Monday, June 21, 2010

More Sharp Tools

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  1. Ben?

  2. Looks like you forgot to blur out that kids name!
    It’s hilarious, regardless (:

  3. Chantelle is either ten years old, or completely retarded.

  4. The flute?? Dear Christ..

    The spelling in the first one stopped me from finishing it …we’re doomed as race.

  5. Lol, Caroline’s about me:

    Caroline im 17 single.

    Im a wild child of the night, i love my friends n family,michael jackson,movies,seshes,piercings,marlboro blues,nike,red n purple,cute guys,crazy drunken nights,comfy couches,tekken,my cats,ipod/iphone,tats,grape soda,energy drinks.

    last year i changed heaps, i write Vader oh and half the time i don’t know what’s goin on with me.

    ♥ so yeah

  6. Chantelle made me want to sew my vagina closed, lest I ever have a child as dumb as that.

  7. And that Caroline girl is MARRIED?!?! Someone decided she was a catch? AWESOME. I’m now going to sew their vaginas closed as well.

  8. “Friday: was just smokin weed, trippin balls in a stairwell i opened the door and bam cops i tried to close the door on them lol that sucked

    May 31: nned to go to a doof or a rave before i can say ive lived , i should go to bed now nite”

    I didn’t look for any more but all I can say is PWNED bayotch.

  9. looks like they mananged to blur it out but the damage is done.

  10. Lol Caroline is pretty psycho judging from her posts… I doubt she’s married though, it’s probably just for attention seeking.

  11. Caroline’s profile is more entertaining than all of lamebook combined. Unfortunately her life seems to be a bit of a train wreck but it’s her own fault for posting it on facebook.

  12. Picture Chantelle’s as being written by an adorable five year old girl on her very firstest day of school and feel your heart break, Lamebook.

    And come on, guys. Do we really have to go visiting Caroline’s page? Do we really want another one-armed girl?

  13. In fact, I might try that five year old girl thing for every Lamebook post from here on out.
    Expect my comments to make a hell of a lot less sense than usual from now on.

  14. I tried to read Chantelle’s rant, but was only able to make it halfway through.

  15. LMAO @5
    Chantelle is fuckin mental and makes no sense.

  16. Oh jeez, Chantelle. That was brutal… to read. Now, it is somewhat understandable if she was all of 6, but I am going to make an educated guess that she’s not.

    And Caroline… Sweet Caroline. With an attitude like that, my father wouldn’t have driven me anywhere but to the bus station with a nice fresh boot print on my ass.

  17. It’s funny you say that, BrishHobo, because I was thinking to myself that unless Chantelle is about 7 her parents should just drop her off somewhere in canyon country, and just start over with a new child.

  18. Ugghhh the first one made my brain hurt! Can’t think! Must find dictionary!

  19. I quit reading whatever Chantelle was talking about before I got a migraine.

    Caroline…I don’t quite follow you. So your father said he wouldn’t take you to get some smokes…at the age 16…and you got mad…and you threw your wallet in the air and it landed on…the station? What station? BP? First off, nobody goes to BP anymore. Secondly, how did your wallet manage to land on the station? Also, why did you throw it up? People that are pissed usually throw stuff on the ground. When you throw stuff up…it means you’re celebrating. As if it wasn’t bad enough…you had to use our taxpayer money to get yourself of a roof you climbed on? Everything about this chick screams crazy.

    As for the last picture. Obviously they need to “Study Abroad” a little more.

  20. Um Chantelle, what? Someone needs to sterilize this girl to prevent the genes from spreading!

  21. off*

  22. wow, this post was filled with retardedness. i like that, lamebook, i like that.

  23. I bet Chantelle’s parents our so proud of her.

  24. God help us all.

    It’s like I am watching the movie “Idiocracy” playing out before my eyes.

  25. Win, teo.

    The human race is officially f***ed.

  26. ApplesauceBitch

    The best type of birth control is seeing other people’s mistakes.

  27. I love reading the comments of you mouth breathing, slack jawed morons; scoffing at Chantelle’s note, proclaiming a lack of intelligence with your poorly written out thoughts against something that, when you look beyond the poor grammar and spelling, is observant and insightful.

    Oh the irony.

  28. @JoeAckney

    It’s really not.

