Thursday, March 25, 2010

Morning Quickies

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  1. fist, sorry its my first time

  2. *first* :O

  3. LOL @ your majesty

  4. lol

  5. I have visions of the Queen mum rolling through my mind.

  6. LMAO at your majesty :P I’m a girl and I don’t think I would react the same as his girl , people need to lighten up a bit.

  7. I registered just to comment on this one – I also have had glowstick in my eye and it is the most painful thing you could have in your eye. Yes, even more painful than *that* :)

  8. I don’t know why I find the “your majesty” so funny but I do.

    Yo dood.

  9. Laughing at him so hard might have ruined the moment…
    Your majesty hahaha, I might try this tonight, see what reaction it gets.

  10. It would only ruin the mood because he would have to tame my hysterical laughter. I would call him ‘your majesty’ just because he had the balls to ask.

  11. On the glowstick, are we talking the glowing liquid inside? Why/how did you get it in your eye??!!

  12. I used to have a girlfriend call me ‘Mr. President’ when she was in the mood, some kind of power aphrodisiac? Either way, Kevin is funniest here.

  13. you bite the glowstick at the top and spray the glow juice at people and it flecks all over their skin and looks like little illuminous freckles, very cool! have also gotten it in my eye though and it’s the worst! also tastes awful if you get it in your mouth by accident!

  14. Is phone sex with a midget really any different to phone sex with a regular girl? Either way you’re still some sad, lonley dude looking for a kleenex in the end.

  15. #2 LOL @ Peter’s comment on masturbation.

    #3 If I was Natasha, I’d smash Macon’s face for laughing at my pain!

    #4 Eeeeeeeuw @ Dante

    #5 I agree with the rest of you…..I would have found it hilarious. If my partner asked me to call her “your majesty” I probably woulda lost my boner, either from laughing, or imagining the Queen (thanks for THAT image shiuma!)

  16. I Prefer Empress. But that’s just me.

  17. peter’s analogy is horrible, if a girl does it right it’s far more enjoyable than having a wank

  18. unless of course he was talking about having a male friend toss him off, in that case….

  19. hootie the blowfish

    I agree. I’d take a woman doing it over doing it myself anytime, as long as the girl doesn’t rip my junk off or something. But women who don’t know how to do it well can cause considerable discomfort.

  20. i little lame and bake this morning… and i feel like dancing.

  21. What about Good Friday and Easter Monday? Or is that only in certain countries?

  22. @ kiwigurl4life….I don’t think the US has Easter Monday….. sorry for THEM :)

  23. @ donsimon…..IF she knows what she’s doing. But u can always sit on your left hand for 10 minutes and then do it ….. that way you’ll feel like it’s somebody else

  24. Sounds to me that Kevin was breaking some new ground. Not a good time to ask for “Your Majesty”, at least wait till the second or third time?

  25. #1 is really stupid. not everyone works monday – friday. my days off are wednesday and thursday.

  26. @ 11eleven:
    Agreed. Even if she’s talking about school, she could be meaning that they’re going to get days off BECAUSE of Easter. I believe when I was in school, we got the Friday before and Monday after off. (And if she’s in college, it would make sense why she’s wondering if they do have it off.)

  27. or maybe Anthony knows that Anita is at school / works a Monday to Friday job.

  28. @randomuser
    The US does have Easter Monday off. At least I did when I was in high school. So if she’s in high school then she could mean that.

  29. With Easter being a religious holiday (or it’s supposed to be, anyway), my high school never gave good friday or easter monday off. The “spring break” sometimes fell on Easter week, so we’d get the entire week off, but it wasn’t always like that.

  30. If my man asked me to call him “Your Majesty” while we were going at it, I’d tell parliament voted and he’s loosing his crown.

  31. If Natasha posted AFTER Macon, wouldn’t her comment be above his?

    Or was she replying to his status? It doesn’t look like she is though.

    Someone explain please?

  32. @bostono: I think they might have been wall posts that the person who submitted the post screenshotted and combined, so the post made more sense.

  33. Hmm, I think calling a guy Your Majesty could be quite hot… although it’s preferable to be discused in advance.

  34. Kevin, I’m with you there.
    I almost always insist on being addressed as Your Highness.
    After a few dates that is.

  35. well word… i will call you hiney-yes :)

  36. Was Macon at a Phish show or something? lol.

  37. That’s because you are word. I don’t think anything else is more fitting.

  38. Thank you ee, my loyal one.

  39. There are so many possibilities with that word. Great, now I’m thinking dirty again. Dammit!

  40. keep talking gals fap fap fap fap fap fap fap

  41. Ha ha ha Your Majesty.

    I guess Peter has no problem with never getting another hand job from any girl ever. Maybe he should do some Yoga, and start giving himself Blowies too.

  42. I would love to expand on that ee, but I just don’t have it in me this morning.
    Not feeling too good, and it’s Friday, and I’m going away for the weekend, help me!

  43. Meh, me either. Have a good trip word!

  44. I’d help, but I’d have to get across a massive ocean. Good luck to ya!

  45. Sending some good thoughts my way is more than enough ee.
    We’ll have sex another day.

  46. Kevin – top marks for effort.

  47. hahaha YESS! i submitted the glowsticks one!! :D i can die happy now!!
    @bostono, macons post was after natashas, but i guess lamebook edited it so it was above.

  48. Only Kevin is funny. The rest, boring

  49. @ mcowles ….what kinda school were U at that they DIDN’T close for religious holidays?? Or is the whole US so uptight about keeping religion out of schools?

  50. and howdy… tnx for the info

  51. Brian’s is another rip off from TFLN. Way to be original.

  52. MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    @ randomuser: I have classes on Good Friday.
    Thinking about skipping it in order to make church actually. So not all schools/colleges/universities close on religious holidays in the US.

  53. MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    Also, how are some people’s names in blue?

  54. We’ve been through this before Monkey.
    The bold type means they’re are bashing the keys really hard, and the other type means they’re squeezing the life out of the keyboard causing cyanosis, hence the blue hue.
    Got it now?

  55. Lmao @ cyanosis. It’s either that or lack of oxygen to the brain.

    I am going to have to disagree with Peter. I’m thinking he hasn’t had an experienced woman help him with that one or else that comment would not of been made.

    I agree with what everybody else is saying about Your Majesty. She probably COULDN’T finish for the simple fact that she was laughing to hard. If not, she needs to lighten up a little bit and “Just Say No” and forget it was even said. I had an ex that used to refer to “him” as Thor or even Conan, which was a little weird. Which I’m no horse by any means, nor am I a pencil either. The weirdest part though is when she wanted me to act like I was her dad. Now THAT is a mood killer. Not to mention a good way to end a relationship! I prefer spanking and hair pulling myself. But to each their own I guess.

    But one thing I am curious about. If the guy didn’t shake directly on them, HOW IN THE HELL did it get in her eye? I think this is a loaded question I shouldn’t ask though.

  56. “Your majesty” made me laugh, and then kind of shudder.

    flashbacks of when some guy asked me to call him master.. that too ruins the mood, when the guy is smaller than you.

  57. If it were me, I would of been laughing hysterically as I called him masterbater cause that is what he would of been doing after that.

    I’m afraid I may have started something here.

  58. Dante should be more ashamed of using “ya’ll” in his status.

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