Tuesday, June 22, 2010

More Ink that Stinks

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  1. Ben?

  2. CommentsAtLarge

    Benjamin Q. Frodo

  3. Dangit, I want that first one on my toe.

  4. anybody else grossed out by #1′s toenail??

  5. CommentsAtLarge

    The frog one is just wierd (is one of them bleeding from the head?) and the Honda one… well just think, that little gem is permanent.

  6. The camel toe one was kinda cute but the other two, meh

  7. I don’t know that the ink stinks in the first one, but those toes would.

  8. ewww! I just noticed the toe nail! That takes any cuteness from the camel right out of the equation.

  9. Stephen, do me a favor and punch Dylan in the face. But I do admit I like the last one.

  10. I think the Honda one is on that person’s butt.

  11. I hope he just gets the word ‘tatoo’ on him. Postmodern and shit, yeah?

  12. CommentsAtLarge


    I thought so too

  13. Jamie’s Honda tattoo makes me feel ever so much better about the “Pontiac 4-eva” tattoo across my ass.

  14. Now there’s a camel toe that no one ever wants to see. *barf*

  15. I really do hope the tattooist that does Dylans tattoo will actually write ‘tatoo’ just to make him look that little bit more dickish than he already would with ‘tattoo’.

  16. Super Nintendo Chalmers

    Damn, Dylan stole my idea :-(

  17. Liam’s toes have more humps on them than that camel.

  18. Insert Name Here

    Anyone else want to bet that Liam is very friendly with the Lamisil monster?

  19. Oh wow…It does really look like the Honda one is on the butt. That is just tacky…My Honda gently weeps. :(

  20. Dawn of the Dan

    OMG, you know what’d be even funnier, Dylan? You get a tatoo that say “It doesn’t say anything, it’s just a picture of a camel on my toe!” Then when peple ask you what your tatoo say, you say “It doesn’t say anything, it’s just a picture of a camel on my toe!” At that point, they look at your toes and call you a liar and stuff, but then you lift up your shirt and they see the words written across your chest and they see they’ve been duped and you both laugh and laugh on into the night!

  21. Always kiss me goodnight? Because you, like me, are a baseball loving frog?

  22. lmao, the “honda” one is hilarious!

  23. Hahah @heisenberg

  24. I picture Dylan as a simple character. One whose tattoo choices need no explanation. And if anyone is foolish enough to ask Dylan about his bodily art endeavors he can simply point to it and loudly proclaim, “TATOO!”

    No seriously, the thought of him just childishly yelling “tatoo” when someone asks him about it was a lot funnier to me than the repeated typo. People who can’t spell are a dime a dozen these days. But those who are stupid enough to permanently etch these typos into their body for the world to see are …well, they are also a dime a dozen.

  25. Yeuch, that toe looks gangrenous!
    Cute camel though.

  26. ew.

  27. “Mommy, why is the woman in daddy’s tattoo getting card tabled?”

    Card tabled: When a woman is on her knees being penetrated from behind while performing oral sex on a man in front of her such that her back is a nice, flat surface on which the two men can play cards.

  28. Always frog ball me goodnight?

  29. You know, this debate has come up a lot on Lamebook tattoo posts, but I was really interested to know what you guys would actually do. If you were a tattoo artist, and one of these people with a typo’d tattoo came in… would you point out the typo and ask them if they want the correct spelling? Or would you just go ‘so this is the exact tattoo you want?’ and let them deal with the consequences?

    Me? I wouldn’t be a tattoo artist.

  30. how about “twat-who” instead of “tatoo”?

  31. @Gwang Are you implying that there are camel toes that people actually want to ever see?

  32. @BritishHobo: Yes this subject has been the topic of conversation in several posts. As a Tattooer if this dumb ass wanted the word tatoo or any other obviously misspelled word on this body for the rest of his life. I would make him/her write out word and ask, “Are you sure?” “Positive?” “Just like this?” Fuck it! Let’s go.

  33. @AZFreckles, oh, definitely. I know plenty of guys who lost it when they saw Odette Yustman’s camel toe in the movie “The Unborn.”

  34. @BritishHobo I have a tattoo artist in the family, and at her upscale shop, they have a waiver that each person signs, that says they are not liable for what the person asks for. so, if they ask for the Chinese symbol for Soup, thinking it means Peace, it’s not the artists fault- that and misspellings, of course.

  35. The only one that made me giggle was the Honda one. I’m a sick pervert what can I say. That’s one to show the grand kids later in life!

  36. @haggie

    I know it as the “wobbly H”, or if the guys had been high-fiving an “Eiffel Tower”.

  37. Liam has minging feet, and it’s not original. I’ve seen a cock on a knee ‘Cockney’, it’s equally as un-funny, and to anyone who doesn’t know what a Cockney is, you just have a little willy drawn on your knee.

  38. @haggie

    We call it “fingercuffs.”

  39. mymomruinedfacebook

    Always kiss while wearing baseball uniforms but only in frog body form standing on top of an enormous floating baseball in a pond… me every night

  40. @yelelow Twat-who sounds like some obscure fighting style.

  41. @#19 thats pretty damn funny

  42. I want to get a tattoo with the words “what tattoo”. That way, when people ask me what my tattoo says, I’ll answer with “what tattoo”. Barrel of laughs!

    Also, is Liam’s toenail -green-?

  43. card tabled is funny…..where I’m from we call it “pig roasting” a broad

  44. @wallytcw

    “Always frog ball me goodnight” HAHAHAHAHA it sounds like some kind of crazy sex maneuver. I can’t stop saying it and laughing hahahaha

  45. See ‘what tattoo’ makes a lot more sense as a joke than just ‘tattoo’, spelt correctly or not.

  46. The Salmon Mousse

    If the 2 guys were high-fiving in the Honda one, they would be Eiffel-Towering!

  47. Paranoid Android

    @41 Sure you’re not getting confused with ‘Spit-Roasting’?

    Spit Roast -A sexual activity involving 3 people, two active males and one passive (male or female). Man 1 pentrates person 2 from the rear (anal or vaginal) while he/she sucks the penis of person 3.

    (un)interesting fact, Spit-Roast can be used as either a verb or noun.

    Then again, ‘pig-roasting’ would be more apt for the women that frequent my part of the world.

  48. krasivaya_devushka

    Those are some nasty toes in the first one.

  49. Omgg the Honda one reminds me of this dude I saw at a car show last weekend. He had Chevrolet written across his chest and it had racing flags & shit all over it. DUMB. And my old assistant manager has a Honda logo tattoo with a Civic below it. LAME.

  50. Hahaha, my drummer has a camel on his toe. He’s going to be so disappointed that someone else has had it done!

  51. For the first male to be stood up in that position would have to have some length on him or the girl would have to have ridiculously long thighs! Although this would work over a card table…

    And those are frogs? I thought they were these babies:


  52. hahah cameltoe is mine tom baxter, add me if you think my toes are sey

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