  29. It looks like that guy walking down the middle of the stairs in that picture is rubbbing his temples thinking “lord” about the person who wrote flute haha.

  30. @JoeAckney:

    “Mouth-breathing”, “slack-jawed” and “poorly-written” are supposed to be hyphenated.


  31. @JoeAckney

    She sounds like a typical pre-teen. I was that self-absorbed and ignorant at her age, too (hopefully she’s under 15, lol) She can’t spell, but she’s complaining about her parents telling her to go to school? That in itself is worthy of Lamebook, lol!

    Caroline, stop repetitively calling your father a “c&nt”, when he was doing a favour for you. Just a thought!

  32. While Chantelle’s spelling, grammar and overall message do indeed imply that this imposed education is actually the best thing for her…
    I rather think she’s passed all hope already.

  33. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    JoeAckney just made my day. If Chantelle is your idea of insight, I am now curious to see what you consider to be drivel.

  34. waitingfortheday

    this gramatically impaired lady is actually right :O

    maybe…her grammar is actually her way of saying no to the system xD

  35. *Correction: I was as silly as her at her age, but not nearly as stupid…

  36. Chantelle needs to go work in a Nike factory for a few months.

  37. I love how the lady in the background is already facepalming the last one’s comment

  38. @MikeyMike – If you want to be pedantic about grammar then you should know that the sentence “Retard.” isn’t a legitimate sentence. A legitimate sentence requires a verb, but you’ve used the slang meaning of retard, which is a noun. I’ll let you join the dots.

    As for the rest of you Mouth-breathing, slack-jawed (thanks go to MikeyMike for that one) morons, my reasoning is simple.

    Yeah, what Chantelle wrote is your usual angst-ridden teenage diatribe, but the clarity of her thoughts is refreshing for someone of her assumed age. She’s reasonable. Most kids whine about being forced to go to school and complain about being harassed by their parents to do homework, however, Chantelle goes several steps further by producing a very reasonable counter argument. She then goes on to describe how her parents unwillingness to empathies with her point-of-view is unreasonable and is causing a rift in her and her parents relationship. Again, she goes further by hazarding a guess at what further personal issues could arise from this in future.

    Fact is, academically she doesn’t seem that astute but her emotional intellect looks goods.

    As for you people, if it looks smart it must be smart… and vice-versa.

    Retards. ;)

  39. @Dukey Smoothy Buns – Most of the user controlled content on the internet is drivel…

  40. @JoeAckney

    I think the United Nations would have something to say in response to her “very reasonable counter argument”. For instance, education is a human right and education should be compulsory because if a kid’s parents aren’t going to stand up for the kid’s rights (by making them go to school) then somebody has to.

    It sounds like maybe her parents are a bit hard on her when she screws up but her attitude is not going to help her at all.

  41. Dear JoeAckney,

    You seem unhappy here, and should perhaps consider moving along then, you trolling little troll.
    Miss Shegas

  42. Awww, Miss Shegas. Can’t we keep him? I like him. I promise I’ll feed him every day?

  43. Sounds like she has parents that give a f*ck about her.

    @Joe as for her having a “very reasonable counter argument” what are you smoking and can I get some? You sir are the retard. Not only does it seem her parents care (maybe they are a bit hard but hey some are) but by LAW they have to make her go to school. Now that doesn’t mean she has to learn as her post shows she is not but it is a parents responsibility to try and make her learn.

    Most teenagers go through a phase like this, luckily for me there was no facebook/myspace to publish it on when I was growing up. Bad enough if you’re a stupid teenager “raging against the machine” but to have it put on blast and kept for prosperity would of sucked growing up.

  44. @EmKitteh – I can’t see what relevance your first paragraph has in this discussion. Her argument was in reference to her parents attitude towards her performance. This is clear from the fact she elaborates greatly on the pressure to perform rather than the actual attendance of school (which was mentioned briefly). The fact she mentioned a reluctance in attending school was a consequence of her parents detrimental attitude.

    Her “very reasonable counter argument” was that she would like the education provided for her but for her parents to be a source of support rather than a point of contention.

    And she’s a child, she’ll spend the next decade or so learning to deal with situations amicably. The point of failure lies more so with the parents.

