Thursday, January 28, 2010

More Haitin’

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  1. first…followed by…Najia’s status is hilarious!

  2. Najia’s joke is awful…and it makes it even funnier.

  3. for real meghan?

  4. Some people are just obnoxious!

  5. … where is Ben?

  6. we’re all going to hell

  7. Kevin confuses me.

    Ben had to go contemplate life.

  8. Najia and Meghan are worthless

    the hurricane comment made me laugh out loud

  9. First one has got to be fake.

  10. I’m sorry, but Najias joke is really funny! lol

  11. @eenerbl

    Kevins doing a Kanye West reference, bloody funny one too

  12. Najia’s joke is classic.

  13. Najia = awesome.

    Meghan = can diaf.

  14. I don’t know if it is fake, you know. I know someone who thought it was a volcano…

    Oh, and sorry for ballsing up the comments sections. I didn’t realise what a shitstorm I was creating! I shall try to keep my comments to the friendlier side of acerbic in future.

  15. Pat Robertson banned Ben to Haiti. That’s where all the people in a contract with the devil go. Duh.

  16. @9. I doubt it. Some people really are that in the dark about current events sadly.

  17. @Najia – I am outwardly apalled but inwardly LMAO

  18. how ignorant

  19. Dang I was really hoping to see more of his super intelligent comments here. Oh well, where is that turtle kid?

    Oh yeah swimming in Frodo’s pool.

  20. Ben is busy dropping the Ring off. That damned Mt. Doom still hasn’t been fitted for free wi-fi.

  21. @Not Ben: You may be right. But it is possible his feelings are hurt because of my comment about his house being like a shire.

    Hopefully he’ll be back soon with in lame-ass comments.

  22. Hey. Fuck you. Pools are perfect for holding water!

  23. Shoulda just been called ‘Cock ends’. Cos that’s what all these guys are.

  24. I’m a big fan of tasteless jokes, but I think Najia’s goes way too far to be funny. Making fun of actual dead kids, especially so soon, crosses the line.

  25. @Sensible Madness, there’s no fun in making fun of fictional dead kids, now is there?

  26. I saw it more as Najia making fun of boy bands, not dead kids, but hey, thats just me.


  28. @yaya: It’s okay to express your opinion, so long as you know that you’re wrong.

    Just kidding. It’s possible that was the intent, I dunno. Also, I don’t discount the possibility that I would have laughed at a different, funnier, joke about the same topic. Maybe the problem is that the joke is about offensive things, but that the more offensive the subject matter, the funnier the joke will have to be to overcome that. Or something. Anyway, the joke sucked.

    Also, Kevin, the Kanye thing is getting almost as tired as the Frodo thing.

  29. @SensibleMadness Thank you for understanding that, alas, I am in one of those silly moods today. Sometimes you have to be in the right frame of silly to enjoy such things. Sort of like certain movies only make sense and amuse when stoned (Monty Python’s HOLY GRAIL for instance.)

    We are the knights we saw “nyeee”

  30. saw = say

  31. we = who. Crap typing day, I think my stomach flu is beginning to show.

  32. @ yaya: I agree, Holy Grail is best watched stoned, as with The Pick of Destiny!

  33. Gawrd I wish I didn’t feel like hammered dogcrap today.

  34. Not zombie kid:

    I like turtles.

  35. The joke is unfunny and so is the Frodo thing

  36. as with Superbad

  37. the frodo thing is really really really lame. and makes no sense.

  38. Maybe Meghan meant tahi instead of hati.

  39. I don’t get the whole trolling thing, what does that mean? Someone please enlighten me.

  40. Haiti is sooooo 2 weeks ago

  41. Oh I also don’t get Kevin’s post at all :S

  42. The Frodo thing makes perfect sense if you see the original post.
    And anyway, you are complaining about something being lame, yet you are on a website called

  43. I am Frodo

  44. @”fake” Ben, you are Sam! “Real” Ben is Frodo.
    @x0lou0x, you are Gollum.

  45. You iZ ALLL FROEDOEZ!!! I hateZ allz Of yu! Like eyE hatez MEEe! DAddY Wuz saltY toDaye!

  46. Don’t Hait the playa’, Hait the game.

    Oh, and Hait the earthquakes, also.

  47. Why would you ask what happened in Haiti? I mean, you have to be online to access FB so why not mosey on over to google and type in Haiti?! I can’t wait for “acting stupid” to leave the average young girls arsenal of “charming traits”.

