Thursday, October 8, 2009

Out of Order

Out of Order

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  1. I fail to see the lameness of this……

  2. Haha wedding ring after positive pregnancy test. Looks like somebody’s hand was forced.

  3. Who takes a picture of something they peed on? And holds it where they peed on it. I hope it isn’t framed and hanging on the wall, beside the wedding photos and the baby pictures.

  4. Text Converstation
    ” O Fuck Yo Pregnant?!”
    “yeah shit, you have 2 marry me! ;)
    “Yeah sure babe, I known u 2 weeks but I know Ur d 1 4 meh :D
    “d@ cool Im guna put some pics on of me wid the preggers n of d@ ring you got me from the crane game @ d arcade, luv ya ur rachey baby”

  5. pro tip: she bought the ring herself

  6. Fight club:

    The lid is on the thing, so she’s not holding her pee.

    Also, I don’t see the lameness of this, either. Funny, yes, but not really lame.

  7. I think the lame part is that she got the ring after she got pregnant.

    LOL @ Matt

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  9. Matt is my hero.
    This lamester is my zero.

  10. YCS shoutouts to gigs

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  11. I’m officially requesting admin delete action on @8 and @10 please.

    Thank you.

  12. I seoond that. Admin, where are you? Get rid of it, please.

  13. #8, #10: please shut the fuck up, thank you

  14. I third the motion, but with an added penalty of castration.

  15. yeah sorry guys this isnt lame we’re basically taking the piss out of a married expectant mother???

  16. A married expectant mother? I’m missing something, which picture has the wedding ring?

  17. It’s not so much that she’s married and pregnant I think it’s the order and manner in which she posted the photos that is both funny and lame which is what this site is about.
    And yet please block the ip of the asshole who is writing the dipshit comments. (#8&10)

  18. Not lame at all. Last time I checked, we didn’t live in Victorian England. “A child out of wedlock! Oh horrors! Bring me the smelling salts and direct me to the fainting couch!”

  19. Yeah, WTF? How is this lame? It sucks if it’s a shot-gun wedding, but it’s not like there’s one right order for life events. Who cares if she’s getting married AFTER getting knocked up?

    I just watched the wedding episode of the Office, and was thinking how cool it was that we as a culture seemed to have moved past the whole unwed-mother stigma. Guess not.

  20. Look at the belly photos. They are out of order. Her baby belly is big, then gets smaller, then gets way bigger.

    Besides, EVERY SINGLE ONE of this girl’s photos of herself on Facebook screams either OMG LOOK AT MY ENGAGEMENT RING or OMG I’M SO KNOCKED UP. Not a single one even shows her face.

    That, in my opinion is the real lameness here. This girl has no face, no life, no personality if we’re going on her profile pics alone.

  21. Not sure if it’s a shotgun wedding.

    She’s just showing how her hands are swelling so that she has to take her ring off.

    #8 and #10 looks like a porn spammer to me…

  22. Getting married: lame
    Having a kid: even more lame

    And on top of that, this bitch has to be pathetically narcissistic the whole time.

  23. I really don’t see how this is lame. Except for the fact that it LOOKS like she is getting married simply because of the pregnancy. I think it’s just a album of memories.

  24. Rachel’s bastard child
    Will look back on these photos
    And think “Mom is lame”

  25. Oh right, getting pregnant is totally lame now. I don’t get the women-hating on this site. IT IS A LADY HAVING A BABY.

    Besides, even if she wasn’t married/engaged when she got pregnant, who is this fucking stupid site to judge? OH SORRY I FORGOT IT WAS 1950-SOMETHING…

  26. Pregnancy, breastfeeding, parenting, kids, dying relatives/pets = Not lame.

    Public druggies, fights, nude “sexxxy” pics, brainless vapid twats in general = totally lame. I should be a moderator on this site.

  27. YCS shoutouts to gigs

  28. YCS shoutouts to gigs

    cry some more you unfunny shitbirds

  29. I agree with Great. Except that dying relatives/pets are sometimes lame. I’m sorry, but they are.

  30. Serious debate
    On pregnancy and wedlock
    Has Haiku thinking.

    Perhaps the answer
    Is to just chill the fuck out.
    Have a beer or two.