  45. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    I’m with soup on this one @Miss Shegas please lets keep JoeAckney, she(?) is hilarious. I am assuming she (?) is being serious and not sarcastic about thinking that Chantelle is insightful.

  46. @Miss Shegas – How can I move on when someone on the internet is WRONG!

    @Mispeld – I was commenting on her ability to express her thoughts well in-spite of her poor spelling and grammar, as well as highlighting the fact that most people commenting here are as thick as the subject supposedly is.

    What the fuck are you on about? If your intention was to state the obvious, well done, gold star for you.

  47. @Dukey Smoothy Buns – Insightful for her age. I know your comments lack any merit but please don’t take what I say out of context to add weight to your drivel. :)

  48. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Sorry JoeAckney, I am laughing so hard at you that I forgot to include any merit in my comments.

    By the way how can you tell how old Chantelle is?

  49. The ability to express her thoughts in-spite of her poor spelling and grammar is what the fuck I’m going on about. If it takes someone 2 or 3 times reading what you post, then you have lost your ability to express your thoughts. No matter what she was trying to say about her parents support or pressure for school was lost the moment she used are for our. If you are going to bitch about your parents getting on you for doing shitty in school, the first thing you need to prove is that you can do it without the bitching from them. She failed miserably in that. She is lucky her parents give a fuck about how she does in school and that they get on her for doing poorly. It shows they care what happens to her when she grows up and that they most likely don’t want her to have to be stuck working at a job saying, “do you want fries with that” her whole life.

  50. At first I thought I understood Chantelle’s logic. But then… she kept going on and on and I couldn’t keep up. So now I’m just sitting here extremely confused, wondering what the crap I just read.

    Also, Caroline seems like a very lovely person! Definitely a real catch! (Also, rather curious about that profile now…)

    The last one, I’ll admit, is kind of cute. I don’t know, just kind of sweet and innocent compared to the other two?

  51. It’s okay Dukey Smoothy Buns, I think showing any intelligence at this point will be a little too late.

    At what point in my previous comments did I state her age?

  52. Actually, now that I think about it, I agree with JoeAckney. Had what she said been more clear, and her spelling/grammar up to par, she would have made a lot more sense. I think she’s definitely insightful, but her poor grammar and inability to express her thoughts more clearly is what’s holding her back.

  53. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    #46 “Insightful for her age”

  54. @ Mispeld – You have a serious problem with keeping the subject in sight. Why do you keep mentioning the fact that her parents care for her… of course they do! That was not in dispute. Though, I commend you on starting your comment addressing the subject, you might have gone off on a tangent soon after but I think you might be getting the hang of this.

    For the record, I had no problem reading what she wrote as I feel her monologue progressed logically. But I agree with you, if someone has to re-read what you wrote in order to understand your thoughts then you’ve failed to communicate effectively. Socrates himself extolled the ability to express one’s self in plain speech. However, the target audience takes precedence here. If that note was on her Facebook page she will more than likely adopt a casual language, a language used and developed while speaking with her friends, of whom, I would imagine, would be the majority of her Facebook ‘audience’.

  55. @Dukey Smoothy Buns – School age.

  56. Aw, ok Soupy and Dukey, I can’t resist you kids. You can keep him. But you have to promise to feed, walk, and beat him every day.

    Fucktards and trolls will shrivel and die without constant attention. It’s a big responsibility!

  57. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    So how do you know this is not some 25yr old talking about the “presher” of college? Is she still insightful?

  58. Miss Shegas, I don’t think you know exactly what the term troll means. Seriously, aggressively asserting a point of view isn’t trolling.

    Here, this might help:

    Ironically, what you’re considered doing is trolling!

  59. Joe it might be the fact I’m on Lortab. I should of set each of those thoughts apart. I was disagreeing with you while also being a bit pissed at what she put. Each part should of been separate. As part of commenting on lamebook is agreeing with or making fun of/disagreeing with whatever it is that has been posted on lamebook.

  60. It’s “SHOULD HAVE”, not “should of”! Subliterate troll >:-(

  61. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    @#59 said Village Idiot

  62. @Miss Shegas

    You seem to identify with this young lady. Could you offer up some of your own life experiences that led you to take her side rather than that of her parents?

  63. should’ve* Since that was the contraction I was going for with “should of” my bad.

