Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Nolan Cryin’



This classic courtesy of Reddit. College Humor.

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  1. seen this before

  2. Wat is this, i don’t even…

  3. Yo my man Jordan don’t play!

  4. Jeez Nolan, way to be cool. Ass.

  5. Donald Trump's Comb-Over

    Second time around for this one…

  6. This is a collegehumor.com, fake facebook convo.


  7. Obviously carrying out a long, drawn-out conversation will make a fair-sized quantity of money materialize on Jordan’s front lawn allowing him to purchase a microwave.

  8. Seen it.

    fake or not, this is GOLD

  10. You had me at “looks like I’m on Limited Profile”.

  11. Taken from college humor

  12. I’ve seen this multiple times already.

  13. @7: I can’t think of any way a college-age kid who owns an XBOX 360 could come up with the $20 for a microwave. Not that any of this is real, but come on. You bought that Jordan couldn’t afford to buy one?

  14. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: All medicine students are assholes.

  15. best lamebook post i’ve ever seen!
    that being said, fuck the fridge and microwave, who needs to eat when you’ve got cod4!

  16. You know what’s lame? This post, is a copy from College Humor and I saw this.. what.. like a year ago?

  17. you dumbasses realize that lamebook never claimed that they found this independently? They even gave claim to reddit.com, chill the fuck out. david li, go fuck yourself

  18. Hey blerp fuck off!

  19. David Li will bring the microwave.

  20. Is this fake? It seems fake. Is there supposed to be a good guy?

  21. I had never seen this before, thanks Lamebook!

  22. nolan is a fucking asshole

  23. lol? blerp you’re a tool

  24. I think this is a fake.

    The conversation is between Nolan and YOU (“you” being Jordan, of course) so we’re taking Jordan’s word for it. And why would Nolan think Jordan is black if Jordan has a picture of himself?

    Also, the POOR kid has a facebook app on his IPHONE and yet he checks his FB every other day. Suddenly changing the subject arbitrarily to “yo, you play gears of war?” is another tell.

    Nice try, but this is fake. At the very least, it’s a bait or prank on Nolan.

  25. stop calling fake shit out. who gives a fuck.

  26. mr rosewater.. hint: “limited profile”. he can’t see his picture you idiot.

  27. yeah, people really need to stop calling shit out as fake. it really ruins the magic…

  28. fake or not, i hadn’t seen this before and really enjoyed it. thanks, lamebook. everyone hating: lighten up.

  29. If someone told you some jokester was behind every single Lamebook post, they would not be as funny/terrifying. They are not entertaining in themselves, they are entertaining because they are real. So when one screams FAKE it’s not bad to be like, “Uh, this is fake.” This exchange is not funny or entertaining in itself. It’s not even really that great even if it is real, it’s just two assholes. So, whatever. Calling out fake isn’t that bad. Except for it confuses me when people do and it seems really authentic. I feel like I’m missing something, or they’re just really paranoid.

  30. But: IF this were real, Nolan is a huge asshole. Maybe Jordan is trying to take advantage of him, but if Jordan’s telling him, “I really don’t have money,” then Nolan can just buy a fucking microwave. They’re cheap, and apparently he’s well off. I’m a college student, and I can’t afford a microwave. I also don’t have an iPhone, or an Xbox though.

    Point is, Nolan should be a little bit more generous. Jordan’s not necessarily right, or intelligent, of anything, but I really think Nolan came across as the bigger tool from the very beginning.

  31. http://www.collegehumor.com/article:1789446

    I don’t find things funny that are supposed to be taken from somebody’s Facebook friend’s page but are actually somebody’s work from another humor site. This is the second time it’s happened that I’ve caught it. My question is: does Lamebook knowingly take College Humor posts and repost them as a “real” conversation or are they not up-to-date enough on other sites that when someone submits this they think it’s golden and post it?

  32. A little pretentious are we?

  33. [If this is/were real]


    Nolan is a douche though, if he says he doesn’t have the money then maybe he doesn’t.. sheesh.


  35. This is from College Humor

  36. Why leave the same comment several other people have? We knew it was from College Humor by comment 6. It takes about 5 seconds to scan through quickly and see that.

  37. @ Mr Rosewater – Nolan thinks Jordan is black because his profile picture is of football players, one of whom is black. You could see it better when it was posted on collegehumor originally.

    I don’t know if this is a fake or not, but it’s damn funny either way.

  38. The best Lamebook posts are the ones where you can’t even tell who is the lame one. In reality, there’s no such thing as not being able to afford a microwave – he’d just rather spend whatever money he gets on other stuff. Also, if Nolan is bringing all the necessary college stuff, an Xbox, while awesome, definitely does not balance that out.