  31. @YCS
    why so harsh
    with your lameass putdown
    you’re pregnant with gayness.

  32. Mr. Haiku,

    Seriously STFU… nobody is impressed with your ability to count syllables.

  33. YCS shoutouts to gigs

    MarkeB i don’t want to rain on your parade here but you have no clue how a haiku functions also you should get out

  34. @YCS

    Please allow me to wish you well in your bid to find your tiny little cock. I suggest you check in your mother’s fat sloppy ass. I realise it doesn’t matter to you that every regular poster on this site wants you to fuck off with your bullshit porn spam and you probably already know that you are coming across as stupid juvenile cock sucker. The question then is why are you such a loser? Why do you so desperately seek our attention? Are you expecting us to cuddle you and tell you everything will be okay, that daddy can’t buthurt you now that you are all grown up? Go suck a dick, YCS.

  35. YCS shoutouts to gigs

    no u

  36. YCS shoutouts to gigs

    also i didnt read any of it but im going to guess that you are Mr. Haiku being extremely butthurt over the internet and posting under a different name and thats fukken shameful son

  37. a) Bullshit, you read every word
    b) Reasonable asumption, but no
    c) I’m not your son
    d) Fuck off, geordie

  38. I dont really think the “Comments” section should be on here anymore.

  39. bitch is obviously getting married BECAUSE she’s pregnant, not just getting married while pregnant. if you don’t see why that’s lame, i think you’re pretty lame.

  40. YCS shoutouts to gigs

    Im not from northern england, no one read that wall of text, and your one huge nigger peace bitch

  41. What about my “one huge nigger peace bitch”? I don’t have one, as far as I know.

  42. haiku admirer and everyone else please dont feed the troll also YCS did you just copy/paste those porn things from the BangBros site because lol my cousin loves making those up

  43. this site needs to be closed its not funny and full of man-children arguing over their bruised egos

    i dont know who YCS is but he obviously just wanted to start shit and all you guys did was beat your chests like apes and contribute to shitting up this site

    I hope all of you are proud

  44. @YCS

    a)grammer is important
    b)no one cares where you got the porn text
    c)you’re a fuckass who needs to be shot
    d)i won’t give up becasue people like you make my blood boil

  45. hey beanstalker! i love your blog you are incredibly insightful and direct, its comforting to find someone who isn’t afraid to say what they think, I love bear grylls too! lol my dream is to be his cameraman hopefully he doesn’t die by then! lol!

    anyways i just wanted to check in and let you know that you need to update more often everyone at my office loves your blog so watch out for more subscribers!

    You dumb nigger!

  46. YCS shoutouts to gigs

    Beanstalkers blog:

    “Keep up on all of the celebrity deaths and watch as I amaze your mind by calling it(with scary accuracy) and me being on the news as the police break down my door asking me for any information on that person’s death.”

    holky fuck you are a dumb sack of shit

  47. I doubt #47 was written by Mr Haiku because he has never written anything but a Haiku on this site. And if was going to write “grammer is important” I’d check my spelling first.

  48. Oh, some fags who have no friends and get their fake life satisfaction on the internet are trying to talk shit. Over the internet? Holy shit, my life has been crushed by those oh so hurtful insults that I have just cut myself many times. Who knew that somebody without friends who potentially ruin a life?

    Spaceman Spiff, wtflol.

  49. I agree with almost all of whats been said here already.
    Being that its only on here because of its published order or photos. Society now definately doesnt frown upon having children without being married first, I guess some people cant just catch up to reality, and join the current century that we live in. To each their own though.

  50. YCS shoutouts to gigs

    too late to back out now mr haiku you outed yourself due to reckless abandon also lol at noticing you spelled grammar wrong and correcting yourself good show there

  51. YCS shoutouts to gigs

    beanstalker shut down your blog and get back to work or i will call your boss and have him fire you for wasting company time to basically post chuck norris like jokes with bear grylls as the punchline on the internet where three people will never read them

  52. Beanstalker im just kidding with you man ahahah keep on keepin on here check out this youtube featuring Vikings Defensive lineman Jared Allen killing an elk with a spear

  53. If it makes you happy enough to go away, then I am happy to put my hand up and say I am Mr Haiku. I am Mr Haiku. You ‘win’, YCS, good for you!

