Monday, June 28, 2010

More and More Morons

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  1. Idiots. :(

  2. I don’t think any of these people got the memo about the TPS reports, so to speak.

  3. Alisha’s not helping with the black stereotype

  4. AJ – I love you.

  5. Poor spelling =/= idiocy.


  6. isn’t the chalk and board one a repeat?

  7. Though Alisha’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer. Brilliant thought though.

  8. Wow … These people are the definition of idiots.

  9. These posts hurt my soul.

  10. No, Kelly, I don’t think they do.

  11. We have stop evolving as a species. This is it.

  12. CommentsAtLarge

    I concur AJ, I concur

  13. Technically Christine is right. Petroleum IS in fact organic ( as it contains carbon (hence: hydrocarbon). Though i’d seriously doubt that she’s aware of her correctitude in this instance.

  14. To be fair, oil is made up of hydrocarbons and is by definition, organic.

  15. Wow Crapflinger, same wavelength eh?

  16. the last two are particularly good.

  17. I have to call FAKE on Alisha’s post.
    My psyche can not handle anybody being that retarded and still able to create a facebook.

  18. krasivaya_devushka

    hahaha wow

  19. god sum people r really dumn!!!!!

  20. My head hurts.

  21. Lamebook posts make oligarchies look more and more appealing. We let people like this elect rulers in republics and democracies throughout the world?!

  22. I can’t stop laughing at ‘compast’. What the hell is that? Love it!

  23. eenerbal i think he means a cumpass

  24. compast:

  25. Yeah Omni, I was thinking the same thing. But the rest need to go back to elementary school.

  26. I think Alisha also needs to get her some skrimps.

  27. Oh. My. God.

  28. “Oh god I hope you don’t breed” is the best line I’ve heard in a while, and pretty much sums up my opinion.

  29. cumpass sounds like a porn title involving hiking, canteens, tent pitching, and maybe a park ranger or two.

  30. I’ve had some dumb moments, but even on my worst day I am not this bad.

    I’m with AJ on this one. Don’t breed.

  31. Ee, I would watch that movie.

  32. Unfortunately, the dumb seem to be the ones most likely to breed early, and breed often. This isn’t always the case but, generally speaking, IQ and number of children are inversely related.

  33. haha I was with eenerbal with loving “compast” but the “cumpass” made it for me and I took the liberty of searching it on urban dictionary, I was not disappointed:

  34. eenerbl LMAO yeah it does sound like a porno movie and that defnition is wrong youkcuf a cumpass is what you use to tell what driection ur goin wich is why i think its what alesha meant cos he said bout goin north

  35. I agree with yoink

  36. @yoink. To quote AJ ‘oh god I hope you don’t breed.’

  37. Bulldog, I know!

  38. @yoink- I hope that’s meant to be satire; if not, lamebook needs to start a new section for “extra special” comments… Also, I wonder if Alisha thinks birds fly to hell for the winter.

  39. Dametria, I’m sitting back and laughing with you. I’m glad you didn’t reply to Kelly for what was said, the silence made it better.

    Ben is Frodo.

  40. @Mama_Corn I want to know if yoink knows what satire means. Sadly I don’t think he/she knows what she is really saying someone educate the kids because what’s being done clearly isn’t working.

  41. Holy Crap they found Ben’s facebook page!! Just when I thought I could not take him anymore he pops up on lamebook again as dumb as ever.

  42. youckuf Im not a she i hav a dick and if u dont shut up ill slap u with it and breed with ur face mamacorn im not bein satire im just givin my opinon thats why this site has coment boxes isnt it/

  43. @omni_o, i can’t stand the modern misuse of the word “organic”. it doesn’t mean “growing things without synthetic pesticides” or whatever. someone just decided that was the way they’d interpret the definition

  44. yoink bring it! I’m quite sure it won’t even sting.

  45. jesus jones! Poison Ivy is all natural too…but I sure the hell don’t want it to come in contact with me. Idiot.

  46. Wow. That’s really all I have to say. :-)

  47. We should get together and have a screening, ee. ;)

  48. no youkcuf it wont sting cos itll nock ur dumnass out accept if i see ur face first cos then itll go floppy ina second cos ur so ugly u make ur momma look fit and shes damb uglyyyyyyyyyy

  49. krasivaya_devushka

    hahaha wtf?

  50. @yoink I cannot disagree with such intelligence, you are clearly a very intelligent witty guy with a huge dick there’s no way on this earth I could ever outsmart such a mesmerising individual as yourself.

  51. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Yoink please tell me you are being serious, because you are about to knock JoeAckney off his throne.

    and @ 42 Crapflinger I’m with you on that. It started a marketing thing to trick chicks into buying stuff for their families because said stuff lacked any synthetic chemicals / pesticides. Now people just assume anything organic is good for you. Yeah, someone tell that to hydrogen cyanide and TriNitroToluene.

    on a lighter note,I really want to see that Cumpass porno now.

