Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Mother of the Year

Mother of the Year

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  1. Yes she is.

  2. Mmmm…how is this supposed to be lame?

  3. How do you get through the door?

  4. that suit is making her jiggly hips look bigger than I presume they are. Or maybe they are that big. Either way it’s not flattering.

    And I don’t care how big a girl smiles. Cribs are never sexy. (well, sometimes they are but that’s completely different)

  5. I’d bend her right over that crib. Baby in there or not.

  6. It’s not lame… if she has a son.

  7. @INL

    But it is if she has a daughter?

  8. If she’d moved five feet to the left or right and the crib wasn’t in the frame, this would be acceptable. But the crib ‘is’ in the frame. And so is a box of pampers.

  9. Hey it might not be her home or her child?

  10. I would put a baby in her.

  11. Maybe it’s an advertisement for another baby?

  12. If she wants 3 babies I can help.

  13. Something about her just doesn’t look convincing. Well, a couple of things, actually.

  14. I’d cradle her grave anytime

  15. Either that suit is tight or the boobies are.

    That makes no sense.

  16. Weird place to pose for a swimsuit shot, but props to her if she’s the mother of the child: she’s in good shape (albeit with suspiciously round and pert funbags).

  17. lamebook owes me a new pair of pants.

  18. I need to be friends with this woman.

  19. What Don said.

  20. Mess it right up. Face first

  21. Damn, MILF of the year more like it

  22. This is clearly a man

  23. At least the child is sleeping.

    maybe she took the picture like this on purpose. She wanted everyone on to know that she’s easy.

  24. “The birth certificate’s been blank for waaaay too long and Maury can’t find no one who’s DNA matches, so f* it… Who wants to be my baby’s daddy??”

  25. Um, why is this lame?
    This is spermbank material

  26. Spermbank? You fool! It’s spankbank!

  27. @G.Mask
    The nett result is the same :)

  28. I hate the boobs-of-steel look.

  29. Hahah WHY is this not on ? lol

  30. She has a daughter and this isn’t a friends house. She isn’t a good mom.

  31. This girl is a bad mom. Trust me, this is his house and her daughters room. Here’s the orig.

  32. what the fuck is wrong with her face.

  33. Wow what a Monet!

  34. That ugly bathing suit really brings out those obvious implants…sheesh.

  35. @me – so are some mens sneakers.

  36. @Jonas. maybe she is trying to look sexy.

  37. The face, the kids pictures, all of it is awful.

  38. “Here, I’ll pull down my suit so you can see my nasty-ass spare tire even better.”

  39. @Kindred

    You know know much about childbrith eh? Chicks tits grow.

  40. @ Mother Nature

    Yeah, they grow, but they don’t become rounder and firmer than natural tits (she’s not even wearing an under wire).

  41. What? Mom’s can’t want to be sexy now? Did I miss that memo?

  42. @mothernature

    Those tits are fake! Tits grow during pregnacy, but if you look at the picture of her face that someone else posted you see how old her kid is…… No way she is still nursing.

  43. OK, well … I think the photo itself is kind of hilarious and tacky in that she couldn’t even think of a better place to take the photo. BUT, it doesn’t make her a “bad mother.” I don’t see how she’s hurting her child by posing in a swimsuit. If the baby was hanging out of the crib weeping for attention or something, then, maybe. It’s weird to me how if a woman isn’t obsessed with her child every moment of the day she’s a “bad mother.”

  44. Much better picture when blurred.

  45. Agrees with Jack. Whole picture would have looked better taken in the dark.

  46. @Sally…
    Well said.

  47. Sally you make a good point but you also don’t know this chick. She doesn’t even live with her daughter any more because she only cares about herself!

  48. Wtf O_o

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  50. The lamest thing about this is not that it was taken in front of her baby’s cot, but the fact she’s holding her swimsuit out to try and (badly) mask the huge spare tire she’s got on her waist.

  51. She reminds me of this slutty mom I saw in a mall once. Her 14 year old daughter was dressed more conservatively than she was. AWESOME.

  52. @sharkbot,
    I like watching the trashy moms whose daughters dress even more slutty they do. If that’s wrong, I don’t want to be right.

  53. The lame thing is that her child is in the crib, c’mon people. Am I the only one seeing a child there?

  54. yer i hate how she pulls the swimsuit..not sexy?! just weird!
    and the blur deffo did her justice…she’s hardly fat though so dunno what ‘spare tyre’ people are goin on about, she has a good bod, but very obv fake tits.

  55. p.s. stupid place to take a pic

  56. The blur makes it so much better…

  57. Donald Trump's Comb-Over

    This picture screams ‘Casey Anthony’.

  58. There’s nothing wrong with a mom being sexy. There’s a fine line between sexy and skanky though. Posting 1/2 naked photos of yourself on the internet is way over that line.

  59. i can’t get over that hip fat. *barfs*

  60. nice rack

  61. Totally fake.

    (I mean the boobs, not the entry itself)

  62. they’ll have to rename this one “all up under the covers” day…

  63. I keep looking at how far back she’s holding her shoulders … she’s trying to make the boobs look perkier. Swimsuit away from the body–dead giveaway that what’s underneath is NOT gonna be fun to look at. And covering thigh/hip area with the arms and hands, classic. Now we can’t see if she’s carrying some extra weight there.

    And the face she’s making … well, that’s unpleasant.

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  65. 1) The kid looks about a year. She *could* still be nursing (easily) but your boobs are only huge and fake-looking for the first couple months.

    2) I don’t see why her posing in a swimsuit makes her a bad mom. This is a really dumb entry.

  66. (Bad) Mother of the Year.

  67. Why do these morons insist on booty-tooting with their kids’ stuff in full view? I bet when she would have guys over she would fuck them while the kid slept next to them.

  68. Ooh baby baby!
    No, sorry, I don’t mean you.
    I mean your BABY!

  69. I like how she’s pulling the end of the swimsuit down – you’d think she was trying to hide a tummy, what with having a baby and all.

    Probably got the tummy tuck when she got the boob job.

  70. *Stacies mommmm hasss goottt iiiit goinnn on!*

  71. @Sally – the fact that it’s from her profile pics folder would make me think she’s a bad mom because she’s showing some really poor judgement.

  72. I agree with Sally.

    But I agree with Jack more.

  73. she needs to be punished

  74. Does she really think she’s fooling anyone pulling on the suit to hide her still obvious muffin-top?

  75. got milk? lol

  76. ^^^just look in the fridge

  77. Loving the sexy crib in the background. Cribs are so hot right now.

  78. Cribs are a real turn on, aren’t they?

  79. I’d butter that muffin top.

  80. I would fuck this mom in a sec.

  81. MILF!

  82. Not lame at all. good body. Didn’t know there was a rule you had to look like shit around your kids

  83. I agree with 82 and 81.

  84. Holy shit. I would usually never say this… but god damn, I would hit that. Fuckin’… hit that hard in every position I know.

  85. Wow Jon look at Kate Gosselin now when u split

  86. I’ll be honest, I didn’t notice the crib or the pictures of her kids until like the 4th time I saw this picture. Hottest MILF I’ve seen in a while.

  87. I didn’t notice what was lame about this picture until I read a comment which mentioned the crib.

    I was too busy admiring her figure and also trying to work out what was lame about the picture.

  88. thatswhat.shesaid

    You guys are all haters…. give it up.

  89. still doable.

  90. John Players Standard

    Comment #4 is obviously some obese bastard who could never get anything besides his own dog.

    OT: Fuck yea I love milfs!

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