Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Neither Can the Neighbors


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  1. this is a red flag in a relationship.

  2. Hopefully he wasn’t in jail for doing something that would require him to stay away from school bus stops and Chuckie Cheese’s…

  3. Poor girl. She’s obviously young.

  4. Why is this lame?

  5. I kind of wish his trip home is like con air

  6. ooooh, this is more like Ouchbook.

  7. The About Section

    Lamebook is for fun and the name says it all: We post lame and funny pictures, status updates, and other gems found on your favorite social networking site.

  8. This isn’t lame. This is just mean. Some girl wants to see her dad because she missed him while he was in jail (who knows what for). And you expect us to find this funny? Are we supposed to stop loving our parents because they go to jail? This site is normally quite funny, but this is grasping at straws.

  9. I don’t think this is lame, just sad.

  10. I worry that this site is a format for the more privileged to make fun of the less privileged. Is it lame or cultural? In this case, was this man persecuted due to race or economic status? IMO it is a slippery slope between laughing at foibles and mocking non-dominant cultural realities.

    I have cringed in the past to see people mocked due to Ebonics’ sentence structure and spelling.

  11. I don’t think the site is making fun of other cultures and races, I think they’re mocking horrific grammar and spelling mistakes. Yes, it is sad that someone’s father was in jail and she has no doubt been missing him, but you don’t post stuff like that on FACEBOOK.When a family member has been incarcerated, people usually try to keep it under wraps and not tell every single person they’re acquainted with via a social networking site. While this isn’t so much funny in a “haha, look at that stupid girl” kind of way, it’s more pathetic in an “OMG, why would someone put that on facebook and make it their status for everyone to see” kind of way.

    It doesn’t make the reader laugh out loud and slap their knee, but they’ll more likely do a double take and think “WTF!?”

  12. Cruel !!!
    Funny :-)

  13. The poor girl probably doesn’t even know what jail is, except that her daddy visits it every 10 months.

  14. Julie FTW

  15. BC Mike…..relax.

  16. What 14 and 15 said.

  17. at least he isnt getting outa prison

  18. Alan Garner: [while picking up Phil at the school where he works] Did you have to park so close?
    Doug Billings: Yeah, what’s wrong?
    Alan Garner: I shouldn’t be here.
    Doug Billings: Why is that, Alan?
    Alan Garner: I’m not supposed to be within two hundred feet of a school… or a Chuck E. Cheese.

  19. “JASON’S MONSTER FAIL” UPDATE: Jason is now threatening to sue Sabrina for slander unless she removes the post; Jason’s high school boyfriend pulls a Chris Crocker moment; Sabrina posts her last Lamebook post ever, then immediately rescinds it. Tune in for more!

  20. I agree with Julie, this site mocks people warped sense of what is appropriate to post in a very public forum. Facebook isn’t for close friends, people add everyone! Friends siblings, friends of friends, workmates, people they used to go to school with, people they only met once!

  21. you'll thank me later

    off to catch up with Jason, Angela and sabrina saga

  22. She’s not talking about her father… She’s talking about her pimp…

  23. NOOOOO! I can’t believe it :( they’ve taken the “Jason’s Monster Fail” post down!

    It isn’t fair, I loved reading that thread.

  24. Facebook page for Jason’s Monster Fail is J Doosh Bagg. Spread it.

  25. Oh yes.. Jason’s Monster Fail has a following…

    J Doosh Bagg on FB and email dooshbag2009@yahoo.com

  26. Jason is a douche

    Is there a link to this FB page? Can’t find it in search!

  27. http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000181776039&ref=ts

    that should work

  28. J Doosh is the first name. Bagg is the last name. (I think)

  29. sigh..i’ve submitted way lamer stuff & i’m yet to see it make the wall :(

  30. p.s. I tried to look up the Jason thing on FB and couldn’t find anything

  31. i can’t find him either, there are 14 doosh baggs, but no j dooshe bagg and the link doesn’t work

  32. Damn…Jason’s monster fail….it was the best thing on LB….in a while….

    This one above is just sad…

  33. So glad I saved Jason’s Monster Fail last night.

  34. I just caught up on the whole Jason saga. I’m not even gonna post my comment on it since I don’t want start anything on a different topic. I will say that every one that made fun of him about his legal action quote must feel silly now. Looks like his threat actually carried some weight since they deleted the post.

    On topic though, I don’t see anything lame about this. There is no telling how old this person is and if her dad has a revolving door at the jail, it may be just a part of her life and not realize that people would have issue with her talking about it.

  35. Jason's bag of douche

    Chip (or anyone who has it) could you post a screenie of it somewhere so the world can still revel in Jason’s fail of monstrous proportions?

  36. Spanky – That proves nothing. Anyone can request removal of a post simply by emailing Lamebook. There is no way anything on there would have held up in court.

