Thursday, October 15, 2009

Not the Smartest TOOLS

Not the Sharpest TOOLS

Not the Sharpest TOOLS

Not the Sharpest TOOLS

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  1. It’s like people who think buffalo wings are from buffalo with aerodynamic properties

  2. I used to think mince pies were made out of mince meat!! :$

  3. Kristin is funny AND bitter…
    And what’s with Tara’s love of the letter g?

  4. Ketchup- you can get pies made with mince meat, at least you can in the UK, don’t know about anywhere else

  5. Tara says “LOLL” twice. What’s that? “Laugh-out-loud lame”?

  6. lol @ Hand. I gotta admit, when I was a kid I just couldn’t process the fact that buffalo wings were from chickens. Total mind fuck.

  7. Gyne pool? Is that short for gynecologist pool, or something?

    Mince pies are made with mince meat, which isn’t even meat at all.

  8. Lamb chops come from lambs? Next you’ll be telling me beef burgers are made of beef…is that lamb too. :P

  9. @ Brandi
    Are you kidding me. He means “gene pool”

  10. Shit… What about pork, ham and bacon? What three animals are they from?

  11. @dontlookatme
    Yes, as a matter of fact, I was kidding you.

  12. a wonderful, MAGICAL animal.

  13. Damn, someone beat me to it.

    You don’t win friends with salad!

  14. Yahoo! Answers Caveman

    How is babby formed?

  15. Caveman, you make my day.

  16. I did the same thing with pork chops. Told my rabbi they were made of cow. Oy vey.

  17. mincemeat = spicy fruit madness in pies.
    minced meat = meat, minced.
    rinsed meat = meat put through a rinse cycle.
    inst. meat = meat from the same month

  18. @dontlookatme

    Seriously, that’s two posts in a row you’ve aggravated me enough to comment.

    Stop commenting, you’re retarded.

  19. retarted*


  20. @hmmm

    I think they must be the icing on the lamecake here at lamebook.

  21. Is lamecake made with actual lame???

  22. @ #18 100% agreed. Yeesh. :)

  23. Are girl scout cookies made with real girl scouts? Or are dog biscuits made from real dog, like Chinese food is?

  24. Wedding cake is made of broken dreams of living life as a bachelor with freedom.

  25. @silentangst
    Nice Simpsons reference.

    In other news, why has no-one mentioned that what Michael is suggesting is ethnic cleansing? Who cares about spelling?

  26. I’m actually really embarrassed having just found out that buffalo wings come from chicken. Why the FUCK are they called buffalo wings? Oh woe is me, nothing makes sense anymore.

  27. I remember asking what pork rinds were one day, assuming they were chips of some sort (aka, corn or potato). Granted I was young, but I was totally old enough that it should have entered my mind. I was HORRIFIED to realize what they were, despite their self-explanatory name.

  28. Hey, you guys? Where do pork chops come from?


  29. People on a proposed shooting list for “messing up the gene pool”: Michael’s parents.

  30. Also, I fully intend to work the word ‘lamecakes’ into my vocabulary at the soonest opportunity. Isn’t it just the *sweetest* sort of lame?

  31. Oh tony, I heart you.

  32. You’ll have to forgive me, I’m English.

    Please can someone explain the Brianna one to me?

  33. hmmm im english as well but using my special power of common sense im gonna go ahead and put my money on rhode island not being in new york and long island being in new york…

    oh and its not really that lame you can get confused between two completely different things, its happened to all of us so yeah…

  34. @Chinchillazilla – I don’t know. But lamb chops come from some dudes face who couldn’t figure out whether he wanted a beard or not, and falls asleep halfway through deciding he DIDN’T want a beard.

    So i think pork chops might be along the same lines. maybe a woman who couldn’t decide whether to exercise her thighs away or not….and quit half way through…. nevermind.

  35. @zoiid- pork chops are like lamb chops, but on the vag

  36. @B4I’root’URU16+?

    Just in case you’re actually serious –

  37. I love lamb!

  38. lamb = chicken of the field

  39. Mince pies are made with fruit mince, they’re disgusting but my mother in law insists on them at christmas.

    Meat pies are mystery meat and pastry which you slather in the oligatory tomoato sauce and are often consumed at the footy and are brilliantness you can eat with one hand

    That is all

  40. You should eat raw fish.
    You will live much longer and
    lambs won’t have to die.

  41. This may be a really stupid question, but must lamb chops be made out of lamb? Could they not be made out of sheep? Or is the meat too tough or whatnot when they’re older?

    Tony’s reply is amusing but it seriously annoys me that he hasn’t learned much about punctuation.

  42. ^ Listen up.

    To be a lamb chop, it must be lamb. That’s why they are called “lamb” chops.

    All lamb is sheep. In ascending order of age, some sheep is lamb, some is hogget and some is mutton.

    Mutton and hogget can’t be sold as lamb, it’s misleading. You can eat mutton and hogget, but it is tougher and more pungent. Mutton and Hogget are better for stews than for chops.

    The strict definitions vary from country to country, but lamb is younger than 12 months.

  43. @ Gabrielle- imperfect punctuation seriously annoys you? it’s not just a little annoying, but SERIOUSLY annoying?

    you’re going to fit in just fine around here!

    now show me your pork chops


  45. I once messed up a gyne (gynecology) pool. You’d think they wouldn’t care with all of those menstruating women swimming in there, it already has a slight pinkish hue to the water.

  46. @bela okmyx

    you fucking win

  47. @Goldenfry
    I’m also english but when I need to know something about a foreign land I always go to one place first.

  48. “Aaahh… the perks of being an asshole…”

  49. aww, blondie is offended.

  50. @jpro Offended is too big of a word for a blonde…

  51. Brianna = a bitch. Making a public mockery of her own friend. Could have put it in her Fave Quotes section if she was that taken by it. Also it seems like she only thought to correct her friend on FB as her reply wasn’t in quotations.

    Poor confused Kristen. I bet now she’s found out lamb is actually lamb, she’ll start to believe that fish actually have fingers.

  52. No one ever realizes that RI is an actual state.

    I live in that state. FML

  53. Enough with the “d” “t” stuff, I think Katie is just dumb…

  54. His gene pool could use a little chlorine.

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