Monday, October 5, 2009

Never Forget


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  1. yeah… those damn human beans. they taste horrible in chili.

  2. 3000 people drowned when terrorists drove cherry Slurpee trucks right through the doors.

  3. Oh my God what a prick!!

  4. Hannibalism sounds like quite an attractive option now!!! Yuummmm human beans on toast with a fried human egg and a wee rasher of human bacon!! Chow down!!

  5. Remember 7-11 Alysha, because you’ll be working there soon.

  6. Today’s 7/11 special: beans!

  7. 7/11 was when the london subways and buses were bombed

  8. Dgraysn: London Underground (subway) bombings were 7 July 2005.

  9. I’m laughing more about the human beans than the 7/11!

  10. draysn – try 7/7 (July 7th)

  11. P.S. Not to mention that she posted the status ON 9/11. How can you possibly mess that up?

  12. Was gonna say KT how did noboy pick up on HUMAN BEANS before that?! This is just bimbo incarnate!

  13. On 7/11 you can get free slurpee from 7-Eleven… how could I possibly forget that?

  14. Hee hee – human beans. When I was at primary school we had to dress up as beans for Jack and the Beanstalk – I had to dress up in a beret, twirl around and say @Ooooh-la-la’ *french bean*.

    This girl is an idiot. And so are her parents for calling her Alysha.

    Although, saying all that, maybe there was a catastrophe at her local mini-mart? 7/11 is an American version of a corner shop, right?

  15. ….Welll to give her credit, September used to be the 7th month.. ha no can’t give her credit.

  16. Second time’s the charm.

  17. I like how willing she is to accept she was right all along

  18. This girl is mildly autistic

  19. what a complete moron

  20. lol, ironically enough 7/11 as in the 11th of July (2005) was actually a day when in London a number of terroist tried to blow themselves up but failed (just after the 7/7 attacks. Allthough nobody was killed… Still this person is somewhat misguided.

  21. No it wasn’t.

    It was the 21st of July.

  22. wow.

  23. Nice 7/11′s human beans are the bomb

  24. Well the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917 in Russia, though traditionally dated to October, is by some calendars considered to have occurred on Nov. 7. And many European countries put the day first, so that 7-11 would actually mean the 7th of November instead of the 11th of September.

    Giving her too much credit?

  25. Be careful how you eat your 7/11 Human Bean Burrito. It may seem cool to the touch, even coming straight from the microwave, but the middle of that is like molten lava. Burn the roof of your mouth, it will, it will.

  26. I used to work at 7/11. It was an inside job.

  27. Also, whose lives were killed? How did they not pick up on that aswell?

  28. I love how in all of the suggested meanings for 7/11 no one has mentioned the terrorist attack in Mumbai in 2006 on July 11th – the only thing I’ve ever heard referred to as 7/11.

    Probably still giving her too much credit like Nah said though.

  29. Am I the only person who thought it was hilarious that she said ‘human beans’? Forget the 7/11 mistake – she made a great spelling mistake that essentially pinned the disaster on Mexicans.

  30. This joke was already made by Zach Galifianakis, although admittedly is in the DVD extras of “Live at the Purple Onion.”

  31. Is there anyway to remove a comment on here once you’ve submitted it? Cos im sure as hell dgraysn @ no. 7 wants too……..

  32. Im a human bean.

  33. So what the hell happened on the 7th of november then?

    The United Kingdom.

  34. Human bean? My god…

  35. It’s the invasion of the human beans! AAH! OH MY GOD!

    But I wonder, why she said remember 7/11 on 9/11.

    Then her friend laughs “lol! 7/11″ and She thinks her friend is agreeing with her that it really is 7/11.

    It would appear she is dense, but the whole posting “remember 7/11″ on 9/11 is reeeeal fishy.

  36. I’ll never understand why people don’t just use their deletion capabilities when they realize how stupid they are. Delete it before everyone else sees it! It’s better to be thought an idiot than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

  37. #20/Jilly – Us Britishers don’t phrase the date with the month first, followed by the day (as in 9/11). We put the day followed by the month. Today, 5th October, is 5/10. 7/11 would be the 7th November to us.

