest you should have admitted was that you’re a furry, and bisexual. If you are indeed into the third one, just find some others that are into it as well, and do your thing in private. Form your own little pack.

  140. Actually I grew up in VT, but now live in the prudish state of NY. Not that anyone cares.
    Keona, I don’t disagree that there are cases where the animals enjoy it, especially when you mean stimulating male animals. But fücking female animals or sphincters and stuff… even worse. I’d say all beastiality is wrong, and fortunately the law agrees with me, but in the latter cases I can’t imagine having a human penis in there feels good. I mean unless we are talking about a horse or something, the hole isn’t designed to take something that large.
    Interesting note: among primates, large balls go with species in which females are floozies. So in chimps, where the chicks do several males per day, the balls are enormous. Among gorillas, where the females are basically totally monoandrous, the balls are quite small. Human balls are in the middle, so we can see that humans probably have moderately loose females.
    Also, tiger cöcks have hooks. I can’t imagine that feels good.

  141. @Mad, is the point that I need to take this protest to the east coast and let you know when and where it will be held? And no, it’s not happening in the winter, but I’ll see what I can arrange for in the summer time when it’s more pleasant.

    @Keona, cute, glad you’re doing the heavy duty video research so the rest of us don’t have to vomit from disgust. But Kizoka should certainly form his own pack of animal fuckers…then we won’t have to hunt them down one by one. Easier in groups…fish in a barrel and all that.But whether or not he gets caught it’s still illegal and wrong, essentially what you are saying is “No stress, if you don’t get caught raping that ten year-old girl or boy or that woman or man it’s totally legit and okay so go for it.” I mean seriously, since when was non-consenting sex “not so bad”? I suppose if it’s the only way you can get some…no…no wait…that’s still wrong.

  142. Blonde, no, I was just saying VT is another option. However, I myself didn’t intend to watch (I doubt my wife would approve) and I live pretty far from VT now anyway.

  143. @mad2 That’s exactly what I meant. I just couldn’t really think of a good way to express my thoughts. Females and sphincters shouldn’t be fucked or messed with by any creature other than the male of that species.

    I also agree with you about the size of the balls correlating to how the females are. I’m an animal nerd and proud to be one. I love to learn all I can about animals and their behavior, even if it’s strange.

    Yep… I believe all cats, both domestic and wild, have barbed, spiked, hook cocks. >_< It's said their purpose for being that way has to do with copulation and increasing the chance of the sperm being delivered…or stimulating the females reproductive organs…or something. I'll have to brush up some. Though, that would explain why the females hiss, roar, scream, and generally just get pissed when they're fucked. They look as if they want to rip both of the male's heads off.

  144. Keona, I thought the barbs were for preventing the female from prematurely ending the copulation. I could be wrong though.
    Animals are a bit of a hobby with me as well. Here’s something you may not have heard: in some species of insect, males will rape other males, actually drilling through the victim’s exoskeleton with their dicks. They inject sperm into the body cavity, which travels through the coelum and then gets injected into the female when the victim has hetero sex.
    Also, female dolphins have been observed giving each other head. Or is it male? I don’t remember.

  145. …O.o I’ve heard of the dolphin thing, but not of the bugs. I used to watch Animal Planet and The Discovery Channel for years as a teen..but I lost interest after awhile. This makes me want to start up that habit. I think it’s fascinating what animals do, both sexually and non-sexually.

  146. @Blonde, thanks babes x

  147. I’ll be honest here: Technically, having sex with animals isn’t rape unless the animal refuses/is in pain, ect. In fact, sometimes they may even ENJOY it or just not caring about it.

    Why do I know this? Because I’m an animal masturbator. I have to literally please animals to collect semen for research.

  148. @episode…how awkward…not to state the obvious, lol. I’ve got a personal story but I’m afraid to say. But going by your logic, it wasn’t rape and I didn’t even do anything but fall asleep naked. That’s all I’ll say for now.

  149. Keona, I am of the opinion it is rape (or sexual assault at least) to remove a woman’s clothes without her permission. Or anything else. And holy shít I hate it when men assault women, sexually or otherwise. Those bästards deserve to have a couple of hard, pipe-hitting fückers get medieval on their ässes with a pair of pliers and a blow torch. I would be glad to be one of said fückers.
    Episode, our pet hamster has, shall we say, experienced a climax twice now while my wife was trying to clean him (he’s disabled and has trouble grooming himself).

  150. Oh wow. XD yeah, that wouldn’t be very much animal rape if the hamster enjoyed it. In fact, since it can’t groom itself you may have to do it for him.

    Well, I’m not saying it wouldn’t be rape. Unless it refused, or held it down. It could be really scared. Honestly, the worst part of the job is is that I have to use my fingers so it wouldn’t hurt the animal. But if it still refused I refuse to go on. Honestly, it’s all in favor of if it trusts you.

  151. dude….episode…why?
    Don’t you have some sort of fake animal doll sprayed with hormones to collect that….also, out of curiosity, how do you get into a job like that. Is it sort of like how girls get into porn…did it start off as a simple modeling job perhaps…

  152. Its ironic hoe these guys are trying to preach to everyone about “letting them live their lives and do their own thing”. While they are refusing to see that we are all “living our lives and doing our own thing” by expressing our opinions on the issue.

    And i too agree that it is vile and disgusting. I dont care if you say its a genetic disorder, you know it is wrong. Pick up some books on sociology and it will all make sense. From what i can tell your friend ( the wolf kid) is a depressed person( i picked up on this due to his anger in his posts and his terms of sentence formation) depressed men often seek out ways to draw attention to themselves. We use this method to boost our self esteem. He may say he posted this update to inform people on his gross sexuality preference but his real reasoning was attention. That being said i think you and your friend need to go get help, regardless if you deem it to be wrong or not it is illegal. You can also thank facebook for reporting your post to the government and im sure you to are now black listed. You should be a little more careful about where you disclose certain information via the internet.

    This is my opinion and you have yours. I just hope that you realize what you are doing before it forms a habit and it is to late.

  153. HO. LY. SHIT.

  154. I hope Chris never becomes a therapist.

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