  39. “It’s a bit presumptuous to think I play videogames since I am a Pre-Med.” Wow… That has to be the most stuck-up, assholish things I’ve ever read. I think it’s safe to assume that if you are a young male in college that you play videogames of some sort. If you don’t, you are either a backwoods hick, or a stuck-up pansy. Even dumbasses play retarded sports games. But apparently pre-med students are forbidden to play videogames. Oh, those videogames will suck your life away! Especially the ones that you can beat in less than 3 hours like Gears of War!

  40. Hey, did anyone know this is from College Humor?

    I guess so, seeing as it’s been said like 20 times already.

  41. I had this trouble back in collage in Ireland. I asked my room mate bob to bring the handcuffs and I was going to bring the dildos. Bob wanted me to bring the sheep too!

  42. So over the fake Boz’s…

    I only have eyes for the real one…

  43. Bonafide Boz Lover

    @ JJ … yes, we know – you’ve already established this many times.

  44. @Bonafide Boz Lover

    We can share

  45. @Rave

    No such thing?? I’m a horrendously poor college student, working, and receiving grants, and my money gets used up on the following things: rent, utilities, car insurance, gas, food & grocery. I’m barely making it. I suppose I could use a credit card, but that’s not exactly “affording” something.

    Sorry, I’m a bit bitter about my poor state, because of my devotion to studying and my frugality. There’s no way I could afford a microwave. I can barely afford to eat. But I can’t receive food stamps because I don’t work enough hours (required for a student, I suppose), besides my job being the only job for miles, the city I live in being ridiculously high in unemployment . . .

    Bitter, bitter me. But it definitely happens, is the point.

  46. Bonafide Boz Lover

    @ JJ

    Okay – works for me!

  47. this is the greatest post ever!

  48. @Quitit – stop whining, FFS.

  49. sooooooooooooooo obviously fake.
    don’t even need to read the comments to realise it.
    un-funny un-lame and why is it here?

  50. I’m sorry, but if Jordan can afford an iPhone, he can get a damn fridge. It gets really annoying when you’re constantly providing for your roommate. They can either bare some responsibility for the stuff in the room or each roommate can use their own shit. I hate when a roommate takes advantage of the other one.

    Also, a lot of universities offer a rented fridge/microwave situation. So that could work for them too.

  51. @Quitit -stop moaning you cunt. You could always try pimping out your fat ugly momma

  52. Jordan has iPhone and xbox 360 but can’t afford a microwave which are like 1/5th of the price for a high end one.

    Nolan a mini fridge is not a necessity its a luxory/novelty item nor is a rug. He’s also a racist or just misinterpreting Jordans display picture. (I know a guy who is stupid enough to put a picture of a person that is not him as his DP aswell)

    However I do believe it wouldn’t kill either of them to reach a compromise and split the bill of a new microwave when they get there, which would probably take them 10-15 mins to walk out and get from a store.

  53. Syndicated Columnist

    One thing lamebook hid but collegehumor showed was their photos, which makes it funnier. Jordan’s photo is him in a football uniform avoiding a tackle.

    Also, I don’t think there was a “!” at the end of the racist line in the original.

  54. @Quitit: off what Atheismo said,

    Sorry to hear about your situation but no one is suggesting that college students are all rich. The point made was that it seems inconsistent for someone in such a dire situation to somehow be able to afford both an iPhone and a xbox 360 but not a microwave.

    It’s possible that they were gifts but if Jordan has such incredibly generous friends then it seems he should have resources for a $20 microwave.

  55. @54 – hey bro, this was made for CH. hence, fake.

  56. @”Boz”

    My mom is trim and attractive.


    My response was to whoever said that in reality, there’s no such thing as not being able to afford a microwave. I’m aware that Jordan appears to have enough money, but that wasn’t the statement I was refuting.

  57. how does he have an iphone and a xbox 360 yet cant afford a microwave?

    this is retarded

  58. I remember my first year at college. My roommate and I threw in together on a 25$ microwave from Walmart. Piece of shit, barely last the year.

    It’s now floating along the Cullowhee Creek.


  59. Holy shit, Nolan is the worst type of person on the planet. I hate stuck-up people like that more than words can possibly describe.

  60. but Nolan’s bringing the RUG!

  61. Jordan seems like an alright guy, and Nolan seems like a typical, arrogant pretentious pre-med student who thinks he’s actually going to get into law school.

  62. Fake

  63. Even if it’s fake… Jordan is a douche.

    “It’s ok, I’ve got a FB app on my iPhone.”

    “I’ll bring a 360 and a 27 inch tv.”

    “Hey, I just got the $60 Gears of War, do you like that game?”

    “I can’t afford a $40 microwave, my parents are poor… ya know, besides the $90 per month cell phone bill that they pay for me.”

    “I’m a douche.”

    Those were all Jordan paraphrases from his comments in this post.

  64. Jordan is too poor to afford a microwave, but he’s bringing a TV, an Xbox 360, and he has an iPhone?! Microwaves are like $2 at the thrift shop. What an asshole.

