Thursday, August 19, 2010

Not My Type

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  1. inb4 alordslums writes a largely unfunny joke that noone cares about

  2. not very good ones today

  3. Oooooh, butt lesson. I hate those.

  4. I wonder whose taco Ariana’s sister was choking on? That musta been a smelly taco. And she spelled hymenlick wrong.

  5. Martin well done! Do not be disappointed in yourself, your butt lesson went very well i thought.

    10/10 for touching toes and dilating your ringer to 6cm. Snug as a bug in a rug!

  6. stupid people

  7. People should not solidify the evidence of their ignorance by declaring “i LearNt it on Tv, an d I in’t stupid.”

  8. hahahaha faghitas pure fail !!

  9. that luke made my day !!

  10. What’s so funny about Steven’s? Is it just that he forgot the f in shift? Ehhhhhh.

  11. To quote Paranoid Android, “UN-LOL”

  12. Hey everyone, who wants to go for a grave yard shit tonight? I call grandma, she always loved them cleaveland steamers. I think Mexican might go through better than pizza though.

  13. Super Nintendo Chalmers

    Poor Steven had to fill in for Gabe.

  14. Seriously, someone putting two t’s at the end of ‘but’ counts as a funny entry? Are the Lamebook owners the kind of people who giggle at the word fart?

  15. This is what happens when you let your kids go to public schools and don’t take responsibility for their home lives.

    What’s hilarious (in a tragic way) is the way the liberals in this country support public schools and chide and mock home schooling (and to a lesser extent, private schools). Yet, you don’t see home schooled kids choosing to be sexual deviants and homosexuals. You don’t see home schooled kids not being able to spell basic monosyllabic and simple 2 syllable words properly.

    Of course, giving our children a proper (i.e. non-public) education and instilling them with the Christian values this country was founded upon would lead to less teen pregnancies and less high school dropouts – the people who grow up to be the base of the Democrat party.

  16. There are a lot of food references in these posts. It’s making me kinda mad that I ate my lunch early, I’m terribly hungry now. All this talk of Pizza, Gay Mexican food, and my personal favorite Tacos! I can eat Tacos all day;)

  17. FEWER teen pregnancies and FEWER high school droupouts, you uneducated twat.

  18. Ha- *dropouts

  19. I’m starting to think (or hope, at least) that this dan_haggis (or was it faggis?) character is a troll.

    Anyway.. faghitas? How the HELL did he get faGHitas? I meant it’s pronounced faHitas, where did the G come from? God damn… If only people could spell :v

  20. Hooray for Fargis. My daily dose of religion. Bahaha.

  21. @girlskill .. it’s funny because he works for pizza.

  22. I see Dan Fargis is at it again. . . .dissing the public school education system. I know a home schooled girl that was into some freaky shit, cheated on her husband the whole nine yards. . .there are exceptions to ever rule, Dan, regardless of certain stereotypes actually holding true for the most part. But we’ll let you ramble – it is entertaining and we really have no choice in the matter.

  23. Gay Mexican food redefines “chowing down on the burrito.”

  24. I’m with you on the tacos ee. You bring the shells and lettuce and I will supply the beef and cheese. We will be in taco heaven in no time.

  25. Great plan nuff, great plan. Who will bring the taco seasoning, and the hot sauce? Can’t eat if it’s not spicy.

  26. Who else, silly ee?. Me.

  27. Obviously. 3′s a party.

  28. oh my god dan_faggis SHUT THE FUCK UP! no one gives a fuck on what your shitting your pants about because of your stupid views of religion and the government. homosexuality is not a choice people are born with it. and i’ve been learning that from a public school you little shit! i know kids that go to private schools and they hate it and they’re not even learning as much as i am in a public school. so private schools are not a proper education in my view, just a way to suck people into paying lots in the hope that their kids will be learning more than public schools, but they’re not! i find some of your little rambles amusing at how much shit it causes but this i fucking hate so just go sit at home and bitch and complain about the government and your religious views and scooling systems while i carry on with my happy normal life while going to a public school.

  29. @EE

    Spices aside, sounds like these tacos are going to be plenty hot.

  30. @kiwininja – Your changing my name to insinuate that I am a homosexual is clever and original. How on Earth did you come up with something so brilliant?

    As for the rest of your post, your poor education has obviously led you to believe that punctuation, capitalization and paragraph breaks are unnecessary. Not surprising from the youth of today which is so busy on Twitter and playing video games that they fail basic English composition classes. However, here in the real world, such writing is considered the sign of someone with the intellect and education of a pre-pubescent.

    Finally, homosexuality is in fact a choice. You have the choice as to who to engage in sexual acts with. If you’re a man and you kiss a man, you are making a choice to perform a sexually immoral and filthy act. With the (unfortunate and tragic) exception of rape, all sex is by choice. Homosexuals choose to indulge themselves and live a prurient lifestyle instead of seeking the cause for their sinful thoughts.

    What’s next, are you going to tell me that promiscuity isn’t a choice either? Some people are just “born that way”.

