Thursday, January 7, 2010

My Date with Amanda


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  1. so…legs through armholes of the sweater = junk hanging out neckhole?? seriously how does that work

  2. I’d hate to be on that subway. I hope he kept his legs crossed.

  3. what an idiot. how did he not notice that he only had the sweater

  4. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh shiiiiiiit.

    Pretty much sums that up


    this story’s been around longer than the internet…

  6. @WillBraden: Good catch!

  7. yet another “Poop On There” tale.

  8. Oh how I wish this was real. Still, everyone loves a good poo story.

  9. This is a Gervais joke. Lame.

  10. lamebook needs to delete this fake LAME joke

  11. I like turtles.

  12. Are people only writing on their facebook pages so they can repost it on lamebook?

    There should be an ultralamebook page for these people.

  13. i hate turtles

  14. This is bullshit. Hasn’t anyone seen Ricky Gervais stand up? He tells a similar story except the guy is going for a job interview and he throws his shitty pants out the train window…

  15. I’ve got a turtle head poking out

  16. If Ricky Gervais told that joke, then he more than likely stole it. Check the Snopes link by WillBraden above–one of the oldest printed versions of this joke showed up in 1978, and a British variation involving a guy at work throwing his pants out of a train window was collected for a book in 1984.

  17. This guy definitely stole this entire story. This story was on the radio a few years ago, and I know the actual person it happened to. So, this story is true, it just didn’t happen to this specific person.

  18. ok so he stole it….still a funny story, especially if it actually happened to someone!

  19. Stolen, fake, or whatever, I feel his pain. I have Crohn’s and I shit my pants once at a concert. Luckily I was prepared. Spare boxers ftw!

  20. Calamity0o0, did you read my link? Before you claim “I knew the guy this happened to” (the oldest internet dorkism around) you should know if you’re going to be caught in an outright lie, kiddo.

  21. I like turtle heads

  22. Will I was not lying, something similar happened to my friend. I thought everyone would enjoy that this is a somewhat true story, stop trying to ruin the fun.

  23. kinda like an FML, really funny. But yeah, heard it before.

  24. Amanda take him back – at least he’s entertaining even if he purloins his material…

  25. Calamity0o0, yeah I think we all have friends that have shat their pants at some point. So, you know, congrats? The point still stands. The old “No it’s true, I know the guy!” is just a lame internet dorkism…

  26. It was a bit more similar than that. I’m not sure why you’re getting so worked up over it though, it’s not a big deal. No need to keep repeating yourself.

  27. Christ, and I’m still recovering freaking out on Ambien while flying to Europe, passing out, and pissing all over myself.

  28. He must really be obsessed with this girl if he is prepared to admit this, would it just be easier to say a family relative is in hospital or somthing and he had to go immedatiely

  29. Fake or not…this shit was funny I laughed..

  30. Calamity0o0, were you actually there to witness this happen to your friend, or did your friend just tell you this story, claiming that it happened to him?

  31. This story was funny in 1635 too. It transcends time it’s that funny, the original goes,

    I have shitith my pantaloons and in a most curious set of circumstances verily I have been forceth to wear my jerkin as a nappyeth.

  32. :) Yet again – fake or not – bloody hilarious! :D

  33. ^yeah that’s a good story and I believe it.

  34. *ahem*


    …..that is all.

  35. Big Wiggly Style

    That would so suck….

  36. It happened to a friend of a friend of mine.

  37. real or no, that would suck.

  38. sure it did Nancy, I know a guy, who knows this girl, who has this cousin, that dated a guy who was friends with the guy this happened to…must have been the same guy your friend knows. small world.

  39. faker than a tranny’s fanny

  40. Thnks WillBraden for the Snopes link!

  41. shit happens.

  42. Personally I want to kill all of ZombieKid’s turtles just so that he/she will post something different. Maybe even “my turtles are dead *cry*” would be better. Who’s with me?

  43. I laughed more a the comment above me than the date thing.
    I’m with you wulsgirl xD


  45. Totally FAKE!
    This whole story is a short starring Steve Burns (from blue’s clues) Right down to the sweater in the bag.

  46. oh here’s the link

  47. I called bullshit on this one as soon as he said he shit his pants… as if someone would post that shit on FB!!

    Sorry, couldn’t help myself :P

  48. Hmm, yay for lamebook “moderating” anything that says anything bad about them..

  49. I’m astonished that Lamebook could fall for this – it’s as old as Methuselah! How naive can you get?

  50. I wish I coulda got here earlier to call bullshit, cos now I just look all wagon-jumpy.

    But the Ricky Gervais story was a version he heard off Karl Pilkington, the dumbest man in Britain, who claimed it happened to a friend of a friend etc, and was convinced of it’s truth. Ricky took the piss out of it on their radio show then used it in his stand up.

  51. Its still funny! Even if he stole it!!! I havent heard it before and I laughed!!! LMAO!

  52. Gotta be fake. Arms through the legs? Right. How skinny is this guy? Emo bitches can’t even pull that off.

    And the kicker: Who wears khakis on a date? Does someone think we’re stupid or something? I mean, really!

  53. legs through armholes works fine, i can do it and i weigh 165 so im sure this guy could, what makes this seem fake is that if he didn’t mind putting this on facebook, he wouldn’t have been too afraid to tell this chick about it when it happened in the first place

  54. @31 Imamofo

    For The WIN!!


    Urban Legends, heard them all before!!

  56. Amanda take him bake clearly he does give a shit!

  57. er back //fail

  58. xxxtheworldsgreatestxxx


  59. This is most likely one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever read.

  60. sadly enough, its probable that it happened. i have ibs myself so i know how he feels . you ever seen along came polly?

    anyways, i woulda checked the bag before leaving the store, that sucks tho

  61. I thought this was real until I got to the middle and realized I got this in an email a few years ago..

  62. lmfao…… EPIC!!!!! and its def not a fail…>fake or not.

  63. My dad has been telling this story since before I was born. Fake. As. Anything.

  64. Wow. Now these. THESE!!! Are comments!

  65. Lies.

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