Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Not the Sharpest Tools

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  1. Oh, lord. The first one – seriously? I’m in Scotland, and even I know where Wyoming is. =/

    last one – lol. Get many offers?


  2. krasivaya_devushka

    Oh God! She thinks Wyoming is in China? She needs to get her idiot self off of Facebook and look at a map!

  3. Welcome to Wyo-ming!
    You should also visit Washing-ting, Maing, and don’t forget Oreging! Simply loveling!

  4. why the hell would she link wyoming with china ? Ignorance is bliss apparantly , well she is blessed all right.

    And again i am ashamed to be a Steven.

  5. When I read Steven’s I said outloud “Who is Morone?” but then immediately realized what he meant. Initially though, I totally thought it was some bizarre nickname I didn’t hear about yet. I fail. Or maybe, Steven just ultra failed.

  6. Alex’s is obviously sarcasm… I hope.

  7. 3 days before…

    Juliana: Hey Lee, I heard Yao Ming quit basketball and went back to China.

    Lee: Why Yao Ming in China?

    Juliana: Oh, I thought Wyoming was in the Americanaland, but I will always know from now on that Wyoming is in China. Thanks Lee, I’m goin to give you a big wet kiss for that wonderful nugget of enduring knowledge.

  8. Hmmm, Meg’s status updates are suspicious…Facebook ALWAYS spells forenames with capital letters, it’s great for morons who have no grasp of how to write their own name correctly.

    But ‘meg’ has a small ‘m’ in this update. I think a DIY fake.

  9. Lol @Walter

    I can kind of see her point of view… Wyoming in a Chinese accent does make sense, and it’s kind of an obscure state for non-Americans (at least here anyways).

    It’s the “aw.. you in China?” comment I love; its as if she knew for a fact that Wyoming was in China, no hesitation. If someone said an unknown place to me, I’d probably ask where it was, rather than picking a random country in the world and assuming it’s there.


  10. I’m in effing Romania and I know where Wyoming is. What a morone!

  11. Guys, clearly you dont know your chinese history. Wyo-ming was one of the greatest dynasties of all times. They invented Panda Express.

  12. Mario and Dreddy

    It’s shocking that someone butchered epiphany like that yet still managed to use “an” instead of “a”.

  13. Mario and Dreddy

    Like Hakka cuisine, traditional Chinese-Wyoming fusion is making the rounds in North America:

  14. @DanR- I have one friend whose name on FB is all lowercase, it weirds me out all the time. So meg’s is possibly legit :/

  15. wolfpackchick10

    @DanR – That’s not true at all. I have several friends on facebook who’s first names are lowercase. Some with last names. Some with their whole names lowercased. Facebook does not do anything like that…you probably just don’t have any friends on there that have lowercased names, but Facebook will allow them.

  16. I just love the way “morones” blame the current President for longstanding foreign policy decisions. Right up there with people blaming him for the economy. I believe the LAST President is the one who took us from a budget surplus to huge deficits. But the whackos never seem to be able to remember that.


  17. Seriously, someone already grabbed the Mario and Dreddy account name?!?

  18. mario and dreddy! already? what the heck!!
    what was your old handle?

  19. Mario and Dreddy

    Mario and Dreddy is the single greatest thing I’ve ever seen on the web. I didn’t think it was possible for someone to be that stupid.

  20. Mario and Dreddy

    Didn’t have one. Decided to join the fray.

  21. It’s cool. I live in Wyoming and people forget we exist all the time. Our entire state has the same amount of people as a small-ish city, so that’s forgiveable, but the nature/skiing/snowboarding here is pretty awesome.

  22. You’re all jealous of Mario and Dreddy.

    I wonder how many people will see it and just think that two people use that same account.

    Just be careful of the deer in the road…… and the green turtle shells bouncing back and forth.

  23. @ #14 & #15 thanks, possibly my bad then. Although, curiously enough there’s not a single forename or surname in my meager 190 facebook friends list. Some of these people I wouldn’t expect to get it right, but this could be because I’m a cynic.

    Or perhaps it’s just English (UK) Facebook that makes this correction of names?

  24. lol

  25. MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    I suppose Wyoming does sorta sound like “Beijing”. Would I be giving her too much credit in assuming she’ll know Beijing really is in China?

    love the comments from everyone! :)

  26. For sale— Genuine Wyoming Vase– 2 million euro

  27. Its the fucking Beatles

    My deepest symapthies for all those Americans who have to admit to living on the same continent with these fuckwits. I truly feel very sorry for you. That’s not to say England isn’t without it’s fuckwits either. So I truly empathise with you on this score.

  28. mcowles- no, no it’s not “deer”; it’s “dear”… hahaha. she got a lot wrong in that update.
    those green turtle shells are a bitch!

  29. mcowles, that is totally where my head was with that one! Then, I had an apifini while getting coffee, and realized the error of my thought patterns.

    I want to smack Angela for the mutilation of my favorite word in the English tongue. Feels like I’m learning a third language here; Moronean.

  30. hahahahahahahahahaha(‘:

  31. Seriously, didn’t you all hear? Wyoming became a part of China last week. Keep up with the geography.

  32. if mario and dreddy ever start typing in all uppercase i’m totally using the shrink lightning. then the flying spike turtle is gonna take his ass out.

  33. People like Juliana are why I’m ashamed to be American at times..

  34. I’m Canadian and I know where Wyoming is. lololol

    I’m waiting for someone to reply to nuff.

