Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Not Quite Right

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  1. last one is ben

  2. ah! Baby Hitler! Really.

    And Danielle is an idiot.

  3. Last pic,

    The dude most likely has a hard on after eyeing the picture above the toilet. He’s waiting patiently, arms akimbo, for it to subside, in order to relieve himself.
    Think of Michael Bolton mate, and it will go down immediately.

  4. I hate it when people submit their own stuff. That’s usually the lamest part.

  5. I’m feeling a kid dressed up as a Nazi rant coming on. Don’t disappoint me people.

  6. sweet, VIN # in the window reflection!

  7. That kid’s parents are idiots. The swastika arm band is far too big, and the boots are clearly cheap galoshes, not to mention the ridiculously ill-fitting shirt. That costume may be going for “white supremacy”, but the shoddy workmanship says “white adequacy” at best.

  8. Ah yes, the Leaning Tower of Parisa. Or something.

    Instead of assuming that Danielle has a stereotypical American’s knowledge of geography, lets pretend she has the mother of all zoom lenses.

  9. dcrear, she’s not a complete idiot. She can spell Italy.

  10. lol

  11. @Sensible Madness

    lol. win.

  12. @Sensible Madness


  13. The little Hitler made me giggle. erm… I’m.not.racist.

  14. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    “Mother of all zoom lenses” for the win

  15. LOL @ #7, white adequecy. funny.

  16. MonkeyCMonkeyDo


  17. hootie the blowfish

    The Italy photo album is probably less stupid if you know the context. I’d imagine the person went to Italy for an extended period of time, like a few months or more as a student or worker of some sort, and during this stay visited France and took the picture in question. I have photo albums titled “Argentina 1,” “Argentina 2,” etc., on my Facebook page from when I lived in – *gasp* – Argentina for a year, and there are photos from Brazil in there because I went to Brazil during this time.

    Wait, no, it’s much easier to assume everyone’s a dumbass.

  18. You know, the guy could just be transporting a coffin without a body enclosed.

    And yeah, submitting your own stuff pretty much automatically qualifies you for LAMEbook. Especially when the photo isn’t lame. You run out of gas so you take the gas can on your bike to fill it up. Booooooooring.

  19. And speaking of my reference to Michael Bolton, if I hear one more fucking promo about that hairy has been coming to tour here in Australia, I will most certainly dry up, and NEVER be turned on again.

  20. Whoa, another promo on the news again!
    Well that’s that, it’s off to the nunnery for me.

  21. Last one grossed me out. Poor granny.

    @Stilton – Amaze. <3


  22. Oh dear. Michael Bolton overload. I wonder how many women have turned to nun-hood (Nunism?) due to this?


  23. I tallied up the score, and Stilton’s comment won this post. Everyone congratulate him.

  24. I am missing something. How do you know that they submitted it themself? If I look at a friend’s photos the “Report” feature still shows up for me on their comments. I thought the way to tell if they submitted it, was if you can see the “delete” option?

  25. It’s because it says “My Photos” over the picture. If you’re in someone else’s album, it says “XXX’s phtoos.”

  26. Ah, thanks!! I knew I was missing something. Yeah, that makes it lame in the wrong way. Especially since that is a pretty logical way to get to a gas station if you run out of gas!

  27. Bonus points on the last one for the D&D character sheets by the toilet.

  28. @goatunit You deserve some sort of medal for being able to look at that guy’s cottage cheese ass long enough to even notice those sheets were there, much less figure out what they had on them.

  29. actually the last one kind of looks like a woman standing at the toilet with her pants down…I’m basing this on her general shape and roundness.

  30. CommentsAtLarge

    “white adequacy” — I have a new favorite term. Possibly the name for the next Weezer album too; it would lend itself well in such an application.

  31. Hmmm…I would say white mediocrity…the swastika isn’t even at the correct angle. If you’re going to be racist at least google your intentions first.

    And with the last photo, why would you want a pic of a chick running a bath above the crapper? Taken it does look a bit like Angelina Jolie, but surely there are hotter photos that could’ve been used?

  32. dietpillpyramidscheme

    Word, don’t tell me that!
    At least I can live in the solace that… nobody comes to SA.

  33. mini-hitler was pretty awesome. i have jewish friends so i can say that.

  34. dietpill, you’re from South Aus hey?

    I promise not to hold that against you, besides, I like you.

  35. @slippyslappy No no i’m pretty sure most girls sit down when they go to the toilet. Besides, it looks like a man.

  36. i really wonder where in the world would this first picture be cute?

  37. rebarbativebecc

    I wonder if the first pic is the same kid who’s mum posted on Yahoofail about her son wanting to dress as Hitler and should she let him lol.

  38. Wonder what that kid will think when he learns about WWII.

  39. dietpillpyramidscheme

    Word, I try not to hold it against me, too.
    Don’t worry, my Dad is Scottish, so I’m not ‘Adelaide’ inbred.

    I’ll probably leave in a few years, live my life, then come back to die. Adelaide seems a good place to die.

  40. I wonder if that kid’s all dressed up for a play-date with the little KKK girl from last week?

  41. 1st picture- WTF are the parents of this kid thinking? I mean it’s funny in a way, but I’m sure they encountered some pissed off people if they went out in public.
    2nd picture- I don’t understand?
    3rd picture- I don’t find this too odd, my dad has a casket in his garage he is keeping for the future…lol.
    4th picture- ummmmm standing at the gas pump with a pedal bike and it looks like he’s pissing.
    5th picture- Well, I can tell you this man is at Lowe’s pretending to piss in the bathroom display…how nobody can see him doing this is beyond me but it’s somewhat funny.

  42. RileyJ– The 2nd Picture: The Eiffel Tower is in France, not Italy.

  43. Riiiiight…should have caught that one

  44. Hmm. Maybe the bike is actually a moped? Those use gas, right?

  45. In the picture with the casket, is that a white board in the road?

  46. The Hitler Kid really looks like my little cousin.

    It’s not him though.

    As far as I know…

  47. Hmm… “The Hitler Kid”, kind of like The Milky Bar Kid for Nazis.

    Such fun!

  48. @7 Sensible Madness and @8 Stilton FTW :D

  49. hahahahahahahaha. brilliant.

    -Gods investment in you (His son!) was SO great, he could never abandon you!-

  50. See the post above for my definition, still doesn’t fit.

  51. lol I play D&D and I didn’t notice the sheets, but I did notice hhe’s wearing a WoW shirt.

  52. Hmmm… 90% chance it’s a Blizzard tshirt, but Blizz does make other games.

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