  64. Dukey Smoothy Buns – I don’t know her age. The general perception of Chantelle is that she is young. My discussion was to challenge peoples unduly perceptions regarding the dearth of her intellect, without really addressing the content. A good speller with fancy words don’t mean that that person is clever. ;)

    Mispeld – Fair point. Hopefully, if/when she enters higher education (assuming she isn’t already in it), she’ll be able to create a learning environment more suitable for herself given her distance from her parents. Hopefully.

  65. @Soup – I think you’ve just invented ‘polite trolling’.

  66. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    “A good speller with fancy words don’t mean that that person is clever. ;)

    Joe, you have given us ample evidence of this notion through your comments today about Chantelle’s insight

  67. I just knew you’d rise to the occasion, Soup! ;)

  68. @JoeAckney

    Well, based on your mastery of Wikipedia, I’ll have to defer to your expertise. But my question still stands: Regardless of the “emotional intellect” of her rant, what makes you think her parents are the bad guys?

  69. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Once again, I’m with soup. I am curious about why you identify with Chantelle. BTW you never clarified your gender for us.

  70. I just needed your approval, Miss Shegas. Some of us recognize the value of input from those with wisdom.

  71. Dukey Smoothy Buns –

    (1)Actually, you’ve just exemplified my entire point.(1)

    (2)What you said was Grammatically correct, appropriate vocabulary was used and what words you used were spelt correctly. However, the content was weak; you make a statement without justifying your position and provide no logical reasoning.(2)

    Without these things your claim is unsubstantiated. This either is due to a lack on intelligence, laziness (you can pick that one if you like) or, more obviously, an invalid point.

    To help you understand what I mean I’ve labelled the above paragraph for you.

    (1) – is my statement
    (2) – is my reasoning <— the part all your comments lack.

    Chantelle's post, contained items 1 and 2, with logical links between separate clauses.

  72. I didn’t know my gender required clarification.

    And no, I don’t identify with Chantelle, at all. My parents gave me room to grow and to develop as a person and I’m currently enjoying a very success stint with my current academic pursuit.

    And I hate it when casual f*gs use terms like trolling. Reminds me of when you see older people say they’re down with the kids.

  73. @JoeAckney. huh?
    translation: I find it amusing that you comment on people mocking others on a website that is specifically set up to ridicule others stupidity. Why bother?

  74. Why do I bother mocking people who mock the content?! For the same reason why these people mock the content, to have my say.

  75. I hope someone saves Chantelle’s rant and makes her read it when she’s 30-something with bratty teenagers of her own…

  76. krasivaya_devushka

    Well I’ve seen some horrible spelling, but that is just ridiculous in number 1.

  77. Oh, Soup, with your weaponized penis, you needed no input from me. Clearly, with equipment like that, YOU are in charge of input.

    Besides, I’m a simply a causal f*g, who just isn’t down with the kids. But your compliments make an old lady’s day. ;P

  78. Dare I say, the conversation concerning Chantelle just happens to be overflowing with much more “lame” than Chantelle’s note.

  79. Arguing on the Internet is like the Special Olympics. Even if you win you are still a retard.

    note: No retards were harmed during this post.

    Do I get the “Politically Incorrect” and the “Dredging up Ancient Jokes That Weren’t That Funny in the First Place” awards?

  80. Parents don’t make their children go to school. It’s kind of the law. Just saying. So Chantelle’s argument is invalid and she just fails.

  81. @JoeAckney I like you

  82. @ JoeAckney, wikipedia is a horrible source. You should never use it. Most people know this. This made your troll comment invalid.
    Also, don’t call other people f*gs. Do you think you’re so much better then everyone else? Are you really hateful towards gays? Do their life decisions bother you so much that you have to use that word?

  83. Can someone PLEASE accuse someone else of being like Hitler so we can invoke Godwin’s law and close the argument?
    It’s 5.40 am here and I haven’t slept all night. I thought I’d come here to read the posts and the (generally) amusing comments. Instead I get some tw*t being superior, smug and self-satisfied about humorous comments on a humorous site, and everyone else getting dragged into it.
    It got very dull about 40 posts ago.
    Just sayin’

  84. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    @dinosgorawr F*gs doesn’t really mean gay person anymore.