  37. You’re all doyche bags over getting so serious about some guy in prison. You guys come to this site to laugh at other people. Now you wanna get serious? Gtfo

  38. Spanky – his threat of legal action is not what got it removed. My request to admin is what got it removed.

  39. Put…the bunny…back…in the box

  40. Can someone kindly summarize what this magickal “Jason’s Monster Fail” post was about? Gracias.

  41. First name: J Doosh (no e)
    Last name: Bagg (two gs)

    J Doosh Bagg

  42. http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000181776039

    Maybe this works?

  43. Jason's Douche-Box

    @sarcasticmeow Basically he was included in some private message sent out to lots of people, detailing a meet-up later that night. Jason then replied to the sender saying about how when she went out could she not mention this girl Sabrina (who he cheated on his girlfriend with), going into detail why he didn’t want a relationship with her.
    In his haste he ‘replied to all’ instead of just the sender.

  44. @facebook, links like that only send you to the facebook home page. Go to Settings, then Account Settings and under “User name” create some name, for instance doosh.bagg . Then you’ll be able to make links like http://www.facebook.com/doosh.bagg and ppl can find the page, because a search for J Doosh Bagg (copied and pasted) gives nothing. Or rather 14 Doosh Bagg

    @sarcasticmeow The thing that made the thread epic was that Jason started replying, and in the most insane manner. He wrote long, ranting, rather disgusting posts in all caps that showed that he is a misogynistic psycho

  45. I want Lamebook for Christmas!

  46. In Jason’s defense, I once though “douche” was spelled “doosh”…..but I was 12.

  47. Lol… incredible that you’re still talking about “the dooshbag”. The original entry and the whole discussion is still completely available in Google’s cache. That’s the magic of the Internet – it never forgets anything.

  48. jail FTW .. LOL

  49. for the people who want to know about jason’s monster fail:
    you guys can google “jason’s monster fail” & then click the “cache” when the lamebook.com posting pops up and bam! it’s there.
    & jason is an idiot for thinking google cache would completely erase his stupidity.

  50. You can find me on FB by using my email address as well….


  51. doosh bagg, I’m trying to friend you, but those links posted above go nowhere. has something happened on facebook too, to prevent jason’s monster fail epidemic from spreading? it’s too late for that, as others have said, google cache and screen grabs exist. but i’d like to join the group :D

  52. I was logged into it just now, it’s up and running. Did you try searching by my email address? Hmm….

    I’ve not gotten any friend requests on there yet, but I’ve been able to add people I requested.

  53. By the way, if you email me at my yahoo address with your info, I can send an add request for you, if you can’t find me.

  54. Nothing works… even tried searching for your email.

  55. That’s so odd Chip. I did a search from my regular acct and I see it.

  56. I figured out why! It should now be searchable by everyone. It was set on just friends.

  57. Why is the account closed? That way you have to be friends with the Doosh Bagg to see anything. I want to send it to my friends to see, and also, I don’t want J Doosh Bagg in my friends list

  58. Suing people for telling the truth about you makes you look petty and small and stupid. Exposing petty small and stupid people is what this site is about. Ergo, continue.

    As for Kaitlin, I doubt the lulz are because someone she knows was in jail. The lulz are that she saw fit to tell everyone on her contacts list about it.

  59. It’s the website comment “Neither Can the Neighbors” that’s lame, not that sincere statement.

    Do you really think that people that’ve been in Jail are all dangerous and crazy? Don’t they have the chance to start a new life? Are they condemned to be the society’s shame?

    Well … if you think so, YOU are lame.

  60. Do you really think you need to capitalize “jail”? Is that a name brand?

  61. @Ahmed It’s reasonable to assume that someone who’s been in jail is more capable of acts considered by society to be unacceptable than someone who hasn’t been in jail.

    But I see where you’re coming from. It’s not nice to put people in boxes. Big, metal boxes with bars on the windows.

  62. he was caught selling heroin, he was a drug addict.
    it’s fucking hilarious..not that he was incarcerated, but that she felt the need to share it with the world..get over it.

  63. Think about it people, she probably misses her dad, I would too. I don’t have a dad tho. he went to jail cause he wuz caught sellin heroin, there are a lot of crimes worse than that. even if he was a killer, he’s her dad, so she probably would miss him, why is this even on here?

  64. A lot of the lamebook stuff brings teh lulz, but this one doesn’t.

    I don’t think there’s anything lame about a kid missing her dad, and the idea that his family should be trying to hide the fact he’s been in jail says more about the people who actually believe that than about the family. Then again, I guess if you have never made a mistake in your life, it must be easier to sit in judgement over people who have… :P

  65. Cant wait to see my daddy !!! He gets out thursday !!! lmao

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