  52. @yoink. Before you dig an even bigger whole for yourself, you need to realise that you can’t spell.

    “dumn” should be dumb.
    “compast” should be compass, since this is the device navigators use to determine which direction is north.
    “sum” should be some.

    Now get back to your chicken bucket.

  53. yoink…you moron.
    Get off this site right now!!

  54. wow.. i seriously need to marry AJ… i think stupid people really shouldn’t breed.. we are trying to make the world a better place.. we don’t need more dumb people.

  55. yeah thats rite youckuf dont mess with the legend u wil get burnt! dukey smoothy buns yeah coors im bein serius youckuf is a biger dick than timbuctu cant u see that? rimau i cant spell great but i do no sum spellins and for one dumn isnt spelt DUMB cos u dont say it like lamb do ya? that would be damb that beevers live in yeah whos the dumnass now!!!!! and i didnt say compast i said cumpass freekalina

  56. There’s no way yoink is serious. It *has* to be an act, right yoink? Please, dear God, just be joking around.

    I can deal with a certain level of idiocy, but even I have my limits. So, for the sake of my sanity, and faith in humanity (rhyme not intended) I will believe that he’s just joshing. He *and* his whopper of a wang. As everyone knows, if you have a dick, you have to be intelligent, as yoink has taught us here.

  57. wat the fuck is with people on this damb site u try talkin to people and joynin in an they jus all act like momma lickin dicks that cant cum cus there pepe hole is to narrow fuck you all im done with this shit go suk your dads dick he can sho u all what real dicks look lik not lil baby straws like u freekalinas got!! wood show u all mine so u can see what a reel one is but you propaly wood fink it was a frisbe or somefin n chase it like the dog u all r!!!!! peece out henry fuckers!!1

  58. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    @RImau, I always find it funny when someone makes a spelling mistake while correcting spelling mistakes.

  59. The chalk/board post is a repeat, or some whack asses copied it or something… || I can’y find words to describe what I feel bout Alisha, lol.. Wow!!

  60. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Yoink, please don’t go dude, I’m begging you. Please stay and share some more of your insight with us.

  61. dukey smoothy buns ur an alrite dude there r jus to mane dicks on here think they secshally frastrated or sumthin cos there mommas stoped givin them ne an they hav to plesure themself with a fuckin henry

  62. @yoink

    are you on facebook? =)

  63. an they strate but theyr stuk with the henry cos they cant aford a hety one with the wimens face

  64. I haven’t laughed so hard in ages! However, I have to admit I’m a little confused… Is it better to have a narrow pepe hole or a wide one?

  65. who r ya kid geneus dude? i mite be

  66. A… frisbee? Haha, yoink, dude, you are pretty freaking funny. You really should friend us on Facebook, man. I bet you post a classic a day. I’m beginning to think you really *are* serious, and that frightens and amuses me. If you are as dumb as you seem to be, I reeeeally hope I never meet you in real life.

  67. mamacorn a big one anit good cos youd leak ya cum an stuff but thes fuckas pepe hole is so small that when tey cum the spurm gets stuk in em an cant get out so it swims bak up n there ballsack gets empregnatid wif all the mank out of date spurm thats y.

  68. @ dukey smoothy buns

    yep, just noticed that, should be hole. Need sleep.

  69. y wood i freind u on facebook if uv told me ur gunna laugh at me dude?

  70. yoink is pulling the wool over everyone’s eyes.

    anyone who can coin a word as smashing as ‘freekalina’ has to be some kind of jenias, amirite???

  71. For the same reason *you’re* on Lamebook. Because it’s funny! I’m sure I say laughable things on occasion as well. We could be buds (just not IRL) and laugh at each other’s missteps. It’s a symbiotic relationship, see? We both get to have fun at the other’s expense.

  72. masterprop =

  73. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    See? Yoink is smart. see how he figured out MasterProp’s plan in comment 67

  74. krasivaya_devushka

    Wow, what kind of English is that? So hard to read that crap!

  75. thats kinda gay dude u wanna see picks of me an shit i danno who ya r u cud be sum sorta rapper that wants my gf or summit i anit cool with that dude. alordslums freekalina is wikid i like to think its like fumbalina that got a sex change an stil got tits wiv her dick looooooool

  76. AJ, you and me should take over the world and make it illegal to have children without a licence… Alisha, Ben and Yoink should never attain it!

  77. yoink u r a ledge m8!

  78. *you and I… haha, guess I shouldn’t breed too, it’s all up to you AJ

  79. Why did I leave when I did? this makes for hilarious reading! is yoink for real? yeah yoink we’re all “rappers” that want to “rap” your gf all night long! haha classic!

  80. who the fuck r u to say i cant breed thats like pasin jujement on my kids wen they anit evan been consieved yet. an na u cant breed iver henry cant get preggars!!!

