Thursday, February 9, 2012

Oh Boy!

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  1. Susan sounds awesome!

  2. Codename Dutchess

    I’ll go out on a limb and say Todd is Susan’s father, but it sounds like this woman needs to have her vagina welded shut. It’s a body,not a clown car.

  3. Sad. I hope it’s fake.

  4. But God forbid us gays of ever thinking of a surrogate mother, or adopting…

  5. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    DutchessI’m thinking Todd is one of her previous sperm pump’s father.

    I also think she is fat.

  6. *from us, *about a surrogate – Sorry, English is my SL.

  7. Whatever… this pisses me off.

  8. Reproductive abuser?

  9. Dukey he refers to his grandchildren, dumbo.

    I feel bad for poor granddaddy Todd.

    On a final note, what is “protective sex?”

  10. Codename Dutchess

    Dukey– It’s possible, but his use of the words “MY GRAND CHILDREN” make me think he’s the disappointed parent trying to slut shame his daughter’s Facebook.

    But yeah, she probably is a Fatty McFat Fat after pumping out several chillins’. Not too fat to fuck, though.

  11. Velo, god nor government prevents you from adopting or getting a surrogate, you can do that, at least here in the States.

    I feel for you though, dude (or lady). If I were you this would make me upset too. Actually it still kinda does, and I’m not gay nor do I want a kid.

  12. Slut shaming is wrong. There is nothing wrong with women having many partners. There is something wrong with women repeatedly getting pregnant and giving the babes up for adoption. There’s a difference. Just sayin

  13. imdead9, I hear you. I’m originally from Mexico, and it’s actually easier to adopt there (way easier I’d say), than it is here. And I don’t want a kid just yet, but maybe eventually. I guess I was referring more to the stigma about a gay guy (I’m a dude, BTW), especially a single one, adopting a kid. I tend to read on gay related topics, and man, the things some people say about gay adoption, marriage, lifestyle, etc., show you how hateful ignorant people can be. That, and the fact that there are plenty of kids in need of a family because of adults’ stupidity is what pisses me off.

  14. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    imdead9 Shut up you cunt with poor comprehension skills. Also yes, slut shaming is most definitely wrong.

    Dutchess yeah and after that “MY GRAND CHILDREN” he said “AND HOW MANY CHILDREN BEFORE THEM” So yeah, I am sticking with granddad on the male side.

  15. Yeah, I’m with Dukey on this one.

  16. Codename Dutchess

    Todd appears to know a lot about Susan’s history of giving up children to CPS, I’m inclined to think he is her father rather than the father of one of her baby daddys based on that; and he being privy to her newsfeed.

    Lamebook needs to give us more back story, damn it! Where are the weirdos who look these people up when you need them? WE NEED ANSWERS.

  17. Dukey you’re right I was having pretty poor comprehension when I wrote that. Thought you were saying it was one of her previous sperm pumps, not the sperm pump’s father. I must have been thinkin “sperm dump”, which could refer to the baby, as opposed to “sperm pump,” the impregnator. I am indeed a cunt and stand corrected.

    Ok enough talk about sperm for me. I happen to not be gay, so.

  18. hey, velocirrober, i got your rant on how hard it is for the gays to have a family, and with wastes of resources like this chick (allegedly) rubbing her hyper-active vagina in your faces I can empathise with your rage.
    Surely the aussie gay couple who lost their kid to The USA Authoritahs for taking him on a worldwide whirlwind tour of a pedophile ring must make you even angrier?

  19. (Velocirrober, excuse me while I cut in please).

    Do you have a point…? Of course that would make anyone angry. Troll better.

  20. Why the fuck are you trying to impose your fascist requirement for a ‘point’ onto me? Fuck you and your pointless point.

  21. I was just making conversation ffs. Some retard always has to poke their flipper-footed mumbling into it.
    christ! See the fucking trainwreck that happens when I try to play nice with others??

  22. Last time I tried to play nice with others I had a sexual harassment suit

  23. Lol Fascist? I love that talking about pedophilia rings counts as “making conversation” for you. To be a fly on the wall during your dinner parties… Now I wish you were just trolling. Went from annoying yet humorous little cunt that called me boring to fucking frightening in a single post.

  24. your stupidity and willful ignorance invalidates your argument.

  25. Ha ok. I’m the stupid and “willfully ignorant” one that isn’t capable of correctly using the concept of fascism in a sentence.