    Regardless, I really don’t think she’s talking about the London bombings or Mumbai bombings or any other terrorist attacks in any other country, since someone as stupid as her isn’t going to have a clue about what goes on outside of her own little world, which is presumably made up of colours, shapes, and the occasional noise (TM Charlie Brooker).

    Nitpicking since 4/12/86.

  38. The beans served at 7/11 are a terrorist attack on my intestines and asshole.

  39. in no way am i funny

  40. @AnonisGay

    Obvious clone is obvious. Also, he’s funnier than you.

  41. @boz thanks for saying im funnier than that anonisgay fag

  42. Although this girl deserves absolutely no credit whatsoever – as she was clearly talking about September 11 – there WERE terrorist attacks on 7/11 in 2006, the Mumbai train bombings.
    Seven blasts in 11 minutes killed more than 200 people. Too bad she didn’t know this to try and make a recover…

  43. No Dani, those were on 11/7. Indians know how to write the date properly.

    Incidentally, for the so called 9/11 bombings, if Americans wrote the date the right way they probably would have had another two precious months with their friends and family who died.

  44. Alysha, i hate to break it to you, but Lisa is MAKING FUN OF YOU.


    on another topic, what is up with half of australia calling “7/11″s “delis” and the other half caling them “corner shops”? I personlly don’t get that. btw, is that what you lot call them? 7/11? i did not know that. can we not have one name for everything? that would make my life so much eaiser.

  45. 7Eleven is a brand. You can’t just go around calling every deli or corner shop a 7Eleven, particularly if they are not on a corner. That would be like calling every fast food joint a McDonalds, when in reality, only 95% of them are McDonalds. I wish we had 7Eleven in Perth. :(

  46. @Aussie thank you for clearing that up

  47. @ Aussie yeah I wish we had a 7Eleven in Perth too cuz I think there is a walmart in NSW or Victoria

  48. “Human bean?”

    I didn’t know any borrowers were on facebook.

  49. Human beans are a reference to Roald Dahl’s The BFG.

    The Big Friendly Giant, and all other giants, refer to us human beans.

    And humans from different countries taste different – the flavors supposedly reflect the countries’ names and/or principal exports, eg. the people of Panama taste like hats, the Welsh taste like fish, Turks like turkey (of course), Swedes taste like Swedish meatballs… and apparently no giant hunts for “human beans” in Greece because they all taste like grease.

  50. @Rachel Lau but it would be so much better if SHE didn’t know that

  51. @naaaice Haha, true. Can’t explain the 7/11 bit though…

  52. Her only mistake was thinking that September was the 7th month. She obviously knew that September 11th was “the day”, but she just thought September 11th was 7/11.

    It’s nice that when someone questioned her, she didn’t just say “January-1, February-2, March-3, etc” to figure it out herself.

    7/11s suck, btw. There are many other “convenience store” chains that are 10 times better than them.

  53. Umm….human beans? Really?

  54. I don’t understand how someone can be that stupid.

  55. BEANS!

  56. Human beans!!!!

    I nearly pissed my pants.

  57. Such a tragic day…all those people’s LIVES WERE KILLED.

  58. that 7/11 was a disaster…them slupree machines juss exploded and crumbled to the floor…

  59. @43(bingo)
    Americans are stupid, or at least feel that the only way to be better is by mixing the hell out of everything. I’m from the States, and it makes me sick when people here want to correct me when I say even 7 October

  60. Wow. Here all this time I thought ACTUAL PEOPLE were killed but it turns out, just their LIVES were.
    I’m so relieved I can’t tell you. All those human beans are okay!!

  61. Leave it to the damn Britons to make everything all screwed up. Reversing the day and month, plus driving on the wrong side of the road is tearing humanity apart! Damn you all to a life under the rule of Tony Blair!

    Thank you.

  62. Brits go day/month/year – a clear and sesible progression. Yanks go month/day/year. Where’s the sense in that?

    Who was the last country to change which side of the road they drive on and what did they change to? Oh, it was Samoa, and they changed to the British way. What’s so good about the British way? It’s much easier to grab your food at the drive through with your right hand, we don’t have shotguns and stage coaches anymore, dipshits.