  54. YCS shoutouts to gigs

    yeah i know we established this when you were dumb enough to not look at your name when you posted good job trying to negotiate after you already lost though thats a bold fucking move

  55. Stupid is as stupid does..

    Can we submit this entire comment feed under the “I-seriously-cannot-believe-how-utterly-lame-you-guys-are-getting” section? Enough now guys, please. Lets get back to funny….

  56. Hell yes. Where were we?

    Oh yeh laughing at shotgun weddings.

    Are we sure “Rachel” is her real name? I think this might be Bristol Palin.

  57. Doesn’t anyone use birth control anymore? It’s not 1950 it’s 2009. It’s Not that difficult to get these days.

  58. funny never left nor arrived at this station good try though

  59. Successful troll is successful.
    I quite liked the parrot.
    Otherwise though, see you next tuesday.

  60. YCS shouts to gigs

    im sorry guys, im so sorry

  61. Successful troll is successful.

    Also, still requesting Admin action in this thread.


  62. Hash fourty seven
    Is not Mister Haiku’s work

    Mister Haiku writes
    Only in Haiku format
    Not in standard prose

  63. Nice abs

  64. YCS shoutouts to gigs

    you forgot the word was “shoutouts” not shouts when you tried to imitate me i would never apologize are you fucking joking broseph

  65. YCS shoutouts to gigs

    peace ya’ll hope i dont get “IP banned” from this site because well shucks it sure is a bombastic good time and i cant just IPreset and IPrenew in this abode to graba whole new IP address that isnt blocked welp cheers mates!

  66. Mr Haiku:
    Stay true to yourself
    One day they will realise
    Haiku is magic

  67. You mean….she got pregnant BEFORE she got engaged?!! Outrageous!!! What a fucking slut.

    Jesus Fucking Christ people, it’s 2009. Do you guys all live in Alabama? Cuz where I come from, it’s actually been OK for people who aren’t married to have babies since around 1975.

  68. This is the way love works in our day and age. It happens by mistake 98% of the time, the other 2% are people that get married because they joined the military.

  69. I never thought I’d say this, but this isnt really lameworthy. Must try harder, Lamebook.

    I’m enjoying the trolling though, please do carry on.

  70. Boring troll is boring. *yawn*

  71. If I were pregnant
    I would not post my fat gut
    on the internet.

  72. @Ms Haiku – Obviously you’ve never been pregnant. Real women take pride in their bundle of joy that’s on its way. Do you honestly think its natural and normal to not show when you’re pregnant? Besides, their husbands (or in your case, some random guy you picked up from the bar) thinks its sexy.

  73. out. of. control.

    the order is a little odd. it happens.

    Pregnant women take pride in their bellys.

    and the stick has a cap on it.

  74. # 8 and * 10 is not only inappropriate, he is a poor advertiser of his website…didn’t even include a link to the site. what a moron.

  75. YCS shoutouts to gigs

    im so sorry again i cant control myself i dont belong in social networks

  76. ^ and finally – the truth . . .

  77. Oh, come ON, people. It’s not on here because someone thought it was lame due to her being pregnant ‘out of wedlock’. It’s lame because she’s created a photo gallery that goes: pee-stick, engagement ring, growing baby gut. It’s TMI. It’s like going on holiday and posting a picture gallery of yourself at the airport check-in, then eating the plane food, then a picture of the ‘engaged’ sign on the toilet door on the plane, and then the rack of luggage carts at the next airport.

  78. @ Great: none of the things you listed as ‘not lame’ are lame in themselves.

    All of them can be rendered totally fucking lame in the hands of self-indulgent idiots with a Facebook account.

    That, my friend, is the point of Lamebook.

  79. Yes. yes. yes Spoder said it all!

  80. You know, Spoder did say it all…and I think mcowles should be prez…Boz vice prez…and YCS should go hunting with Dick Cheney. Lame? Yes. People getting pissed off about comments on the internet, or failing to see children that flame in threads are feeding off your emotional attachment to this kind of crap? Super-lame. TY. Drive domestic. Chicks dig scars. Watch out for SARS, it’s still out there.