    I suggest that you get off the internet and back to your homework. Clearly you’re in need of some fine-tuning on your 3rd and 4th grade English classes. I wish you the best of luck, as I’m sure your public schooling has left you behind where someone your age should be.

  31. seven18, you knew a married home-schooled girl?

    People. Are you still getting enraged over dan_fargis’ rants? It’s like getting pissed off that some hack director is making a CGI movie of your facouritest childhood show. He’s gonna keep doing it, so you may aswell just ignore him. And the more you actually pay attention to it, the more he’ll pump out.

    …shit, this is actually a pretty solid metaphor.

  32. facouritest?

    Fuck you, Hobo’s crappy typing skills.

  33. @dan_fargis

    Out of curiosity, if this site and its comments/posts are so offending, then why do you keep reading it?

  34. cherryberry’s right. Maybe dan_fargis ISN’T so serious after all…

  35. @dan_fargis I love it when people throw out random information without a single way to back it up. Statistically, and yes I have statistics on my side here, states with the highest incidences of teen pregnancy, divorce, and STDs vote REPUBLICAN. States that have the lowest of all three, vote DEMOCRATIC.

    So no pregnant teens are not the foundation of the Democratic party.

  36. I wish I could pay to have Dan Fargis anally raped.

  37. @cherryberry

    It’s because none of this offends him at all and he is trolling to get a rise out of people. And apparently he is doing a super job.

  38. I might just have to agree with Dan here. Homosexuality is a choice in my opinion as well. I just can’t imagine that someone is born gay… All the power to those who choose to be gay, but it’s a decision to do so or not, just like you can choose abstinence over sex to begin with. A lesbian can choose to have a female partner but still go through with artificial insemmination or have a guy get her pregnant and then raise the baby with her lover…

  39. If people think homosexuality is a choice, does that mean heterosexuality is a choice? Because if it is a choice, then you are sexually to both men and women and just choose to go for whichever is opposite? Doesn’t make sense to me…

  40. **sexually attracted

  41. I’m confused as to what dan_fargis’s original post has to do with any of the posts…?

    These were kinda bleh. I’m glad Ariana found it hilarious to save her sister from choking to death on her taco and lol’d twice. You’re specil alright…

    @burger – lmao

  42. @dan_fargis i only changed your name because i hate your stupid views and judgmental comments. you’re not considered gay if you do gay things, it’s gay to do those things and like them. and also, people are born with the fact that their brain will make that choice later in their lives.

    I am in fact a straight A english student i don’t have twitter or facebook i just don’t care about you’re views enough to use the grammar i have been tought and know how to use. if you want i could write you a nice letter with proper grammar and everything that most adults don’t even know.

    but if that’s not the case than you can stop making the wrong judgments of my life and fuck off!

  43. @Kiwininja..I dunno wtf you’re yammering about, however… *YOUR views

  44. “you don’t see home schooled kids choosing to be sexual deviants and homosexuals.”

    Actually you do. I live in an area where homeschooling is very popular and have known many home schooled kids in my life, including homosexuals. Your comment about home schooling leading to less teen pregnancies is also false, I have known several home schooled girls who accidently got pregnant as teenagers and many home schoolers who are heavily in to drugs, alcohol, sex and other things.

  45. As a woman who identifies as queer, I’d like to ask all the people saying it’s a choice when you all chose to be straight? Some people have those leanings, and others do not, regardless of the choices they make. Also, it doesn’t really matter whether it’s a choice or not, the fact is LGBTTIQQ2 people exist and are entitled to meaningful participation in society.

    Also, being queer is not unnatural or deviant, there are tons of examples in nature where animals have lots of gay sex, for pleasure and not just procreation. Gay penguins raising an egg together, lesbian monkeys getting eachother off… Oh wait, am I upsetting your delicate sensibilities Fargis?

  46. @kiwininja
    I’m glad that I didn’t go to the school that you go to because I was TAUGHT to spell TAUGHT right and can remember how to spell after all these years, although I was never a straight A student and I frequently missed class due to illness.

    Also, I was TAUGHT that it is a sign of greater intelligence to resist the urge to swear and from what I’ve seen it seems to hold true. So I should point out to you that saying “fuck off” after presenting a contention that you are intelligent just contradicts what you have just said.

  47. Oh My God!!! I have been a loyal follower of lamebook from day one and until now have never felt the need to comment. Sure I have laughed at the comments, and at how passionate people get and then attack eack other (ooh scary internet bullies!!) but I actually went through the process to join in and say…

    “Dan Fargis, I hope you get arrested for shooting your mouth off, dribbling mindless crap, being a bigot and choke in prison on a wad of cum after being ass fucked with no lube..RIP”

  48. @Alifus well whatever since i’ve been busting my balls all summer trying to move forward with my life, my spelling skills have become a little rusty. unlike dan who sits at home trying to find new things to bitch and complain about every day.

  49. Here, trolly trolly troll! Are you hungry, boy?


  50. @Dan_fargis, periods come before the end quotation marks.

    “Daddy spanked mommy.”

  51. @frosting

    No, they don’t.

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