  35. Life in Wyoming is amazingly austere
    You better believe
    They have little tolerance for queers
    To continue life as a female oriental
    Don’t be naive
    Your best option is to make like Yentl

  36. Its the fucking Beatles, I also feel sorry for the normal Americans that have to share their air with such dim wits. I’m all the way down in South Africa and I know where Wyoming is!

  37. The last one’s a repost and/or an old meme floating around.

  38. Come on now, you can’t expect her to remember the names of ALL the states now, can you? That’s quite the burden. There are plenty of Canadians who don’t know where PEI is and we have only 10 provinces and 3 territories to remember.

  39. A morone is a slightly more upmarket version of the moron, but Steven’s misinformed comment tells me there’s nothing upmarket about him.

    Moron fits him just fine.

  40. caffeinejunkie42

    @nuff: I heard that as well. That marone Obama is selling states to China to pay off our debt. Believe me, Wyoming won’t be the last. I’m lookin’ at you, Idaho.

  41. Those Chinese are crafty buggers. Not only have they taken over Wyoming, but by 2018, they will be the majority population in B.C. Who knows when it’s gonna turn into a hostile take-over of North America!

  42. cartman saw the signs. he tried to warn us of the scourge that is china. but no one would listen. now, only one man can save us…anyone know who that guy is?

  43. I do believe that was our friendly neighborhood Awesom-o. He’s my heeerooo

  44. well technically it wasn’t Awesom-o but you get what I mean.

  45. Soup, if your cute little poem was a jab at the Matthew Shepard incident, I think it’s about time that society stopped generalizing the population of an entire state – even a small one like Wyoming – for a single event that happened years ago. My University holds a week long social justice conference every year to commemorate the tragedy, and we have multiple GLBT support groups on campus and throughout the state. This state has lower crime rates – hate crimes included – than any other state. Even per capita, we are 44 of 50 in the major index crimes.

    Unless, of course, you were just trying to make a silly rhyme, in which case, nevermind, we cool.

  46. MsBuzzkillington

    way to go morone!

  47. Wyoming would be a nice aquisition for the Chinese. It would boost their population by a good 0.041%.

  48. Hey Lamebook….I hope you know that morone is what Bugs Bunny used to say instead of moron. I don’t know if that is what he was talking about but still you got this wrong.

  49. Laitue_Gonflable

    Just putting this out there:

    Is it possible that Juliana just has atrocious spelling and actually meant “Are you in Cheyenne?” and was then confused by Terence’s reply “Wyoming is not in (Cheyenne)”?

    Still no less stupid.

  50. @jmpalmer7 I am pretty sure Bugs Bunny used to say, “What a maroon.”

  51. Walter has capped this one with Why Yao Ming. LOL However, I’m coming up .005% population increase if China were to acquire Wyoming. If Juliana lives in the U.S. she needs a good spaying.

  52. Thanks nash.

    My figures are (544,270/1,325,639,982) x 100 = .04105715%

    The data may be old but the math is good.

  53. I personally believe that U.S. Americans are unable to do so because, uh, I believe that our, uh, education like such as in, uh, South Africa and, uh, the Iraq and everywhere like such as, and I believe that they should, uh, our education over here in the U.S., should help the U.S., uh, should help South Africa and should help Iraq and the Asian countries, so we will be able to build up our future for our children.

  54. lol at mcowles….green turtle reference…and correcting deer..

    Refer to Mario Andretti…

    Long time lurker… love the comments of Soup, Wordpervert, et al BTW.. goo work…

  55. PS: the whole Mario and Dreddy/ Mario Andretti think is doing my head in.

  56. @16 dcrearview
    I agree.

  57. @ Its the fucking beatles & Saffer: THANK YOU FOR YOUR SYMPATHY!!!

  58. I seriously hope Juliana isn’t American, but something is telling me she is. My country = screwed. I’ll tip my bonnet to you, nashntth, I think someone needs to get her a good old fashioned tubal.

  59. nice miss South Carolina reference…

    I had a guy ask my dad where we were from. We told him Tennessee. He asked if that was close to Canada. I looked at him and said no its in the southern United States. He looked so confused and asked if we lived next to the Atlantic Ocean and I sighed telling him that it’s about 400 miles from the ocean he was still confused so i had to pull out a map and showed him where we were located.
    We were at Yellowstone National Park at the time. Sad thing was he was from Atlanta, Georgia, an hour and a half away from Chattanooga where i live.

  60. @ Mario and Dreddy’s link #13, I want to move to China someday and open a restaurant called “Wok, Don’t Run”
    thank you LB, that is all.
    I’ll say only this for the posts, I love stupid people. whenever I feel a bit down, I come to LB, and I feel better in no time.

  61. Sorry for the troll people, but while acknowledging that Juliana might be retarded, you should know that it has been said that the name “Wyoming” really came from Chinese people. By this man : Very interesting book.
    Sorry for the grammar, english is not my language.

  62. Hey kromagnon – thanks for apologising on behalf of the troll people. I’ve been waiting for someone to do that.

  63. My pleasure.

  64. HAHAHAHAHA. The first and last one..

    -Gods investment in you (His son!) was SO great, he could never abandon you!-

  65. ^ HAHAHAHAHA. Now no one will see your annoying God quote. Pages and pages of your tag line…grrr! I’m sure God (and His son!) will appreciate the many hours of missionary work your are clocking in on lamebook.

  66. *you are. It’s late. Sorry.

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