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  1. Asshole.

  2. Steve 100% FTW

  3. Roflstomped.

  4. Lol! U have got to love fatties…

  5. Absolutely hilarious… Steve is the man.

  6. Absolutely hilarious, Steve is the man.

  7. Steve, I love you!

  8. I’m trying to get in on that insider tip too!

  9. Steve is a jerk.

  10. go Steve!

  11. Oh man that’s so awesome. You know that tomorrow Karen’s going to binge eat until she’s three times fatter than she was. Don’t people realize a proper diet is something you’re supposed to KEEP DOING? And she thought it would work if she just laid of carbs for a month and as soon as she lost a few pounds it’s back to KFC and Twinkie dinners!

  12. Steve deserves a beer and applause

  13. Karen is too fat
    and now Steve will go to jail
    with Martha Stewart

  14. People are so presumptuous. There’s no proof that she was fat to begin with. But if she is(was) fat, Steve is funny in that mean way we all enjoy so much. :)

  15. All women could stand to lose a few pounds.

  16. Most women don’t like this, but the only thing that works is a sensible diet and plenty of exercise.

  17. Bravo!
    Someone buy that man a round of chicken pieces!

  18. Bahahaha “NA-SNAQ”!!!

    Nice one, admins.

  19. Karen: diets don’t “end”–that’s exactly the reason why your weight goes up and down. Listen to Boz.

  20. stfu boz.

    no one wants sensible advice here

  21. This is my fist time on lamebook, what’s up lamebookers?

  22. you don’t stop a diet idiot. becides which, why are you telling everyone that?

    So, i’ve ah… stopped my diet now *hinting at loss of weight*

    Oh, yeah i can see you’ve gained a few…

  23. welcome to the thunderdome, GeeTheMan

  24. Steve can be summed up in one word: douchebag.

  25. Boz- it’s not just women who don’t like it. A lot of men look for a quick fix too. My mate used to work in a gym and advise people on nutrition and it was pretty even in terms of people going for short term diets.

    Anyway I didn’t think Steve’s comment was that offensive. They probably have that kind of friendship where they take the piss out of each other.

  26. Wonder how long Steve stayed on her friends list after that comment….

  27. My guess is not that long….

    The only thing lame about this post is how dumb Steve’s comment is.

  28. This is the reason why people gain back the weight they lose on diets. Because they go off their diets, instead of changing their eating habits. That is lame.

  29. These people make me cackle. One of my ‘rents mates started gloating bout how she’d made it 7 days on some stupid diet which was “super hard” for her…

    My advice? Getting a toaster thrown at you by a 25stone woman is the totally worth it price for uttering the words “Why’d ya stop, you’re still huge”

  30. @Amz, shut the fuck up the story you jus told was not funny, nobody fucking cares about your unfunny stories. me on the other hand, my stories are epic and are soo funny!i’m sure you’ve all read them before so you can all agree i am amazing

  31. It’s one thing to be lame like the people on here, its another to be a complete opiniated bitch like Amz.

  32. Steve 1 – 0 Karen

  33. of course you can stop doing a diet. but you ve to watch what you eat from then on, to not to gain back the preciously lost kilos…

  34. @anon, /yawn, I was just stating a factual event (not story) about people such as Karen who take “being on a diet” as being healthy, and finishing it as some form of achievement.

    @ haha sorry for stating the obvious about fat people. Not like its my job or anything.

  35. lol at people who think Steve is a bastard.

  36. There could be reasons why she’s finished her diet. She might be a boxer or bodybuilder or something else that requires rapid weight loss. Some of you are quick to serve up your judgement pie.

  37. ouch for Karen

  38. I don’t know what’s more lame, the post or the fact that people argue with each other on here. I think you’re all a bunch of morons with no life. Lame

  39. Why KFC? :(

  40. @Amz-just ignore the phony AnonisGay’s. The real one usually posts a long story (which most find somewhat humorous) and vanishes into the night. Lately some awesome person(s) have been forging his name and saying stupid shit. Your story was good.

  41. Steves comment was funny, I wouldn’t get offended if a mate said that to me. Amz, you’re an idiot :)

  42. @BooBoo, welcome to the internets; where everything is serious business.

  43. teamlaserexplosion

    I love the gender gap on this one, Men think its awesome, Women think that Steve is a douchebag, ergo Women have no sense of humour

  44. She deserves it for all caps and using a one as an exclamation point.

  45. teamlaserexplosion, actually that just means women are mature.

  46. I’m a woman and I thought it was funny. Surely friends joke about all types of shit. Lord knows people have said far worse to me.

  47. @Erin

    You are correct about men, but they don’t seem to get nearly as butthurt about losing weight as women do.

  48. Sure are a lot of butthurt fatties posting here

  49. lolfatties

  50. “They probably have that kind of friendship where they take the piss out of each other.” – Erin

    Must be a very weird friendship. How exactly do you take the piss out of someone? Is it a surgical procedure? Is that just some lame British (or British colony like Australia) saying?
    Can someone Google that for me?

  51. Yes, it is an Aussie saying, roughly translated to “make fun of harshly in a joking manner”. And why are other peoples’ cultures “lame?” You couldn’t Google it yourself? Is this a difficult task? I weep for humanity.

  52. @ratcoon
    theres a few other countries besides america. check it out sometime. http://bit.ly/21tmrQ

  53. G’day Wanker & pb: I see you’re new to the interwebs. Welcome.

    I really wanted one of these: http://tinyurl.com/y9t7qua

  54. Oh man, I wish I had a friend like Steve

  55. I know someone like Steve. He’s cool.

    I also know someone like Karen. She’s fat, because she doesn’t understand that you can’t just stop dieting and keep the weight off. Stoooopid women. **shakes head sadly**

  56. steve is my hero.

  57. THAT’s what you call a visionary

  58. Hmmm, wasn’t lamebook supposed to be taking the p1ss out of the lame stuff on facebook.
    Some of the comments on here are lame AS! (Read that as anyone who’s been offended by Steve (da man) or has debated about Karen’s weight and how effective dieting is. Perlease!

  59. Maybe it was a detox diet or something, those you go off. Anyway, I could go for some kfc chips now.

  60. there’s a lot of fat people on here mad at Steve

  61. funny man . . . i am a fatty and i have to laugh

  62. I laughed, I’ll admit.

  63. Pahahahaha!

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