  82. YCS shoutouts to gigs

    im sorry again, idk what im doing, i cant help myself ignore everything i say

  83. So…YCS has Tourrets(sp) of the internet…seems more common then ADHD these days.

  84. @wcar, where’s your proof it wasn’t a planned pregnancy?

    The woman-hating on this site is getting a little tired.

  85. A little tired? Huh. At least we know that men really do hate women. And homosexuals.

  86. If there are 11 photos, why can I only see 9?

  87. Whats next? Divorce paper?? O_o

  88. I guess u guys don’t get it the 3rd pic is not a finger that the ring is going on. LMAO not even facebook caught that

  89. Sorry 4th pic

  90. laughinghysterically

    # 18 FTW <3

  91. Joseph, I think you hit the nail on the head…and no one else seemed to notice.

    LMAO. Amazing, seriously.

  92. In the 4th pic…That’s her thumb.

  93. could be eaither.. but i seriously hope its her thumb

  94. Any girl who thinks that is a penis, rather than a thumb, is going to be very impressed on their wedding night.

  95. LMAO!
    Step 1: Get pregnant
    Step 2: Get married
    Step 3: Divorce and get alimony (I can’t spell, shut up)
    Step 4: Wait 9 months for child support checks

  96. @ Dottywine – you spelled it right and didn’t think you did. What a refreshing change from all the people who CAN’T spell and don’t realize it.

  97. @Strubisatoaster clearly her profile pic is of her face you moron. this is just one album.

  98. That BITCH got RICK ROLL’D

  99. I really wish that fucking idiot would stop commenting RICK ROLL’D BITCH.
    It’s getting irritating.

  100. Rick Roll’d, you’re not funny

  101. @ Rick Roll’d – Would you stop putting “Rick Roll’d, Bitch!” as a comment on every single Lamebook post? You’re a fucking retard. Wish somebody would “Rick Roll” YOU so you would shut the fuck up.

  102. Rick roll'd is a twat

    yeah thats pretty much retarded, wht the fk does it mean anyway?

  103. @Rick roll’d is a twat:

  104. You’re fucking stupid.

    You get married, THEN YOU HAVE A BABY.

    its called a stable relationship.

  105. Alana-
    You’re fucking stupid if you think that a piece of paper is required to have a stable relationship. My husband and I were in a relationship, moved in together, had a baby and then when that child was about 18 months old, got married. That was 5 years ago and we are still perfectly happy and stable.

  106. @Ashely –

    Your man is cheating on you and he will leave you soon. You are a moron if you think your irresponsible fluke is actually going to last.

    love u :3

  107. I can’t believe this is on here! I know this girl; Her and her husband and daughter are the cutest, sweetest, most stable family I know. This is not lame at all.

  108. This isn’t lame.

  109. Ummmm………I fail to see why this is lame at all.

  110. a) smug bitch
    b) we don’t want to see where you peed

  111. is it bad that I see this and think, “C’mon that isnt a good photo of a ring at all…” *points to self* NERD!!!

  112. Out of order? What is this, 1954?


  114. It seems like a lot of things are putt up for grammar corrections so I’d just like to note that you did not end your sentence with either a period or exclamation point and there should be comma between “way” and “you”. Also, you have a running sentence on the go, break it up a little.

    By the way, it’s a joke site, lighten up or get the fuck off.

  115. “It seems like a lot of things are putt up for grammar corrections”

    “put up”, not “putt up”.

    “Also, you have a running sentence on the go, break it up a little.”

    “Run on sentence”, not “running sentence”. Why, by the way, your first sentence qualifies as.

    Just sayin’.

  116. another fucking english teacher…. what is it with internet trolls these days

  117. *Another fucking English teacher. What is it with internet troll’s these days?*

  118. *Another fucking English teacher. What is it with Internet trolls these days?

  119. Can you say “Shotgun wedding”? :)

  120. “How to trick your man into marrying you 101″

  121. Redneck white trailer trash at it’s finest.

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