Monday, March 8, 2010

Moronic Monday

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  1. I’m not sure which is stupider: Sydney, or the “Mr. Stuiped” in her story. I really hope she doesn’t actually work in a medical profession.

  2. I’m just confused all around on the oxymoron one.

    I just don’t even understand how you could ever think Oxycontin is an acne medication, unless I’m being the “stuiped” one here and not realising there’s a medication that is somewhat similar in name.

  3. It was supposed to be a joke.

  4. I’m thinking she means Oxyclean

  5. I think it is just Oxy Acne? Or just Oxy. I suppose there’s a plus in that she didn’t say Oxiclean.

  6. SomeRandomChick

    Honestly, that has got to be one of the worst tattoos I have ever seen. And I’m a big advocate of tattoos here, but really? Research your artist, tattoos are FOREVER. Also, Mr. Stupied is pretty stupied for assuming ALL Catholics are white, have we never heard of Latin America Mr Stupied? On that note: Stupied? Really? And you are a nurse? Poor poor people that visit your hospital.

    And, no wonder my skin is so smooth and blemish free! All these years I thought I was abusing Oxycontin, here I was just treating acne all along! Sweet!

  7. I’m so torn,

    Who is stupider?

    Sydney or MrStuiped

    Tattoo Artist or Tattooee

    please someone tell me!!!

  8. I am such a proud ‘Canadaian’ now.

  9. Also, SomeRandomChick is pretty stupid for assuming ALL Latin Americans aren’t white, have we never heard of the European colonization, SomeRandomChick?

  10. Rush Limbaugh was addicted to acne medicine?

  11. @ #10

    I think you’re confusing Oxycontin with an Oxygen thief…

  12. @ P

    So her point is wrong that a lot of non white latins are catholics because a few of them arent… go fuck yourself with a fist full of barbed wire

  13. Canada Ian, eh?

  14. There are also a lot of black people who are Catholic. Like all of my in-laws.

  15. MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    @P … I believe SomeRandomChick is referring to the religion practiced by many folks in Latin America, namely Catholicism. She made no mention of their skin color. Perhaps you should read a comment carefully before insulting the poster – makes YOU look less stupid :o )

  16. MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    Also, it’s just Oxy. I use it as a facial cleanser :)

    @slim sorry, didn’t see your post. barbed wire eh? Remind me not to get on your bad side :)

    @P, do let us know how the barbed wire escapade worked out for you :D

  17. Jeez, Darrell. Who says “hella” after 1998?

  18. MsBuzzkillington

    I think the oxymoron thing started out as a joke. Oxyclean… but oxymoron is the brand for stupid people. But the second person probably has clear skin and thinks it is due to her Oxycontin addiction.

    Also this Mr. Stuiped says that his wife is catholic, because all catholics are white. But then he says that his wife is not white because they are two different things.

    So um.. what?

    also could she not LOOK at the person giving labor or is Sydney blind too?

  19. @MsBuzzkillington Not to be a, um, buzzkill, but you can’t always tell what race a person is just by looking.

  20. SomeRandomChick

    P. Had your comment held any real merit, I’d try a little harder at this, as it stands; you’re a douche.

  21. the point is she spelled “stupid” wrong.

  22. Hmm.. Chantelle probably meant deliveries. Or do they do that too now?

    That tattoo is painful to look at. Seriously people, if the shop you go to doesn’t show you a preview first and get you to approve it then you are the only person to blame!

  23. @P – You are one of those people who always look for a reason to be offended. I HATE people like you. Please reread SomeRandomChicks post and actually process it this time with out adding imaginary qualifiers like “ALL”(Latin Americans) to her post. ASS.

  24. Umm, I’m still wondering why the husband doesn’t know how to spell the wife’s name, or her birthday for that matter? Isn’t that something you should have covered, oh I don’t know… nine months ago? Longer perhaps? That whole conversation just reaks with strange.

  25. Just let me quote SomeRandomChick:

    “Also, Mr. Stupied is pretty stupied for assuming ALL Catholics are white, have we never heard of Latin America Mr Stupied?”

    She used Latin Americans as an example of non-white people.

    But hey, what do I know? I’m just a douche :)

  26. ElativeIllative

    yeah, but I don’t think she was implying that NO Latin Americans are white. It looks to me like she was just saying that there are plenty of non-white Catholics in Latin America.

  27. i don’t think a tattoo is a typo, it was probably meant to be so. a vanadian with the name ian decided that its a good idea…

  28. @eenerbl

    I’m wondering whether Sydney just assumed that the woman’s baby daddy is her husband. If being present at the conception and the birth of the child was the extent of his involvement with this woman, his lack of knowledge about her makes a little more sense.

  29. slim, is that with an open or closed fist?