    @Icedcoffee, I like Joe too, that’s why I am happy that Mis[tres]s Shegas gave us permission to keep Her/ Him.

    @ Joe, the reason I haven’t given you any reasoning is clearly stated in comment number 78. How the hell do I begin my argument when you say someone is insightful for their age and you don’t even know their fucken age.

  85. suckmebeautiful

    I can’t believe I spent the last 30 minutes going through these comments lol. Although, as a f*g, I thoroughly enjoyed Chantelle’s interesting ways of spelling “our” and “pressure”… It made the half post I could get through entertaining.

    @Soup, I’ve missed your witter banter.

  86. suckmebeautiful

    Make that witty banter.

  87. Perhaps our many conversations are lame.
    We folks only do that which fills our need.
    All spouted rhetoric is but a game.
    For all these posts are that on which we feed.
    Someday all our silly antics might alter,
    But would that make the internet more fun?
    I say no, we must not ever falter.
    You can fight, but we will not be undone.
    The shades of stupidity must be unfurled.
    Because revelation allows us to combat
    The retardation that afflicts the world.
    I, for one, will not be another wombat.
    Go ahead, make your jokes, we are a rock,
    And just to please me, suck my fucking cock.

  88. Ok, now I’m pissed. I just wrote a wonderful sonnet for apoeticsonnet and I’m being moderated. I have no idea why.

    We’re like ships passing in the night.

  89. @Dukey, that doesn’t make it any less offensive.

  90. Caroline’s a victim.

  91. Charlie Incognito

    Joe: “How can I move on when someone on the internet is WRONG!”

    Way to aim high, good luck on your mission.
    You are just like clansman that walks into a black panthers meet, but I got to admire that self-righteous naivety.

  92. I can’t read that, I just can’t, and I can’t be fucked reading most of the comments. Bad day. At a glance, I see some of my cronies have been entangled in what appears to be nonsensical argument with JoeBlow or whatever, and without reading a thing, I can pretty much guess that Joe’s been stirring it up.

    Enjoy yourselves people, I’m out.

  93. mymomruinedfacebook

    @Wonderbread You are my hero! My mental image of her throwing the wallet in fury dozens of feet in the air only to have it fall back down onto the roof of the “station”…

    @JoeAckney I agree but it is Lamebook Law to look upon typos and misspellings with disgust. Chantelle was a bad speller but there are a lot of bad spellers out there. At least she is writing

    So my computer shut down like 7 hours ago and my comp saved what i had written ^^ up there. how awesome

  94. Paranoid Android

    Wowzee 92 comments and ten minutes of my life down the shitter.

    This sucks, sort it out.

  95. word, you didn’t miss much.
    Lame, Lamebook. Lame.

  96. I like to think Chantelle’s parents submitted her for that. What a prick.

    Also, I’d like to say she’s probably 12 years old and, for that reason, I forgive her for her soul-destroying use of ‘are’ as ‘our’ repeatedly. But then I remember that I’ve known the difference between ‘are’ and ‘our’ since I was 5, like the rest of the world, and my urge to push her off a cliff to remove her from the gene pool remains intact.

  97. caroline, meet si__arra; si__arra, meet caroline.

    12 rounds to the death. winner gets a pack of smokes and a darwin award.

  98. JoeAckney is frito

  99. Man, what the hell was all that about?!

  100. What Lea said.

  101. What Stretch said that Lea said.

  102. oh, and @ JoeAckney,

    ‘no man is wiser than socrates.’

    do give it a rest.

  103. alordslums, wut you on about?

    I’m surprised this site hasn’t got more trolls. Could rattle your cages all day :p

    But i still stand by what i said ;)

  104. What txiwiki said that Stretch said that Lea said…

    Do you think JoeAckney has a pool?

  105. I can sort-of understand the point JoeAckney is trying to put across; just because someone’s grammer and spelling makes your eyes bleed, does not always mean that the message contained within is not worth trying to understand.

    But seriously, she’s not doing anything to assist herself in actually communicating whatever point she was trying to make. We have adopted standardised spelling and grammer to encourage better and easier communication; if you cannot even manage the basics of this or you are not willing to put the effort into constructing proper sentences, don’t expect anyone to try to decipher your message, regardless of how deep and meaningful it is.

