Monday, February 8, 2010

Oh No! Photos

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  1. I think the first one is genius. A shame the guy’s ‘skank’ of a girlfriend wasn’t tagged in the photo. Would’ve been a whole heap of awesome.

  2. 2 and 4.. I don’t even know what to say. So very wrong.

  3. 1: Skank Hahahahahaha
    2: WTF
    3: Hmmmm
    4: Just makes me wonder…

    *wanders off mumbling about the stupidity of some people…*

  4. Colin seems the kind of guy who would probably receive quite a few hits under his policy

  5. In the UK recently, a woman got in trouble with the police and child protection services for posting a ‘joke’ photo of her baby with a cigarette in its mouth. It made the national news and everything (well, The Sun). I hope whoever submitted this photo to Lamebook reports the person who took this photo.

  6. lostintranslation

    Moms in pictures 2 & 4: I know it’s been said before, but people should have to pass some sort of intelligence test before they’re allowed to procreate!

    The first one is inspired :)

    As for Colin: when are people going to learn that taking photos in the mirror on your cell phone does NOT make you look like a badass? It makes you look like a wanker. Subsequent shitty photoshopping serves as hard proof that you are, in fact, a wanker.

  7. WHY would #4′s caption be “Lmaoooooooooo…”?? This just reinforces my opinion that people should take a Common Sense Test before being allowed to breed

  8. @lostintranslation We seem to be on the same wavelength

  9. Um, car seat?

  10. @Hobbes: Agreed

  11. Wow great mother Anna!!!!

  12. @dtronol: Fuckin’ beat me to it. WTF? “LOLOLOLZ, my mamma so STUPID for not puttin da babi in da carseat. its ok tho, he be aiight–” *CRASH*

  13. First one: Brilliant!!! Laughed my ass off :) The rest…..All I can say is Wow!

  14. Amen lostintranslation. I have been saying for years that the right to procreate should be regulated. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to figure out who I think is a trustworthy agency or department to be that “power that be” and perform that duty.

    #2 and #4: Supermom powers activate, form of – an idiot!

  15. Colin = wigger

  16. Well, in fairness, that is definitely a skank-style dress. Mama’s just callin’ it like it is.

  17. #1 We’ve all been there mom, but a word of advice. Simply by virtue that you think Chrisstelle is a skank, this will be your daughter in law, quite possibly the mother of your grandchildren. Better start making peace and kissing *ss now if you plan on seeing those grandkids.

  18. The 3rd one makes me cringe. And the Guy’s called Colin, ffs. Not particularly gangsta

  19. I wanna be cool like Colin. Please Colin, take me under your wing and show me the ways.

  20. colin is the epitome of a douche bag

  21. Colin, meet Lisa a few pages back. Colin, Lisa takes sh*t, lots of them. Lisa, get ready to take a butt whipping from Colin. Its what you get for taking sh*t without flushing.

  22. Haha, the first picture really made me laugh.
    #4: I heard about that. And I really hope the woman who has her little baby with that big knife gets reported. Say what you like about the joke photos of kids sucking on an empty beer bottle, or an unlit fag, but fuck not being judgemental, holding a knife that big anywhere near your little baby is FUCKING stupid.

  23. Did Colin ‘shop out the Twilight poster behind him?

  24. Stupid? Lmaoooooooooo that be the understatementizzle of the centurizzle.

  25. A few weeks back, Ricky Gervais made some comment about their needing to be a test before people have kids… and the papers all portrayed his comment as if it was a bad thing. But pictures like number 2 only serve to prove him right.

  26. *there

  27. Have you seen the film ‘Idiocracy’? Pictures like 2 and 4 make me think that maybe that’s more of a prophetic documentary, than a light-hearted comedy. Stop the stupid people from breeding!

  28. Yo that is by far the coolest baby I’ve ever seen. I just wish he had a pair of sunglasses.

  29. @lostintranslation completly agree about 2 and 4

    1.- LOL

  30. @ gingivitis – Unfortunately, we ARE headed in the direction of “Idiocracy”. It’s depressing.

  31. That last one is one of the worst pictures I have ever seen.

  32. no, mistaphill. Colin = guido.

  33. Some people shouldn’t be allowed to breed…

  34. @Lizzle: You honestly think that whoever took that photo should be punished by the law? Seriously? For putting an UNLIT cigarette in a child’s mouth? While I agree it’s lame, nobody should be punished by the law for that.

    Do you know anyone who smokes and has children/grandchildren/younger siblings? May as well go report them to child services, because they’re doing actual physical harm.

  35. excuse my ignorance lol…but i dont ‘get’ the first one…can someone explain it?

  36. oh—i get it now…sorry, its in the comments DOH.

  37. Why on earth is that baby about to smoke a cigarette? Surely it should have its eyes on the road if it is driving that car?

  38. I don’t find smoking around children funny at all. My mother smoke before, during and after all of her pregnancies. I have serious breathing issues and I’m only in my 30′s. Smoking is a sick habit and people need to knock it the fuck off.