  30. JacksSmirkingRevenge

    I would like to point out that it’s not Weight Watcher’s, it’s Weight Watchers. Can no one use apostrophes correctly anymore?

  31. JacksSmirkingRevenge

    Also, does Sydney REALLY think that’s how you spell stupid? Sigh*

  32. Maybe so EmKitteh. If he’s there though, he at least somewhat cares, these are things one should know. Maybe I give people credit they don’t deserve.

  33. I sure hope Sydney is just a reg person, not a nurse or tech.
    And wow is Andrea a moron. Oxy cleansing pads, darlin.

  34. RandomChick and Zoned, As a nurse myself, I’m gonna safely assume Sydney is NOT a nurse, cos if she is, I’m hanging up my little white nurse’s uniform this second as a protest.
    It will be brought out only when attending my second job as a stripper for men with nurse fetishes.

  35. … or women.
    I don’t discriminate.

  36. @P

    Latin Americas will tend to refer to themselves as Hispanic, not white. Europeans (i.e. Spanish folk) will tend to refer to themselves as white rather than hispanic.

    So, although there may be somewhat white-skinned people in Latin America, they will most often call themselves Hispanics, not whites.

    Try and actually know what you’re talking about next time, ya?

  37. Latin Americans***


  38. I assume Andrea was actually thinking of the “Oxycute ‘em” ads and, I guess, it KINDA sounds like Oxycontin… but not even close to the same thing!! But yes the “Oxycute ‘em” ads are actually about a product just called “Oxy”: that’s the acne one.

    Besides that, though, Andrea took Tim’s comment too seriously, c’mon, oxymoron: acne medicine for morons? unless he really is an idiot (which wouldn’t surprise me after seeing a whole lot of these lamebook posts- geezzzzz…. :-0 ) he was making a joke man. it wasn’t a great one… but it was kinda sweet… It was quite a fail not to see that from Andrea’s side…

    @34: Let’s just hope to God that she’s just a really “stuipid” receptionist and not actually practising anything that has to do with medicine whatsoever…

  39. I pity Sydney, and most of all I pity Mr Stuiped’s wife.

    And just to settle the debate, there are over a billion Catholics spread all over the world, and belonging to all races. There are Catholics in Africa, in the Middle East, in India, in China… anywhere you care to look. See

  40. @ el_monty

    I just looked under my desk and didn’t see a single Catholic. Don’t believe everything you read on the internet people.

  41. There’s two Catholics under mine.

  42. Or I suppose that would be “There are”. Wouldn’t want the grammar police to get all up in my biz, ragging on my joke because of its level of literacy rather than the merit of its humour.

  43. Those damned grammar police always trying to get involved, eh? But could you please explain what you mean by “all up in my biz”? And I’m not entirely sure I’d know how to use “ragging” correctly in a sentence. It’s not gay slang is it? Wouldn’t want to embarrass myself!

  44. @28 EmKitteh

    I suppose it would explain a little why he might not know every little detail.

    I’m a little disturbed though by the fact that the soon to be not pregnant anymore woman would want what seems to be a stranger with her when she’s dropping child. Creepy…

    Regardless of her job title Sydney’s the idiot. She couldn’t have waited to ask her question when the dude clearly didn’t have a clue? I’m pretty sure her name, Bdate and race will all still be the same AFTER she’s done with contractions.

  45. Well now. I reckon it seems reasonable that if for -any- reason at all you can’t spell your partner’s name, you’re not ready to bring a child into the world. And may never be.

  46. @ wordpevert

    Im also a nurse! And yes, i am also sceptical- considering the amount of tests and interviews i had to attend to even allow me to get onto a nursing course at university, i highly doubt that she is actually a nurse…God helps us all if she is.

  47. @wordpervert and kathleen

    I’ve known some “stuipid” nurses before. One nurse honestly thought that you couldn’t get pregnant, if he “pulled out”. I brought my cousin to her for a morning after pill and she said “well, did he pull out?” and my cousin said yes, so the nurse said “well, did it feel like any got inside you anyway?”. I interrupted and said yes and elbowed my cousin. We got the pill and quickly walked out.

    Another nurse had a heated discussion with me and my ex-wife in which she claimed that only women could get STDs from straight sex, since they were the ones “receiving” all of the fluids. She stated that if any man had an STD, then he had experimented in homosexual sex. She was 100% serious. She was also Australian, if that matters, haha.

    Therefore, I don’t automatically assume that Sydney is not a nurse.

  48. oh, btw… I do not now (nor have I ever) had an STD. We were at a dinner party with the nurse. We weren’t getting any ointment or penicillin shots or anything, haha.

  49. Nice try mcowles, but we don’t believe you. If STD’s could talk, your crotch would sound like a Tourett’s convention.