  65. Hasn’t this already been posted up on Lamebook?

  66. Jordan sucks and writes like a child.

  67. Nolan kinda pussed out in the end, if the kids got an xbox he has got money for a microwave

  68. “This classic courtesy of College Humor.”

    BAM! It’s said. Now stop complaining, already!

  69. i love this lol, but i think both of them are losers, prolly havent even met each other and they’ve pissed each other off already…

  70. Nolan’s a twat.

    It made me chuckle, though. :)

  71. lmao, i think i just peed myself alittle bit.

  72. rod go fuck urself stop tryin to act like the shyt…i didint even post that dumfk

  73. ahhhh i am so glad this is fake… Xbox with games and an iphone with a data plan… the fucker is not poor… fuckin mooching asshole… poor is when you have to go to the food bank for food and wear second hand clothes and cant afford tech luxuries… been there, done that…
    This tangents onto another rant. IF YOUR ON WELFARE, YOU BETTER AS HELL NOT HAVE A HUGE TV, CELLPHONE, LAPTOP OR FANCY FUCKIN CAR. welfare is a social program, not free money. work one day in your life and you’d know that. TNSTAAFL “there’s no such thing as a free lunch”… you’ll pay in the end for taking advantage of a system meant to help those that need it….

  74. i dont get why people actually take the time to write seen it…did you read the entire thing twice or skim the first few lines whooup! seen this before….who cares?!

    anyways i thought it was funny. ha ha

  75. Why is it fake just because it was on college humor? Is it beyond the realm of possibility that someone initially sent the conversation to CH, then learned of lamebook later and sent it here?

  76. It’s fake because it’s contrived and obvious and stupid.

  77. Awesome one. Just the first message and reply would have been enough, though, the rest is not that fun.

  78. Fake or not, I think the way Jordan bullied Nolan into bringing the microwave by calling him a rascist motherfucker was top class. You can just tell that if this shit is real Nolan is gonna get his pants taken down by Jordan on just about every expenditure sharing a room incurs.

  79. dd

  80. I love the fact that he says he is poor while using his Iphone and playing video games.

  81. how many times does people have to post that its fake like really can you not ready the first 20 people that said that already…… and like already said since repeating seems to be the fab going on here this is awsome!

  82. HAHAHA

  83. Anyone else wanna knock Nolan the fuck out?

  84. hahaha, best one yet. LOld.

  85. Wow. this is familiar. roommates deff need to communicate better. that’s just ridiculous.

  86. Oh, and i see Nolan as being in the right.

  87. Then black people ask why the stereotype?


  89. WikidJuggaloPanda

    i agree with those who say that even if it is fake it is HILARIOUS. i am a full time student and i dont live on campus for this type of reason. :)

  90. I’d give anything to see what things are like in these guy’s flat now!

  91. This is a repost from elsewhere, I forget what site – but they actually go on to argue because Nolan thinks the other dude should bring a microwave because he’s bringing a fridge ^-^;

  92. Oh my Jesus, what kind of school are they going to? What a nice little odd couple

  93. love the ending.
    hey, il bring the microwave.

  94. So, Jordan can afford an X-box 360 AND an iPhone (with apps) but not a microwave…

  95. John Players Standard

    To all you wondering why somebody would take the time to fake this and write it out is simply because most of you are dumb enough to believe it and it’s called trolling. Yall got trolled pretty hard.

  96. This is freaking awesome.

  97. Even if it is fake I have seen plenty of kids like this. They have the newest video game systems, a nice computer, Iphone/pods/pads and can’t bother to buy a microwave.
    Plenty come into the 7-eleven I work at. They pull out their ebt card while talking on their iPhone4.
    This guy is not an ass for not sharing his stuff. I would have done the same. If you refuse to work with me, why should I work with you?
    He has internet. Its not that hard to set up a freecycle account if you’re honestly broke. I understand if you got the 360 as a gift and you really don’t have money. It isn’t that hard to take a small amount of responsibility though.

  98. I cannot imagine anybody would make the comment insinuating that only people of lesser intelligence play video games. That’s a tell that it’s fake. Every gamer I know is brilliant.

    @Fran: Yes.

  99. Definitely a fake. This is taken from another site, as well.

  100. Omg, STFU with the “It’s fake!! Wahh!” bullshit, or “it was stolen off of CH!! Wahh wahhhh!!!”. Seriously. STFU. Some of us haven’t seen it. Quit bitching. And why does half of the commentators insist on whining about it being repetitive and/ or being fake!?? Who cares?! It brings a good laugh, so seriously, STFU with your damn complaining. Not everyone has seen EVERY DAMN THING on the fucking internet. Fuck off.


    *sorry, I am in the middle of my PMS session.

  101. First thing I would do is brake Nolan’s nose.

  102. Noobsauce would you like to shut the fuck up forever?

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