    What measurement system do the Yanks use? Imperial. Seriously people, get out of the fucking dark ages. Switch to metric and your Mars rover might actually work next time.

    And don’t get me started on A4 versus Letter paper sizes. You guys are seriously retarded for pursuing Letter. Why? Well, it’s about the 1:root 2 ration. Look it up. Ltrs a pain in te arse. And you spell “Arse” as “Ass”. Now every time I abrreviate the word association it looks rude.

    No wonder the world is planning to dump your currency, you make everything so ridiculously inconvenient.

  63. And Tony Blair hasn’t been Prime Minister for over two years. Read a fucking headline once in a while.

  64. GO Bingo, GO Antitristan

  65. Anti - Tristan Fan

    Anti – Tristan you fucking rock! I hate the damn yanks they’re always so bloody arrogant and think they’re better at everything! I live on a different fucking continent and even I know Gordon Brown is Prime Minister and I’m not British either!

  66. But human beans are the best kind T_T

  67. @ Anti – Tristan Fan

    Haha, I’m not British either! I’m from a great southern land.

  68. Oh, the things I read on the internet when I’m high.

  69. Those poor human beans.

  70. 7/11 serves human beans now?

  71. Wow, I love the “LOL 7/11″ comment and poor Alyshia comments back thinking she was right the first time. And I also love how no one corrected the “human beans” part. Fucktards.

  72. Anti - Tristan Fan

    lol yeah me to (wink)

  73. pity the planes hit the twin towers on 7-11 *smirk* and not Alysha’s house, and her parent’s house, and her cuzin (check previous post) and her pet dog… and cat… and bird…

  74. I’m gonna be keepin an eye out for human beans, that almost scares me.

  75. Human beans, hahahahaha, what the fuck. Some people are fucking moronic.

  76. Yes, human beans can be terribly cruel. Alysha would be much better off if she only hung around some nice garbanzos instead.

  77. Loser.

  78. I’m getting the feeling she knows it’s September 11, but she doesn’t know if September is the 7th month or the 9th month.

  79. Selfish Beans….

  80. HAHAHAHAHA, human beans from 7/11, seriously fuck my life why am i reading this

  81. So … what happened on July 11?

  82. Military Man: “Damn you scientist! You successfully cross-bred a man with a bean, and now it’s escaped from the lab and gone on a murderous rampage!”

    Scientist: “I… I’ve made a terrible mistake! I just don’t know what I was thinking. I had no idea human beans could be so cruel!”

  83. Fallon, you just made me about pee myself ah hahahahahaaaa

  84. Never realised i was a human bean tho…

  85. hahaha

    human bean


  86. oh my @fry, I actually almost died laughing when i read comment #2

  87. I cannot stop laughing at the term ‘Human Beans’. How do people get so idiotic beyond the point of belief?

  88. lol great comments! love this site.

  89. Human Beans! my God! I almost feel over from laughing at how stupid this girl is! haha

  90. *fell

  91. Lol. She has gotta be blond. No offense to all the genius blond out there.

  92. stupid human beans!!

  93. I am crying right now. Human beans…..whoosh….I needed a laugh like that.

  94. Human beans are delicious with liver and a little Chianti.

  95. @94: lisa, that’s the best comment i’ve read on this site. ever. +1

  96. Lisa: Human beans are delicious with liver and a little Chianti.



    ^^ Biggest retard ever. Shut up, you colossal moron.

  98. Still laughing at the ‘human beans’ bit.

  99. Oh my…that is by far the most hilarious post on this site.

  100. 7/11 implies the Mumbai train bombings in 2006. And it’s 7/11 IF its 9/11. So she could be referring to that given that 9/11 happened 5 years prior to the post and 7/11 was actually in progession when Facebook was available.

  101. Considering she posted this on Sept 11th, I highly doubt it.

  102. So does that mean I’m racist if I hate black beans?

  103. beans…. megalol

  104. John Players Standard


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