  50. Soup’s genitals are so diseased, he actually gave his underwear herpes.

    Soup has so many STDs, he no longer needs to stuff socks down there, to make women think he has an adequate package.

    Soup has had so many STDs, that a new strain of herpes won’t go near him, as it’s afraid it might catch something.

    Soup has so many STDs, that he has to call people that he bumps into on the subway, to warn them that they might be infected.

    Soup has so many STDs, that his semen leaves a foul taste in my mouth… and stains my shirt.

    Is that enough? haha.

  51. Thanks to Lamebook, the English speaking world now has new ways to spell both “retart” and “stuiped”. Who says you can’t get learn-ed on the internetz!

    And Mcowles, I agree with the nurse thing. The girl I’m seeing is studying to be a nurse and she finds that some of the people in her college classes are ill-prepared to write any sort of test or do any sort of reading/studying. “I thought we’d, like, just be caring for people and stuff! What’s with all these medical terms!”

  52. Touche, mcowles. The rotten cock does have its upside: I like to use it as the center piece in my stage show Horn Of Plenty.

  53. mc yes, there are some dumb people masquerading as professionals in many industries including health, and maybe Sydney is one of them, so God help the patients if she is. More disturbing is your story… sexual health ain’t my speciality, but the stupidity of those nurses you spoke to is shocking.
    I’m sure they teach that shit at school mc, so I suggest the next time you want some advice about your weeping member, go ask a teenager.

  54. So much stupid in one place, my brain hurts. :(

  55. I wish they did give you Oxycontin for acne – four of those tablets and you feel completely stoned.

    I had it recently after surgery – it was warm and floaty XD

  56. lol

  57. @word

    I’m pretty sure there would be bigger issues if I went around asking teenagers for advice about my weeping member.

    Unless “teenager” means “18+”.

    Barely legal = barely not going to jail.

  58. Let’s assume a person is “stupeid” just because they can’t spell! yay!

  59. hey, if they’re going to write it, they should at least be able to spell it. ESPECIALLY if it’s their first language! Just my opinion. Writing is essential in life and business, you look unprofessional if you can’t spell at work. You look like a complete ass if you write an insult about someone and can’t even spell it correctly.

    Calling someone stupid while making spelling errors really does make that person look like a complete idiot (or completely “stuiped” haha)

  60. And I thought you had a sense of humour mc.

  61. It’s so simple, really. If you’re typing it on the net then Google is right at your fingertips… For f**k sakes, why don’t people use it!? Typos I can understand… Spelling errors: sorry, there really is no excuse…

  62. hahaha oxycotin for acne… that would be hilarious.

  63. Its the fucking Beatles

    Way to go nurse bitch, slagging off patients’ husbands on Facebook. She needs to take that broomstick out of her arse.

    Don’t they call Oxycontin Hillybilly Heroine?

  64. Its the fucking Beatles

    *Oxycotin (please tell me I spelt this right, I don’t want to be hanged, drawn and quartered by the Grammar Police).

  65. Yeah, too bad SPELT isn’t a f*cking word =\ you’re hella stupit.

  66. Hmmm, last time I checked SPELT is a word! Being English, it is the way the Brits spell spelled. FYI.

  67. SPELT and SPELLED are two variants of SPELL. SPELT being past-tense.

  68. Spelt is a type of wheat you dumbshit.

  69. Its the fucking Beatles

    And it’s also past tense for spell dumbshit. Look it up in an ENGLISH dictionary sometime.

  70. I realise I’m super late to the party here, but I just had to make a comment. The tattoo? I think it’s supposed to be like that. I think the “i” is actually a “j” (considering it’s in script), which would make it a play on the Canadian accent. “Canadajan, eh?” Considering the Canadian sense of humour (self-mockery), I would consider this a possibility.

  71. @ Sarre – I think I am forced to disagree with you .. I think they just can’t spell. I have never heard a canadian spell it wrong on purpose. This guy could just be an idiot :)

  72. I must agree with Vanzie101. I am a Canadian. We don’t pronounce Canadian with a j, not even a j that doesn’t even sound like j. Phillip and Terrence are poor examples of the Canadian “accent”, if one even exists.

    I have sent a letter to the Prime Minister asking him to kick Andre and his stuiped (ha ha… that was fun!) tattoo artist out of the country.

  73. sarre and ria_rokz – you guys can’t be serious, can you?! it’s not that the “i” looks like a “j”! that’s how the “i” looks in that typeface. the messed up part of the tattoo is that there is an added “A” before that “i”!!!!! CANADAIAN makes no sense. this is exactly why people think CANADIANS are retarded. thanks a lot.

  74. last one: Pot, meet kettle. You match each other in weight.

  75. I hope Andre’s a Newfie. Then it might make sense.

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