    But no, you’re right- it is just easier to label someone retarded and not worth your time than have to think of an actual response. Your life must be fun.

  26. or you are genuinely just not worth my time?

    the mind fucking boggles, doesn’t it?

  27. Need some happy pills around here lately.

    My wife’s ex sister in law was like that, had five kids before she got her tubes tied (three fathers) and none of them live with either parent. Four being raised by the father’s mother, the fifth permanently adopted out, she gets a letter from the kid once a year. Been close to a year now since she’s visited the two she had with my wife’s brother IIRC. She usually doesn’t work either, jobs last a few weeks generally before she loses them. Don’t know what the hell she does all day. She’s a keeper all right. I just like to tell heartwarming stories to brighten up your day.

  28. yeah. the way we’ve deal with obvious mental health issues throughout the entirety of human history cheers me right the fuck up.

  29. Lil Orphan Annie: lyke omg inorite?!!1?!1/

    Jim that’s still better than pedophilia rings… You have to admit though, as much as women like from the OP and your story suck at being mothers and generally living life, some dude(s) had to knock them up. You hear about guys with 5 different “baby mamas” and never even meeting their kids. Some people just need to invest in permanent birth control.

  30. ^That was meant before #28 was posted. I’m not THAT fucked up.

  31. That’s a nice burn from Todd.

  32. yeah. Fucking awesome standards there, SandraDee.
    Let’s not give any attention to the damage done to image of same-sex parenting that pedos can cause. Oh no. That would make SandrafuckingDee uncomfortable.
    Let’s just instead jump in on bashing the mentally unwell.
    Yeah sandraDee, you ARE THAT fucked up.

  33. Trashy hoes like this always make me want to become an OBGYN. I’ll accept medicaid, and with every careless baby-factory like this that comes in, I’ll make sure to “find” a “problem” that would prevent them from having a vaginal birth. Then, while I’m performing their C-Section, I’ll “accidentally” snip their fallopian tubes while I’m rummaging around in there. I’d be a hero to the human race, I would.

  34. ^you’d be like Harold Shipman, only sadder.

  35. I wonder if Jeremiah is the latest cum-pump consoling Fertility-Sue about surrendering her latest parasite for adoption.

  36. Dutchess, there’s nothing wrong with treating your vagina as a clown car, as long as you aren’t contributing to overpopulation at the same time.
    Sterilization should be mandatory in some cases.
    MsAnne, pedophilia is a different sexual orientation than homosexuality.

  37. ^no shit?

  38. Codename Dutchess

    Mad– Contributing more kids than one can care for is the definition of over population, IMO. The case can be made that having more than one child per person, at this point in time, is more than necessary. Mandatory sterilization is a little Nazi-esque but if men can’t stop getting into Susan’s naughty bits society is fucked as a whole, err–society is fucked in a hole.

    If I could burn one word in the English language and piss on the ashes it would be “troll.” That word has lost all meaning.

  39. It isn’t a matter of how many YOU can care for, it is the fact that we have too many people, on a global scale, for our socioeconomic system to support. Overpopulation is when there are more members of a species than can be supported; it has nothing to do with individual families.
    Just because the Nazis dabbled in genetic planning doesn’t make it wrong. They also dabbled in stabilizing a really fucked up economy, and yet I’m sure nobody opposes efforts toward economic stability as a result. Their mistake was to go by ethnic demographic instead of useful things like intelligence. I wouldn’t necessarily be opposed to requiring sterilization after two children except in special circumstances (e.g. extremely high intelligence). A person should be free to do whatever they want _with themselves_, but when it comes to their offspring, we’re introducing a second party into the equation, and they no longer automatically have the rights to choose things for their offspring (such as existence).

  40. Codename Dutchess

    Sweet fucking Christ…

  41. mad2physicist. You just made me want to go on welfare and have 10 kids. Purely to fuck with ☆you☆.

  42. SandraDick – Sweet Gawd you are a nit.

    and mad, really?

  43. Mad, the whole clown car vagina thing refers to lots of people coming out of a vagina, not lots of dicks going in. Just wanted to make sure you get that…

  44. ^^ like rabbits out of a hat, or bats out of a habbit, or…..#shutthefuckup

  45. #hashtags don’t work here. it’s not twitter.

  46. Susan should be proud of herself…She’s so far managed to shit out a pile of spunkproduce whilst dodging having to raise the little bastard money pits, mission accomplished as far as I’m concerned.