  39. I feel bad for Dustin having a mom like that. First off even if she is a skank it is none of her concern. Secondly she should give her son props for hitting some good looking poon. Mom is probably just jealous that she is washed up and never looked that good even in her prime.

  40. I don’t get mom’s getting involved in their kids social lives past the age of play dates. Once kids are old enough to run off to the playground with their friends they are old enough to deal with social issues. ESPECIALLY romantic ones since that is the ONLY way to learn about it.

  41. We need to bring back shame! I mean, “in the olden days” people were made to feel ashamed for dating someone of a different race or getting pregnant before they were married, that was wrong. Today we need to bring back that type of shame but for the right reasons, like all of the above photos.

    Bring back shame!

  42. I agree to an extent msjessiemeghan. Along with shame needs to come recognition of change though.

  43. I completely agree Penny Lane…

  44. Let’s do it! Let’s make t-shirts!!! “BRING BACK SHAME!”

  45. 2 is stupid and somewhat disturbing but 4 aint all that bad. Hell, myself and plenty of my friends have funny pictures our parents took of us holding beer cans when we were little rug rats. Did we end up neglected or turn into raging alcoholics? Nope.

    I’d love to talk shit to Colin. What a puss.

  46. Since the grandmother is dumb enough to put a something so toxic (unlit or not) in the child’s mouth, then chances are pretty good that they smoke around that baby as well.
    Bad, bad parenting.
    I would be horrified and disgusted if someone did that with my baby. I’d not be laughing about it and I sure as heck would NOT be showing anyone pictures of it.

  47. @ msjessiemeghan, well said.

  48. Um, Spicy Boughner, just because your mother put a beer can in your hand doesn’t make it right. But that’s not the point. Youu can’t compare something dangerous and toxic–a cigarette–to an unopened can of beer.

    I can’t tell you the amount of children who have been taken into our ER very sick after they have eaten a cigarette. It’s deadly.
    That woman is letting that baby put its mouth on poison!

  49. Anna’s probably just juggling the kids and the dinner.

  50. number 4…. WTF. that kid can’t be older than 2 – way to early to start smoking. my parents bought me my first pack for my 8th birthday, and looking back i am grateful to them. if they had started me any earlier i don’t think i would have been able to fully appreciate it. i hope the kid in the photograph isn’t smoking a full-strength cigarette, not sure his lungs would cope with it.

  51. Or she’s having a really bad fucking day!

  52. @ wordpervert,
    I’ve been trying to figure that one out. The baby has a “oh shit” look on his face.
    I’d love to see any comments that pic received from her friends.

  53. You can just pick what kind of future the children in #2 and #4 are going to have…

    I believe Chrisstelle is a skank with a name like that.

  54. @Penny..I’d buy a couple of those shirts.
    When shame was around:
    we only locked our doors for vacations, maybe.
    a fist fight at school was big news.
    only 1 girl in the whole High School got pregnant during all 4 years.
    I could keep going.

  55. I’m willing to bet many girls got pregnant, but the went on vacation to their Aunt’s house in the country for a few months.

  56. No, everyone knew everyone. If a kid did something wrong his/her parents knew before he got home most of the time.

  57. @Mykl42 I’ve also noticed a steep increase in the frequency of children refusing to stay off my damn lawn. Hell in a handbasket.

  58. We need a Cap & Trade Program for spawning.

  59. You have to have a license to cut hair, but you can procreate at 14. Meh…And is #3 the same guy who had rays of light shining out of his armpits a few weeks ago?

  60. *hits colin*

  61. @Colin, I’m not really scared of people who take photos of themselves in the bathroom. Just a heads up, brah.

  62. and is that a toothbrush, a razor, and a radio?

  63. Fuck ciggarettes, SMOKE WEED

  64. “My mama so stupid”
    So discerning at such a young age. I see a bright future for this maternlly challenged youngster.

  65. I like skanks

  66. I agree we need more shame. Shame is now a dirty word but it used to keep us all from wandering around with our *sses out, so to speak.

    Unfortunately, I am pretty sure SHAME has left the building.

  67. Time to bring back forced sterilisation then… there’s a lot of eugenicists posting on this site…

    It’s kinda funny how social network websites are set to seriously fuck with darwinist natural selection. Maybe it’s just me, but the more I look at the dumb shit my “friends” post as status updates, the less I want to be friends with them…

  68. I honestly don’t see how the first pic is so funny. A woman, probably in her 40s calling a 16 to 17 year old girl a skank? How classy. The worst part is the women who do that kind of shit were usually the one who never had their knees together the whole time they were in high school.

    As has been sais numerous time, Colin is a first class douche.

    The mother photos though, Jesus that’s just scary. What is wrong with these people??? So stupid and so wrong.

  69. Ugh, damned typos…time for bed I think.

  70. vguyviu

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