    That’s my position, anyway, JoeAckney. That is all.

    BTW, apologies if I’ve mis-typed anything. Why do I have to hold the Right mouse button down to type?

  106. Joe, may I refer you to such bombast tripe as:

    ‘How can I move on when someone on the internet is WRONG!’ (comment 45)


    ‘My discussion was to challenge peoples unduly perceptions regarding the dearth of her intellect..’ (comment 63)

    with reference then to this pompous and at times unnecessarily clerical language, i would like to highlight the most idiotic, conceited and irrelevant chunk of your verbal diarrhoea, in which you have the temerity/complete lack of self-awareness to start a sentence with:

    ‘Socrates himself….’ (comment 53)

    on a website that makes fun of facebook and the largely low-brow humour that it throws up.

    in light of the above, i was referring you to the most famous quote in relation to the life of socrates (as a scholar and a gentleman you’ll understand). the oracle at delphi supposedly told him, ‘no man is wiser than socrates.’ although perhaps if you don’t quite understand what i’m getting at, i’ll point you in the direction of one of his other well-known apothegms:

    ‘i only know that i know nothing.’

    i think you’d do well to bear that one in mind, joseph.

  107. “Joe, may I refer you to such bombast tripe as:”

    “bombast tripe”


    The reason behind this is simple:

    As for the rest… sorry, tl;dr.

    Next question.



  110. Frito! The new Defendor!
    watch out! he might unleash wasps on us next!

    No Joe! we are NOT Cpt. Industry!!! lol


  112. Here is the next question:

    Do you actually believe that the best thing for Chantelle is for her parents to believe her argument that the reason she is a failure is because they force her to go to school and pressher her to try to get good grades? And that if they gave her the choice of going to school or not going to school, then all the presher would be lifted from Chantelle, she would happily choose to go to school and she would start to do well?

    You say she is insightful and has a valid argument. But that is what her insight and arguments come down to – an immature, naive tantrum.

    Maybe you do believe her. But if you are an adult and think like Chantelle, then she is better off than you.

  113. @JoeAckney damn I would have liked to see the reply, damn workplace.

  114. there’s no point saying anything to that guy. he won’t sit down and take his medicine (doesn’t know what’s good for him).

    at least ben has some degree of personal integrity!

  115. Walter, that was rubbish, especially in contrast after following alordslums beautiful put-down, which made my nipples hard.

    alordslums wins.

    Miss Shegas and Soup come a close second.

    The rest of you get a C+ for the effort but an E- for delivery. Please try harder in future.

  116. I’ll take that as a “no.”

    You’re welcome everybody. Goodnight.

  117. I love that in the “flute” pic there is a guy in the background giving the facepalm, as if he knows what is going to happen.

  118. tl;dr 1st 1

  119. Ah…pointless arguing on the internet. We need a website that honors the lameness of lamebook comments.

    Oh, and Joe Ackney, from what it seems, you and Chantelle would make a swell couple.

  120. Well people, it’s been a pleasure.

    Allow me to close stating an obvious truism.

    I be rolling; you be hating.

    Word up my housebrothers.

  121. I’m sorry but Chantelle seems to be just another self absorbed teen having a tantrum.

    Firstly – one of her points is about her parents being upset at her when she is upset about not getting something that she wants. Well you can’t always get what you want so deal with it.

    Also what teen hasn’t complained about how their parents want them to do well at school? If she claims she can do well at school without her parents telling her she has to go, and telling her that she should do well because the grades are going to affect her life then she should do well with the pressure. Because I hate to break it to the girl, but when you get to the real working world you need to learn to thrive under pressure or find yourself in the unemployment line. If you want less pressure prove that you don’t need it.

    And yes respect works both way. But you can’t seriously expect your parents to start respecting you as a young adult until you show them a little respect as well.

    Also the drugs and alcohol path is taken by kids who parents don’t give a crap whether they go to school, as much by kids who parents put pressure on them. If she feels she’s getting too much pressure then perhaps she should talk to her parents like an adult instead of having a whiny behind their backs spoilt brat rant.

    Life is not made 10 times worse by parents alone even though it may seem that way to a girl who thinks the world revolves around her. If her parents are trying to get her to do well then its probably because they don’t want her to wind up on unemployment or worse.