  47. As long as none of Susan’s children are Kevin Ferderline’s I don’t really see the problem.

  48. I would fucking shoot Susan in the face if I could.

  49. Hey, nice bunny. I just noticed that.

  50. No question she’s a fatty and about as sharp as a baseball. I do appreciate Candy’s inquiry however, which is in the same tone as if she’s asking Susan if she going to eat that french fry.

  51. MrImpotent: I’ll put this in a way you should understand-#WhatMakesYouThinkIGiveAFlyingFuck #BecauseIDont.

    Anne: Nice try at the reasoning for your leap from “let’s talk about how gays are viewed” to “lol PEDOS!”.
    I clarified that that wasn’t a response to your statement about mental health. That means the exact OPPOSITE of bashing those with mental issues- logic is tough for you, I understand. Here’s a cookie- how about you lie down for a bit in the corner, change your little emo avatar and continue thinking that you know me.

  52. I think Shebop’s right and Jeremiah is probably the latest sperm donor.
    Hopefully Nikki doesn’t know the whole story because nobody should be congratulating that pile of reproductive organs.

  53. ^you don’t know the whole story either, so why not shut the fuck up?

  54. You’re so kewt, wittle bunny.

  55. fuck yeah I am.
    you’re not getting a piece, though. eat shit.

  56. LMAO at the idea that Dee is “not worth” Orphan Annie’s “time” yet all of her “time” seems to be spent on this website.. so much so that she uploaded a fucking avatar.. my God. $5 says she responds to this comment within an hour.

    It’s okay, Anne. I remember being 14, too. It gets better. You should read if you want to see what truly clever cuntiness is all about; you just come off as really very lame.

  57. put a sock in it, fatty.
    you stopped fucking the kids, yet?

  58. OMG five minutes, this must be a joke.

    Are you really just on Lamebook all day and all night, every day and night of the week, desperately hitting “refresh” so you can google and thesaurus your way to pseudo-intelligent comment-thread responses with lightening speed?

    Meth is bad for you. I am sorry your mom never told you this.

    I may have a BMI of 25 but I also have things like a husband and children and friends and hobbies that are not cyber-based. Poor mutant rabbit.

  59. (Also, your obsession with pedophilia is extraordinarily off-putting. Just stop it.)

  60. gOd you fucking bore me.

  61. for the record;- you have a disappointed husband who is hoping you will put the fork down and take up jogging (you fat cunt), ‘fucking‘ children whom you obviously resent, ‘friends’ who are probably as fat, boring and pointless as yourself, and your ‘hobbies’ are probably stuffing big pies into your fat face, buying cookbooks and making excuses for your fat self.

    And as a mother – poor as you are – you should be a little more aware of the growing pedophilia problem that is at epidemic levels in the western world. If fat, stupid cunts like you were aware of the risks you *might* watch your ‘fucking‘ kids a bit more closely.

  62. Meanwhile, it’s been daylight for 8 hours now and she didn’t even know it.

  63. Hahahaha, I bet I do bore you! I can only imagine how many times you’ve visited this post looking for a response from me.

    Even if everything you say about me was true, your life would still suck enough to keep you trolling Lamebook. So sad.

  64. one question chubs – if I am so sad, why do I spend most of my days laughing?

  65. If you have an avatar for Lamebook and you repeatedly post more than two or three times per subject ……
    you likely:

    1. Cry yourself softly to sleep just about every night…..
    …after masturbating ….. and while clutching John Grisham’s latest novella upon your precious, but lackluster excuse for a bosom.

    2. Have a hunky fireman calendar in your dead end job’s cubicle. Eat lots of Chunky Monkey while watching “The New Girl”. But call others,”fat” to mask your own pitifully low sense of self worth.

    3. Are named Donna. Maybe Debi.

    4. Don’t have much tangible intellect. Unless you’re calling Firefox’s spellchecker,”intellect”.

    5. Will die alone.

  66. Is this according to your intimate knowledge of sweet fuck-all?

    1)haha. nope
    2)not even close, but 3 stars for creativity.
    3)wtf? ummm…no.(but I’m guessing someone who hurt your feelings is, hey?)
    4)Awww, look at you, ‘tangible‘. You know a big girl word =)
    5)Everyone dies alone you stupid fucking cock.

  67. ^do you feel special now, patton666?
    (retarded name, btw. it suits you)

  68. Lonely, harpy-waste-of-flesh with the ability to string a few words together gets off by irritating others. Film at 11.

  69. ^no one cares.

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