Thursday, August 20, 2009

O’ MANnuel


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  1. Good heavens – he admits to being interested in raping (sic) – what next?

  2. “Staring at a girls bubs” “I luv raping”?
    Frikken hell boy. You gonna get a serious arse-kicking!

  3. It’s reassuring to know that the futute of the planet is in the hands of idiots like this.

    I have heard Facebook referred to as Satan’s Filofax – quite appropriate in this case.

  4. I’m surprised he managed to type one handed. Could explain the exemplary spelling. What a jerk-off

  5. future, not futute lol

  6. F+

  7. My generation makes me so angry sometimes.

  8. “Dere are alot more 2 noe abt me.”


  9. Wow, I love raping too! Emanuel’s right, I would love him

  10. Epic typo. But he also says lists “making phones calls” as an interest. Really? Fascinating…

  11. Definitely a virgin.

  12. i got no favorite quotations is my new favorite quotation

  13. A guy who enjoys making phone calls? That’s creepy. Everyone knows men don’t like phones.

  14. I hope the only thing he is ‘raping’ is himself into a gym sock so there’s no risk of further contamination of the gene pool.

  15. “I like making phone calls” does not mean the same as “speaking on the phone” – this dude is a breather!

  16. …MOUTH breather, for sure

  17. After looking at his other interests, I feel like he means “rapping” when he said raping…..still doesn’t excuse his idiocy.

  18. well ofcourse he doesnt list any favorite books…his lack of spelling skills leads me to believe he cant even read

  19. lol@Jax touche

  20. Please tell me that at least one of you realized he most likely meant ‘rapping’. Still, classicly lame.

  21. hmm look at posting 1. wtf does (sic)imply WTF??

  22. Of course I knew he meant rapping – just taking it down another path. :)

  23. Of course we know he meant ‘rapping’, but … if you can’t spell it, you can’t do it!

  24. Just noticed that everything is in crazy brit-speak. Have you guys noticed the trend of kids overseas being even more retarded than the people here?

  25. @chip

    I’m from the states, and even I think that’s a stretch.

  26. Nope I think the States have that market cornered ;-)

  27. He’s single?? Unbelievable! A guy who brags on Facebook that he is staring at a girls bubs, luvs raping, making phone calls,nnnnnnnnnnd clubing(which isn’t what you think it is)? These girls are pretty picky nowadays.

  28. @Jax I didn’t know. I assumed he made a typo, but I didn’t consider “rapping” until @BOOM shakalaka. Also, I don’t know how I feel about meeting anyone “inside”.

  29. “…gentle, calm, respectful, but sometimes rude.”

  30. bubs and raping! two all-american pastimes!

  31. Just another ‘Douche’ who doesn’t know how to spell RAPPING. Or maybe he does. =)

  32. He’s not American if he’s 20 and ‘clubing’.
    Or maybe I’m just naive….

  33. Why doesn’t lamebook have a button to add these people as friends?

  34. My psychic powers are telling me that Emmanuel has 7 Scarface posters at home and a pair of purple shutter shades.

  35. Definitely British. And definitely meant rapping, not raping. Those of you who couldn’t work that out…really? How could you not work that out?! Did you genuinely think he meant raping? Seriously? And if not, then what the hell did you think he meant? “Am a musician and spend mosta ma tyme in da studio”…could you not work it out from that? Stupid.

    Anyway just thought I’d make a point that while this guy is obviously British, probably about 90% of Lamebook entries are clearly Americans. I feel for you guys.

  36. The “Favourite TV Programmes” sure doesn’t sound American to me.

  37. I think the meant raping.

  38. GH is General Hospital – a big hit tv show in Britain, been running since before electricity was invented.

    Pour some sugar is a song by Def Leppard, also British.
    The rest is arb – he doesn’t know his music, and who the hell lists 1 song as favourite music and claims to be a muso?

    Note his favourite books – the guy is a genius!

    (I’m gonna die if my Fb shit ever lands up here but this site has opened up a whole new world for me – also makes my weird friends look very normal!)

  39. Look, people, you got it wrong. He doesn’t like making phone calls, he likes making “phones calls”. I’m assuming that means he likes to runs on up some mobiles and makes ‘em HOLLA.