  48. @wayguey


  49. I’m going to hell for laughing at Najia’s post.


  50. Listen people, this is Najia. I’m extremely disappointed in Lamebook. They editted my post. My orginal post was “whoever started this joke ‘did you hear about the new haitian boy band? it’s called new blocks on the kids’ should be shot.”
    Thanks a lot, Lamebook for making me look like a bad person.

  51. I was just going to comment on how Najia’s post makes no sense. The use of proper punctuation and capitalization for “It’s” kind of implies that Najia would have begun the statement with capitalization, ended the second sentence with a period, and not left a random quotation mark at the end. The hanging quotation mark, as well as the lack of capitalization in “do” are consistent with an unedited copy/paste of a quote taken out of context. Thus, this is either a quote that Najia copy/pasted from some source, or part of a sentence that Najia posted about the quote that was mutilated for lamebook purposes. Given the comment from najia89 above, I am inclined to believe the latter scenario, and am also quite disappointed in whatever imbecile is responsible for this.

  52. @MikeysRight
    Thankyou! finally i have been able to fully understand why all the established members of lamebook find Frodo’s pool such a funny topic.

    i love!

  53. Frodo doesn’t have a pool.

  54. @i am here
    wow i’m just amazed at how pathetic your life is! criziting others in order to make youself feel good haha what a jerk. you wasted your time “tutoring” me what i knew, idiot. this is not eng101 or a place to criticize others.

    again i feel sorry for you :( :(

  55. Its that a heavier version of New Kids on the bloock?

    Damn, yes on on my way to hell.

  56. Come on people. You’ve never heard of New Blocks on the Kids? They’ve been around for quite some time. All they did was release their latest greatest hits. Their last greatest hits, released in may of 2008, was a smash in China.

  57. Kevin’s post is my favorite.

  58. @najia89

    Huh? I just left a long post supporting your claim, and saying that even before you posted, I thought someone most likely edited your original status before putting it up here, and you come back and attack me for it? If I was criticizing anything, it was whoever put your edited status up there for doing a poor job of covering up the edit. How did you get criticizing you or “tutoring” you out of that?

    Seriously. Try to defend someone random on the internets, and you get called a jerk by the very person you’re defending.

  59. That Najia joke made me spill my muesli! bwahaha, excellent.

  60. There’s a line that shouldn’t be crossed.. And this sorta’ thing is sick.. My humour goes far, but haiti is serious and making jokes about it is sick!! They’re suffering for real!!

  61. @59 – no shit. They were pretty screwed before, Haiti has been fucked since it achieved it’s independence from French rule and started ruling themselves, corruption and abysmal running of a country ensued. Not to sound racist, but that’s what history shows to happen when colonial rule is relinquished in these places, there are many other colonial countries/island that simply do not want to remove the English/Dutch etc rule because they know the country will go to shit.
    I am not advocating oppressive rule, but the benefits of having your big brother country legislate and control certain aspects are clearly visible, especially in terms of aid, social welfare, financial backing etc.

  62. ben even though you are right about Haiti being screwed way before the disaster … the reasoning you use is far off. They are screwed just because of not having to be able to enjoy a natural evolution

    The independence is not the problem , the colonial days and plundering of their natural resources combined with age long trauma and slavery is the problem. Oh and i almost forgot the forcing of western type society/government/religion …on native inhabitants.


  63. Well lets just say that despite this been a disaster of epic proportions, it kicked the western world up the arse and much needed money is flowing in, hopefully from the dust a better city will arise that can cater for it’s inhabitants far better than before.

    Question: if this quake had happened in, for example, Dharavi, do you think as much aid would be pledged and the Indian government would even assist as much? It would be like a blessing in disguise for the government who could setup a settlement for these people out of site

    P.S. You are Frodo

  64. meghan and najia use are sadd lil dogs how could use bee so heartless pathedic

  65. najia… oh, man, that sucks. Well, it doesn’t suck that you hate the joke, that’s awesome. It sucks that you’re the second person this week to come on Lamebook and reveal that your status was edited from something awful to make it look lame.

    Starting to wonder if anything on this site is real…

  66. I don’t mean awful, I mean normal. Are Lamebook so short of funny Facebook statuses that they’re having to make them up?

  67. Najia, he wasn’t criticizing your grammar, he was thoughtfully analyzing it to come to the conclusion that your status was, in fact, edited. You just made yourself look very, very stupid.

  68. hahaha Najia…what the hell, you douche. Did you even read I am not here’s post properly?

  69. fucking hell ben, read father sha’s post. then read it again. then try and learn from it. jesus.

  70. this is sick.

  71. 69th comment ;D
    Also, Kevin’s comment made me lawl. :)

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