    So I really don’t see where in any of that she has made any insightful argument other than proving she’s a whiny teen who immaturely posts her issues on facebook rather than taking them up with her parents.

  122. couldn’t resist one last gaffe, could you joe?

    ‘obvious truism’ is a tautology.

    look forward to your return when you shall, no doubt, be covering yourself in further glory.

  123. Love this site? Check out

  124. chantelle is just some typical little idiot. there is nothing insightful or intelligent about what she wrote. she’s another kid pissed she has to do things she doesn’t want to, which apparently she doesn’t do anyway,because you can at least learn the diff between our and are by just sitting in an english class. i’m not sure how anyone can see something with any substance in that paragraph,but you must be raspecting her mastakes as her people not use spell check? those little red lines mean bad,try again..

    and i love the flute,so beautiful ;]
    and watch out for those fireies,they’ll get ‘cha.

  125. Ohbabybaby

    maybe you should use spell check too, you couldnt even spell mistake and respecting right.

  126. @kaidee: The only time I condone lambasting someone’s grammar in an internet forum is when they use incorrect grammar or spelling when pointing out someone else’s grammatical/spelling error. So, kudos.

  127. suckmebeautiful

    @KaiDee: Ohbabybaby was using the words “mastakes” and “raspecting” because those are the words Chantelle used in her post. But thanks for coming out.

  128. hehe, *facepalm* for kaidee and masterprop.

    people are so eager to correct on here, that they get all adrenaliney and skip over salient bits in posts.

    ohbabybaby could have put those words in inverted commas – but to be fair it was pretty obvious she was referencing chantelle.

  129. Chantelle is just like any other teenager in the world. Kudos to her parents for being involved and trying to pound some intelligence into her. Eventually, she’ll grow out of it and “raspect” her parents for what they’re doing for her now. Hopefully.

    Caroline sounds like she should have taken a swan dive off the roof before tax payer money was wasted.

    And I’m honestly surprised that this hasn’t come up in the last picture before now (120+ comments later). Remember American Pie and the whole “One time, at band camp” thing? I would feel very sorry for any guy who came after that flute! It’d be like throwing a hot dog down a hallway!

  130. Whoops! That should be “flute”. Someone get that person a Baby Einstein musical instruments, stat!

  131. The world runs on assumptions, and the way that Chantelle types, I assume she’s metally handicapped in some way. What’s the point of having a valid comment, and able to write counter points, etc, when no one can read, or take seriously, what you wrote in the first place?

  132. I almost gave up on finishing up Chantelle’s post but I had to soldier on with faint hope that it will evebtually make sense, but I was severly denied that opportunity. She did make sure that it was pointed out that education is needed coz reading that was torture, to say the least. || I don’t even have words to say regarding Caroline… I mean, I’m 21 and I don’t smoke and even if I did I certainly wouldn’t order my dying around when I’m dying for a fix… Let alone call him a cunt! Wow, I can’t fathom the infinite consequences of an incident like that, lol!!

  133. [edit] Meant “infinite number of consequences…”. I thank you.

  134. I respect anybody who takes the time to read and understand something like the first post.

  135. Ah the cliffs of Moher nice.

  136. @kaidee:umm,yeah everybody else already pointed your mastake. but thanks for trying to make me look like an idiot ;]

  137. suckmebeautiful

    I got your back [b]ohbabybaby[/b]

  138. suckmebeautiful

    eww, i suck at the internets… how do I bold words?

  139. At the risk of raising the ire of JoeAckney:

    What the shit is Caroline talking about?

    And Lamebook: What the hell is up with your sudden abundance of crappy popups?

  140. I don’t know I thought it was like this

  141. But I was wrong. :(

  142. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    lol @ walter #138

    I am sober now and after reading this entire comments section, all I can say is ‘A round of facepalms for everybody.’

    BTW lets not hate on Joe, he/she provided us with lots of entertainment that night. Fuckwad is arguing about “She is insightful for her age” and doesn’t even know her age. She was just spouting the usual teenage bullshit … and I know that cos I was a teenager a few yrs ago. Joe you need to coma back again and regale us with with your insight.

  143. What short but is Chantelle forced on?

  144. I hear the schools for people like Chantelle have arts and crafts and finger painting. Who wouldn’t want to go there?

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