  40. Hey LB, relax a bit and take a deeeeeeep breath… Of course we all knew he ‘meant’ rapping- we were just making fun of the irony of his ‘minor typo’ and the fact that everything else on this dude’s page makes him look like a major douche-bag… But thank you for ‘clearing the air’ and letting us all know that he meant ‘rapping,’ not ‘raping’….. Dipshit.

  41. Computer says, “No.”

  42. In the words of Tracy Jordan:

    “My wife and I like to play rape”.

    And yes, I understand he meant “rapping”.

  43. that’s all. just LOL.

  44. “making phones calls”

    That sounds…. very interesting.

  45. @Helen Keller – love it!!

  46. Clearly this guy’s a tool who needs spell check.
    Wish there was a pic of him.
    I hope he gets some chicks from this.

  47. If you want to claim him as British LB go for it.
    I cannot believe people would want to have ownership of such a doos.

  48. First, C-Cat: clearly not everyone was sure he meant rapping, and didn’t think anyone else realised, despite it being blatantly obvious, which was my point. See comments 17, 21 and 28. Dipshit, haha, are you kidding me? That insult BELONGS on lamebook. Oh and you’re welcome.

    STC: I don’t want to claim him as British, far from it, but it is pretty obvious to me that he is, I was just kind of replying to chip (comment 24)…Am I not supposed to reply to other peoples’ comments? Cos that’s the impression I’m getting!!

  49. @ STC – ‘doos’ dead giveaway you’re a Saffie! lol
    Doos doesn’t begin to describe this oke!

  50. @ Jax Damn – thought I’d got away with that ;-)

    @ LB of course you may comment on what people have said; you really should learn to read and stop being high and mighty. No one thought he really meant “rapist”. Are you a teacher by trade? Or just pedantic?

    @ Jax Please may I use that word again? It really, really does apply here too.

  51. @ STC – Of course! It is mandatory that ‘doos’ be used here and on almost every entry on this site!

  52. nnnnnnnnnnnnnd NEXT!!!!

  53. oh boy! cant believe i was born into such a fucking retarded generation :(

    it sickens me that guys my age are stereotyped by dumbarse pricks like this guy

  54. @angry Socrates was saying the same thing in 400BC. I think it occurs to people in every generation.

  55. He spells favourite in the American way so maybe he is not a Brit, mind you he cant spell anyway.

  56. isn’t pour some sugar by def leppard?

  57. I love him. Despite being an unarticulate dipshit.

  58. But he’s respectful and rude!!!! LOL contraDICKtion much?

  59. @Jax General Hospital isn’t British. I’d never heard it until I just Googled it and here’s your info: Seems it’s a YANK programme, so maybe we don’t own this guy after all…

    Unless you were being all ironic like you reckon you were about knowing that he meant rapping.

  60. He’s not interested in books? Who’d have thought?

  61. @ratcoon – best post I’ve seen yet.

    Oh, and I really hope he meant some god-awful cover of Pour Some Sugar on Me that none of us are lame enough to have heard yet. I would be ridiculously happy if that was his favorite song.

  62. I love how after he admits he “luvs raping”, he closes with “u will luv me”. I feel threatened.

  63. I tells u, I already luv him, and we haven’t even met ‘inside’
    yet. Legend! And who cares where he’s from? Everyone should have an Emmanuel. He can make my phones calls anyday ;)

  64. LOL, i wish “i love raping” is a typo lololol!

  65. “i luv raping” <- lmao

  66. Raping…Rapping…Potato…Potatoe LMAO what a loser

  67. He has the same birthday as me… *cries* You’re giving us 18th of Aprilians a bad name!

  68. Hard luck, Caitlyn. A couple of days later you could’ve shared a birthday with Hitler. Instead, you have ‘Raping bubs’ Emman-u-hell.

  69. My birthday is April 18th too. :`(

  70. yea, my birthday is april 18th as well, and i was born in 1989…im disgusted that i share the same birthday as that idiot.

  71. @alisha89
    I am 6 days younger than this douchebag and 1000 years more mature, and that isn’t saying very much.

  72. I luv raping, lmso!

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