  81. all these pps dissin u cos they’ve got tiny nobs (+ tiny pepee holes) an the best blowjob theyv eva got was off a henry!

    stop talkin shit freekalinas you can’t take tha shit eva since u drownd in shit the day u were born! go an play jenga wit ur 90-yr-old boyf u noobs (or frisby lol) god man this site is full of a$$holes i bet they cant evan breed newayz except with there henrys!!! + make a dust baby!!!!!


  82. an uoykcuf y did ya cum back wen ya did? henry get fulup? an wouldn matta if u rapped my gf she woodn feel it ony way anyonw wood feel that tiny dick wood be if u fucked a guys pepehole cos its lik a blade of gras!!!!

  83. chrishsl

  84. alordslums looooooooooooooool ur awwsum dude it just me an you all thes other dicks got so constipayted they actully hav shit fa brians!!!

  85. Oh my god I can’t remember the last time I laughed so hard!

  86. yeh they all hav shit 4 brains n just sit at there coputers, n there all so fat they ent seen their dick 4 ages, apart from dat time they shagged there henrys n wactched in the miror ffs!

    i cud fit a frisby in my peep hole personally n if it went off itd be like a fire ecstingisher lol! serisly cudnt fit it in a henry or evan a dison.

  87. I was rapped once- now I can’t even watch Law and Order SVU, because seeing Ice T causes me to have PTSD fits.

  88. Yoink, is your gf the one on the corner of Hastings and Davie? If so, I’m sorry to tell you that she is really a transvestite man, and here i was beginning to think $50 was gonna be a great deal. You pimp you.

  89. Lerd have mercy I damned near almost peed myself (out of my tineee pepee hol) @82 – shit for brians! Srsly!

  90. haha yea alord an they cant evan wank wit there hands cos they dun feel nothin they have to use that hole thin you get in the end of a sowin needl as a wanktool! looool and fuck of nuff u talk shit my gf got a pussy n u woodnt be able to evan fil it wit ur blade of gras dick u just think she a traney cos u dick is micrastopic an u think over peoples is to!!!! i bet u aint even got one ya more of a freek than a tranny u anit got a pussy or a dick u jus got boobs between ya legs an they aint nice ones they the ones with sawcer nipples!!!!

  91. krasivaya_devushka

    omg this is hilarious!

  92. im goin now anyways gonna go fuck my gf ova an ova that a feeling nun of u dicks eva gunna no!try to stop drinking your moms dues water thos stds she gots poysenin ya brain lata fuckaroons

  93. Fuckaroon is my new favorite put-down.


  95. krasivaya_devushka

    @alordslums, what in the world is that???

  96. yoink sent it to me along with this message, which i’ll repeat verbatim:

    ‘yeh now u laff my gf on youtube weres urs o i forgot its onley henry u freekalinas!’

  97. that video is just adding to the lawls…

  98. Yoink…either you’re joking…or someone needs to remove you from the gene pool….

    I haven’t read english THAT bad on this forum EVER….even that one chick who talked ghetto was more understandable then this kid….seriously.

    Plus two new words for the idiot’s dictionary to the English language….Fuckaroon and Freekalinas.

    Hardcore idiotic…..I have nothing to say about the ACTUAL posts because the comments far outweighed them in comedic value.

  99. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard at a youtube video in my life, and for that, I am eternally gratefull alordslums.

    That was Gold.

  100. grateful*

  101. krasivaya_devushka

    this one is funnier
    hahah oh wow.

  102. oh AJ, I love you

  103. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    lol, damn people with micrastopic dicks

  104. It was worth taking a jab at yoink just for that hilarious response. His maturity about the whole thing is astounding and makes me miss high school a bit.
    Now I’m going to go kick rocks, walk on glass and drink bleach for shits and giggles while thinking about frogs and sticks and shot.

  105. I still agree with yoink, you traneys, wanktools, and fuckaroons.

  106. AJ is awesome!

  107. NUFF i love you!! i totally remember that post and you made me laugh harder than the whole list of comments

  108. Definitely a couple of my favourites Pouty_Lips. I look forward to seeing you around.

  109. Should have known that with 106 comments there was somebody like yoink around. Did I miss anything by skipping everything after #46 or so?

  110. yes

  111. PeanutButtercup

    Ahahahahahhahahahahahhahaha “sawcer nipples”!

  112. Pwahahaha! I haven’t laughed this hard in months! Can Lamebook Lamebook itself with this page? I call epic win.

  113. HA HA HA. That was funny. I hope yoink never leaves. I don’t know how alordslum figured out how to type in his language but that takes some talent.

  114. omfg that’s fuckin hilarious!!! ;D forget putting this on lamebook it should get its own site for epic wins :P yoink you are the fucking best! hilarious! :D

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